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What are the method of Extreme work to Use Linkedin Marketing

INTRODUCTION To create a business presence on LinkedIn and gain access to additional features that enhance your visibility, you must build a LinkedIn company page. Think of your LinkedIn company page as an extension of your business website within LinkedIn anduse it to display compelling graphics, add products and services, even include job opportunities. Invite existing employees, clients or customers, vendors and partners to follow your page, and showcase it to relevant LinkedIn members and encourage them to follow by using LinkedIn’s paid targeted advertising. If it’s appropriate and/or allowable, ask key clients or customers to recommend your products and services on your LinkedIn company page.

Launch a LinkedIn Group LinkedIn groups are still going strong and are another component of a comprehensive strategy that helps position your company as an industry thought leader. The most successful groups focus on gaining relevant members with common goals, and they are managed very well. To implement a successful LinkedIn group strategy, assign the role of primary group manager/moderator to someone who pre-approves discussion posts, asks great questions and determines which members get accepted into the group. When you launch your LinkedIn group, be sure to get the word out organically to employees, clients and customers, vendors, partners and influencers in your industry.

LinkedIn Means Business Everyone talks about the power of Facebook ads, but the LinkedIn ad platform is even more powerful considering the demographic is made up of decision makers. Identify top influencers and have them serve as group ambassadors to help recruit members and to lead interesting discussions to keep your group active. These recommendations show up on your page for everyone to see, and serve as powerful testimonials for your business. LinkedIn is a tool for recruiters to find possible candidates for their organizations. Yes, it's a tool for graduates and job seekers to find roles. However it's much more than that. LinkedIn is actually a powerful platform for doing business too.

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What are the method of exrtreme work to use linkedin marketing  
What are the method of exrtreme work to use linkedin marketing