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The Official Newsletter of the North American Power Sweeping Association

July-August 2019 | Vol. 3 | Issue 4

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President’s Message By Scott Duscher

Summer is here and everyone I talk to is busy and that includes your NAPSA board. The Certified Sweeper Operator CSO courses can teach your seasoned drivers a thing or two. Everyone that had taken the new construction course has given positive feedback and we aren’t done improving it. It is your tool, if you feel it needs something or maybe you have photo you would like to add, let us know. If you haven’t done any of the CSO courses, get off your butt and do it because you are missing out. We still have special pricing in place, but once it is finetuned the price will go up. The Certified Sweeping Company CSC and standards committee energized because they see the finish line.You have so many people that have experience from around the country as well as insurance company input that will be able to help you stay out of trouble

and reduce your risk exposure.You want to take advantage of this. We have sent out a couple surveys and I want to thank all those who responded. It was one of our tools to help us help you. If we send them out, please respond, most are very brief, it gives us direction. Putting all that together for you is our marketing committee. They are in the process of making a short video that you can market to your customer. One that tells them why using a contactor that is a NAPSA member, that trains their staff and sets and meets the sweeping industry standards is who they want on their job site. They are also exploring multiple ways of getting the video out for all to see. Things such as YouTube, your copy, posting on the NAPSA site, Facebook and more. We encourage member input. If any committee is of interest to you, let us know and you can join in on their calls. The Hopper | 1

The Ropes of Good Content By Karen M. Smith

Practically every business has a website and most publish blogs and white papers, tweet messages, and post information on other social media platforms: “88 percent of b2b companies use content marketing.” Many still produce brochures and other marketing materials. Others submit written proposals to prospective clients. Any company wanting to succeed in today’s market needs content that engages the target audience with valuable information. Marketing experts recommend the long game of content marketing. Forbes supports this truism: “Internally and external, content can provide a wealth of new value for your business. And, while content creation might not be traditionally considered to be a sales technique, it ties in very smoothly with marketing campaigns.” Over the past two decades, businesses have rushed to produce written content to capture the interest of potential clients and convert them into paying

The phrase “learning the ropes” refers to a ship’s rigging. 2 | The Hopper

customers. In that rush, something got left behind: quality.

onto the natural expressions related to the service or product your company offers without rigid or Recognize Quality strange character strings that don’t It’s not enough to post content. manifest naturally in language. Effective content is well written, However, certain keywords and informative, and engaging. That’s search strings may be mandated. a tall order. But how do you A skilled writer knows how to recognize it? incorporate them into the content Good quality content is a lot like without awkwardness. pornography: you know it when Since search algorithms favor you see it. However, distinguishing original content, low quality content the characteristics of good content penalizes SEO results. Therefore, often puzzles the people who need copying content written by othersit the most. -also known as plagiarism--carries First, rid yourself of the a double whammy. Not only is assumption that, just because you this unethical (and illegal), but it learned how to write in school, also results in lower search engine you’re a great writer. According to rankings. Not surprisingly, most Nicole Basham, well-crafted content people looking online for a product answers a question, is written for or service won’t look through more humans and not for search engines, than two or three pages of listed engages users, is helpful and valuable, results of a search for a product or and provides a unique perspective. service. The highest SEO rankings Notice that none of those get the most business. characteristics mentions grammar, spelling, or punctuation. Boost Credibility & Authority Poorly crafted content suffers Well-crafted content not only builds from errors in grammar, spelling, a relationship with potential and and punctuation; however, correct existing customers, but also builds use does not automatically translate your company’s credibility and into good content. Correctly authority by providing valuable written content may inform, but it information and insight. Such does not necessarily provide value content doesn’t necessarily speak to how wonderful your company or engage readers. Not only does low quality content undermine your or product is, but addresses the company’s authority and credibility, needs of customers. When you know the difference between but it also dissuades your intended features and benefits, skilled writing audience from converting into draws the read where you want him paying customers. or her to go. Content containing verifiable statistics and linked to SEO Impact Great content impacts search engine corroborative authorities bolster optimization (SEO) without blatant your assertions: readers know they can rely upon you to give them facts and often unreadable “keyword (Continued on page 4) stuffing.” Organic searches latch

