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Picking A Summer Camp Everybody loves summer camp. Children can make new friends and take part in fun activities, such as hiking, swimming or telling stories. Parents can also enjoy time for themselves. Camps are opportunities for kids of all ages to create fabulous lifelong memories. When looking for a summer camp, here are a few things to keep in mind. Coed or Same-Sex The first aspect to consider is whether you want your child to attend a coed or same-sex camp. There are advantages to both choices. Coed camps allow boys and girls to socialize together, which may concern some parents. But coed camps usually have strict rules and supervision. They separate the boys and the girls for activities and housing. Single sex camps can allow kids to develop confidence and self-esteem. They also eliminate the possibility of distractions and the rigidity of gender stereotypes. Education Many camps focus on educational activities, such as music, drama or science. Think about your child's interests. You may want him to focus on certain activities, especially if he needs additional tutoring. Consider your choices and research your options. It is important to ask your child for his opinion. While it is ultimately your choice, the child will have a better experience if he feels as if he had some power in making the ultimate decision about how he will spend his summer. Special Needs Camps If you are searching for a special needs camp, be cautious about choosing the right camp. Experts and trained personnel should be on hand to help children with health or wellness needs. Talk with the camp director before making a decision. Read reviews on the Internet and speak with parents who have sent their children to the camp. 2 – How to Choose

Also, be sure the facilities are properly equipped and safe before allowing your child to attend the camp. Track Record It is vital that the summer camp has long record of keeping children safe and happy. Also ask your friends, family and neighbors for information about summer camps for kids. Don't base your judgment solely on their opinion, but positivity is a good first step. Once you have collected enough referrals, start looking deeper into what each camp has to offer. Even if you had a fantastic childhood experience at a particular camp, times are different now. The staff and camp counselors have changed. The facilities may have aged substantially. Visit all of the prospective camps before making a final decision. Supervision Supervision varies substantially from camp to camp. Some facilities have plenty of camp counselors on hand to look after the children. At the very least, camps should have enough staff to ensure the safety of all kids. Each state typically has a minimum staff-tostudent ratio. Be sure that the camp complies with these regulations. Also, consider the following questions: Are the

supervisors adults, older teens or a mixture of both? What kind of training and experience do they have? Do they have appropriate licenses and basic medical training? As well, background checks should be performed on everyone who is around children. It is important that you verify that the camp has performed the proper background checks. Long-Term Investment There is a wide range of costs associated with summer camps. If you are on a budget, consider sending your child to a basic day camp. People who can afford more might consider specialized private residential camps. Cost alone should not be a deciding factor. Remember, you are paying for memories and experiences that will last a lifetime. Never, ever risk your child's safety in order to save money. You will have to find a camp that meets your needs as well as those of your child. Your budget should also be a factor. It isn't easy, but finding the best camp for your child is well worth the time and expense you put into it. NAPA VALLEY PUBLISHING CO.

Carry a tune this Summer! Napa School of Music Summer Camps! Rock Camp - Students will write and record an original song and create a music video of that song as well as 2-3 cover songs. Ages 9-17yrs (will be placed in age appropriate groups) and all instruments welcome. $297 Mon-Fri 10am-2pm, June 16-20 or July 14-18. Lunch options available. Beginners Camp is for students new or fairly new to the following instruments: Guitar, Ukulele, Piano/Keyboards, Hand Drums, Violin, Viola & Voice. Campers ages 6-15yrs will learn the basics of the instrument and be able to perform 4-5 songs (will be placed in age appropriate groups). $197 Mon-Fri 10am-2pm, June 9-13, June 23-27, July 7-11 and July 21-25. Lunch options available. Singing Camp is for students who like to SING! No prior experience needed. Campers ages 6-15yrs will learn the basics of how to get the most out of their voice and be able to perform 4-5 songs (will be placed in age appropriate groups). $197 Mon-Fri 10am-2pm, June 9-13, June 23-27, July 7-11 and July 21-25. Lunch options available.

Call 252-4040 to register now. Napa School of Music 4032 Maher Street, Napa NAPA VALLEY PUBLISHING CO.

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How To Choose a Private School Parents send their children to private schools for many reasons, including a preference for a religious education. Ultimately, it is because they want what is best for their children. They believe a private school will help their children succeed. Choosing the right private school seems like a daunting decision. After all, an educational institution can help or hinder your child. The task becomes less daunting when you take the appropriate measures, do research and ask the right questions. The following tips will help you determine the right school for your child. Your first step is evaluating your child's educational goals and needs. Does he have natural gifts you are seeking to nurture? Are there physical or learning disabilities or behavioral issues that should be addressed? Has your child voiced an interest in science, math, sports or music? Ask for referrals from your child's current school, teachers, guidance counselors, family and friends. This should give you a solid beginning. Now, consider what an ideal school would offer. Make a list of these features. Will your child attend a local day school or boarding school? Are there travel or budgetary restrictions? Are extracurricular activities, such as sports, band, art or debate club important? Conduct some research on the Internet for schools that have these features. Most sites will have plenty of information as well as policy summaries. Look at photo galleries and videos. Some sites may even give virtual tours of the facilities. Think about your child's daily commute to school. Are there suitable transportation options? After looking at these considerations, you can now make a "short list" of schools. It will consist of institutions that fit your criteria. Ask your child for his or her opinion about these schools. Talk it over to decide which ones are best. 4 – How to Choose

When the list is complete, it is time to narrow it down even further. Determine entrance requirements and ensure your child meets them before contacting a particular school. Make a list of general questions along with a subset of specific questions for each school. Then start contacting the institutions. If their answers are satisfactory, make an appointment to visit them. While there, inquire about the enrollment paperwork and any testing your child will have to complete. Don’t hesitate to inquire as to financial aid, scholarships and other sources of financial assistance. Check out the atmosphere of the school. Is it relaxed or competitive? Is there structure and discipline, or is it more free-flowing? Most importantly, will your child feel comfortable there? Be aware of how you are treated by the staff members. They will be dealing with your child

throughout the day. Are they friendly, helpful and respectful? Try to meet as many of the staff and teachers as you can. Imagine your family engaging in school activities. Is it easy to picture your child spending them there? If your child accompanies you to these appointments, ask him or her about the school. Children often have special insights and reactions to environments. It is a good idea to ask for a shadow day, where the student and/or parents spend all or part of a day in the classroom—this really helps determine if the school culture is what you are seeking. After all tours are complete, review your findings. You should be able to start eliminating schools. With diligence and forethought, you should be able to apply to the school of your choice and have your child happily accepted. NAPA VALLEY PUBLISHING CO.

Classical Catholic Education in the Heart of the Napa Valley Kolbe Academy & Trinity Prep A Catholic School for Grades Pre-K - 12 Traditional Catholic education

Public speaking, Latin, Spanish, Logic, Rhetoric

A safe haven for your children

Small classes for more individualized instruction

Based on the classical liberal arts and the greatest works of Western Civilization

Six CIF-sanctioned high school sports

2055 Redwood Rd., Napa, CA 94558 • (707) 258-9030 • NAPA VALLEY PUBLISHING CO.

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How to Choose the Best Hearing Care Professional If you or a loved one has experienced hearing loss, you are not alone. More than 38 million Americans have some form of hearing impairment. Many people don’t realize they have a problem. On average, it takes seven years before someone seeks help after first noticing a problem. The good news is that hearing loss is not difficult to treat. The first step is to make an appointment with an audiology office in your area. A clinical audiologist can diagnose your particular hearing impairment and determine whether or not medical follow-up is necessary. If the problem is simply ear wax blockage, audiologists are trained and skilled in ear wax removal. Audiologists are health-care professionals who evaluate, diagnose, treat and manage hearing loss, tinnitus, and balance disorders. Today’s requirement to become an audiologist is a doctorate level degree, and audiologists are regulated by the Division of Consumer Affairs. Since it is important to diagnose your hearing loss, the best “choice” is to have your hearing tested by a licensed clinical audiologist. This is true because everyone’s hearing loss is unique and the location of the problem may be different from individual to individual. For instance, a patient may believe he or she has hearing loss due to the natural aging process, but may find after being diagnostically tested that the problem is really that the middle-ear bones are stiff, a common pathology called otosclerosis. This is just one example of a hearing loss that is detected through differential diagnostics performed only by audiologists. The point is, if the hearing loss is identified correctly, treatment can be prescribed or recommended. A hearing instrument cannot be properly programmed without knowing the type of hearing loss you have. Audiologists work closely with other health-care professionals such as Ear, Nose & Throat doctors who perform medical / surgical intervention for ear related problems that cause hearing loss and more. Research which professional will accept your insurance. Consult your friends and family who have experienced hearing loss. Perhaps they have seen an audiologist in your area. They may give you an honest assessment about the quality of service and demeanor of the staff. 6 – How to Choose

Before making an appointment, consider your goals. You might want a complete hearing evaluation. Perhaps you need a fitting for a new hearing aid or a replacement. Or maybe you need more information about ear care and preventing hearing loss. When you call to make your appointment, ask these important questions: Does your office and audiologist perform “Best Practices?” Does your audiologist perform “Real Ear” measurements? Facilities that provide “Best Practices” are the professional standard in hearing care. Those offices investigate the auditory system by performing thorough case history and hearing diagnostics to accurately identify your particular hearing or ear related problem. The professionalism also continues through a series of appointments to help and educate the patient in order to reach the most successful outcomes. Most of these offices that provide “Best Practices” bundle their professional services in with the cost of the hearing instruments. They also use premium technology through good reputable hearing instrument manufacturers. Today’s hearing technology is amazing, cosmetic and very automatic. It makes the treatment of hearing loss easy to have technology using digital signal processing coupled with various wireless capabilities and solutions. Offices that provide “Best Practices” use “Real Ear” probe microphone measurements to ensure your

hearing loss is fit with amplification that is prescriptive. Programming a hearing aid on a computer “Does Not” mean that the hearing aid is fit appropriately. It is usually impossible to resolve an issue with one appointment. You will likely need follow up visits for tests, consultations and fittings, if necessary. If you have experienced hearing loss, then your relationship with your audiologist should be ongoing. Make sure you are comfortable with this person. If not, keep looking; you will need to have a rapport with this doctor. Furthermore, it is never too early to have a child’s ears checked by a qualified practitioner. Children who have a hard time hearing will have a difficult time in school until you resolve the matter. Likewise, consider having your hearing checked. There is no shame in getting help for hearing impairment. These problems do not go away by themselves. Visiting an audiologist can improve the quality of your life. Remember to be cautious when considering to purchase your hearing instruments just anywhere, as there are and will continue to be various advertisements offering large discounted prices. It is important to know that your success with hearing aids is mostly due to the knowledge and skill set of the hearing health-care professional you choose to work with. Contact your local audiologist today! NAPA VALLEY PUBLISHING CO.


