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8 km of History and Self-Discovery

Station Numbers A Month In Review

Great Shakeout

Are you ready for an earthquake?

Volunteer of the Quarter Annelize Ruiters

On the cover: Pilgrams walk the 8km (4.9 miles) that Henry Dunant made that inspired him to found the Internationl Red Cross Red/Crescent movement in Switzerland.

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Station by the numbers

Numbers from the significant, and sometimes just plain interesting, events surround our Station.


Meet the chair: Jeri Setaro Meet Jeri Setaro, our Hospital Chair as she tells us a little bit about herself and how she began a life of volunteerism.


Health and Safety Check out when the next CPR or First Aid class is happening and be prepared to help others during an emergency.


Summer Safety Tips Are you prepared for the summer heat? Grilling outside to enjoy the weather? Ensure you are prepared for these summer activities with these tips.


Cover Story - Solferino Henry Durant walked through 8 km seeing the aftermath of war. Join one volunteer as he discovers what it means to be a Red Crosser.


Volunteer of the Quarter Annelize Ruiters volunteers in many places within the Naples Red Cross. See what volunteering means to her and the impact she has on our community.

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Great Shakeout Are you prepared for an earthquake in Italy? Join Jeff Arter and the DAT as they prepare Naples for the next great disaster.

Closing Shots See volunteers in action around the community.

August 2012 Naples American Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces

Station Manager Jacquie Mack




Lewis E. Heuermann




Jason Morris

The Story Of An Idea

An animated journey through the International Red Cross/Red Crescent movement. Originally printed at:

Disaster Services Jeff Arter

Hospital Jeri Setaro



his animation brings to life the story of the creation of the Red Cross, Red Crescent Movement and its history to date. The comic strip was created by the world renowned artist Jean Giraud, alias Moebius.

Vance Fochtman


Capt. Reddy (DAT Mascot) Christopher DePrater

Stock Images

Ideal for a general audience, the animation presents in simple terms, the meaning of the Geneva Conventions, the universal humanitarian principles underlying the Movement’s efforts and the general activities carried out by the different components of the Movement as they work together to help those in need.

Download the full version of the film:

Magazine Design Layout


Lewis E. Heuermann

Main Office DSN: 626-4788

Facebook /NaplesRedCross

Station Manager

Station Manager


ello Naples volunteers! We are yet at the end of the summer and your local Red Cross would like to thank all the wonderful volunteers who took time out from their busy schedule to help in our Station by the Numbers:


Number of active volunteers in the Naples Red Cross this month.


Diasasters reported to the Red Cross disaster team since January


Number of weeks until your CPR skills start to deminish after taking a certification class.


Active Red Cross caseworkers in the Naples community

summer activities. They were a great success and we would not able to do it without you. Now the office is getting ready for National Night Out where we promote fire safety in your homes and also the Back to School Block Party. Here parents and students come out and meet the teachers and get the layout of the land. Both of these events are very important to our community and the Red Cross will be there to lend a helping hand. Please join us in helping and showing your support for your community. Sign ups are going on now so call the off ice today to get your name on the list. July had marked a new year for our Red Cross office and with that our volunteer leadership fulfilled their commitment and at this time I would like to extend a warm hardy Thank You! We had some great times and some bumpy roads, but we maintained and got through it. Now it is time to roll up our sleeves and get busy. Volunteers get ready to see some great new tools to help enrich your experience as a Naples Red Cross volunteer. Friday 27 July was my office coordinator Marilyn Williams last day. She was only with us for a short period of time and due her husband retiring they are leaving us and Naples. Great thanks go out to Marilyn; she filled a gap in the office and added some new touches. You may not have had the chance to meet her or hear her crazy accent (I need to sell my ka) in Australian British tone. LOL Marilyn you will be missed and thank you so much. Now we are gearing up for the fall and looking for places to extend our wonderful volunteer services. So if you are aware of an area that may need a little extra help send them our way. Thanks again for a great year and I am looking forward to our next. Jacquie Mack is the Naples Manager. A 20 year Red has assisted with Hurricane to Iraq, and now serve the


August 2012

Red Cross Station Cross veteran, she Katrina, deployed Naples community.

