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NEWSLETTER July 2012 The Latest News & Announcements, Workshops, Updates and much more!

Featuring the wonderful Lindsay Silsby of Pied Piper Photography

INSIDE: a special giveaway for 3 lucky readers from Sticky Albums!

Hello friends! Little feet, high-pitched laughter and pure innocence. The children in our lives can bring so much inspiration and joy! As our birthdays start to accumulate over the years, we ponder our own childhood. What if we could rewind time? What if we could relieve the years of our youth? Oh, wouldn’t it be fun to see it all again in detail, to be able to pour over photographs from our youth, to experience again the carefree days of childhood.

Our July Member Spotlight is a photographer who specializes in helping parents

capture their children’s wonder years. Lindsay Silsby of Pied Piper Photography incorporates children’s dreams into her photos. With her unorthodox approach and unique photography technique, her photos appear dreamy, imaginative and fairytale-like. By adding this whimsical twist, she creates the illusion of looking at each photo through the eyes of a child – everything is a beautiful, magical and surreal masterpiece. Get ready to be swept away to a world of wonder while reading Lindsay’s feature.

Our Featured Vendor this month, Sticky Albums, helps leverage mobile devices

and social media to market photography businesses. Sticky Albums offers an app designed by pro photographers for other pro photographers that creates professional digital photo albums. This app, which can be used on all smart phones, gives users the ability to create clean, sleek and creative photo albums within minutes. Continually offering new and innovative formats to photographers, this summer Sticky Albums is offering its biggest and best deal yet – a huge summer sale and a special giveaway for all our NAPCP readers. Take a peek at pg.21 for all the details.

This month’s NAPCP International Image Competition just launched on Monday

and will be closing August 16 at 11:59 p.m. The competition recognizes the creative excellence and accomplishments of our child photography members. For more details and to meet our esteemed judges please see pg.23.

We challenge you to let your imagination run wild and to dream big dreams…then

go follow them!


The NAPCP Team

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Newsletter Januar y 2012

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WORK SHO PS Tamara Lackey Workshop Join Tamara for this two-day business-focused workshop, which includes an in-depth shooting clinic. This detailed business program is built to introduce more efficient methods for gaining control over your business processes and home/ commercial studio workflow. The highly interactive and hands-on shooting clinic will help you to master your technical skills behind the camera, as well as teach you how to setup and work with additional light sources – and better utilize available light in a more controlled fashion. August 6 - 7 | Durham, NC September 13 - 14 | Ottawa, Canada September 17 - 18 | Toronto, Canada

More Info Here! 03 | NAPCP

Newsletter Januar y 2012

N E W S & ANN OU N CE ME N TS Image Competition The NAPCP July International Image Competition opened on Monday and will be closing on August 16th at 11:59pm. Members can start submitting their best images here! (above image credit Meg Borders, Daydreamer)

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Images by Lindsay Silsby of Pied Piper Photography


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ased in England, Lindsay Silsby specializes in

newborn, maternity, children and family photography. Her inspiration for her photos is drawn from her children. Lindsay is well-known for her ability to create whimsical, dreamy and creative images that simply take your breath away. She’s been featured throughout numerous publications, awarded Digital Photographer’s Photographer of the Year and owns Hamelin Designs, a resource guide for photographers. We are proud to have Lindsay as a recognized member of the NAPCP!


Newsletter Januar y 2012 | 08

Tell us your story. How you started and how your photography, brand, and business transformed over the last few years... I think like most photographers, I have always LOVED taking photographs. I had a really great junior high photography teacher and she always inspired me on how to use photographs to express myself. The love for it really began there! Since 75% of my work is mostly children and families, I wanted a brand that was as fairy tale and as whimsical as I hoped my photographs portrayed themselves but I was stumped! So I ran a contest amongst my friends and one of my friends came up with Pied Piper Photography and it hit me SO right! It was perfect! I feel like my business is always transforming. For me, being “professional� is a lifetime pursuit since I am always trying to become better!

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Newsletter Januar y 2012

We know how difficult it is to move your family, life, and business. How did the move to England impact your business, and what have you done to reach out? It’s kind of funny situation! My husband is English, I’m American and technically I started my business over here in England! I hadn’t been living here that long so when I started up Pied Piper I scheduled sessions in Arizona (where I am from) to pay for my trip to visit. So really my first clientele basis was out of Arizona and the west coast. It’s only since I moved to the city I am in now that I have started to build my clientele here. It’s been hard because photography here is not the same as it is in the states and I’m just starting to get there!