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Methods for Choosing the Right Dentist Choosing the right dentist will go a long way toward helping you maintain your health and appearance. Whether you need a routine cleaning or a complex dental procedure, finding the right dentist will save you time and money. No one wants to have a root canal redone because of shoddy work. It is vital that you find a dentist who makes you feel comfortable, someone who will help you improve your dental health in a hygienic environment. Finding a dentist near your home or workplace will help you make your appointments on time. As well, their office hours should accommodate your schedule. So how should you start your search? First off, ask your social network for recommendations. Friends, family and colleagues can be a great resource. Searching on the Internet for dental offices in your area will also help. Professionals often have their own websites, which include the backgrounds of those working there. The website may also tell you about how they handle procedures and appointments, as well as specialized services they offer. Once you have gathered a list, begin calling each prospective dentist. You can talk to a receptionist or other staff person if the dentist is unavailable. Check that he or she has earned the necessary degree from a reputable school and are current on all licensing and continuing educational requirements. Ideally, he will be familiar with the latest dental technologies and trends. Ask if the dental office provides emergency services. If you break a tooth or need to have a root canal done right away, it is vital to find an available dentist. Lead time for appointments is another consideration. Some offices might be able to see you right away, while others may have a three-week wait time. 8 – How to Choose

Your prospective dentist should accept your dental insurance. If not, you may need to cross that person off your list. If you have no dental insurance, inquire about payment plans. The office should give you an estimate before performing any work. When someone meets all of your requirements, visit the office. The staff should be professional and friendly. Every dentist should be willing to answer all of your questions. Some people are afraid of dentists or pain. If you have any concerns, communicate with the staff and dentist. Many professionals are willing to go above and beyond to help you work through these issues.

A basic oral health history should be taken by the dentist or staff. They should tell you about future treatment and prevention options. A quality dentist will help you feel comfortable during your visit. If you experience anything less, cross that person off your list. The best dentists offer friendly, happy dental experiences. Teeth are extremely important to your overall health. They can also help or hinder your appearance. Finding a good dentist is like finding a friend who consistently brings out your best smile. NAPA VALLEY PUBLISHING CO.

Napa Valley Dentistry is committed to providing state of the art dental services in a caring, honest, and gentle manner. Our goal is to improve the quality of your overall health. We recognize that each individual has their own unique needs and dental goals. We look forward to getting to know you and helping you reach optimal dental health. Preventative Dentistry is our proactive approach to your dental health. A few simple homecare practices, paired with regular visits will help maintain optimal oral health.

3260 Beard Road #2, Napa, CA 94559 phone: 707-255-2832 email:

Dr. Justin Newberry, DDS provides general dental care for individuals and families in Napa County and surrounding areas and is committed to making a positive impact in the overall health of his patients.


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Selecting the Best Retirement Community for Your Needs These days, more Americans are remaining active into their retirement years. They are searching for communities that match their lifestyles and goals for relaxed living. If you are in the market for a retirement community, there are plenty of things to consider. This retirement community will hopefully become your home. It is important to choose a vibrant place, with plenty of parking and recreational activities. Here are some aspects to consider before making a financial commitment to a living facility. Community Activities and Parking Many senior citizens want to keep their energy levels up during their retirement years. They are more health conscious and see how an active lifestyle leads to a long life. Many seniors enjoy golf, tennis, swimming and walking. Any prospective retirement community should have easy access to such activities. Other seniors enjoy arts and crafts, board games, dancing and organized activities. Taking part in a social events can provide opportunities to make new friends. Research what kinds of social events are organized within the retirement community. Also, find out if the community has ample opportunities for residents to travel to theaters, museums or shopping malls together. Parking is another important factor when choosing a retirement community. Most people enjoy having family and friends visit, so parking is a necessity. When parking is tight, visitors will be less likely to come. Do not overlook its importance. Medical Care Facilities Retirement communities should be easily accessible to emergency personnel. Know the location of the closest hospitals, doctors, ambulance services and other personnel. You may wish to restrict your search to communities located near your preferred physician or other service providers. 10 – How to Choose

Any prospective community should have a formal emergency plan in place. In addition, check to see if the retirement unit has custom safety features, such as railings in the bathrooms and entranceways. Pet Policies Pet policies are another feature to consider when investigating potential retirement communities. Some facilities will allow you to bring your pet to live with you while others will not. So if you have a pet you don’t want to leave behind, you may be able to bring it with you. Many communities now recognize the health benefits of having pets. Additionally, a park or nearby dog walking area will benefit you and your animal companion, particularly if your pet requires daily exercise. Taking a walk each day will benefit both of you. Churches, Libraries and Schools Consider how close the community is to schools, sports facilities, and other sites that produce a large amount of traffic volumes and noise levels. Many people prefer to live in less congested, quiet areas

during their latter years. Also, think about where the nearest libraries and churches are located, as well as public transportation. Ask whether the community provides its own transportation for residents. Some facilities have their own fleet of minivans and buses. It is extremely helpful for seniors who no longer drive and need to do some routine personal shopping. The Community Current residents will give you a feel for their level of satisfaction with the community. Talk to them about their experiences and seek candid reviews of the amenities and staff. After all, it is important you feel confident that you have selected a retirement community that fits your personal needs and lifestyles. By taking the time to research multiple facilities, you will undoubtedly find a warm, welcoming facility. You will be able to build lasting friendships and gain the support you need to have fun during your retirement. NAPA VALLEY PUBLISHING CO.


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Tips for Selecting the Right Mortgage Lender

In today’s lending environment a buyer should meet with a lender in advance of searching for a home or making any offers But finding the right mortgage lender can be time-consuming. The key is to take as much time as necessary to do things properly. You must also make sure you are dealing with quality lenders. Lenders with excellent customer service can make things go smoothly. But if your lender is only concerned with her bottom line or making extra money on selling loan products, use caution. The best mortgage professionals are knowledgeable about their loan products. They are willing to spend 12 – How to Choose

as much time as possible to explain them to you. They take pride in guiding you through what could be a confusing process. They keep your best interests and financial priorities in mind. Do some advance research on your loan options prior to meeting a mortgage professional. It will help you determine whether she is truly concerned about your needs. Basic knowledge about the financing process will help you make a sound assessment about a mortgage lender’s skills and abilities. COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR LENDER The best mortgage lenders will focus on understanding your long-range financial goals. They will ask you how long you intend to remain in this new home. Your answers will help her find the best mortgage products to suit your needs. It is a red flag if a lender fails to ask you this type of question.

SEEK LOCAL LENDERS Seeking out a mortgage lender in your community is the best option. Interest rates vary on a daily basis. A local lender will know the rapid changes happening in the community’s housing market. They will understand how these changes may affect you. Local lenders can monitor your loan application closely, as she will be more accessible to answer any questions you may have. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF PERSONAL REFERRALS Ask your friends and family about their experience with mortgage lenders. They may be comfortable recommending the same professionals they used for their home loans. Word-of-mouth is often the best way to identify quality professionals in your area. Once you have a list of possibilities, verify their backgrounds so you can be confident in their ability to help you. NAPA VALLEY PUBLISHING CO.

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Ark-La-Tex Financial Services, LLC; NMLS:# 2143. All loan programs may not be available to all applicants. Applicants must meet loan program requirements to qualify.


How to Choose – 13

How to Choose an Orthodontist An orthodontist can help you gain confidence, health and happiness. Many men and women feel ashamed of their teeth, but few people are born with a perfect smile. By using modern technology, these trained professionals can make any mouth look amazing. A good orthodontist will provide a customized treatment delivered with compassion and care. Orthodontists receive similar education and training, but not all are gifted practitioners. Recommendations from people in your social network will give you good leads. SERVICE Because treatment takes time, you should develop a good rapport with your orthodontist. You will also experience some physical discomfort while receiving treatment. That is expected. It is how this professional treats you, and the environment around you that will make a difference. The waiting area should be comforting and soothing. Focus on how the staff treats you and others. Children are the most common type of patient for orthodontists. Watch their reactions closely. If they seem relaxed and comfortable, then you might be in the right place. Look for an orthodontist who knows the value of time. You should not have to wait a long time in the waiting room. Quality orthodontists use an advanced process (Indirect Bonding) to put your braces on. Having custom braces placed precisely on your teeth allows faster treatment and better results. You also need someone who can communicate clearly. Listening to questions and answering them clearly is part of their job. You are not just any patient. High quality orthodontists see you as a valued client and treat you as such. Dental assistants are part of the treatment team, so it is wise to form good relationships with them. They will contribute during the phases of treatment and have undergone rigorous training. These professionals will help you during the process. TECHNOLOGY Ask each prospective orthodontist about the technologies he uses. There are several systems, 14 – How to Choose

each quite different from the other. Some methods require more adjustments, and some take longer to do the job. Each professional should explain the tradeoffs between one system and another. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Have him explain why he prefers one over the other. Innovations are always happening in the field of orthodontics. One popular option for braces is the SmartClip system. It doesn’t use elastic or metal ties. It is a safe, comfortable and discreet choice that is also healthy. It doesn’t attract plaque like older-style braces. CLEAR BRACES Clear braces are a very common choice for people who care about their appearance. Adults, professionals and others can receive treatment without having it hinder their appearance. Invisible

braces aren’t right for everybody. Clear braces are the next best thing. They work better for people than do clear aligners, a slower straightening technique. If you are interested in clear braces, ask your orthodontist why he or he uses a particular type. It will guide your choice in which system you choose. Orthodontists will also have suggestions on which braces will work best for your situation. This treatment is a significant investment, but you don’t have to feel miserable while receiving it. The right mix of education, certification, experience and personality should make all the work worthwhile in the end. LINGUAL BRACES Lingual braces (on the tongue side of your teeth) are a precise invisible type of braces also. NAPA VALLEY PUBLISHING CO.

