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  FEBRUARY 2012 Naples, Italy

What’s New in the American Red Cross… Ciao Volunteers! We have a lot of exciting stuff coming up in the next few months and have many volunteer opportunities to share with you all. Please see page 3 for a list of leadership volunteer opportunities - we had some turnover this holiday season and are excited to fill positions with some new faces! Our School Chair is hard at work filling volunteer positions at Naples Elementary and Naples High School. Please contact our office if you’re interested in becoming a school volunteer. Additionally, we’re planning a volunteer spotlight luncheon to celebrate all of you and your hard work. Please stay tuned for more information! Lastly, as always, if you know of anyone new to the community, please tell them about the American Red Cross! We love welcoming newcomers to our organization. It’s a wonderful way to get to know your community better. Thanks for all you do!

Disaster Action Team By Lewis Heuermann, DAT Chair Hello to all the DAT members and Volunteers out there! What a great month we had in January. The DAT responded to a single home family fire offering assistance to a family with a small baby. They were grateful to see the help being offered and everyone including the family pet was unharmed and recovering. We are also in the middle of a truckers’ strike here in Naples. As always we should encourage others and ourselves to keep at least 5 days worth of non-perishable food items and water at home. This is known as a Shelter in Place and allows us to not have to panic for items when the need arises and remain in the safety of our home in the event that violence begins. We will have our monthly meeting towards the end of February so if you are interested in learning more about the DAT please contact me at for more information.

Attention Volunteers: Please remember to record your hours every month and call or email your monthly totals to our Records Chair, Vance Fochtman at



C A L E N D A R !

Feb. 10: First Aid Abbreviated Course Feb. 14: Happy Valentines Day! Feb. 16: CDR. Davis’ Change of Command Feb. 25: Lay Responder First Aid and CPR/AED Instructor Training 10:00-14:30 Feb. 28: Advisory Council Meeting Feb. 12-13: CPR/AED Instructor Training 08:30-16:00



Christinia Burdge: 02/01 Sandy Alanis: 02/02 J’stice Skinner: 02/02 Jillian Volnek: 02/03 Donna Vigil: 02/10 Andre Jones: 02/14 Samantha Brown: 02/14


I R T H D A Y!

Nathan Andreas: 02/23 Tirzah Jackson: 02/26 Stefani Newberry: 02/27 Sharonda Leblanc: 02/27 Jessica Lacy Franklin: 02/27

Update from our Station Manager: Jacquie Mack Hello Naples Volunteers! Thank you for being diligent in your volunteering by working very hard and putting so much into what you do. I know the agency appreciates what you do. We are busy planning for the spring volunteer recognition that we would like to hold 18 April. Please save the date; it will be a grand affair! I would like to take the time out to thank Bea and Bea’s husband, Mark, for taking such kind interest in the Red Cross. Bea served as our station advisor for the last leg of her time here and in that time she hosted our Senior VP of Operation, Sherry Brown, who visited our station from ARC headquarters in Washington DC. Bea also attended local community meetings on our behalf. We would like to wish you the very best and good luck to you in the future. You will be missed! Captain Mark Davis will have his change of command Feb 16 and they depart on the 17th for Washington DC. As always we are looking for good people to fill leadership positions. Thanks again and Ciao! Jacquie

HAIL & FARE WELL This month, we have to say goodbye to Bea Davis, our wonderful Station Advisor who helped represent the ARC at community-wide events. We want to say a big “thank you” to Bea and we wish her the best in her future endeavors. Additionally, we would like to welcome our new School Chair, Andre Jones. We look forward to working with you Andre! A Message from Bea Davis, Station Advisor… I just wanted to thank the ARC Naples for allowing me to be a part of such a wonderful organization. You are such a great asset to the Naples community! My husband & I are moving to Washington, DC. Wishing everyone the very best! Keep up the great things you do! Bea :)

American Red Cross, Naples, Italy - (081) 568-4788 - PSC 817 Box 27, FPO AE 09622

Volunteer of the Quarter! Magda Deason CALLING ALL PHOTOGRAPHERS! Are you a photographer or a photography enthusiast looking for an opportunity to hone your skills? American Red Cross is looking for a volunteer to help photograph

Don’t forget to “like” our facebook page: “American Red Cross Naples— Service to the Armed Forces”

events around the community! DSN 626-4788

LEADERSHIP Volunteer Needs: CHAIR OF VOLUNTEERS: Recruits, places and follows up with new volunteers. Also oversees all programs and fundraisers and liases with other agencies around base to determine their volunteer needs to determine if those needs can be met through the placement of an ARC volunteer. (great opportunity for someone interested in marketing, communication and/or management) ORIENTATION CHAIR: Conducts a (short) ARC brief at 2 Area Orientations per month. Also conducts Volunteer Orientations on the first Tuesday and Wednesday of every month and one Orientation the first Tuesday of the month at Naples school. ASSISTANT PUBLICITY CHAIR: Assists Publicty Chair with various duties including photographing events, contacting Panorama and AFN for event recognition, and writing articles and advertisements about ARC fundraisers and events. SPECIAL EVENTS CHAIR: Communicates and promotes station activities to the local community. Also plans and executes fund-raising events along with members from the Special Events Team..

FIELD OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR (FOA): This volunteer performs various administrative duties and assists other Advisory Council chairs with relevant tasks. To volunteer, or for more information on these and other positions please contact Virginia Silva at or call our office at (081) 568-4788.

American Red Cross, Naples, Italy - (081) 568-4788 - PSC 817 Box 27, FPO AE 09622 American Red Cross, Naples, Italy - (081) 568-4788 - PSC 817 Box 27, FPO AE 09622

Created by: Jessica Lacy Franklin

CPR/AED INSTRUCTOR: Instructs CPR/AED courses. (we have an instructor training coming up this month, so please call the office if you’re interested!

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