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The firm is ready to represent defrauded David Lerner and Apple REIT investors.

Filing a Social Security Disability Claim can be lengthy. Our attorneys can assist you with the overwhelming claim process.

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Insulin Pump Lawsuits

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Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Birth Defects with SSRI Drugs

New Offices

e are pleased to announce that our

nationally recognized plaintiff’s law firm

of Napoli Bern Ripka Shkolnik LLP has joined forces with Pasternack Tilker Ziegler Walsh

Stanton & Romano LLP, one of the largest Workers’ Compensation law firms in the country. Through this joint venture, operating under the name Pasternack Tilker Napoli Bern LLP (PTNB), we will be able to provide clients a wider diversity of services, including litigation of workers’ compensation, municipal pension and social security disability benefits cases. The Pasternack law firm has represented hundreds of thousands of injured and disabled workers for over eighty years. The firm partners are among the most accomplished and regionally recognized as leaders in their areas of practice. They have twelve offices in the Metro New York City area. More specifically, their attorneys are experienced in appearances before the New York Workers Compensation Board and Social Security Disability Administrative Hearing Officers.

From left, Victor Pasternack, Barbara D. Tilker, Paul J. Napoli, Marc J. Bern.

Filing A Workers’ Compensation Claim If You are Ill or Injured Due to Your Job Unfortunately no employee is immune to

many different factors including your earnings

a work related injury. Workplace injuries can

and your degree of disability. Specialized medi-

occur in any work environment and it is impor-

cal forms, notice requirements as well as statue

tant to make sure you know what steps to take

of limitations in workers’ compensation claims

in order to ensure that you or your loved ones

are different from any other types of claims.

are properly compensated for the injury. Workers’ Compensation laws are constantly changing. Benefits may differ depending upon

Firm is Selected to 2012 ‘Legal 500 US’ In-depth selection research ensures “those firms that are recommended

Without knowing how to navigate the workers’ compensation claim process, an injured worker could lose valuable benefits.

Your Zadroga Rights If you were in lower Manhattan

truly are the best of the best.” This recommendation places the firm “as one of the

and injured as a result of the

elite in the US. The Legal 500 US only recommends 305 law firms across 10 busi-

WTC Attacks, contact us now

ness practice areas in the US” and “positions us as one of the pre-eminent firms in a strong and competitive legal market.”


The Verdict / Volume II / 2012

to discuss your Zadroga Rights.

(888) 529-4669 /

The Verdict

Volume II / 2012

of Napoli Bern Ripka Shkolnik & Associates LLP Attorneys at Law

Serving Clients Locally From Offices Nationwide

WTC Plaintiff’s Attorneys “Thrilled” About Recommendation for Cancer Coverage in World Trade Center Health Program


he firm applauds the proposal by Dr. John Howard, Director of the National Institute for

Occupational Safety & Health and the Administrator of the World Trade Center Health Pro-

gram, that the Program accept the entire set of recommendations issued previously by its Science/ Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) to provide coverage for certain types of cancer resulting from exposure to toxins released at Ground Zero. Dr. Howard’s recommendations were issued in documents on June 8, 2012; they will be subject to public review and comment for 30 days before being implemented. Our firm served as Plaintiffs’ istock / Kevin _LS

Co-Liaison Counsel for the In re: World Trade Center Disaster Site Litigations and successfully negotiated a settlement on its clients behalf worth more than $800 million.

“Our firm … successfully negotiated a settlement on its clients behalf worth more than $800 milion.”

Website Relaunch:

We have obtained landmark settlements for our clients, over $3 Billion

Trust a firm with over a century of experience

The new site features exciting new graph-

in verdicts in settlements.

ics, easy navigation, introductory videos by the senior partners to the firm and practice areas, and much more! Take a moment to check out and all it has to offer!”

Results in 50 States

Office Locations




New offices increase our

Our Referral Program is one

Through our most recent joint

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ability to better represent

of the best in the nation and

venture, we have more than

If you have a Google Account, please consider

local and national clients in

could be beneficial to you and eighty attorneys throughout

an expanding range of

your clients.

writing a review about us. Simply visit and click on “Write A

Practice Areas.

the country protecting the rights of our clients.

Review”. We look forward to reading your feedback!

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The Verdict

(888) 529-4669 /

The Verdict

Volume II / 2012

of Napoli Bern Ripka Shkolnik & Associates LLP Attorneys at Law

Serving Clients Locally From Offices Nationwide

Senior Partner Marc J. Bern featured in The American Lawyer, “Energy, Environmental & Natural Resources Law” Edition


arc is a founding and Senior Partner of the firm. His legal career spans more than

three decades during which time he has settled hundreds of cases in excess of $1M, and

has successfully negotiated a landmark settlement of $52M on behalf of municipalities whose groundwater has been contaminated by MTBE. Marc has been named to the MTBE Litigation Plaintiffs Steering Committee by Federal Judge Shira Scheindlin in the Southern District of New York. He is a nationally sought after speaker in the areas of natural gas hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) and environmental liability. He is a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, has been designed a New York Super Lawyers every year since 2006 and has also been named by Fortune Magazine as one of “America’s Premier Lawyers.”