MOVING BEYOND METAL BRACES Napa Valley Orthodontics is constantly looking for the newest and most advanced braces to deliver better results, better esthetics and more comfort to our patients. We are excited to offer CLEAR Braces for all of our patients including children, teens and adults.

LINGUAL (HIDDEN) BRACES The word lingual refers to the tooth surface next to your tongue, and that’s where lingual braces are placed. So no one will ever know you are wearing braces - unless you tell them!

INVISALIGN 3303 Villa Ln I Napa 94558 CA I USA 707-254-0404 NAPA VALLEY PUBLISHING CO.

Invisalign® takes a modern approach to straightening teeth, using a custommade series of virtually invisable aligners created for you and only you. How to Choose – 15

How to Choose a Cancer Treatment Center Cancer is one of the most wideranging and complex diseases. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, it might be hard to decipher all of the treatment options. Patients will need expert-level care and lots of support. Choosing a place to receive treatment may seem overwhelming. If you need the services of a cancer treatment center, here are a few things to consider. DOCTOR Following the advice of a doctor is one of the most important steps in treating cancer. First choose who will do the treatment. A qualified specialist will guide you through the process, answering questions patiently and accurately. It is vital that you feel comfortable with your doctor as he or she will be the driving force behind your treatment. Oftentimes, patients select doctors based on the type of cancer they have been diagnosed with. Receiving treatment at the center where your specialist practices will be to your advantage. Your doctor will have working relationships with other staff people who will assist you during your recovery process. Insurance coverage is another consideration. Review your policy to verify that your doctor and cancer treatment center are covered by your insurance. Understand the deductibles, co-pays and coverage limits that are already in place. This information will also assist you in the decision-making process. If you are uninsured or under insured, contact the cancer center to gather information on their billing policies and any assistance they may have access to for you. LOCATION It is usually best to find a cancer treatment center close to your home. Treatment may involve lengthy and repetitive chemotherapy or radiation treatments or even surgery, so traveling for long periods of time will exhaust your bank account and body. Sometimes, people believe that big cancer facilities in large cities will offer better treatment, 16 – How to Choose

but that is not always the case. Depending on your diagnosis and recommended treatment, you may be able to find comparable treatment close to home. Also, living in an area like the San Francisco Bay Area, many university medical centers are within driving distance if more specialized care is needed after the initial consultation and treatment process. It may also be important to have your cancer treatment center in proximity to a hospital as most cancers and treatments require frequent diagnostic testing and even hospitalization. RECOMMENDATIONS Cancer affects many people. Fortunately, this means that it will be easy to find first-person recommendations about the best treatment centers. Ask your network of friends and family who have faced a cancer diagnosis – or supported loved ones through the process. They may have wise advice and detailed impressions about the cancer treatment centers they used. You will be able to get an idea about what to expect and the quality of care you will receive. SUPPORT SERVICES Many cancer treatment centers offer plenty of

support services for their patients. Connecting you with nonprofit groups and community health resources – such as the Cancer Support Network – will inspire you on the road to recovery. Centers will also set up counseling sessions for caregivers and people going through similar situations. This help goes beyond medicine for the body. It will assist you emotionally and mentally. Most cancer patients and loved ones find these services invaluable. Even more important can be having a network of family, friends, and other physical and emotional support. SPECIALTY TREATMENTS Finally, some cancer treatment centers offer specialized care. Many centers are on the leading edge of medical research. Depending on your diagnosis and doctor’s recommendation, you may be a candidate for clinical trials or experimental treatments. Ask your doctor what trials or treatments might be effective for your particular type of cancer. If necessary, you can allow this information to guide your decision. NAPA VALLEY PUBLISHING CO.

With over 20 years of combined experience, our Board Certified physicians will provide you with the highest quality of care and compassion. We will walk with you every step of the way through your journey. We partner with leading organizations and clinical trials are readily available. Most insurances are accepted. Please call us today for an appointment.

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How to Choose a Medical Equipment Provider People with long-term or chronic illness find that medical equipment can improve their comfort and quality of life. Your doctor can prescribe the type of device or equipment you need. Follow the correct guidelines, and then choose a company in your area who has the equipment and supplies that best meet your needs. RESPIRATION EXPERTISE People with respiratory problems should look for a medical equipment provider whose staff has training and expertise with CPAP machines and supplies, bottled oxygen and other equipment. A certified respiratory therapist or Registered Nurse on staff can guide you on how to use the equipment safely and effectively. Choose a company that delivers the correct supplies at the right time and that employs skilled and compassionate people. PERSONAL SERVICE Locally-based providers are always best. You are likely to receive personalized service. They can also respond quickly in case of trouble. Equipment fails and supplies run out. When your provider is in your community, you can usually reach someone right away. A local provider can send someone quickly. Larger companies may stock supplies a few hundred miles away. That means you may have to wait days for a technician or urgently needed supplies to arrive. GOVERNMENT BILLING Medicare and Medi-Cal often cover medical equipment and supplies. Choose a provider who is experienced in handling patient billing for these plans. Government regulations and documentation are often complicated. There are deadlines to meet and rules to follow. The equipment provider may be able to bill Medicare or Medicaid directly, which lessens the deductible you will have to pay. It also speeds up the entire billing process. MOBILITY EXPERTISE When you are dealing with mobility issues, look for a provider with experience in mobility aids. They should offer you a wide range of walkers, scooters and wheelchairs. While you may only need a simple cane now, you NAPA VALLEY PUBLISHING CO.

might need more advanced aids in the future. Creating a good working relationship with a medical equipment provider will help you as your needs change over time. OTHER SUPPLIES Medical needs change over time. Be sure to choose a company that carries a wide array of medical supplies. In the future, you might need ostomy supplies; diabetic shoes, hosiery and supplies; home oxygen; CPAP machines and supplies and other types of treatment and monitoring equipment. Choose a medical equipment provider who becomes familiar with your needs over the years and who can develop a sense of you as a person. Speak with your doctor and staff about good companies in your area. Their recommendations will help you find the right company for your needs. A good track record of customer service, the ability to handle Medicare and Medi-Cal billing, and trained staff should be the factors to guide you in your search for an excellent medical equipment provider. How to Choose – 19

What to look for in an Assisted Living Center As people age, they often need extra care. Others may be facing a debilitating illness. The care required can be far more than friends or family can give. Many Elders find ongoing home maintenance difficult to perform or home ownership often becomes unenjoyable with ongoing maintenance and upkeep. Assisted living centers are popular options for people who need frequent assistance with medication management or activities of daily living. They are also popular housing options for Elders who want to be free from the demands of home ownership. In the past, long-term care could only be handled by a nursing home. Living in a hospital setting for an extended time was not a pleasant environment. Assisted living homes help residents to live an active lifestyle. They can live in a comfortable, cost-effective setting that has many conveniences. If you are searching for an assisted living home for yourself or a loved one, here are some factors to consider. Take a Tour to See Your Options, First Hand The information age we live in allows us to be efficient with our time, and online research is a very important first step in your discovery process. Keep in mind, while you are conducting your online research, most reviews will be from very unsatisfied customers. Take those reviews with a grain of salt and give facilities the benefit of the doubt before writing them off of your list if they have one or two poor reviews. Most satisfied customers do not take the time to write reviews, so online reviews can be very one sided. Nothing can substitute walking into a building to get a real feel for an assisted living community. While touring of the different facilities, try to speak with current residents about their home and consider these aspects of each community and how they relate to the prospective resident: Garden and Landscaping It’s a little known fact that the landscaping of an assisted living center will give you a good indication about the quality of the facility. Proper maintenance of the lawn and gardens is a good sign. If the prospective resident enjoys spending time in nature, look for a facility that has park-like areas. Some centers have community-style gardens and walkways for residents. 20 – How to Choose

Home Amenities Accommodations at these centers can range from luxurious, detached cottages to semi-private rooms. Look at the amenities and consider how they meet your budget and preferences. As you visit the facilities, try to personalize each space. Imagine how your loved one’s belongings might fit into the area and where decorations will be placed. If you can picture how the furniture and other items will fit, then you might have found the right space. Recreation Facilities Game and meeting areas can help the resident make new friends. Leaving the confines of their units is an important part of recovery. Make sure the center offers activities and space to enrich your loved one’s life. Quality facilities will have activities that match his or her hobbies. If your family member enjoys crafts, then look for a center with a designated craft area or classes for your loved one to enjoy. Ask the center how they add additional activities to gauge their flexibility to try new things to meet Elder’s needs. Personal Care Ask your loved one’s personal physician how

much care is required to function safely. The doctor may even be able to guide you toward an appropriate facility. Be sure to seek advice on what qualifications and certifications you need to look for in the center’s staff . If you monitor the medical care, you can avoid paying for extensive services that your loved one may not need. Understand the care the person requires will help you find a home that is a good fit. Location, Location, Location Location is an important factor to consider. If your loved one is still very active and involved in their community, the last thing you want to do is uproot them from the comfort of their support network. The Big Picture Choosing an assisted living facility is about finding the right combination of supervision, care assistance and amenities in a comfortable environment that fits your loved one’s personality and preferences, while also balancing budgets. With research, thought, and prayer, you will find the perfect place for your loved one to spend this season of their life. NAPA VALLEY PUBLISHING CO.

PINER’S SKILLED NURSING & ASSISTED LIVING Dedicated to excellence in long term care, physical rehabilitation and assisted living. We offer 24hour licensed care with complete rehabilitation services including physical, occupational and speech therapy. Our small size allows for more personalized care!