Newsletter Januar y 2012 | 10

Tell us about how you reach out to local businesses. How has that paid off in the growth of your own studio? It’s really important to connect to other business owners similar to your own. I found that in some local business women who are in the same boat as me along with the same kind of market/ genre. Two in particular, one owner of a prominent website and another of a local playcafe in my target has made a HUGE difference to my clientele! What has been the best piece of advice you’ve received starting out? Why? A photographer once told to always make mom look good. A piece of advice that has never failed to work!!

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Newsletter Januar y 2012

Who has been your your biggest inspiration in your work? It’s so cliche but I LOVE Annie Leibovitz. Her whole story is amazing and she worked really hard to get where she is now and I LOVE that about her! regard. How do you balance photography, mentoring, and life with 3 kids?! HA HA! Do I?! Balance is relative! I try to keep a good routine and then I have to stick with it! If I don’t, things spin very quickly out of control. I keep myself to timers (no lie) and my kids always come first!

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Newsletter Januar y 2012

Who are some of your favorite vendors? I love Oh Snap boutique, Simplicity Designs, Design Aglow for templates. Lily Blue, Jinky Art and Addy Lane for actions. Kelly Moore and Epiphanie for bags....though Etsy has some pretty wicked ones too! I am IN LOVE with Bloom Theory straps as well.....dying to have a few of those!! What are some of your best selling products? How do you market them & why do you think your clients gravitate towards them the most? My most popular are my digital files, press-printed albums and canvases. They are probably my best selling because they are what I love so I tend to


Newsletter Januar y 2012 | 14

push my selling strategies towards them. I think the albums and canvases best showcase my work and the files...everybody wants to own their images so they kind of sell themselves! Where do you see yourself in 2 years, Lindsay?! I’m a big hope is to be a leading child photographer here in the UK and the US...doing large campaigns for major brands....owning a studio in Chelsea.....photographing Wills and Kate’s could definitely happen! We absolutely loved meeting you in Vail, Lindsay! And we love how open


Newsletter Januar y 2012 | 16

and honest you are on the NAPCP our child photography community. What is your desire and hopes for our very specialized and unique industry? I hope that there can be a positive atmosphere amongst the growing group of photographers that are up and coming. Understanding between one another and a desire to help one another grow without being competitive in a negative way! To see more of Lindsay’s work, please visit her site here, and her blog here!

Thank you so much Lindsay! 17 | NAPCP

Newsletter Januar y 2012


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Newsletter Januar y 2012

1) Don’t spend too much time looking at a billion different photographers blogs. It leads to too much comparison and can’t stunt your own creativity 2) Be your own kind of creative. It is great to admire and be inspired by other photographers but SO important that you remain YOURSELF. 3) CRUNCH the numbers and don’t undervalue yourself (and the rest of us if you don’t!) 4) Have fun! Sometimes you get so in the routine of doing a session that you forget WHY you do it! I think about my own photos on my walls at home...the memories of my family that surround me and remember that is WHY I do what I do!


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With this book you’ll learn how to use backgrounds that complement your subjects, set up and shoot in-studio, light your images anywhere with straightforward lighting setups and diagrams, pose your subjects in a beautiful but natural way, nail your exposure, and create meaningful family portraits that leave everyone feeling and looking their honest best. 21 | NAPCP

Newsletter Januar y 2012

FEATURED VENDOR STICKY ALBUMS lets you create branded photo-album apps for your clients’ mobile devices. The albums are a great marketing tool: they’re like rep cards or brag books, but they’re always at hand and your clients won’t run out of them. Word-of-mouth referrals are our most valuable currency as prophotographers. Smart Phones and Tablets are the fastest growing consumer products we’ve ever seen, and they’re changing how we live and how we do business. StickyAlbums gives you a way to leverage this mobile revolution into wow-factor referrals.

GIVE AWAY Want to win a $100 gift card? 1) Like both Sticky Album’s and NAPCP’s Facebook pages 2) Leave a comment on the NAPCP Facebook page to let us know you have entered the contest!

Contest ends Thursday, July 19, @ 11:59 pm EST


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Start Submitting Now! NAPCP’s July 2012 International Image Competition opened on Monday! The purpose of NAPCP’s Image Competitions is to recognize the accomplishments and creative excellence of our members, rewarding their talent with medallions, priority listing on our directory, vendor


endorsements, member points, titles and professional recognition. Members each receive a total of 2 Competition Credits per Competition with their Membership. Details are online! They say a picture is worth a thousand words … and yours may be featured in our next press release. For the past two International Im-


age Competitions, the winners announcement highlighted the names of the competition winners and received great exposure – collecting thousands of views, postings to other websites, and search index hits. Wouldn’t you like to see your name and photo sent over the wire too? Members, you can start submitting your best images here!


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Newsletter Januar y 2012

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