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As an affiliate marketer I am very much aware of the many gimmicks and get rich schemes on the market created by internet "gurus". So many times you run across programs that make big promises but don't deliver. How many times have you seen the videos with some paid voice over actor bragging about his large checks and promising you the same with just the push of a button after you FIRST pay a fee to join? Does this all sound familiar? I bet it does. While it is true that affiliate marketing is the #1 way to make money online, fact is, only a small percentage of marketers actually succeed. There are numerous reasons behind this. Some lack the knowledge and expertise in promoting a product or service. Others lack the time and effort to put it in motion. If you fall into those two categories, then you're likely to become a victim of the third category, which is seeking a quick and easy push button route and falling for one of the many SCAMS online! You should always do your homework and be sure to research any program before you spend your hard-earned money. But even still, how do you know which programs work and which programs fail? Well, the site in question offers unbiased reviews of many of the internet marketing software programs currently on the market. You can read their reviews and join the site for free. This was one of the first things that peaked my interest. Having access to read the various reviews took some of the guesswork out of figuring on a program to consider joining. While researching other non related products, I discovered that The Viral Review Bot site had integrated an affiliate moneymaking opportunity cleverly and strategically woven into their review site. I thought this to be ingenious but was still a little skeptical of yet another hyped up automated money-making website! I did further extensive research on their site. This Is How It Works: A visitor = (you) signs up for FREE to the site. You now get your own duplicate version of the site filled with YOUR affiliate links, complete with behind the scenes tutorials, traffic training and promotional videos, banners, pre-written emails and 10 pre-built squeeze pages to assist in promoting your site. You promote your site to the world using various techniques described within the program and when a person visits, reads one of the reviews and subsequently purchases a product, you receive commissions up to 75% into your ClickBank, PayDotCom or AdSense account. Members deciding to pay a minimal fee and upgrade from a free member to a premium member get extra benefits and substantially increased earnings potential due to a viral element which becomes automatically implemented within the program. More free members joining translates into more of your affiliate links and ads being spread across the web which equates to a larger residual income profit potential set on auto pilot.

I am always looking for new and exciting ways to generate revenue as an affiliate marketer. I was surprised when I discovered the ease and simplicity of THE VIRAL REVIEW BOT program. So it really doesn't matter if you are a veteran or new to affiliate marketing; If you desire to make extra money with a program that has all the components of success, you may want to give it a try and get your free Viral Review Bot site earning you QUICK FAST PROFITS today!

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