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An Eden Alternative Home ( • Rehabilitation Center • 24-Hour Person-Centered Care • Private or Semi-Private Rooms • Insurance Accepted Complete Therapy Services • Restaurant-Quality Cuisine Warm, Exceptionally Friendly Staff • Pet Friendly


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How to Choose – 21

How to Choose a Well-Trained, Qualified Urologist Urology is the branch of medicine that focuses on the surgical and medical diseases of the male and female urinary tract system and the male reproductive organs. The organs under the domain of urology include the kidneys, adrenal glands, ureters, urinary bladder, urethra, and the male reproductive organs. Typically Urologists have clinics where they see patients for minor procedures, follow-ups and general urologic care. They also provide operative care for kidney, bladder, prostate, & testicular cancers, therapies for erectile dysfunction, female pelvic floor reconstruction, incontinence and kidney stone therapies. Urologic surgeons undergo rigorous post-graduate surgical training for a minimum duration of 5-6 years. Upon successful completion of a residency program, some urologists choose to undergo further advanced training in a sub-specialty area through a fellowship. When you are searching for a urologist, you want to make sure you find not only a great doctor but also someone you are very comfortable with, given the sensitive nature of the conditions a urologist generally treats. Step One: Determining What You Need From A Urologist; Location; and Insurance 1. Consider what your urologic needs are. 8 main areas of urology include: Pediatric urology; Urologic oncology (cancer); Kidney transplants; Male infertility; Urinary tract/kidney stones; Female urology; Neurology; Erectile dysfunction. 2. Are you willing to travel for what you think might be better treatment? If the urologist you want to see is located more than 30 miles away, consider the convenience factor (mileage, fuel, parking, accessibility to the urologist and whether urologic care will involve frequent visits to your urologist). These obvious considerations are often overlooked 22 – How to Choose

by patients who choose to go to university settings located away from their current town of residence. 3. Further consider whether you want your full urologic treatment and follow-up care to be with a urologist with some degree of practice or possibly be treated by various urologic residents in training and urologic academicians at academic centers. 4. Does your urologist have to be covered by your health insurance? If so, find out whether you need to select a doctor from a pre-screened list, or if you can visit any urologist that accepts your plan. Step Two: Ask for Referrals 1. Check with other physicians, particularly with your primary care doctor. They will likely have recommendations for solid, quality care or provide you with a referral. 2. Inquire with close friends or family members whom they have used. They may provide you with a reference. Step Three: Look Further into Your Final Candidates Once you have a short list of potential doctors, do some additional research. 1. Make sure that the physician is properly licensed through your state medical board and the American Board of Urology. Your state’s medical board will have names of urologists in your area. They will be able to confirm a professional’s credentials. 2. Another resource is the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). This organization can tell you if the urologist is board certified. They have a website ( for

patients to search for local specialists. 3. How technologically up to date is the urologist? Does he advertise and does he have a website where you can learn more about him? Is he trained in da Vinci and other procedures such as laser treatments? 4. Searching online will also help. Reviews from other patients can help guide your decisions. Though you should be aware that anonymous reviews can be faked and rarely tell an entire story. Unstable and/or disgruntled patients with addictions can write malicious reviews and it is helpful to see your local urologist and determine how you personally feel and if you are at ease. Step Four: Final Considerations 1. Experience the Practice for yourself. Take note of how the office staff treats you. Are they polite? Do they contact you promptly and make you feel comfortable? Is the office serene and comfortable? 2. The location of the office is a very important factor. Will you be continuing treatment? If you need to go back for follow-ups, you will want an office that is convenient. Check the office hours to make sure they will fit with your schedule. 3. Your potential urologist should be able to answer many of your questions. Is there a good balance of explaining complex medical problems, good communication coupled with a good bedside manner? If a doctor possesses a healthy sense of humor and gentle compassionate nature, it can go a long way in easing a patient’s fear, stress and/or confusion. NAPA VALLEY PUBLISHING CO.

Dr. James G. Hendricks

James G. Hendricks, M.D. EDUCATION Occidental College – BS, Pre-Med College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University – School of Medicine - MD TRAINING Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, New York, NY – Surgery Internship Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, New York, NY – Urologic Residency

LICENSURE American Board of Urology – Board Certified

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Mission: Napa Valley Urology Associates provides state-of-the-art, compassionate medical & surgical care for patients with urologic issues and diseases. Our doctors deliver the highest quality, comprehensive urologic care with a resolute commitment to achieving the best outcomes. We are committed to individualized care that offers dignity and respect with a genuine concern for comfort & privacy. Conditions Seen in NVUA’s General Urology Clinic • Bening Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) • Bladder, Prostate, Kidney & Testicular Cancers • Bladder Dysfunction & Incontinence • General Diseases of the adult male genitourinary tract • Stone Disease • Prostatitis NVUA Offers a Men’s Urology Clinic • Treatment Options for Male Impotence, Infertility or Sexual/Erectile Dysfunction Specialties • Comprehensive Urologic Care • Robotic & Laparoscopic Surgery • Laser Prostate Therapy • Minimally Invasive Kidney Stone Therapy • Minimally Invasive Surgery for Male & Female Incontinence • Vasectomy & Vasectomy Reversal • Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction • Cryosurgery for Kidney & Prostate Cancer • Pelvic Floor Reconstruction • Neuromodulation Therapy for Incontinence

Herkanwal S. Khaira, M.D. EDUCATION University of California, Berkeley, CA – BA, History & Pre-Med University of Southern California, CA – Keck School of Medicine – MD TRAINING University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI – Surgery Internship University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI – Urology Residency The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Victoria, Australia – Robotic and Laparoscopic Oncology Fellowship LICENSURE American Board of Urology – Board Certified

Website: Facebook: Office Hours: Mon. - Thur. 9am-12:30pm; 2pm-5pm Fri 9am-12pm How to Choose – 23

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t h m d

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f w

t y r i h a

a t Y 24 – How to Choose


How to Choose a Funeral Home

Making funeral arrangements can be hard. Dealing with the death of a loved one is a challenge.

That's why it is better to think ahead so you can have a clear mind while making these difficult decisions. Most people don't have much experience with planning funerals. When the time comes to visit a funeral home, they find prices vary dramatically. Indeed, funerals can be costly. Planning before your time of grief will help you make wise decisions under difficult circumstances. Here are some things to consider when you must select a funeral home. The first step is to find out if the deceased has made any funeral arrangements and whether these plans need to be changed. Sometimes weather may be an issue or other factors may get in the way of what has already been planned. If no arrangements were made, ask family and friends to see if the deceased made any specific wishes. If possible, respect those wishes. If pre-arrangements with a local company exist, then contact that company. Arrangements bought years ago may not cover the cost of the funeral or represent the latest wishes of the deceased. If you are in this situation, look around to see if another funeral home has a better arrangement, or make adjustments as necessary. To find the right funeral home, ask family, friends and pastors for a recommendation. It is a good way to focus on funeral homes with excellent reputations. You might also consider your own experiences at NAPA VALLEY PUBLISHING CO.

funeral homes in your city. If you cannot get referrals, look on the Internet. Select three or four funeral homes that might fit your needs. Visit each one with a close friend or relative. Budget is a major concern for most people. Inquire about basic fees. Ask about services the funeral home may offer and if payment arrangements can be made. Ask questions and take notes. Staff members should be patient with you. It is important to get written estimates for everything. Ask about hours for viewing, in-house versus off-site services, cremation services, additional fees and special requests. The Federal Trade Commission mandates that funeral homes must provide customers with a price list. If you believe the casket prices are too high at one funeral home, you can purchase the casket elsewhere without being subjected to additional charges. Do not decide on a funeral home right away. Think about it for a bit. The decision should be made with clarity, free from emotion. After deciding on a funeral home and type of

service, documentation is the next step. The funeral director can help you with the required forms and permits. You should have a copy of the death certificates and make the actual burial or cremation arrangements. When other relatives or friends are involved, it is best to find a funeral home that fits your family's needs. Talk with them honestly and compare notes. Don't allow yourself to be pressured into additional services you don't need or can't afford. Stay within your budget. Talk to the funeral home and tell them who in the deceased's family is authorized to make decisions. Be very detailed about your expectations and what kind of arrangements you want. Tell them if something is not being done according to your intentions. Good funeral homes will guide you through the process to ensure that the funeral runs smoothly for everyone. In your time of grief and hardship, preplanning can give you a small measure of comfort and peace. How to Choose – 25

How to Choose an Auto Body Shop Anyone who has experienced a car accident knows that it can be a calamitous event. Once you have dealt with any resulting health issues, you will have to contend with damage to your automobile. Whether your car has experienced significant damage or simply a scratch, it is vital to find an auto body shop that is trustworthy and dependable. Even the smallest accident can throw your schedule into disarray. A good auto body shop will ensure that your car, truck, SUV or minivan is repaired quickly, affordably and correctly. The shop you choose should be able to complete all manner of work, from a minor touch-up to a fullbody repair. Your friends, family and colleagues might have recommendations. After all, auto body shops are a necessary part of life for most people. Once you have a list of names, research each shop on the Internet and read customer reviews. Testimonials, negative and positive, should be considered. But keep in mind that no business has a 100 percent satisfaction rate. Someone will always be displeased. Also, more people are likely to leave a negative rather than a positive comment. If your social network doesn’t have good recommendations, consult the Yellow Pages, advertising supplements or the Internet. Once you have created a list of shops, contact them on the phone. Describe the problem and listen for the response. 26 – How to Choose

If the person seems knowledgeable and friendly, keep that shop on the list. However, if the person seems rushed and uninterested, it can mean the shop is very busy. It might also have poor customer service. Eliminate them from your list. When you have chosen an auto body shop, visit their store. Check for prices, certifications guarantees. Understand that you will often get what you pay for when it comes to auto body work. Low prices may be tempting, but they typically mean sub-par work, used parts and paint incorrectly applied. Feel free to ask the manager or owner for references before they work on your car. They should have previous satisfied customers with whom you can contact. You can also check their previous work. When you see a car with paint drips, panels that are misaligned or paints that don’t match, look elsewhere. You will

not save money if you need to have the improper work redone. The shop should inspect your vehicle for repairs that are not readily visible. Quality auto body shops should be able to complete an entire job on site. Our cars, trucks, SUVs and minivans get us to work on time, back and forth to school and transport our families to and from their destinations. Choosing a great auto body shop is important for yourself and your family. The right auto body shop will have superior customer service, great prices and excellent quality of work. NAPA VALLEY PUBLISHING CO.



