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Featuring Second Half 2017 Image Competition Winners



A Look at the Winners Exhibition at Park Studios!

New Holiday Postcard Pack, Free Halloween Printables and More!

Hello friends!

While the trees are a veritable festival of fall colors, and we’re harvesting happy memories,

we’re also celebrating sweater season with celebratory events and an Inspired issue that’s all about you!

For those who were unable to join us for our inaugural International Image Competition

Winners Exhibition, reap the pages ahead! We’ve got a full spread on the golden gallery, strengthening our community with a singular members-only champagne toast for all 2017 NAPCP International Image Competition award winners. If you didn’t submit your work to this year’s competitions, keep your eyes open for the opening of our 2018 First Half International Image Competition, which will be here before you know it.

Speaking of your work, this October issue of Inspired features the winners of the 2017

Second Half International Image Competition. The placing images are filled with brilliance and enchantment, and we are positively thrilled to share the magnificent photos with you. For our readers who may not yet be NAPCP members, learn more about membership, download free PR materials, and view a preview of our smashing Marketing Mondays video series, by visiting our Membership page.

With only a few weeks remaining until the holiday season officially kicks off, time is

running out to reach current and new clients for autumn and holiday events, family sessions, and mini sessions! We have added a Holiday Marketing Postcard Pack to the NAPCP Store. Visit our Store for more information and to order your 6 unique designs today!

From our team to you, our family, wishes for a happy fall, y’all!

With Wonder, The NAPCP Team

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Image by Marena Rudy, "Little Explorer" (Toddlers, July 2017)

6 | NAPCP Inspired Magazine October 2017


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ASHLEY BERRIE | Her Wish Come True | FIRST PLACE, Babies What is one thing you wish another photographer had shared with you when you started your official business? There’s no right or wrong way to conduct your photography business. I was always looking for the right way to organize, right way to edit, right way to be an official business. I quickly learned that everyone does things a little differently because different approaches work for different photographers. We must do what is best for our brand, our business model and our families. One size doesn’t fit all in this industry. Outside of photography, do you enjoy any other creative outlets? I am in love with photography and feel very much dedicated to it. However, I read the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, and she suggested to really reach out into other creative formats in order to recharge yourself occasionally. I have since taken painting classes and tried my hand at a few DIY projects around the house. It’s amazing how you can feel refreshed as a photographer by being creative in different ways. that you will be capturing real emotion and not every photo has to be the shot of everyone smiling looking at the camera. Snuggle shots are beautiful too. Set up realistic expectations and you will always be able to overcome those obstacles.

8 | NAPCP Inspired Magazine October 2017

Above: 2nd Place Babies - Diogo Loureiro, Down Friends. 3rd Place Babies - Ashley Berrie, Down by the Seashore.

10 | NAPCP Inspired Magazine October 2017


EMILY LUCARZ | Large Family Huddle | FIRST PLACE, Family What’s your gear setup, and do you have a go-to lens? I am a simple shooter. You will never see me carrying around tripods, lighting equipment or a bunch of lenses. My main camera body is the Nikon D4 and it’s very rare that I take off my 35mm lens. I like to interact in a close way with my clients and I find with a longer focal length, it makes it too difficult to tickle the kids, snuggle the babies or direct the families in general. What would you say are the most common challenges you face during a session? How do you work around or with them? Typically the most difficult situations lie within expectation of your clients, in my opinion. When clients book me to photograph their family, based around another session I have done, I always let them know that I will photograph THEM. Not the other family. Not all families are the same. My energy is different depending on each family. If, as a photographer, you go into a session and try to emote them in a way that’s not “them”, you will not produce authentic images from your session. Also, if you have talked to your client ahead of time about your style of shooting, they will be more relaxed. If they have a 3 year-old that has a meltdown, let them know that you will be capturing real emotion and not every photo has to be the shot of everyone smiling looking at the camera. Snuggle shots are beautiful too. Set up realistic expectations and you will always be able to overcome those obstacles.

Left Page Top Row: 2nd Place Family - Branka Bhoyrul, Self Portrait with My Daughter. 3rd Place Family - Suzanne Taylor, No Matter What Happens in the Day, Every Day Can End Beautifully. Left Page Bottom Row: 3rd Place Newborn - Linnae Harris, Snack Time.


