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NEWSLETTER May 2012 The Latest News & Announcements,


Workshops, Updates and much more!

Anne Kerr of Anja Photography, our Best New Emerging Child Photographer Winner!

INSIDE: a special giveaway of ________ from Adorama!

Hello friends!

Balance: a state of equilibrium; equal distribution of weight, amount; a mental

steadiness or emotional stability … a habit of calm behavior.

If someone was selling “balance” by the bucketful, the line of customers might

wrap around the world. Many strive for it, fewer achieve it. And especially in our industry, we’re constantly talking about it. How do I grow and maintain a successful business while not ignoring my family (and myself!) in the process? How do I mentally reconcile the feeling of being weighted down by the “busy season” with the lightness and emptiness of the post-season salad days?

If these thoughts are familiar, you are not alone. In the Member’s Spotlight this

month, Kara May of Kara May Photography chats with us about striving for balance while rebuilding her business three times and combining her love of children’s portraiture with commercial photography.

And remember, as the Beatles said, you can “get by with a little help from [our]

friends”. You have access to plenty of those inside the NAPCP community. With resources galore at, check out the latest industry workshops, books, guides and good-ole-fashioned advice from like-minded professionals in our industry. On the forum this month, our new “Ask Jane” section, conveniently located within the Resources area, provides important business tips and rebranding roadmaps for those at any stage in the game.

And when you are craving to unplug and curl up with a great book, we highly

recommend Tamara Lackey’s latest, “Envisioning Family: A photographer’s guide to making meaningful portraits of the modern family.” Recently released by this month’s Featured Vendor, Peachpit, this book shares Tamara’s heartfelt vision of family along with her techniques for getting each member of the family to feel at home in front of the camera–whether they’re in her studio, at home, or on location. Win a copy of your own from Peachpit, or take advantage of their NAPCP members-only discount.

So much goodness in store this month. Read on friends.


The NAPCP Team

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Newsletter Januar y 2012

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Newsletter Januar y 2012 | 02

WORK SHO PS Purebaby Workshops Robin Long Photography offers one and two-day Purebaby newborn workshops throughout the world. The Purebaby workshop is like no other experience. Robin’s fresh, pure and simple style will teach you how to “capture the purity” while focusing on the baby. Your learning experience starts the minute you sign up and goes far beyond when the class has ended. The investment you make will advance you tremendously in to developing your style in your photography business. Upcoming Locations: June 18 | Oahu, Hi July 18-19 | Monticello, Mn August 16-17 | Salem, Or Sept | Walnut Grove, Ca Oct 11-12 | Wellington, Ks Oct 16-17| Denver, Co

More Info Here! 03 | NAPCP

Newsletter Januar y 2012

N E W S & ANN OU N CE ME N TS Image Competition The NAPCP January 2012 International Image Competition winners have been announced! If you haven’t stopped by the winning image gallery yet, you are missing out! See all of our fabulous winning images here! (photo: Megan Drane, “Winter’s Walk”)

Follow Us on Pinterest That’s right...NAPCP has just recently let our curiousty get the best of us as we took the plunge and joined Pinterest. We would love for you to take a quick spin around our boards as well as help us spread inspiring photography to the Pinterest community everywhere! To follow us, please visit our profile page here! Happy Pinning!


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Newsletter Januar y 2012

Images by Anne Kerr of Anja Photography


fter being selected as a Top 5 finalist, Anne

Kerr of Anja Photography blazed through the voting round quickly becoming a fan favorite and eventually beating out her competition to be crowned our 2012 Best New Emerging Child Photographer! As a relative newcomer to the indusry, Anne has an impressive portfolio and a style all her own, two traits that earned her praise during the contest. Now sit back and enjoy getting to know this talented star on the rise.


Newsletter Januar y 2012 | 08

Tell us your story. How you started and how your photography, brand, and business transformed over the year... My mom is the most creative, detail-oriented woman I know. She also possesses an amazing capacity for children and a penchant for the aesthetically pleasing. I believe my inheritance of these qualities is where my journey started. When I became a mother, I began taking a lot of pictures. I had an overwhelming feeling that I was finding something sublime, something I knew, or remembered, but couldn’t put my finger on. This is when photography wrapped me around it’s finger. I don’t think I’ve transformed as much over the year, but rather, evolved. I’m always true to myself, and because of that, the only thing that has actually changed has been my abilities.

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Newsletter Januar y 2012

Who has been your your biggest inspiration in your work? I want to draw from all the goodness I find and evolve into my own. I’m not looking to imitate what has already been done. Furthermore, if I want to develop my own recognizable style I think it’s important not to get too wrapped up in one artist in particular. What has been the best piece of advice you’ve received starting out? Why? Being told that it’s “all about the light”. I learned to recognize the importance of it, not only in flattering my subjects, but the surrounding landscape as well. I’m glad I took the time to examine the effects of light in photography long before I took on any clients. I try to never compromise it because I understand it to be the most essential ingredient to my work. NAPCP