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How to Choose a Tire How to Choose an Shop Auto Repair Shop Every car requires repairs or service at some point.

Tires are an essential component of your automobile. They can make a big difference in your riding experience and affect a car's steering and balance. Tires can ensure a smooth, safe drive. Finding a great tire shop is important to any automobile owner. 28 – How to Choose

Choose Your Budget Cost should play a role in your decision-making process. Figure out what you can afford to pay for tires. It will stop you from wasting time at expensive shops. Hopefully, you will only need to buy tires once a year, depending on how much you drive your car. Choose Type of Tires When selecting tires, consider the climate you live in. If it is dry and warm, then a standard tire will be fine. But if you live in a place that gets a lot of snow, then you will want a better grade of tires. High performances tires are good for driving at high speeds. If you commute a long distance, be sure to choose highmileage tires.

Choose an Outlet There are a variety of ways you can purchase tires. They are available through national chains or a local auto shop. Local shops will likely be more inexpensive, and you might get more personalized service. Ultimately, your choice should fit your priorities and budget. Check out the Shops When you visit a shop, look at their products and meet their employees. You should feel as though the salespeople are trustworthy and knowledgeable. Once you find a good tire shop, you will likely return again for other products. It is important that you develop a good working relationship.

It doesn't matter whether the car is new or used. It may need tires, oil changes or new brakes. Having a good relationship with a highquality auto repair shop will save you time and hassle when your vehicle needs an immediate repair. If you are unsure about a particular shop, take your car in for a regular tune-up and maintenance. Since your car needs preventive maintenance anyway, take it to get an oil change or air conditioning check. It is a good way to see if the shop will offer you great customer service. Here are some other things to keep in mind when looking for an auto repair shop: • Most people choose an auto repair shop based on a referral from friends, family or coworkers. • The Better Business Bureau can inform you about the repair shop's performance and reliability. • People who travel often usually work with shops that offer a

national warranty. • Ask about the shop's range of services. They will need the latest technology to diagnose problems with newer cars. Do they provide a loaner, rental car, or shuttle service while your car is being repaired? • Inquire about their customer satisfaction policy. Look around the shop. Is the equipment in good condition? Is it clean, well-lit and organized? • Look for brand names and proper certification. Does the auto repair shop use brand-name parts? These parts are engineered to meet the manufacturer's specifications and will likely come with a warranty. • Are the auto technicians

certified by a specific car manufacturer, the National Institute for Automotive Services or Automotive Science Excellence? Is the shop approved by the American Automobile Association? If so, this indicates a customer approval rating of 90 percent or higher and the ability to adequately perform the services advertised. Don't pick a shop based on cost; poor repair work will mean higher costs in the long run. Once you have found a shop you trust, establish a good working relationship with your mechanic. When you have great communication, getting repair work completed will be less painful.





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*According to Jay How to Choose – 29

How to Choose Kitchen and Bath Design When you need to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, there is no need to feel overwhelmed. Focus on three key factors. The design should be functional, attractive and within your budget. While you might be able to do almost all the work yourself, you may have to hire a professional for some aspects. Don't be afraid of getting expert advice if you have questions. It is always better to do it right the first time. Function Your first step is to consider the function of the room. What exactly will you be doing in this room? Do you eat in your kitchen, or in a dining room? Some people get dressed in their bathroom, while others put on clothing in their bedrooms. Make a list of all the activities you perform in the room. Prioritize this list from most important to least important. Upon finishing this list, figure out the items you need to store in your bathroom or kitchen. Do you really need to have the washer and dryer near your kitchen or bathroom? Can you create a closet in your bathroom? Next, create a floor plan. Think about your traffic pattern as you complete tasks. When you are tired from a hard day, you will be glad you thought ahead. Some people use their kitchen to entertain guests. If that is your preference, include it in your floor plan. You might want to add a bar or table for entertaining. Everyone wishes that they had more storage space, so be sure to build it into your design. Décor Look for inspiration. Leaf through home design magazines to find appealing designs. Make notes on what you like most about each design scheme. Also consider watching home design shows or looking on the Internet. You can often find the most up-to-date information from those sources. If you are redecorating to sell your home, keep in mind what future homeowners may enjoy. In the kitchen, consider using stainless steel appliances. 30 – How to Choose

They usually are easy to clean. Neutral flooring is always a good option. These floor coverings consist of sustainable, lowmaintenance material. They are a good choice for any kitchen or bathroom. Neutral paint may open up opportunities for a variety of decorating options. It could make it easier to change the decor in the future. If you sell your home, it allows potential buyers to visualize their own preferences in that space. Of course, any room you design must be coordinated with the design of other rooms in your home. If your house has a contemporary, modern, traditional or Asian style design, you will want the kitchen and bath to blend with that décor. Experts suggest that you spend most of your money on countertops. It is often a focal point in any

room. Small accent pieces can also help boost your design. Pick unique pieces that display your personality. Budget Remodeling can be expensive. Experts recommend you spend up to 20 percent of your home’s value on remodeling the kitchen, and less than that on remodeling the bath. You can save money by adding a coat of fresh paint to your current kitchen cabinets or installing energy efficient appliances. Leave some room in your budget to hire a professional to do electrical and plumbing work, along with other chores you are uncomfortable with doing yourself. It will save you money in the long run. NAPA VALLEY PUBLISHING CO.

NV Design

Christine Teicheira design build remodel addition renovation redesign kitchen great room complete home basement interior exterior Photo courtesy of Larry Guyer

Mondavi purchased the Charles Krug Winery and Peter Jr.and his wife Kate lived there for about 10 years in the 1990s. The home now serves as an entertaining venue, so the kitchen needed to be “functional and spacious,” Peter says. “We wanted a social gathering space as well as a kitchen.” Working within a tight time frame (the showhouse was due to open for tours in just weeks) the designers got creative fast. “There wasn’t time to tear out walls and replace cabinets, so we painted and reworked the existing cabinets,” Teicheira says. As operators of Napa Valley’s oldest winery, the Mondavies were particularly delighted with the wine station, a built-in system the preserves and dispenses wines. Teicheira took cues from the stainless-steel finishes and had the cabinets painted a deep blue-gray, currently one of the hottest colors.


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How to Choose a Hot Tub For centuries, people have travelled to natural thermal springs to enjoy the revitalizing healing power of soaking in bubbling hot water. Today, you can easily enjoy this pleasure at home relaxing in peaceful solitude or relaxed socializing with family and friends. Not all hot tubs are created equal. Choose a model from a national manufacturer with a reputation for quality. If the company has been in business for decades, you will know they stand behind their product. Look for manufactures that have earned public endorsements or awards that you know. When planning your back yard for the arrival of your hot tub, start the discussion with your local dealer, who is experienced and knowledgeable about back yard design and hot tub installation. These professionals will help you plan with confidence. If you have limited room or a small access gate, consider models that are less than 30” tall or models with a small foot print. “Convertible” models offer the ease of being able to plug into a standard wall outlet. Check out the construction so that you are sure to find a model with full-foam insulation under the spa to ensure maximum heat retention. Inexpensive models lacking foam insulation will cost more to operate over 32 – How to Choose

time. The spa skirting is the cabinetry that surrounds the hot tub and enhances its overall look. Most hot tubs are advanced synthetic materials that are highly durable, require no maintenance and can stand up to nature’s elements. Choose a wood tone color that matches your landscape and your personal style. Try out the seats of different models to be sure you choose a hot tub that is comfortable for your body type. Reputable dealers will have models that homeowners can test out before buying. Do you want a model with or without a lounge seat? Try both options to see what is right for you and your family. Sophisticated companies will offer partially submerged “cool-down” seats to ease the transition from in and out of the water. Also look for seats that incorporate the hydrotherapy experience from the neck to the feet. For superior quality, long-term durability and a

luxury massage, ask about hot tubs with patented, bearingless jets featuring no moving parts. Technologically-advanced bearingless jet designs allow a range of swirling, pulsing, streaming or penetrating hydromassage for every therapeutic technique. Make sure they are adjustable so that you can turn them on and off to customize your experience. A delightful addition to the hot tub experience is lighted water features, such as spillover fountains and terraced waterfalls with the charming sights and sounds are in high demand. You can also choose from great music and entertainment features for your new hot tub, such as high-tech stereos with subwoofers, MP3 plugs and docking stations. Save energy by making sure your hot tub comes with an insulating cover. It’s important to have a cover and use cover locks to ensure that children cannot play in the hot tub when adults are not supervising. NAPA VALLEY PUBLISHING CO.


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How to Choose an Electrician It's tough to imagine life without electricity. Adjusting the thermostat, flipping the light switch and turning on the heat would be futile without an uninterrupted supply of power. Problems with the electrical system and wiring in a home are not problems for average people to solve. Trained professionals can skillfully and safely rewire a home or connect a lighting system. Do-it-yourselfers understand that electricity can cause grave injury or even death if handled improperly. There is also the real possibility of electrical fire if the repair is done improperly. It is wise to hire a licensed electrician to make any electrical repairs. Consider these tips when you are searching for a qualified, licensed electrician for your project: 1. Don't postpone a repair. Flickering lights or an outlet that doesn't work is a sign. At the first opportunity you suspect a problem, ask your family and friends to recommend an experienced electrician. You can also look online for qualified professionals. 2. Contact three or four electricians and request information about their licenses, availability, experience and rates. 3. Any electrician who cannot provide references 34 – How to Choose

and a current license should not be considered. A reliable and experienced electrician will maintain a current license. 4. Ask for references from recently completed projects. A reputable electrician will understand and gladly comply. If he or she cannot provide references, they may do substandard work or not have recent experience. 5. Check with the local better Business Bureau for complaints. Even the best electrician will have a disgruntled customer or two, but if there are any complaints, find out how those complaints were resolved. 6. Get estimates from two or three electricians. They should come to your home and speak to you about the job. These estimates will allow you to compare rates and make an assessment of their

appearance and work habits. 7. Get all estimates in writing. Read over the estimates to ensure that everything is covered, including a description of the job to be performed, total cost, time for completion, insurance coverage and clean-up. Ask questions and get answers in writing before you sign a contract or agreement. Ask about guarantees and warranties. 8. Don't make a decision based solely on price. The electrical system in your home is far too important for you to choose simply by price. 9. If you are undecided, you can try a potential electrician by hiring him for a small project first. If you follow these suggestions, you will likely find the best electrician for your repair or remodeling project. NAPA VALLEY PUBLISHING CO.