MELISSA ZIMMER | Of All the Fish in the Sea | FIRST PLACE, Children If you could choose for your photography to relay one message, what would that message be? Enjoy the journey. I hope when people view my images they are filled with happiness, and that reminds them to enjoy the moments in their own lives. Your winning image is so fun, and also so simply centered on its subject. Do you feel this is a reflection of yourself? I do! The subject is my 6 year-old daughter - she was my first muse and the absolute light of my eyes. We love to have lots of fun together, both in front of the lens and when we’re enjoying the everyday moments in life. We have a family motto of ‘love and laughter’ and I think this image really brings that forward. An interesting tidbit about this image: it was 65 degrees outside and I was 20 weeks pregnant when I took this. The last place I wanted to be was in an unheated pool, but my daughter had just learned to swim and was begging me to get in the pool. I did and then I caught this gem. I think more people need to listen to their kids and “get in the pool” more often!

12 | NAPCP Inspired Magazine October 2017

Above: 2nd Place Children - Marisa McDonald, Little Swimmer. 2nd Place Toddlers - Ricardo Silva, To the Neverland.


SAREN CASSOTTO | The Meeting | FIRST PLACE, Newborns If you weren’t a photographer, what would your profession be? If I weren’t a photographer, I’d be an interior designer! My pillow obsession, alone, should qualify me! I started out my undergraduate program majoring in Interior Design, before my university stopped the program and I switched majors. If I could go back and get any degree, it would be in either Interior Design or Art History. I guess I was destined to be a portrait photographer, with my long-held passion for aesthetics and seeing beauty in art and design. Tell us about your perfect session, imaginary or real. I think I HAD my perfect session last month! (see attached images). This was for a repeat client I’ve had since newborn photos and they deserved a knock-it-outta-the-park session -- and we got it! This was on the Connecticut shoreline at Hammonnasset State Beach. The sunset was gorgeous, wardrobe was on point, boys’ behavior was easily bribe-able with some Smarties candies ...

Right Page: 2nd Place Newborns - Joella Thombs, Their World in Their Hands. 2nd Place Maternity - Amber Sehrt, Sent from Above.

NAPCP Inspired Magazine October 2017 | 15


MARYANN KOH | Inked Beauty | FIRST PLACE, Maternity Where do you find inspiration? I get my inspiration mainly through my own children. Their experiences, what they would consider fun, their interests, etc. From there, I try to create photographs that reflect them. What about photography is most challenging to you? As a professional photographer of children for the past 11 years, it is important for me to keep my ideas fresh without losing my photography style. I attend workshops, both photography and non photography related, to invigorate and improve myself. The day you stop learning is the day you stop improving, I really believe that. Finally, if you could have any superpower, what power would you hold? If I could have a superpower, it would be to be able to wave my hand and emit great light, and weather would appear with rainbows and blue skies! In Singapore, being near the equator, we do not get great light.

16 | NAPCP Inspired Magazine October 2017

1st Place Siblings - Maryann Koh, I Will Be There for You, Bro. 3rd Place Maternity - Maryann Koh, Inked Parents.


18 | NAPCP Inspired Magazine October 2017

LEIGHA GRAF | Embrace | THIRD PLACE, Seniors What is your favorite digital workflow tool? Photo Mechanic! Many photographers are intimidated by photographing seniors. What advice do you have for a photographer feeling timid about moving into that market? Yes, I love working with this age group! It is such an exciting time in their lives. I think it is key that you are genuinely as excited about their session and time in their life as they are. As a photographer, it is also important to be very confident in your posing and styling techniques. All teenagers, which includes seniors, really appreciate a lot of direction in their session. I find the more I can help these clients with posing and with direction, the more comfortable and at ease they are! As a super busy mom and photographer, what tips can you share for staying organized? This is truly a constant work in progress for me. With teenagers, every day and week is different! My best advice is to keep it simple and embrace the stage that you are at. Try not to do it all but rather, what matters the most! From a technical standpoint, monthly meal planning, batching anything from orders to editing to social media, and adding everything possible to my calendar definitely helps!

3rd Place Siblings - Megan Drane, The Moment I Saw You, I Loved You. 3rd Place Children - Becca Wohlwinder, Lost Boy.