Why Test Non-CDL for Drugs? By Karen M. Smith

“A bad hire is worse than not hiring at all,” Mark Carter of Peloton Sweeping commented during a discussion on the pros and cons of drug testing applicants for nonCDL driver positions. He explained the primary reason for pre-hire drug testing: liability. If a company performs the minimum due diligence necessary to hire a drug-free driver, then insurance and legal counsel can attest to that due diligence should an accident occur and the company finds itself defending against litigation. Without that one bit of due diligence the defense team starts with an uphill climb. “Things get ugly fast,” Carter added. Objections to pre-hire drug testing often focus on inconvenience and cost. Today’s technology makes cost a non-issue for any company that prizes its reputation and wants its employees to work in a safe, drug-free environment. Home Health Testing, for instance, offers a 10-panel iCup drug test which tests for cocaine, marijuana, opiates, amphetamines, methamphetamines, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, oxycodone, ecstasy, and propoxyphene. Other “instant” drug screening options can be obtained from a variety of vendors: Quest Diagnostics, AlcoPro, Confirm Biosciences, and even Walgreens. Compare products to ensure broad spectrum testing, accuracy, and cost. Most companies opt for urine testing for the fastest test results. If the results show a positive, the test itself is already sealed and can be shipped to a laboratory for doublechecking. That prevents a potential

hire from claiming that a false positive denied his or her employment. The 10-panel iCup costs only $11.30 each – less expensive Source:Home Home Health Systems: Source: Health Systems: than a detection_times.php background In the interest of full disclosure, companies should inform applicants that they will be tested for drugs, which should offer them sufficient opportunity to cleanse their check. have ofbeen non-CDL systems of prohibited substances. that Pete Phillips Clean testing Sweep commented, “This is Different drugs remain detectable one employment test you can studyhires for.” agree that if an applicant cannot Lapczynski of Progressive Sweeping corroborates the wisdom of in the human body Jamus for different clean forHeone month, then that informing potential hires of the drugstay testing policy. says, “We let all qualified lengths of time.applicants The chart below know during the phone screening process we are auser. drug-free workplace individual isn’tthat a casual illustrates how and long thatcertain there will drugs be pre-interview screening. This typically saves us time on the back Companies that don’t test before end of the interview process. remain detectable in saliva, hair, andThose that can't work in a drug-free environment typically hiring protest that doing so reduces tell us or don’t show up for the interview.” urine. Thirty-five NAPSA Certified Sweeping Companies companies haveThey been an already shallow laborthat pool. testing hires agree that if an applicant cannot stay clean for one month, then In the interest of non-CDL full disclosure, that individual isn’t a casual user. have a point. When unemployment companies should inform Companies that don’t test before protest so reduces already dipshiring down to that fivedoing percent or an lower, applicants that they shallowwill labor be pool.tested They have a point. When unemployment dips down to five percent hiring good workers becomes or lower, hiring good workers becomes harder because the chronically unemployed for drugs, which should offer harder because the wish chronically often have issues contributing to that status. Such companies to maximize their them sufficientapplicant opportunity to pools. unemployed often have issues cleanse their systems of prohibited contributing to that status. Such substances. Pete Phillips of Clean companies wish to maximize their Sweep commented, “This is one applicant pools. employment test you can study for.” However, Carter offers another Jamus Lapczynski of Progressive suggestion, a switch in focus. Sweeping corroborates the wisdom “Search for employees who are of informing potential hires of the among the 90-plus percent who are drug testing policy. He says, “We let already employed,” he advises. “The all qualified applicants know during secret to fishing is to go fishing the phone screening process that where the fish are.” we are a drug-free workplace and Lapczynski agrees: “Hiring, that there will be pre-interview now more than ever, is about screening. This typically saves recruitment. If your company’s us time on the back end of the brand is appealing, and you have interview process. Those that can’t an attractive benefit offering, then work in a drug-free environment you will be able to attract top talent typically tell us or don’t show up for from other companies.” the interview.” Hiring now takes on a Thirty-five NAPSA Certified “marketing” mindset, says Carter. Sweeping Companies companies (Continued on page 4) The Hopper | 3