Over 75 Years of Quality Experience! Napa Electric has a broad range of electrical experience. We are ready and willing to do our part to make your next project a success. Our projects range from small service work to multi-million dollar projects in various industries. We value our customers business and realize that quality and reliability are the essence of success and longevity in the electrical contracting industry. Our highly trained staff will provide you with the integrity and professionalism you deserve, and the highest value for your money. It’s a simple fact... doing the job right the first time always costs less than doing it twice. Napa Electric is now installing solar systems and car chargers. We can offer the knowledge and service you deserve along with the best quality products. Reduce or eliminate your electric bill and utilize clean, renewable power. Free on-site consultation available.

Residential • Commercial Industrial 707.252.6611 • 2240 Brown Street • Napa NAPA VALLEY PUBLISHING CO.

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How to Choose an HVAC Company When your heating or air conditioning system fails, it can be a nightmare. Whether it is a cold winter day or sweltering hot outside, the HVAC system in your home is vital to your comfort and safety. Most people cannot tolerate extreme temperatures. The elderly and people with chronic health problems need to have the temperature stabilized in their homes. Prolong the life of your HVAC system and prevent equipment failure by hiring a qualified professional to service and maintain it. The best HVAC contractors are helpful and reliable, but a poor contractor can cost you extra money and heartache. Ask people in your social network whom they might recommend. Good word of mouth will go a long way toward helping you find the best professionals in your area. After creating a list of candidates, call the Better Business Bureau, your state's board of contractors or builders' association to check on their reputations. Your town's building inspection office may also have information for you. Avoid companies who have many complaints on their record. Upon narrowing the list, call the remaining ones and ask about pricing, guarantees and warranties. Also inquire about how long it would take to complete a job and the manufacturers' brands they use. If you are purchasing new equipment, find out if you need a separate service contractor or if routine maintenance and repairs are included in the price of installation. Does the company provide around-theclock emergency service? High quality HVAC companies are fully licensed, bonded and insured. If a worker is injured or causes damage to your property, that insurance should cover it. Otherwise, you could be liable for the damages. Your insurance premiums would likely increase as a result. Bell Products is a member of ASHRE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers) so no worry on that one! 36 – How to Choose

Before any work begins, verify that all the required building permits are in place. Most companies will file permits on your behalf at the local building codes office. But don't assume that it has happened. Check with the permitting office first. Work done without proper permits could result in a fine and time delay. Have a load calculation done before installing a new system in any building. The best companies perform a thorough calculation rather than estimate. Buildings can change over time due to age, usage, remodels or additions. These changes can greatly affect the efficiency of the building and cause equipment to run longer and work harder to maintain comfort levels. The HVAC company shouldn't use the old unit to determine the proper size of a new one. If your old unit does not provide the comfort level you expect or you feel it is inadequate, you want to ensure that your new equipment is sized properly. All HVAC contractors should perform a load calculation to determine the correct capacity for your new equipment. Specially trained and advanced HVAC contractors can also provide a complete Home Performance Evaluation that take things like insulation values, window ratings, pressure

imbalances, infiltration, duct leakage, and other less obvious factors and can incorporate them into the load calculations. In many instances, addressing these efficiency killers can result in the use of smaller equipment, saving space and money. Today’s equipment is very high-tech and efficient. Just like your automobile, this equipment should be seen by a professional twice a year to maintain those efficiencies. Be sure to ask your HVAC contractor what types of maintenance is appropriate for your equipment and what programs they offer for maintenance. NAPA VALLEY PUBLISHING CO.

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How to Choose a Hardware Store A high-quality hardware store can save you from getting stuck on a home improvement project. They can provide recommendations for tools, methods and products. Before you dive into a household repair, find a hardware shop that will answer your questions patiently and knowledgeably. This one step is worth most of the other advice you will ever receive concerning home repair. Reliable customer service is one of the factors that will help you choose between a local hardware swore and a big-box retailer. Think of a few smaller projects that you have successfully completed. Then ask the staff at each store for their input on the best way to complete the task you have in mind. Progress to a more complicated project and ask for advice again. Note which employees provided the most helpful answers. During your visits, look around various departments. Determine which store has the best high-quality tools you might need in the future. Make note of additional services, such as equipment rentals, classes and referrals to area professionals. After all, if you can't handle a complex project, they might be able to point you in the direction of someone who can. Pricing is another aspect to consider. A store with the lowest prices isn't necessarily the best. They might be cutting corners. On the other hand, if you know a lot about lumber and are interested in purchasing fencing for your backyard, the cheapest store might be best. The most expensive store in town might be best if you are purchasing lumber to make a piece of furniture. Always consider quality as well as price. If you are still undecided, then let customer service be your guide. For hardware and home improvement stores, customer service will help you when you most need it. Good customer service starts as soon as you enter the establishment. If you are warmly welcomed, then you might be in the right place. If the staff makes you feel as though you are bothering them, go somewhere else. High employee turnover is not a good sign. It is 38 – How to Choose

best to establish a working relationship with people in your hardware store. It is difficult to do that if you are greeted by a different person every time you enter. Understaffing is another problem in hardware stores. If it is difficult to locate someone, or salespeople are always surrounded by customers, you will not receive a high level of service. Look elsewhere. Other signs of poor customer service include long checkout lines, out-of-stock products or a clutter and dingy store. If you feel treated like a criminal because you had to return something, then find another store

that treats you better. Convenience will also have an impact. Hours of operation, driving distance, and parking will figure into your decision. If it takes a lot of effort to make a purchase, you should find another store. The right hardware store will have what you need when you need it. They will stock tools and sell them at a reasonable price. A knowledgeable and friendly staff will have answers if you need them. When you find that store, you can complete your projects with confidence. NAPA VALLEY PUBLISHING CO.

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How to Choose a Hotel Staying at a hotel is a great respite away from stress or your familiar routine. With great amenities, gorgeous scenery and room service, you can use time to simply lie on a bed and relax. Or maybe you are searching for a place to stay during a family vacation, business or road trip. Perhaps you are in between homes and need temporary accommodations. Whatever your reason for staying in a hotel, you should be careful in your decision-making process. Pick a hotel that has a perfect combination of cleanliness, fun amenities and superior customer service. Here are a few guidelines to help you choose your hotel: Search Conduct an online search for all hotels that are in close proximity to where you will be. If you have a meeting in a city, for example, you should look for hotels in the area of your destination. When you are simply looking for a vacation hotel, be sure to look for a facility in a central area. It is likely that there will be many hotels in your desired area. Choose the five closest hotels. That way, you will not have to drive or walk far to reach your ultimate destination. Amenities The next thing to consider is the amenities. Visit the websites of each hotel you have chosen and look at the features and services. If you are staying for one-night, you might be looking for a quiet spot to sleep. But every hotel offers different amenities. If you are staying for several days, you might want free access to a fitness center. Other places have a continental breakfast at no extra charge. Look for free services, such as 40 – How to Choose

cable television with movie channels, kitchenettes, refrigerators and gaming consoles. And of course, free WI-FI is a must. Prices Your budget will play a huge part in your decision. Research a few locations to see which hotels offer the services you want for the least amount of money. You might be qualified for a discount. Hotels and resorts often offer discounts to people who are in the military, have AAA memberships or are senior citizens. If you are on a business trip, your employer may have an arrangement with selected hotels to provide a discount for employees. Either way, booking online is also likely to be cheaper than calling the front desk directly. Reviews Customer reviews will give you important insight on specific locations. Let the reviews guide you on how you will spend your money. The more reviews you read, the better. It will give you a balanced assessment of a hotel.

Previous customers can answer questions about the friendliness of the staff and the condition of the rooms. Former hotel guests are typically unafraid of talking about negative experiences at an establishment. These reviews could serve as a prediction of how the hotel staff will treat you. When you see a significant amount of negative comments and ratings, remove the hotel from your list. Selection Pick the top two hotels from your list. If possible, visit them so you can get a feel for the establishment. If they are part of a chain, you could visit another branch facility and ask questions. The concierge and staff should be happy to talk to you. Some of them may have even stayed at the hotel on your list. After you have taken all the necessary steps, make an informed decision. The extra time and effort will ensure a pleasant and fun stay. After all, your hotel serves as your home away from home. NAPA VALLEY PUBLISHING CO.

