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the wonderful Tina Wilson of Tina Wilson Photography

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Hello friends!

We made our list and checked it twice, hung the stockings and trimmed the tree,

and between all of the hustle and bustle, have been working frantically to wrap up those holiday orders! If we feel anything right now, it’s grateful. We are grateful for our clients (who keep us this busy!), thankful for our peers who continue to challenge and inspire us, and thankful for our friends and family who support this path we’ve chosen. We also want to let you know how appreciative we are to have all of you in the NAPCP community. We hope 2013 has been a year of growth, education and imagination - and we’re confident these ties will bind us together even stronger in the new year.

Our last (but definitely not least!) Featured Photographer of 2013 is Tina Wilson. As a

photographer who believes that images allow you to taste life twice, we admire her heart and spirit. Wilson’s enthusiasm for life shines through in her photos of children and their families. She runs her studio in Eastern Tennessee, wears many (many) hats and instills motivation and drive into her spectacular crew every day. We hope you all spend the latter days of the year with your loved ones capturing new and magical moments. We couldn’t have asked for a better 2013, and we’re thrilled about all things to come in 2014!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!


The NAPCP Team

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Newsletter December 2013

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The July 2013 NAPCP International Image Competition winners have just been announced! The purpose of NAPCP’s Image Competitions is to recognize the accomplishments and creative excellence of our members, rewarding their talent with medallions, priority listing on our directory, vendor endorsements, member points, titles and professional recognition. Congratulations again to our July 2013 Image Competition winners!

See the full gallery of winners here! 03 | NAPCP

Newsletter October 2013

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Images by Tina Wilson of Tina Wilson Photography



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ased in East Tennessee, Tina Wilson has been photo-

graphing kids and their families since 2003. Her business has catapulted from a small spare room in her home to a thriving commercial space with a team full of high-experience makers. She considers her greatest accolade to be building a successful business while purposefully being active as a wife to her husband of 11 years and a mom to her 9 year old twins. We are thrilled for Tina to be our December featured photogrpaher!


Newsletter December 2013 | 08

Tell us your story. How you started and how your photography, brand, and business transformed over the last few years? I remember sitting in business class in a local community college 10 years after high school saying to my professor, “I want to be a name brand, I want people to think "Tina Wilson” when they think of having their kids pictures made.” From beginning to end, that’s how I have approached this business. What started out in a little room in my home in 2003 has blossomed into a full service, custom children and family photography boutique with a staff of employees. Our clients are loyal, phenomenal to work with and call us “their photographer”. We have accomplished what we set out to do!

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Newsletter December 2013

Who or what inspires you and your work? How? Connections and relationships. I love sitting down with moms and hearing their hearts for their kids. I love when they smile when they are thinking about what makes their kids special and what makes this timeframe in their lives significant‌. then watching that play out in front of my camera. It’s fleeting moments that are so important to document, natural and beautiful. What is one business lesson you wish you learned a long time ago? One size does NOT fit all and too many options are crippling.


Newsletter December 2013 | 10

What is the best advice you have received regarding photography? The best advice I’ve been given regarding photographing is 1. slow down, wait for my moment, then when it hits, completely exhaust it in camera (work it from every angle) 2. “watch your background” 3. shoot the obvious, then see it differently and shoot it again Who are your favorite vendors? Vision Art, Simply Canvas, WHCC We love your Life, Actually series. Tell us how you've incorporated that package into your product offerings and how that's impacted your studio. We have a financial “sweet spot” that we would love to see every client hit. It’s

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Newsletter December 2013

not realistic that every client will, but the ones that do, we reward them with a Life, Actually. This product was originally designed for 1-5 year olds and is intended to bring the images to life by adding voices and motion. Our clients love being able to have this to share with out of town relatives and friends and family that simply may not get to spend much time with their children. They love the videos now, but they deeply cherish them as time goes on. It’s a relationship builder. How do you balance photography, your beautiful family, and your teaching? Lots of Jesus. :) When my faith doesn’t come first, my priorities get all whacked out and I can’t see what I need to see clearly. Honestly it’s a constant tension. My family is always going to be there, but they aren’t always going to be this age. My kids need me. My husband needs me. When


Newsletter December 2013 | 12

I don’t work the business, it doesn’t grow. I’m a pendulum swinger by my very nature and while that used to frustrate me, I’ve learned to make it work for me. I had a wise lady tell me once, “ just don’t stop swinging….as soon as you stick to one side or the other, everything will crumble”. My goals for my business are very clear, my goals for my family are very clear…the time I want to spend on both of those things is just not humanly possible. I have two mantras that I live by. The first is “Look Ahead….Look Around”, as if to say, I know where I’m trying to get to….is what I’m doing RIGHT NOW feeding that or starving it? And do I see the fruit of the time I’m committing or do I need 15 | NAPCP

Newsletter December 2013

to take a breath, reexamine where my time is being spent and where I’m needed most, then I just swing. The second mantra is “Comparison is the thief of joy.” I found myself striving to be what I saw other people accomplishing and it almost killed me. It’s okay to look around to see what other people ——> other successful photographer people do… but only to a point that it inspires and drives dreams and goals, not leaves me feeling inadequate and desiring more at the expense of something dear to me. These two mantras keep me in check.


Newsletter December 2013 | 16

How has your business changed over the last few years? We celebrated 10 years in business this year. I would love to tell you that we have grown, grown, grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years, but truly, we are seeing a lot of change. We are no longer (as) attractive for the 0-5 year clientele because there are 200 other people (only somewhat exaggerating) within a 30 mile radius that will photograph a 0-5 year old for almost nothing and do not mind to give everything for it. Because this is not a hobby for me, it’s a for profit business, we simply cannot compete with that offer, so we have noticed that our market has really been growing with families with older children. It’s a neat change and we are really enjoying it. It’s a more sophisticated market because our clients are a little older and more settled financially. Also, over the past few years, I’ve started offering in home installations for custom wall concepts and that has opened many other doors and left room

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Newsletter December 2013

to fuse interior design with our photography. We will begin offering those services more formally in January 2014. Where do you see your life 5 years from now? I see us doing photography part time and interior design part time. We will offer interior design services to help women create environments where their families want to run to and where their relationships can deepen and cultivate. This service may eventually lead into opening a home store, but for now we’ll just fuse interiors and photography. To see more of Tina's work, please visit her site here!

Thank you so much Tina! 21 | NAPCP

Newsletter December 2013


We asked Tina to give us a peak into her busy day to day life with a few of her favorite



Instagram captures. Enjoy a behind the scenes look at some of her favorite moments!

WORK SH O PS Start Submitting Now! NAPCP’s July 2012 International Image Competition opened on Monday! The purpose of NAPCP’s Image Competitions is to recognize the accomplishments and creative excellence of our members, rewarding their talent with medallions, priority listing on our directory, vendor endorsements, member points, titles and professional recognition. Members each receive a total of 2 Competition Credits per Competition with their Membership. Details are online! They say a picture is worth a thousand words … and yours may be featured in our next press release. For the past two International Image Competitions, the winners announcement highlighted the names of the competition winners and received great exposure – collecting thousands of views, postings to other websites, and search index hits. Wouldn’t you like to see your name and photo sent over the wire too? Members, you can start submitting your best images here!

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