Volunteer Position Are you looking for an outlet for your creativity? Contact us today at 626-4788 or email to learn more about becoming a part of this exciting team!

Publicity Team aP h o t o g r a p h y aW r i t i n g aS o c i a l M e d i a aR e p o r t i n g aG r a p h i c D e s i g n

Hospital Meet the Chair: J e r i S e ta r o


native of Oneonta, New York, Jeri first started volunteering with the American Red Cross in October 2003, in Naples, Italy. The love of working with and helping people and encouragement from her husband, got her started as a

volunteer at the US Naval Hospital Naples at Gricignano Support Site, Italy, working at the Kiosk greeting clients, answering questions and giving directions to clinics was her first position. After a break in 2004, she was approached by the Station

Manager about taking the position as Hospital Chair. She agreed and took this position in December 2004. Although Jeri had not worked as a volunteer for the Red Cross before coming to Italy with her husband, her activities included a love of volunteer time spent at her children’s schools and her church which gave her the experience of working in a volunteer setting. She did this while working full time. After another break in 2009, she started back in 2011 as CoChair at the hospital and is now the Chair. She works two days at the hospital and other days from her home. This is a love and commitment to serve in helping the volunteers that are interested in being a part of the wonderful world of the American Red Cross. In addition to her Red Cross volunteering, she is a member of the American International Women’s Club of Naples, AIWC, since 2004 and has served as secretary, trips and tours and was co-president for two years. She also is a member of the Allied Spouses Club, ASC and the Navy Overseas Spouses Club, NOSC, and volunteers at the NOSC Forgotten Treasurers thrift store. With a love of travel and exploring little known and new places, Jeri and her husband, Mike, have traveled all over Italy, finding off the normal tour places to visit and explore. Mike has been researching his parents history here in Italy for 20 years and they have found many members of his family and have visited and spent time with them. When guests come to visit, they take them to many places here in southern Italy, west and east, introducing them to the culture and fabulous food. After several trips to Italy, Jeri and Mike decided to retire and move here. Arriving in August of 2002, they will celebrate their 10th year in Italy this August. They have 3 children and 2 grandsons living in New York, New Jersey and Washington state. Jeri likes to play the piano, ceramics and taking photos every where she goes. She and Mike share their adventures and pictures in stories with a long list of family and friends, in the states and here in Italy.


August 2012

Health and Safet y




With summer activities

keeping everyone busy with travel plans, sports, kids being out of school, it’s hard to get the classes you need, much less find time for just you. Let the Red Cross help. We offer a variety of classes available to members of the Naples community at a very low price. Check out what we have to offer in August.

Health and Safety The Health & Safety program pace is picking up as we get ready for the fall. If you are interested in becoming an American Red Cross instructor, we will be offering this course in September. Contact the Red Cross office at DSN 626-4788 to sign up.

C o u r s e D e ta i l s Pet First Aid -- August 21st The goals of the Cat and Dog First Aid presentation are to teach participants how to be prepared for emergencies that involve a cat or a dog and how to protect themselves and the animal from further harm, injury or suffering during emergencies by teaching prompt, effective first aid actions and care. Cost: $35.00

CPR/AED for Adult and Pediatric -- August 11th The American Red Cross Adult and Pediatric CPR/AED course helps participants recognize and respond appropriately to cardiac and breathing emergencies. The course teaches the skills that participants need to know to give immediate care to a suddenly injured or ill person until more advanced medical personnel arrive and take over. Students who successfully complete this course will receive a certificate for Adult CPR/AED and for Pediatric CPR/AE which are valid for two years. Cost: $50

Jason Morris is the Health and Safety Chair for our Red Cross community.