WINE COUNTRY MEETINGS MADE EASY! Make your next small meeting a success with a meeting package at the Napa Winery Inn! This all-inclusive offering features just the right elements to make your planning easy and affordable. The Napa Winery Inn is Napa’s most delightful little secret. This casual boutique hotel is the perfect base for productive meetings during the day, and ideally situated for exploring Napa Valley when work is done. Our affordable Wine Country Meeting Package starts at just $169 per person, per day plus tax.*

Meeting Package includes:  Private meeting room with natural lighting for groups from 10 to 40 people  Comfortable deluxe king guest room for each attendee  Wine country breakfast buffet  Napa style lunch served in the meeting room  Evening wine tasting reception  Choice of morning or afternoon break  All day coffee service  Complimentary Wi-Fi in guest rooms & meeting room  Free on-site parking  Use of LCD projector, screen and flip charts

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How to Choose Healthy Foods Never underestimate the importance of eating a healthy, balanced diet. It is the foundation for living a long life. Many Americans enjoy the convenience of fast food and instant meals, but they are slowly figuring out that these processed foods have little nutritional value. Worse, these foods often leave them craving even more unhealthful snacks. Home-cooked meals are good for your body and pocketbook. They are cheaper and more satisfying to your taste buds. Whether you are preparing vegetables, roasts or an appetizing main course, find a local grocer who stocks only the best products. Freshness Depending on where the food has been grown, produce may be refrigerated and stored for long period of time before it even arrives at a store. This delay can impact the texture and taste. That’s why it is always best to purchase fruits and vegetables that are harvested before they ripen. Look for foods that are naturally in season, such as apples in the fall or tomatoes in the summer. When buying other items, such as meat, find a store that offers the quickest path from the farm to your dinner table. Beef, poultry and seafood are best when they are fresh. Local It is best to purchase food grown near your house. Buying local will help your city’s economy, and it is better for the environment. Food shipped across the country generates carbon emissions. You will pay more for the food because fuel and other costs must be included in the price. It also means that produce must be picked before it has properly ripened. Grocery stores who stock locally-grown food are proud of this fact. They are actively supporting their communities. Natural Organic foods are a popular commodity. People want foods that are grown without harsh chemicals and pesticides. Studies have found that organic foods are a good choice for health-conscious consumers. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides dull the flavor of 42 – How to Choose

produce. Organic foods simply taste better. Some people think that organic foods are more expensive, but smart shoppers know that you can find organic foods that are affordable and convenient. People who want to find healthier options for meat should find grocers who sell beef and other fare without unnatural hormones. Expert Advice Look for trustworthy information. There is no shortage of advice, but information is only as reliable as its source.

Some of the finest grocery stores have experts on staff. These professionals will help you make wise eating choices. You can also find reliable diet advice and the most up-to-date tips. You may also ask produce managers for their personal recommendations. Quality stores will gladly extend a hand to help you find the best deals. For many shoppers, service with a smile is more important than anything they can find on the shelves. NAPA VALLEY PUBLISHING CO.

†‚„ˆ—‚‚ƒŒ’ Thank you, Marilyn!

Our longtime deli manager Marilyn Bennett retired recently ‘‚ ‚„‘ „‚€�’“‚ƒ”„ •‚–…’–„€‚—’˜ •‚˜‘‚—‚’‚  �‚–   ™—‚ š„�„’„‘‚ƒ‚ ‚‚

Vallerga’s Market now uses Mary’s Free-Range Chickens for our deli rotisserie chickens. The chickens grow naturally with plenty of room to roam without any antibiotics, hormones, preservatives or additives. Once humanely processed, the chickens are separately air-chilled (rather than batch-chilled in water), which inhibits bacteria growth and saves water.

For a list of organic visit items we carry, please ics

›–—˜ˆ“™ ‰“‚ƒ”„•‚–‚‚— šÂ’‚„Â’Â’ ƒœ Â’–—‘‚Â’ƒ—„‚Â’Â’ ˆ“‰’—„’š—„„„—‚žš„ ‘‚—‚ƒ’š‚„˜——‚—‚Â’—˜ —Â’Â’ €‚—‚‚„‚—‚„ Â’ ˆ“‰‚Â?Â’— Â’„„—‚—š„ š—„„„ –—‚„ ’ƒ“‚ƒ”„„Â’Â’ Â’Â?Â’‘ ‘‘‚Â?„

         Â? Â? Â?Â? ­€Â? Â? Â?  Â?Â?Â?€‚ƒ„…†‡… ­ˆ‰Š‹Œ­ˆ†ŠÂ?†Â? Â…   ÂŽ  NAPA VALLEY PUBLISHING CO.

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Choosing the Right Attorney The right attorney can make a big difference between winning and losing your case. No matter what legal issue you are facing, you can find an attorney who matches your needs and advocates strongly for your side of the case. Don’t settle for a second rate lawyer. The outcome of your legal issue is just too important. Here are some factors to keep in mind when choosing a lawyer. Affordability Do not settle for inexpensive legal representation. In this instance, you will need to hire the best lawyer you can afford. Quality should always come first when it comes to attorneys. If you are facing a criminal case and cannot afford an attorney, ask for a court-appointed lawyer. Taxpayers pay these representatives to help people in need. A court-appointed lawyer can provide you with valuable assistance. Also, never hire an attorney who has been disbarred in any state. Relevant Issues The legal issue you are facing will determine the attorney you need. For example, people who have been arrested for driving while intoxicated will require a criminal lawyer who specializes in DUI law. Real estate transactions are best handled by a real estate lawyer. Many lawyers specialize in a variety of legal issues. It is vital that you hire a lawyer who practices in the type of law you need. References Sometimes, finding a great attorney can be as simple as asking your family or friends for referrals. If you are getting a divorce, look for people in your social network who have experienced that issue. People are usually happy to share their experiences and opinions. You can also ask attorneys for references. A quality professional should be able to provide you with recommendations from previous clients. Case History Case histories might help you gauge an attorney’s competency. Websites will help you determine a lawyer’s success rate. You can also find out if an attorney you are considering has a high settlement 44 – How to Choose

rate. Ask attorneys directly about their case histories. Any lawyer with a good track record will readily provide the information. Online Ratings Other websites rate attorneys. They are also a great resource for client reviews. Don’t give positive or negative reviews much credence. Not every review is honest nor is every one a lie. Focus on comments about a lawyer’s availability, personality and results. Your attorney needs to be in your corner. You should not have to struggle to get into contact. Always keep in mind that gruff lawyers are sometimes the best ones. While no attorney should treat you rudely, you are paying for their services. Tough, even-handed attorneys can be an asset. A

personable lawyer is great, but if that person has a terrible success rate, choose another. Consultation Take advantage of any free consultations. Some attorneys offer them in certain areas of law. The meeting will allow you to discover if the lawyer is a good match for you. If you feel discomfort during the meeting, do not hire the attorney. Simply thank them for their time. Needing an attorney can be frightening. You might feel stressed and uncertain. Finding a lawyer you can trust will give you confidence that you can resolve your situation successfully. Ask questions during your consultation. Expect forthright answers. If you don’t feel satisfied, find another person to represent you. There are plenty of qualified attorneys who are willing to help. NAPA VALLEY PUBLISHING CO.

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How to Choose a Dry Cleaner No longer do you have to worry about washing or ironing your clothing. These days, professionals depend on a dry cleaner. Others may drop off their formal wear or coats for an occasional cleaning. Either way, choosing the right dry cleaner is a great way to save time and energy. When looking for a new dry cleaner, start by finding business in your area. You might see them advertised in your local newspaper or on the Internet. Your social network may know of a good dry cleaners in your area. Once you have developed a list, start visiting a few of them. The business should be clean and organized. Bright lighting will allow you to see well. Clothes kept on the racks should be clean, fresh and pressed. There should not be chemical odors or dirty surroundings. Ask a staff member how long the dry cleaner has been in business. If it has been around for a few years, then it must have satisfied customers. You can ask them for references. They should be able to furnish names and contact information of customers who use their services. Verify the history of newer businesses. Have they been in business at a previous location? Were they ever or are they now part of a chain? Sometimes a dry cleaner will have such success and develop multiple outlets. All staff members should be friendly and professional. They should be able to inform you about common cleaning problems. Ask how they handle special fabrics. Some dry cleaners automatically mend small tears when you drop off your dry cleaning. Other businesses provide alteration services. Talk to each dry cleaner to ask about special services. Ask about any special qualifications or associations, such as membership to the Association of Wedding Gown Professionals, if you are looking to have special services performed. You could also inquire about the procedures used to clean your clothes. Some methods are friendlier to the environment than others. Some procedures will help your clothes last longer. Ask how they track 46 – How to Choose

clothing. Do they use a barcode system, or paper tags that can be lost during cleaning? In the rare event an item is lost or damaged, what is the claims process? It’s upsetting enough to have a garment you love get damaged, you do want to fight with the cleaner to get it repaired or replaced. How long will the service take? Some dry cleaners offer speedy service while others may take a week or more. If you need an item cleaned in a hurry, this question can make a big difference. Also, how convenient is the pick-up and drop-off location? Do they offer delivery service? Once you have narrowed your list to two or three possible dry cleaners, call the Better Business Bureau. If they have a bad report on file, the BBB should be able to tell you the allegation and what action the business took to close the situation. A

call to the local Chamber of Commerce will tell you if they are Chamber members and how active in the community they are. Some dry cleaners use coupons to attract new customers. Look for these discounts. It is a great way to save money while trying out their services. When you drop off your clothing for the first time, make sure they are aware of any special requests such as creases or no creases. Alert them to any problem areas or stains on the garments. After they have finished, evaluate the quality of their work. Do your clothes look clean and pressed? Do they smell nice? Did they follow special instructions and work on all of the problem areas. If you are satisfied, then you may have found a new dry cleaner. If not, repeat the process until you discover a business that makes you happy. NAPA VALLEY PUBLISHING CO.






