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Hello friends!

Spring has sprung! As you indulge in warmer weather and the serenity of

long, beautiful days, we invite you to settle any March “madness” by soaking in the creativity and inspiration found in this month’s issue!

After a refreshing Gathering last week focused on planning for successes

– big and small – we feel grateful for the fellowship of our industry peers! All over the world, NAPCP members met to discuss how to turn dreams into reality; how to manage goals and make them accomplishments. If you’re interested in attending the next one, look to the ambassador page online for information on the group nearest you.

This month’s featured photographer is Diogo Loureiro of Diogo Loureiro

Photography in Brazil! With a passion for family photography, Loureiro specializes in capturing life’s journey from pregnancy to infancy to toddler years and beyond! With his lens in hand, he gives clients a creative snapshot of each toothless smile, holiday family portrait and milestone in between.

For those who participated in the January Image Competition, winners

will be announced soon. As the judges work tirelessly to score the submissions, we want to thank each of you for sharing your work with us. We continue to be blown away by your talents and amazed at the creativity of our community!

We hope to connect with each of you sometime in the near future – until

then, we’re wishing you all a happy spring!


The NAPCP Team

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Thank you to everyone who made our March #NAPCPGatherings a success! Please make sure you save the date for our next gatherings on May 11th!

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ailing from Brazil, this month’s featured photographer

is Diogo Loureiro! Sharing his passion for photography with his wife, Loureiro focuses on creating beautiful imagery of all stages of life – from birth to toddler years and beyond. In between the delights and mischief that come with childhood to the confidence that blossoms with adulthood, Loureiro hopes to give clients memories they can reflect on and relive for years to come. Continue on to see some of his impressive work!

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AT A GLANC BEHIND 1. Started photographing when? Childhood 2. Officially opened business? 2010 3. Favorite camera? Canon 5D MK3 4. Lens of choice? Depends on context, light, environment. 5. Favorite Lab? I print my own prints. For albums we use Evidence Photobook in Brazil.

Diogo Loureiro 10 | NAPCP Newsletter March 2016

5. Favorite Framer? Vit贸ria Fine Art



6. Favorite subject to photograph? Children and expecting mothers. 7. Favorite musician? Jack Johnson 8. Favorite movie? The Salt of the Earth (a biographical documentary film Sebasti達o Salgado) 9. Recent Favorite Read? "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert 10. Favorite Client Product? Albums and frames. 11. 3 things you can't live without? Family, music, and nature. F L I P T H E PAG E F O R OU R E XC LUS I V E I N T E RV I E W W I T H DI O G O !

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Tell us your story. How you started and how your photography, brand, and business transformed over the last couple of years? My story is a bit long and it is also mixed with my wife’s story. We work together and we are striving to be consistent with our own identities and authenticity. Much of the result of our work is the precise combination between my story and hers. Both of us had rich childhood experiences in which our family relationships were diverse and intense. I grew up looking through many of family albums as each image were embedded with the lovely experiences I had as a child. I lost my dad when I was only five years old and I got a chance to get to know him through the photographs he left behind. My wife was born and raised in a very small town. She has three other siblings with whom she shared with beautiful and loving moments. When I was 18 years old I bought my first DSLR. My brother was a professional diver and I fell in love with macro photography. In order to contribute financially

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to the well being of my family, though, I worked in the steel industry for 9 years. During this time I met my lovely wife, and we got married and started our own story. When I turned 30, my story with photography really started. I started to invest in my formal education in photography. When my nephews were born we started to photograph them; soon after we were photographing friends and people who were not even related. At end of 2012, I left my job in steel to become a full time photographer, and my wife, who always gave me the best support, shared this dream. We focus on maternity, baby and child photography. We like to follow the story

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of each family and to photograph how kids grow and play in Brazil, and even outside of Brazil. We believe that the only possible way to eternalize a moment, leaving the possibility to live it again, is via photography. You have a stunning gallery of images. Can you tell us more about your vision? We strive to capture the emotions of our clients. Photography for us is to feel a part of the family we photograph. We care a lot about our clients. Extraordinary moments happen all the time, I believe. Children are spontaneous and as such they are always doing something fun and out of the box. I believe that my beautiful childhood memories, even the ones I cannot remember ‌ the ones I carry embedded in my subconscious, contribute to my focus. I was photographed just like that, in moments surrounded by family. In a way, these are the pictures I reproduce in my photography.  Joice and I are adults, but when it comes to photography, we go back to our own childhoods to gain insight on how children see the world around them. At least briefly, we are kids again. When it comes to editing color images, you have a distinct style. About how long does it take you to edit a single image? We love natural light. Our editing is minimal. We are careful to study how the light and shadows behave in certain scenes so we can achieve similar results in every session we do. Our images do not carry a lot of contrast, the colours are soft, with the elements of light always present.

The time to edit the images varies, especially when the environment we photograph in contains a lot of undesirable elements, forcing us to erase those elements from the image. Some images take a minute, while others take a half hour to complete.

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Where do see yourself and your photography business in 10 years? We have a lot of dreams and in the past we were determined to live each single one of them -- but now we have decided to slow down a bit. Life is too short and things move too fast. It’s time to enjoy the present. We do not have kids yet and we are planning to start a family soon. We cannot wait to photograph our own children. Presently we are creating a workshop dedicated to family photography and birthday parties. We are focusing on creative techniques which will allow our future students to be more aware of the little moments that are truly so crucial. To see more of Diogo's work, please visit his site here!

Thank you so much Diogo! 18 | NAPCP Newsletter March 2016

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Three Tips F O R S TAY I NG I N S P I R E D | BY D I O G O L O U R E I R O

1- Allow time for yourself. It is important to have this time in order to create new things. 2- Just because we are photographers does not mean we should always be surrounded by photographers. Look for painters, film makers and other artists who can contribute to enriching your repertoire. They can expand your horizons. 3- Find inspiration anywhere you are, from a special place, to within music or familiar objects. Get to know new places. Observe, feel. Bring those feelings into your photography so your art can be an expression of the things you cultivate, love and are real to you.

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Camera Bag • NordWeg Backpack

CameraS • Canon 5d MkIII • GoPro Hero 3+

LENSES • 24mm f1.4 • 35mm f1.4 • 50mm f1.2 • 85mm f1.2 • 135mm f2

EXTRAS • Business Cards • JBL Micro Wireless

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We asked Diogo to give us a peek into his busy day to day life with a few of his favorite In

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nstagram captures. Enjoy a behind the scenes look at some of his favorite moments!

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