Marc J. Bern, Senior Partner

Marc has been named to the MTBE Litigation Plaintiffs Steering Committee by Federal Judge Shira Scheindlin in the Southern District of New York.

Our National Firm Continues to Grow in 2012 With close to eighty attorneys, Paster-

nack Tilker Napoli Bern LLP (PTNB) will offer clients a legal team with a wealth of experience and professionalism to provide the best representation in a diverse range of practice areas to our clients. Welcome to Ethan Horn who joins our firm as the Managing Partner of our new Ladera Ranch, Adam J. Gana, Senior Litigation Counsel and Tate J. Kunkle, Associate.

Adam J. Gana & Tate J. Kunkle Named to ‘The National Trial Lawyers: Top 40 Under 40’ (2012) Membership into this professional orga-

nization is by invitation-only and is “extended exclusively to those individuals who exemplify superior qualifications, trial results, and leadership as a young lawyer under the age of 40.”

California office. NBRS would also like to welcome the new associates and legal personnel who have joined our offices across the country.

Ethan Horn, Managing Partner



111 Corporate Drive

1000 N. West Street

Suite 225

Suite 1244

Ladera Ranch, California 90245

Wilmington, Delaware 19801

Insulin Pump Lawsuits

The Medtronics MiniMed Insulin Pumps and the Quick-Set Infusion Sets were recalled because of defects in the product that caused in an incorrect amount of insulin to be administered to diabetic patients. If a diabetic does not receive the correct amount of insulin, seizures, coma and even death may occur.


The Verdict

(888) 529-4669 /

The Verdict of Napoli Bern Ripka Shkolnik & Associates LLP Attorneys at Law

Volume II / 2012 Serving Clients Locally From Offices Nationwide

Two Important Allies

Birth Defects with SSRI Drugs Such as Zoloft® and Prozac®


in your fight against


ntidepressants are one of the most prescribed drugs in the United States, with selec-

A knowledgeable doctor and an

tive serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) being the most common antidepressants prescribed.

experienced and determined attorney.

SSRI drugs include Zoloft® (sertraline), Paxil® (paroxetine), Lexapro® (escitalopram), Celexa® (cital-

We’ll stand by you until you get the

opram), Prozac® and Sarafem® (fluoxetine).

justice you deserve. Call us today so

Studies have shown that women who take SSRI antidepressants while pregnant, or who become

we can begin helping you and your family.

pregnant while taking the drug, are at risk of having babies with SSRI related birth defects. Pharmaceutical companies may not have adequately warned of SSRI birth defect risks. Depending upon the trimester of SSRI exposure in the womb, babies can suffer:

Helping People File A Social Security Disability Claim


he process of filing a Social Security

Disability claim can be lengthy and overwhelming. The complicated application process involves doctor examination and providing all the necessary, medical history documentation paperwork needed in order to prove your disability to the government.

Congenital heart defects such as

Craniosynostos, a malformation of the

ventricular and atrial septal defects (VSDs

head caused by premature fusing of cranial

and ASDs).

sutures of the skull.

Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension (PPHN) in which the arteries of the lungs remain narrowed or constricted, inhibiting blood flow to the lungs and reducing the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream that can result in brain damage or death. A condition called Omphalocele in which

Facial deformations such as Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate. Club foot, a deformation of the lower leg and foot. Blockage of the anus called Anal Atresia. Genital deformities.

the baby is born with intestines or other

Birth complications.

organs outside the body.

Infant death.

Spina Bifida and other neural tube defects affecting the spinal cord. Parents of children exposed to SSRI medications in the womb that have developed these conditions or complications should contact our attorneys for a free SSRI birth defects lawsuit consultation. They may be entitled to compensation for their child’s injury and suffering.

The government has a very strict definition of “disability” and the guidelines associated with receiving social security disability benefits are extensive. Unfortunately many people are denied these benefits because they did not provide the proper evidence proving their disability or insurance. There are options if a claim is denied, including requesting a reconsideration and presenting the claim to an Administrative Law Jude, Appeals Council and ultimately to a Federal District Court. These steps can be time consuming and frustrating. If you or someone you know needs to file a social security disability claim, our attorneys can assist with your claim by handling the communications with Social Security Administration (and/ or state agencies), work with your health care providers to ensure comprehensive fact gathering, requesting reconsideration if the initial claim is denied and by representing you before an Administrative Law Judge or Court if necessary.

Serving Clients Locally from Offices Nationwide Headquarters Empire State Building / 350 Fifth Avenue / New York, New York 10118 / (888) 529-4669 Follow NB

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The Verdict  

2012 Volume Two

The Verdict  

2012 Volume Two