Check out the FREE Firat Aid App available at:

Jason teaches CPR/AED and First Aid courses, and is an Instructor Trainer for the Red Cross Naples community. Jason can be reached at: Naples American Red Cross SAF


Safety Tips

Summer Fun safety is the goal


e love the hot summer months


provide the perfect



for us to spend lots of free time outside. Whether it’s swimming in the pool, hiking through the woods, taking long walks, or going for a bike ride, there is something for everyone, no matter how young or old. We in the Red Cross hope that everyone enjoys this special time of year, but we also want to remind everyone that there

• •

• •

• Supervise children during water activities • Be aware of dangerious wildlife in the environment you are in Look both ways when crossing the street Wear appropriate safety gear for the sport you are playing Continusously hydrate Watch children near

outdoor cooking equipment • Properly refrigerate foods to prevent spoilage

are potential dangers during the summer months, and it’s important to be aware of what they are. The more information one learns about how to prevent illnesses and injuries, the less likely they will occur.

Water Safety

Adult supervision is of paramount importance. Parents need to focus on their children 100% of the time with no distractions! Keep in mind that children can drown in many different water sources including: bathtubs, toilets, buckets, baby pools, backyard swimming pools, community pools, streams, creeks, lakes, rivers, oceans and other places. Jeff Arter is the Disaster Hiking and Camping Services Chair While hiking or camping be aware of the for the Naples following. Ticks are responsible for a variety American Red of illnesses including Lyme disease and Rocky Cross. Mountain Spotted Fever. These diseases can be very serious. Learn ways to protect your family. Learn how to recognize what poison ivy, oak and sumac look like, so that they can be avoided. Avoid bushy, overgrown areas and places which may contain these plants. 8

August 2012

Sto r y By Jef f Ar ter D is a s te r C hai r

Try to stay on paths. Avoid stray or wild animals as they can transmit diseases such as rabies.


Parents are highly encouraged to teach their children to walk, not run, across the street in appropriately designated crosswalks. Children should cross only with an adult or an older, responsible child. Whenever crossing the street, try to make eye contact with any drivers nearby, to be sure they see you. Teach children to avoid running out from between parked cars. While walking


While outdoors, either working or playing in the hot summer sun means lots of fluid losses, so avoid strenuous activity during peak sun hours (10 am - 6 pm). Look for shade and take lots of breaks. Keeping well hydrated is very important. Children and adults must remember to drink. Seek medical attention immediately for any signs of heat-related illness.

along a road use sidewalks whenever possible.

Cycling, Roller Blading, and Skate Boarding

While cycling, roller blading, skate boarding or any other number of wheeled items. All individuals, whether adults or children, must wear an appropriate helmet for safety.

longer being used. Before you eat be sure to check the internal temperature of foods on the grill to be sure everything has been cooked appropriately. If on a picnic avoid leaving out foods that require refrigeration and/or foods that can quickly spoil.

DAT Team

To learn more about teaching safety tips to the community, contact Jeff Arter at jeff.arter@

Points to Remember

By remembering and following some basic summer safety tips will allow you and your family to enjoy the warm weather and make your stay in Italy that Outdoor Cooking Remember to never let children much more memorable! near the grill. Itcan remain very hot even after it is no Naples American Red Cross SAF


Get Ready째to ShakL째 Out. The Great Southern Italy

October 18, 10:18 a.m. Register at




for°the°Larges[° Earthquake°DrilS° inÊItalianÊHistory. ° °


The Great Southern Italy



October 18, 10:18 a.m. Register at



Solferino 8 km of History and Self-Discovery

Overlooking the battlefield of Solferino.


Story and Photos by Lewis E. Heuermann

riving through several golden hills of postharvest hay season in northern

Italy, I kept thinking about the distance, “Eight kilometers, that’s about four miles - right?” I asked. “Dunant walked all this way?”

Arriving in Solferino, a small Battle of Solferino and San town just north of Verona, we Martino witnessing the brutal saw the entire place covered aftermath of fifteen hours of in Red Cross flags and signs. fighting. Henry Dunant, the famed “I think it’s more like six,” originator of the International replied Jacquie Mack, my Red Cross/Red Crescent travel companion and Red movement, first encountered Cross veteran, looking equally this town, and its tragic destiny, worried. in June of 1859. History shows that Dunant walked from Henry Dunan Castiglione to Solferino, a When I first started learning total of 8 kilometers, after the about the American Red Cross 12

August 2012

I encountered the writings of Henry Dunant. There were several parallels between our lives, and especially at this pivotal location. We were not medical professionals, but we both longed to help others in need. He was on his way to Solferino to meet with Napoleon III to discuss business matters, and

“It is, indeed, excessively distressing to realize that you can never do more than help those who are just before you.” Henry Dunant I was here to meet with other leaders within the American Red Cross to do the same. All I could think of was the distance. When was the last time I walked more than 6 blocks? The thought kept repeating itself. To add to the difficulty, I had on regular dress shoes and not sneakers. Fully unprepared, like Dunant, I began the walk with more pilgrims than I could see at one time on the long stretches of road ahead. And like Dunant, I was shocked by what happened in Solferino.