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How to Choose an Employment Service Employment services are here to help jobseekers. Employment services connect people with jobs. It is not easy to find employment, and many people waste time by looking in all the wrong places. Whether you need a seasonal position, or if you are trying to land an executive position, consider working with an employment service. Here are some tips to help you find the right employment service for your needs: Types There are several types of employment services. Working with the right agency will increase your chances of finding work that fits your qualifications. Private placement services are the most popular type of agency. They bring job seekers to employers who are looking to hire for a specific position. These jobs typically lead to full-time work. Temporary help services put qualified people into company positions for short times. You may be covering for someone on maternity leave. Retailers who need seasonal help often use these agencies. The retained search firm finds highly qualified candidates for executive positions. Sometimes these employment services are also referred to as executive head hunters. Most employment agencies are known for specializing in one or two vocations. Make sure that your skills and interests fall within this realm so the service will be useful to you. Research Look for a service that will help you assess your strengths and weaknesses. Employment agencies often test 48 – How to Choose

candidates before sending them out on interviews. The results of these tests will inform you about your skill level. Some agencies will help you create a professional resume. They will critique your personal resume and tell you which format is the best for the market. In addition, some services will offer classes to improve your interview skills. These classes may be held in person or online. Choose an employment service that has a high success rate. They should be able to provide references of people and companies they've helped in the past. Agencies should also show you how they are actively searching for jobs that meet your skill set and interests. Contact Look on the service's website to find out more about their process. Sometimes, agencies don't include much information, so feel free to call them. Ask about their application procedure and what services they provide. You should also know who pays when someone is hired. Some services are paid by the future employer. Others are paid by the employee. Understand how the employment service will be paid before you use them. Interview Ask to make an appointment for an in-person interview. Prepare a list of questions to ask about their services. You may also have an opportunity to sign up for classes and resume services. Find a Job The last step is finding a great job. Be prepared when the agency calls you to go to an interview at a company. Finding a legitimate employment service should not be too difficult, provided you follow their advice. Jobs are not easy to find these days, but an employment service will offer expert assistance to help you. Do your research before you agree to work with an agency. Remember that finding a job is a job unto itself! Your future success depends on you starting today! NAPA VALLEY PUBLISHING CO.

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Alkar can conduct a variety of trainings for all temporary and full-time staff. â– Reducing Unsafe Acts â–  The Safe Winery â–  Forklift Training â–  Safety for All Employees â–  Sexual Harassment Training


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How to Choose a Veterinarian Most people think of their pets as members of their family. In fact, some people even refer to them as fur children. That’s why finding a veterinarian or veterinary clinic is so important. You need to find qualified care to ensure the long-term health of your pet. But in a difficult economy, pet care might get overlooked. Routine care might even seem unnecessary. After all, do humans skip medical and dental check-ups if they seem like they’re in good shape? Unfortunately, pets age faster than human beings. Their bodies and internal systems can change rapidly, sometimes in a matter of a few months. When you take your pet to his doctor regularly, you can catch an illness in its beginning stages. As you know, catching a disease early can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Routine veterinary care will ensure your pet lives a long and happy life. Choosing a good veterinarian that suits you and your pet can seem like a difficult task. If you follow these guidelines, you should be able to find a professional that will give your pet the best care possible. ASK FOR REFERRALS Your family and friends may know a good veterinarian. Listen to their experiences with a critical ear. You need to find someone who is professional, compassionate and timely. Ask specific questions, such as whether the clinic staff likes animals. Do they respond to concerns in a timely manner? Research veterinary and veterinarian clinics on the Internet. Make a list of prospective candidates, then check with the Better Business Bureau in your state to see if there have been any complaints against these professionals. How were the complaints resolved? Some people need extra services, such as daycare, boarding facilities and pet training. You may also need to have your pet groomed. Find out if the 50 – How to Choose

prospective veterinary clinic provides these services. MAKE A VISIT After making a list of choices, visit the veterinary office or clinic. Call ahead and request a tour of facilities. The staff should have the time to answer your questions. You should see a clean and well-maintained office. Observe how the staff interact with clients and pets. Are they warm toward the animals and owners? The employees should have an affinity for animals. Sit in the waiting area and introduce yourself to other clients. Find out if they are happy with the services and staff. Also, inquire about prices to verify

it is within your budget. If you feel uncomfortable during your visit, consider taking your services elsewhere. Finding the best vet for you and your pet will take time and research. You should put the same effort into finding a doctor for your animal as you would in finding one for yourself. The bottom line is that your pet’s health is a cooperative undertaking between you and your veterinarian. Finding the perfect vet for you and your furry, scaly or feathered friend will ensure your pet is with you for years to come. NAPA VALLEY PUBLISHING CO.


Where your pets are cared for like our own Full Vetrinary Services including:


• Senior Discounts • 40% Off Spay/Neuters on Tuesdays • Walk-Ins (time permitting) • Drop-Off Appointments • After-Hours Emergency Care • House Call Services

• Comprehensive Medical & Dental Care • Soft Tissue & Orthopedic Surgery • Extensive In-House Laboratory • Digital X-rays • Abdominal & Thoracic Ultrasound

California Pet Hospital 3131 California Blvd., Napa P: 707-255-6832

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How to choose a Handgun Whether you are new to the firearms market or an experienced collector, choosing a handgun takes consideration and time. Talking to other merchants and gun owners will give you up-to-date information about the latest models. You might also get some good insights into brands and models. Being informed is essential for responsible gun ownership. SIZE AND CALIBER When looking for a handgun to fit your technical and physical needs, it is a good idea to visit a gun shop. Look for a store that allows you to try the gun at a range before buying. Size is going to be a big factor. A large framed pistol is fine if you aren't planning on carrying the gun on your body. These weapons hold more ammunition in the magazine. You will probably be able to manage the recoil better. Smaller pistols are excellent choices for carrying concealed. It might have stronger recoil because it is a lighter weight. Most concealed carry guns are specifically designed to use at close range and remain hidden when not in use. Larger caliber weapons will create more damage on your target. Smaller calibers are excellent choices for novices. OTHER THINGS TO CONSIDER Along with size and caliber, there are other things to keep in mind. 52 – How to Choose

There are two types of handguns: the automatic and the revolver. Automatics are more modern and usually come in smaller calibers, known as auto calibers." Since they are typically clip-fed, automatics are complicated. They can b––e slightly more difficult to clean and operate, but they are fast to fire and easy to reload. On the other hand, revolvers are simpler and more traditional. They have been around a lot longer. There are a wider range of calibers and they easier to clean, but the firing speed and reload time is significantly reduced. Revolvers are great options for beginners, though some automatics are just as good. Point-and-shoot accuracy is more important than sighted accuracy in an emergency situation. In self-defense situations, you're usually firing fast and instinctively. So it is good to have a gun that reflects your firing style. WARNINGS You should be able to operate your weapon easily. Learn how to switch the safety on and off before you

attempt to use it. You should also know how to load and fire the gun. Spend plenty of time with your weapon at a firing range. Become familiar with its limitations. Take classes that match your level of experience. Responsible gun ownership starts with gun safety. Never leave your pistol where children can get to it. Handle your weapon in a manner that is safe for you and those around you. Always treat it as though it is loaded, and never point it at anyone you don't intend to shoot. A knowledgeable gun shop can answer all your questions. Find a shop in your area where employees are passionate about educating the public. NAPA VALLEY PUBLISHING CO.



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.40 S&W




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99 How to Choose โ€“ 53

Tips for Buying and Selling Coins Collecting coins is a fascinating and lucrative hobby. A coin's design is influenced by history. It is an excellent way to learn about governments and countries. It is also a great investment if you purchase coins that increase in value. But it is not a simple hobby because of all the factors that impact the value of each individual coin, from its history to its quality and scarcity. If you are considering starting a coin collection, here are some things to keep in mind. Know What You Have Research is key for coin collectors. Thankfully, there are lots of books that can help you understand what you are buying or selling. It is important to discover everything you can about a coin before purchasing it. If you have inherited coins, or have received them as gifts, educate yourself on their background. Coin shops likely have books that can help you get started. You can also find information at the local library and Internet. Once you have completed your research, you can start buying and selling with confidence. Understand Coin Grades Knowing coin grades is essential if you collect coins. This system assigns a value based on the coin's condition. The grading process is pivotal. You could have the same two coins – same year, same mint, same design – and they could be worth drastically different 54 – How to Choose

prices based on the score they received when being graded. Coins in near-perfect condition are very rare. So they are more valuable than modified or damaged coins. Don't Clean Coins Never clean your coin collection. Novices are often tempted to give their coins a polish. Shinier coins must be worth more, right? Cleaning or polishing a coin can destroy its worth. It removes some of the original finish, rendering the coin far less valuable as a result. Real collectors prize coins that are in their original, pristine condition. Ask Questions Ask questions, no matter how trivial you think they might be. It is the only way you will learn and grow as a collector. Look for more experienced collectors in your area. You can find them at coin shows and shops.

There may even be clubs in your community. Ask them about the best coins to buy. Find out about their successes and failures. It will help you avoid pitfalls. It is hard to know what is reputable online. That's why networking in your area and finding people with great reputations is a better way to get your questions answered. Get to Know Your Coin Professional Develop a relationship with your favorite coin dealer. It will also help build your collection. Once a dealer knows your interests, he can call you with information about the coins you are seeking. Doing these things will help you avoid wasting time and money on bad purchases. Soon you will be on your way toward becoming a seasoned collector. But once you become an expert, don't keep the knowledge to yourself. Give back to the coin collecting community. Help others develop an interest in the hobby as well. NAPA VALLEY PUBLISHING CO.









1219B Coombs St. (off Pearl St.) After over 30 years on Jefferson Street, Alice & Don Schueler are now located in Downtown Napa. They continue to offer knowledgable service to INVESTORS & COLLECTORS of rare coins, currency and precious metals. They are well-versed in U.S., Foreign & Ancient Numismatics.



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Family Owned & Operated Since 1991

BUY by 5pm SLEEP by 9pm




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*$600 min. purchase. Excludes Sundays, 30 mile radius. See sore for details.


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1790 E. Eighth St.

Near Symposium by Dollar Tree Near Pole Line Road

NAPA (707) 254-9542

1745 W. Imola Ave.

Between Chevron & Carl’s Jr. In Riverpark Shopping Center


Off any Queen or King Beautyrest Mattress * Offer expires 4/15/14. See store for details. Excludes floor models.

*See sore for details. **Photos for illustration purposes only.

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ROSEVILLE (916) 782-9793

SACRAMENTO (916) 922-1316

VACAVILLE (707) 446-9793

Fivestar and Fairway Drive Across from Chuck E. Cheese

Across from Applebees Next to iHop

Near DMV Nest to King’s Buffet

9650 Fairway Drive


Twin XL Adjustable Base DAVIS (530) 753-3249





2025 Arcien Way

601 Orange Dr.

WOODLAND (530) 668-7500

2145 Bronze Star Dr.

Near Costco, Target and BestBuy TEMP1406004

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