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Portraits by IMPREINT in Arancina Arancina is a lovely Italian place in Notting Hill with the passion for the life of the Italian soul. The word Italian is equal with quality, joy, aesthetics and originality. This is why no one is surprised when an exhibition in an Italian restaurant is mentioned. Arancina has been exhibiting the balloon-paintings of IMPREINT since the middle of October. The collection called 'Balloons' includes 1000 hand-painted and numbered paintings. The exhibition enjoys huge popularity, so when the artist had the idea to host the opening event of 'Portraits' in Arancina, the owner of the restaurant Michele was happy for further collaborations.

Portraits is a project that will run for one year, started on the 16th of December 2013. It's what makes the Balloons complete: a movement to involve the people around the world, giving them the opportunity to participate in a global project but in the same time express their own ideas and personality. "All you need is a balloon and a camera" says the artist IMPREINT. "Portraits maintains the individuality of the people but in the same time the balloon gives unification and carries the person into a different state of mind."

During the day in Notting Hill more than a hundred people took their portrait with a balloon. In the evening IMPREINT gave a talk, when the people could collect their portraits and had a chat with the artist. By the end you could breathe the energy in the room, and this is the goal of the artist with his social artworks "create a concept that everybody can do and take part of it.

Arancina will host the Portraits project for the first three months of 2014 in their cosy space upstairs, so pay a visit there if you are around. You can also follow and join in the project on the official facebook-page of the artist: where you can already browse among photos from Japan, Algeria or France as an example.

Arancina: 19 Pembridge Road W11 3HG Notting Hill, London IMPREINT: or

Portraits by IMPREINT in arancina  
Portraits by IMPREINT in arancina  

The artist IMPREINT hosts his new project called Portraits in Arancina, London