Newsletter Januar y 2012 | 10

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your first 2 years? I would have to say finding balance. I’ve neglected a lot of things I love for photography. Even basic necessities like sleep. I need to sleep. Tell us about your motto “It’s about time” - how do you translate this into your work? I decided on my motto because there is an interesting double meaning in it for me. A lot of photographers will talk about capturing a moment in time, and obviously, there is that element in what I do. For me though, it is also about creating the absence of time. When I feel I have captured my subjects soul, their personal mystery, as unique as it is, I capture them not just how they are today but how they always will be. My mission is create that moment, and that is where the importance time, or the lack thereof, comes into play. Give us a sneak peak into your camera bag - what are your essential must haves? I keep it simple. I have my Nikon D700 camera body and 2 lenses. 50mm 1.4G and 135mmF2. Most of my work is with my 135mm lens, with the exception of my studio work, and other times that less space is required between my subject and myself. 11 | NAPCP

Newsletter Januar y 2012

What are some of your best selling products? How do you market them & why do you think your clients gravitate towards them the most? Black River Imaging for their silk wrapped accordion mini-books, these are posh brag books for parents (even my husband carries one in his work vehicle) and also, built in advertising! Also, love Pixel2Canvas for their Legacy canvases. I don’t have to do much selling of these products because they are terrific show pieces and sell themselves. There are so many products out there for us to sell but for me, I never want to sell anything that will end up packed away in the closet so I’m selective and try and sell only products that will stand the test of time.

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Newsletter Januar y 2012

How does it feel to be our very first Best New Emerging Child Photographer? I was humbled to even be chosen as part of the Top 5, with such an amazing group of talented photographers. And it was positively surreal to find out I won the competition. Having this sort of validation at the beginning of my journey is a tremendous gift for which I am extremely grateful. Valuing your work and self confidence can be some of the biggest hurdles to overcome in this industry. Since winning this award, I am able to see my work with a fresh set of eyes and feel I am more able to trust what I see. Of course, there is that part of me that knows how much further I have to go and how much work lies ahead, but winning this award has been a huge honor that has truly made me more comfortable in my own skin. It also chalNAPCP

Newsletter Januar y 2012 | 14

lenges me, now to live up to the title. I’m thrilled about how that aspect of it will only make me grow in my work as an artist. Where do you see yourself in 2 years, Anne? 10 years? In the next 2 years I hope to design and build my own in-home studio. First, we’re going to have to buy a new house so it’s all a process and I’m doing my best to be patient. In 10 years? I hope my passion for this art, and this business, remains as fiery and bright as it is today..with the added bonus of a large client base and, of course, some paid travel!stretched is so important to balancing business with family. I now have a set number of sessions I’m willing to take each week and I really try to stick to that. To see more of Anne’s work, please visit her site here, and her blog here!

Thank you so much Anne! NAPCP

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Trust your instincts when picking your own best images. I struggled with this for awhile. Not trusting myself and always trying to figure out which ones would be crowd pleasers, or client favorites. Trust yourself and make your work what YOU want it to be. It’s all part of developing your own style.

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Newsletter Januar y 2012

HOW TO BEST PROCESS YOUR IMAGES Match your processing with the mood of the image. Some images are soft and thoughtful. Some are bright and happy. Let the mood of the image guide your processing. Also, it’s all about the light. I’m often asked about my processing but I think it’s important to recognize that the goods have to be in-camera first. If there is a processing style you are drawn too, examine the light that is being used first. This is what you need to learn to capture. Once you nail that, processing will be easy for you.


Newsletter Januar y 2012 | 18

With this book you’ll learn how to use backgrounds that complement your subjects, set up and shoot in-studio, light your images anywhere with straightforward lighting setups and diagrams, pose your subjects in a beautiful but natural way, nail your exposure, and create meaningful family portraits that leave everyone feeling and looking their honest best. 19 | NAPCP

Newsletter Januar y 2012

FEATURED VENDOR PEACHPIT In Tamara Lackey’s Envisioning Family: A photographer’s guide to making meaningful portraits of the modern family, Lackey reinvents the family photo for photographers. A top portrait photographer and sought-after speaker, Lackey reveals her techniques for getting each member of the family to feel at home in front of the camera­ whether they’re in her studio, at home, or on location.

G IVE AWAY Want a chance to win your own copy? 1) Like both Peachpit’s and NAPCP’s Facebook pages 2) Share on your wall - I would love to win <insert Peachpit’s facebook fan page>’s “Envisioning Love” by Tamara Lackey sponsored by <insert NAPCP’s facebook page> because....{and fill in your reason! The more creative, the better!} 3) If the comment does not show up on our facebook wall, please comment directly on our wall with your reason. Contest ends Friday, March 2, @ 11:59 pm EST


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The National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP) is thrilled to announce its 2011 Child Photographer of the Year, Stephanie Buckman of Stephanie Robin Photography! A winning image from Stephanie was featured on an electronic billboard in New York Cityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s famed Times Square. Based in in Burlington, Ontario, Stephanie specializes in newborn and child photography, creating timeless portraits through her mastery of light, the lens and a true connection with her subjects. Known for her custom fine art portraiture, Stephanie has been offering newborn mentoring and group sessions since 2009. Stephanie is also a strong advocate for newborn safety and continues to promote knowledge and awareness to the child photography industry. You can read her featured article on the subject here! Congratulations to Stephanie on her fantastic accomplishment.

Read the Press Release here! 21 | NAPCP

Newsletter Januar y 2012

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