Ropes (Continued from page 2) over unverifiable opinions. This lays a foundation of credibility upon which you can build and enhance your company’s reputation. Good content is authentic. According to Search Engine Journal, “84 percent of millennials stated that they don’t like advertising at all. The world is becoming more tech savvy and media literate.” Authenticity often takes the form of opinion. In an environment saturated with advertisements, promotional messages, and misinformation, the opinions of trusted people hold great sway over the decisions of others. That’s why authors clamor for reader reviews. The rise of thought leaders and influencers means that someone’s review can make or break a product or company. It’s a power to be used

with care and consideration because it engages emotion. Worth Reading Your audience determines whether the content your company produces is worth reading. However, the person who knows the company, service, or product best usually isn’t the best judge of whether the content serves the intended purpose. As stated by Cultivate Communications, you’re too close to the topic to be objective. The latest buzz in content generation is “storytelling.” Everyone these days is a storyteller; however, telling stories is harder than it looks. A good story engages the audience through emotion and intellect, tapping into readers’ minds at a deep level. A good story without usefulness or answering the

reader’s question of “What’s in it for me?” suffices as entertainment, but does not offer the value reader needs to make informed decisions. A customer who feels duped will not hesitate to spread his bad opinion of the company, service, or product. Think of the content as a rope. Well-crafted content pulls the reader in the direction you want him or her to go to reach the desired destination or conclusion. Poorly crafted content tries to push the reader toward conversion. Have you ever tried to push a rope? If you ever need assistance with digital marketing or website development and maintenance, NAPSA’s partner,Visual App, is available to help. NAPSA members receive preferred pricing. Contact NAPSA HQ for more information.

Test Drugs (Continued from page 3) He’s got a valid point, too. Gabe Vitale of C & L Services agrees. “Your life’s work and a significant portion of your family’s assets are tied up in a company.You can’t knowingly close your eyes to let drug abusers operate your vehicles, then complain you can’t find good people.” Of course, seeking to hire the already employed means coming up with lures to attract those workers into coming to work for your company. That means offering what employees want. Forbes, The Balance, Inc., Entrepreneur, and other authoritative business resources confirm that surveys and studies always show pay as one of the lowest rated reasons people like or will switch to a new job. So what are the other intangibles that will allow you to attract someone

that already has a steady job? Lapczynski reports, “As of right now, the number one reason people look for new work or leave current jobs is lack of training and development opportunities. This is a huge change from just five years ago. We typically utilize our non-CDL operator positions as a developmental opportunity. It is part of our job advertising campaign. People respond well to you when you can lay out a path of development for them. It is, of course, important that you are honest and follow through on commitments made.” The mentoring aspect of hiring a non-CDL driver justifies a drug test and a physical if the company offers a path for further training and advancement to CDL driving responsibilities. Consider it a prescreening to help determine which

potential employees meet the minimum qualifications for career development from non-CDL to CDL employment. Pre-hire drug testing can be used as a marketing tool to attract prospective hires rather than scare them away. Properly framed, the prehire drug test tells applicants that their prospective employer values workplace safety and employee health. Faced with the option to work for a company with such values versus one that doesn’t, which would you choose? When it comes to drug testing, the government regulations give employers a lot of leeway in testing job candidates during the hiring process. However, once a company hires an individual, a whole new set of regulations apply and testing must be conducted within specific guidelines.