Solferino - Mile 1 Solferino was a geographically desirable location for anyone who wanted to rule northern Italy. Dunant arrived to a surprising battle. According to Dunant in his memoir of the event, Memory of Solferino, “Although they were marching against each other, the two opposing forces [France and Austria] did not expect to meet and join battle as soon as they did.” Dunant describes a battle of more than 300,000 men fighting for over 15 hours, with neither side offering quarter or mercy.

Mile 3 “What do you think of all this?” asked a smiling participant from Germany. His white polo, with Deutsches Rotes Kreuz written across the back, is wet with sweat. “It is very crazy.” Crazy. The word hangs in my thoughts for a moment as I start to realize what this walk actually means. I look over the rolling hills imagining the horror of so many men and animals fighting without relent.

Photos: (Top) Red Cross, European Union, and Italian flags flying over the battlefield of Solferino. (Top Middle) Cement mosaic at the base of the flags. (Bottom Middle) Participants from other nations preparing for the walk. (Bottom) Participants from all age groups came to show solidarity during the event.

Naples American Red Cross SAF


“The stillness of the night was broken by groans,” Dunant wrote. “ Heart-rendering voices kept calling for help.”

“The feeling one has of one’s own utter inadequacy in such extraordinary and solemn circumstances is unspeakable,” wrote Dunant. “It is, indeed, Mile 4 excessively distressing to Volunteering and helping realize that you can never do without pay were always my more than help those who are motivations when I found my just before you.” way to the door of the Red Mile 5 - The Finish Cross. As the miles rolled under my Large groups were cheering feet, I had all but forgotten that and holding up candles. We I was walking. I could hear entered a section of town their shouting, their cries for where all the roads were made of brick and lit by candles. help, and I felt heartbroken. What would I have done? What could I have done? Dunant spoke of his own meagerness defined in Solferino. Hearing screaming men begging not to be forgotten, Dunant, like me, encountered his own limitations.


All I can think about is the battle and the fighting. For the soldiers, reaching the town was just the beginning of the fight for their lives. For Dunant, it was the beginning of his fight to start the International Red Cross movement and the catalyst towards creating the first Geneva Convention article.

Sitting in that meeting the next morning, I stared at all the other faces in the room. These people, diverse and caring, are all a product of wanting “We made it!” exclaimed a to help. To give more where young-man to my left. “We more is needed. made the walk!” I walked the path of Henry I stepped to the side of the Dunant, and I am eager to dimly lit road to gather my continue the journey. thoughts, and made way for more cheering parishioners.

Fear. Sadness. Horror. Helping. Dunant. Eight kilometers, or 4.9 miles.

e e d b a c k

Did you like our story? Know of a story we might find interesting? Connect with us on Facebook and tell us




August 2012

Disaster Services

Get Ready to ShakeOut! WHAT: Great Shakeout WHEN: October 18th TIME: 10:18 AM


e are all invited to join with our Italian

hosts who will “Drop, Cover, and Hold On” on October 18th at 10:18 a.m. in the 2012 Great Southern Italy ShakeOut! This will be the first ever earthquake drill of its kind in the Naples area involving both the Italian and American communities.

Fast Facts When shaking starts: Drop, Cover, and Hold on Practice makes perfect. Do drills as a family to stay ready. Visit the Shake Out website to learn more about staying ready: dropcoverholdon

Jeff Arter is the Disaster Services

Chair for the Naples American Red Cross. Jeff has several years of disaster and emergency management experience, and shares his knowledge with our community. To learn more about becoming a DAT member contact Jeff at

During 2011 more than 12.5 million people worldwide registered to participate in ShakeOut drills. Participating is a great way for your family or organization to become better prepared to survive and recover quickly from big earthquakes.