NAPCP Inspired Magazine October 2017 | 19


20 | NAPCP Inspired Magazine October 2017

BROOKE YANNUCCI | Twirls | FIRST PLACE, Toddlers Tell us about your first meaningful photography experience. Capturing family milestones in general is a meaningful experience. I know how much families want to remember this season of life. The one session that has stuck with me the most, though, is a session that I did in a hospital a little over a year ago. We really weren’t sure what the prognosis of this baby would be, so her family wanted to do the newborn session in the hospital, just in case. In that moment I realized that what I’m doing is not just simply taking pictures. I am preserving memories. If you could only use one piece of gear (other than your camera body) during every single session, what would it be? Ah, I don’t know if I can answer that and follow the rules. For indoor sessions it would be my 35mm, for sure. I also use my Pentax 645 and shoot black and white film (I’ll shoot color if there’s enough light). For my outdoor sessions it’s my 50mm all the way, but I also shoot about 1/2 the session on my Pentax and a 75mm with Fuji 400 film. I need all those things. What do you think it is about you (or your shooting style) that portrays such a feeling of lightheartedness and comfort in your images? I don’t pose my clients, I guide them. So I am capturing authentic moments. I love to laugh and play, so I try to pull that out of them too. I am not very serious and I’m very chatty, so I think (I hope) my clients feel at ease when they are with me, allowing them to be themselves during the session.

Above: 1st Place Seniors - Sarah Lane, 70s Vibes. 2nd Place Seniors - Megan Drane, The Wind Up.

Artistry is often synonymous with creativity, so it’s no surprise this gorgeous photography exhibition presented by NAPCP was hosted at industry bright light Park Studios, in the Buckhead district of Atlanta, Georgia. Much like the award winning photographs presented, the guests who attended this breathtaking event represented many different media and types of art. Visit the Park Studios blog for a behind-the-scenes look at setup, beautifully ribboned images — printed and matted by Musea, and an intimate champagne hour before the event opened to the public. You can also find the full gallery of event images in an album on the NAPCP Facebook page. Put on during the Atlanta Celebrates Photography festival, we’re declaring this gallery a work of art in and of itself.

s p o n s o re d by


24 | NAPCP Inspired Magazine October 2017

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Images © Elan Studio

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ARTICLES YOU’LL LOVE Inspiring words written by our members, for our members.

Creative Ways to Capture Photos of Your Kids on Halloween

I love holidays. I always have. I grew up in a house that completely changed anytime there was a special date on the calendar. I think my mom has over 400 Santas (my sister and I counted once, when we were younger). She turned the milk green on St. Patty’s Day (we aren’t Irish), hung hearts in every single window on Valentine’s Day and I knew winter was over when the bunnies started appearing everywhere. Our neighbors would call her to ask if the bunnies were up as if those little guys were some kind of actual indicator that the weather was finally going to get warmer!

My kids are experiencing a similar upbringing, as there are pencils in jars on the table for the first day of school, and I stay up all night in November so they wake up to a Christmas wonderland when I’ve decided fall is over. Halloween though? It’s my favorite. I mean, CANDY! And scary decorations that allow you to really get creative, fire pits in the yard surrounded by neighbors and grandparents as the kids run from house to house and costumes. I love getting creative with my kids on their costumes. Sometimes I make them and sometimes they’re store bought, but it’s always so much fun to see them get lost in their imaginations as soon as that costume is on. Read more.

Meet Jodie Allen: Jodie started her business in 2009 and hasn’t looked back. Capturing children, babies and families keeps her on her toes, laughing and constantly inspired. She is a coach, a wife and she balances three very busy kids. It’s a life of constant movement and she loves it.

28 | NAPCP Inspired Magazine October 2017

9 Ways Photographers Can Give Back Don’t you feel lucky to have a job that makes people happy? You do something which evokes smiles, and if you’ve done a really good job, tears of joy. Now imagine spreading those emotions beyond your client base and sharing them with a huge audience.

As photographers, we are uniquely poised to make an impact beyond the portraits we create for our clients. With the bloom of online marketing and social media, the charitable sector has a growing need for high quality photography to support their messages. Research shows that content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without relevant images. We have a skill that can be used for the greater good and is desperately needed. We can give back! Read more.

Meet Heidi Peters: Trained as a photojournalist, Heidi combines technical skills with a modern passion for capturing the spontaneous moments of children, teens and families. The goal of each session is to capture a range of images full of grace and love.

Prints Matter: How to Serve Your Clients Well If you were to survey your past clients, what percentage would tell you that they’ve printed the beautiful images that you’ve created for them? How many of your images are now hanging on their walls, being enjoyed everyday? As digital photography has become the norm, and as the majority of photographers provide digitalonly services, fewer clients have come to expect a printed product from their photographer. Many clients prefer it this way, knowing that they will have the ability to print their photos in whatever quantity and size they like. But how many of those digital photos are actually being printed by our clients? Read more.

Meet Brea Robinson: Brea offers a full service portrait experience like no other in the Northeast Atlanta area. She works with each of her clients every step of the way and together, they capture beautiful memories and turn them into treasured family heirlooms.

NAPCP Inspired Magazine October 2017 | 29

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