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A Powerful Alternative to Fossil Fuel: Electric Street Sweepers By Karen M. Smith

Just like electric cars, the popularity of battery-operated power sweeping machines is increasing. To keep up with innovation and trends toward away from internal combustion engines, manufacturers are building electrically powered street sweepers. You may ask what are the merits of all-electric street sweepers and the answer would be quiet operation and cost savings. Quiet operation, they say, is a must for those operations that sweep parking lots and private streets in residential communities, resorts, and hotels at night when people are trying to sleep. Cost savings come into effect when comparing the rising price of gasoline or diesel to electricity. Another manufacturer touts reduced fuel consumption with hybrid machines. A diesel-fuelled “generator provides power to the batteries, and those, in turn provide power to electric drive motors.” Proponents of electric vehicles speak to the immediacy of full power from the moment the vehicle starts to the benefit of reduced emissions. Benefits of an all-electric sweeper include design “following the most modern concepts of ergonomics, usability, and performance.” Going beyond product marketing, authors Rene Budich and M. Hübner report in their paper that street sweepers have a significant impact upon the environment they’re supposed to clean, namely in the form of emissions: CO2, NOX, PM10, and noise. With air pollution choking many large cities, the concept of

cleaner air – and less noise – appeals to both governments and city residents. With many countries in Europe, such as Germany, shifting to renewable power sources (e.g., wind and solar energy), vehicles being powered by electricity seems less far-fetched than ever. Budich and Hübner predict that, “By 2050, at least 80 percent of the electric power supply and 60 percent of the total energy supply will originate from renewable energy sources” (p. 674). Pollution, fuel costs, and tightening federal and state restrictions work to force municipalities, manufacturers, and contractors to consider alternative fuels while retaining or even boosting power and efficiency. TruckSite reports that, back in 2000, the South Coast Air Quality Management District of Southern California became the first U.S. agency to ratify standards for debris and dust emissions in street sweepers. Compliance over the preceding two decades comes at a cost in retrofitting or replacing older, gas- or diesel-powered equipment. Electric vehicles, however, tend to be compact in terms of capacity as well as vehicle size, so they’re best suited for smaller areas rather than long highway sweeps. While electricity offers the most benefit in terms of emissions, other alternative fuels--compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas--offer what electricity can’t: distance. The limitations of battery

power sequester electrical sweepers to a reduced radius of operation before needing to return home to recharge or refuel. Getting the best of both worlds might require a hybrid vehicle. In 2015, Science 2.0 interviewed Bucher Municipal in Niederwenigen, Switzerland, which stated that, “compared to conventional sweepers, the energy consumption has been halved and CO2 emissions reduced by more than 60 percent, in the prototype stage.” As electric street sweepers become more prevalent in Europe and Asia, they remain relatively rare in the USA. American municipalities and the manufacturers and contractors serving them, however, are making the transition to hybrid machines with greater frequency. So, what’s next? How about autonomous street sweepers? Gigadgets announced the newest innovation in the evolution of municipal cleanliness: the Ariamatic 240, debuted by Italian company TSM. This machine follows an operator who walks ahead of it and cleans sidewalks and other small areas. For example, the City of Denver, Colorado uses its electric street sweeper on protected bikeways downtown. The city posted a video on its Facebook page: https://www. videos/377458436317777/. The Hopper | 5

1-800-SWEEPER Mid-Year Partner Meeting in Denver, a Sweeping Success! By Karen M. Smith

Thirty-two, 1-800-SWEEPER Partners gathered in Denver June 13 &14 for the 1-800-SWEEPER Mid-Year Meeting. The meeting was held at the Hilton Garden Inn in Downtown Denver where Partners shared their ideas, best practices and fellowship with a series of roundtable discussions and update information from the organization. On Thursday, 6/13, the day started with presentations from Ben Steyer, Executive Director of 1-800-SWEEPER and new Business Development Representative, Andy Williams. Rick Brown of NetTrack Marketing was also in attendance and gave an update on the continued success of the website with KPI data, lead generation and new website enhancements for 2019. After a quick break, we moved onto the roundtable discussions. Discussions topics centered on business issues and pain points such as, hiring & retention, business development & improvements, technology and