Drop, Cover, and Hold On

Why is “Drop, Cover, and Hold On” important to practice? In an earthquake, you may only have seconds to protect yourself before strong shaking knocks you down, or something falls on you. Practicing helps you to be ready to react. Visit dropcoverholdon to learn more. This ShakeOut drill has been organized to encourage you, your community, your school, or your organization to review and update emergency preparedness plans and supplies, and to secure your space in order to prevent damage and injuries.

Who can participate

Everyone can participate! Individuals, families, schools, government agencies, businesses, and other organizations are all invited to register.

To register for or if you want more information please visit the website at index.html. Click on the links at the bottom of the page for the NAVSUPPACT Naples, NAS Sigonella, American Consulate General, and the American Red Cross for unique and specific information relating to these organizations participation. Naples American Red Cross SAF


Volunteer Position

Disaster Action Team Training P r e pa r at i o n A s si s ta nc e Guidance Join the Disaster Action Team today and help others in our community when disaster strikes. Contact Jeff Arter at or call 626-4788 to find out how you can become a DAT member today.

Volunteer of the Quarter

Annelize Ruiters A

nnelize Ruiters came to the Naples American Red Cross with one goal: Volunteer at the hospital on the Support Site base.

“I have always enjoyed working with people and helping out wherever I can, that’s why I chose a career in the medical field,” said Annelize. “Volunteering at the Red cross gives you the opportunity to use your skills for the greater good.” One of the volunteer programs offered here in the Naples community is the hospital volunteerism program. Annelize, a licensed physical therapist, looked forward to working with others in this field. Sometimes the in processing can be long when working at the hospital. Annelize did not let this slow her down. She offered to help in the Red Cross office during the absence of the Field Office Coordinator, a paid position in the office. Annelize came to the Station several times a week and helped with answering the phones, preparing materials for events, and planning future fundraisers. “It felt pretty good to read that our recent event (Festa Americana) was such a huge success,” says Annelize. “Especially knowing that I was one of the many volunteers who helped out.” Help from Annelize, and other volunteers, saved the Festa Americana event from disaster. Initially the Naples Red Cross was told that items meant to be sold at the event as a fundraiser might not arrive. Using great creativity, volunteers came up with an inventive idea to use fresh local produce with a sweet twist -- chocolate covered bananas. Along with fellow volunteers, Annelize worked tirelessly to complete over 50 chocolate covered bananas, and other fresh fruit treats, to meet the deadline of the festival. Luckily the order did show up, but the chocolate covered bananas remained the highest selling item throughout the fundraising event. When asked where she saw herself within the volunteer community in six months, “I am hoping to get really involved in the physical therapy department in the hospital,” she responded.

Naples American Red Cross SAF


Event Calendar For more information about upcoming events or classes contact the American Red Cross office at 626-4788 between 8:00 - 4:30 M-F.

EVENT: National Night Out Support Site 7-9PM

8:30 - 12:00 Pet First Aid Capo, Admin 2 Cost: $35

8:30 - 12:30 SS Gym CPR/AED Adult and Pediatric Cost: $50

EVENT: Back 2 School Block Party Support Site 3:30 - 7PM

VOLUNTEER REMINDER: Turn in your hours at least monthly to the office by calling 626-4788. 18

August 2012

Volunteer Opportunities WHAT: National Night Out WHERE: Support Site TIME: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM National Night Out is a community wide event where we demonstrate safety techniques, and show others how to be safe in a variety of environments. We will have an information table with some giveaways. Join us to help educate the community!

WHAT: Back To School Block Party WHERE: Support Site in front of the Schools TIME: 3:30 PM - 7:00 PM Back to School Block Party is hosted by the USO to welcome back students and community members from their summer vacations. We will have an education booth and new volunteer sign-up forms. We need volunteers to work the booth and talk about the many programs the Red Cross offers in Naples. Naples American Red Cross SAF


C l o s i n g Shots

To find out more about volunteering at the Naples American Red Cross contact us today at 626-4788.

August 2012  
August 2012  

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