Vendor Partner programs as well as company success stories. After a break for lunch and we moved on to sweeper manufacturer, XBroom. Chris Nesbitt of XBroom gave a presentation on the history of how XBroom came into the marketplace as well the recent upgrades made to their equipment that are unique to their sweepers and their new production schedules. Chris also took Q & A from the group and later that evening, XBroom sponsored cocktails and dinner for all attendees at Maggiano’s Little Italy. On Friday morning, 6/14, we boarded a bus to visit 1-800-SWEEPER Partner Armstrong Sweeping’s facility in Arvada, CO. In addition to touring the Armstrong facility, we had the opportunity to witness a demonstration of their recently purchased XBroom sweeper. After a delicious BBQ catered lunch, we boarded the bus back to Denver. For those that were able to stick around on Friday night, baseball was

on the agenda and we all went to Coors Field to enjoy the Colorado Rockies game and some relaxing down time. We want to thank everyone who came out to Denver as well as thank our sponsor, XBroom and Kerry & Mitch Armstrong for their hospitality. We look forward to seeing everyone in November at the Sweeper Summit & Equipment Expo in Atlanta. “More Than A Number!”

NAPSA NEWS STAFF President Scott Duscher/Agua Trucks Executive Director Nancy Terry Editor/Staff Writer Karen M. Smith


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Medical Marijuana in the Workplace By Karen M. Smith

Does an employee’s right to privacy, commonly ascribed to the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, stop at the office or factory door? HIPPA greatly restricts the release of personal medical information, which may include prescriptions for medical marijuana for use in treating glaucoma or counteracting the effects of chemotherapy. However, where does an employer’s right to ensure a safe workplace for other employees and capable, functioning employees to his or her client’s outweigh an employee’s right to privacy? Considerations hinge upon a conflict between federal and state laws. State governments have acted more quickly than the federal government to legalize medical and even recreational use of cannabis. Thirty-two states and Washington, D.C. have laws that allow persons with serious medical conditions to use cannabis to treat symptoms of their diseases or the side effects

of drugs used for treatment (e.g., chemotherapy). Ten states have legalized marijuana for recreational use. Lawmakers and public opinion increasingly support the use of medical marijuana as an effective, natural, multi-purpose drug that doesn’t inflict nasty side effects. Bloomberg Law reports that “62 percent of Americans say cannabis should be legal, double the share who favored legalization in 2000.” Of the states that allow use of medical marijauana, only 13 have anti-discrimination protections in their laws addressing the use of cannabis for medical purposes. However, cannabis remains an illegal substance under federal law According to online legal resource NOLO, “courts in California, Colorado, and Oregon have all held that employees may be fired for medical marijuana use, even when the employee has a serious medical condition and only uses marijuana during nonworking hours.” On May 30, the Columbus Dispatch reported, “Ohio employers can fire employees who use medical marijuana or refuse to hire applicants who use it.” Furthermore, employees fired for using medical cannabis cannot sue their former employers for wrongful termination. Some states Medical marijuana cigarette and buds in a prescription which have legalized container.

recreational use of marijuana treat the drug much like alcohol use. Come into work drunk and be fired. If you come into work and test positive for marijuana, bid your job goodbye. The topic becomes both murkier and more cut-anddried when it comes to workplace safety, especially when heavy-duty equipment comes into play. Those who work in areas where federal drug testing is required cannot fall back on state laws to protect them, because federal law takes precedence. Even in states allowing medical marijuana, employers maintain the right to test for drug use and to forbid employees from medicating on the job even if such medication does not impair their performance. Therein lies one rub: can an employer test an employee without suspicion of drug use? According to Green Entrepreneur, “Most states only allow testing of current employees if there is reason to believe they are under the influence of drugs, they hold a position where they could threaten public safety or the safety of co-workers, or they have been involved in an accident.” The upshot is that both employers and employees have the responsibility to know and understand the laws regarding medical marijuana. For more information as to the particulars of medical cannabis legislation, refer to your state government’s website. It is always prudent to know and follow the rules of your employer regarding their medical and safety policies and procedures in the workplace. The Hopper | 7

P.O. Box 1166 Lebanon, OH 45036

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NAPSA's The Hopper Newsletter August Issue  

NAPSA's The Hopper Newsletter August Issue