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“Absolutely the best Massage EVER!”–Carol “Heather is so compassionate and caring ! Her bodywork is amaz ing…I have never had such a positive mind/body experience!”–Deborah “Amaz ing, talented and highly gif ted massage therapist. I’ve had over 100 massages with over 70 dif f erent therapists and she is def initely one of the top best! She is worth the drive to Napa, hands down.”–S.B.

Napa Seif ukujit su Rest orat ive Bodywork 1834 Soscol Ave., Suit e C Napa, CA 94559 (415) 816-3103

“T he best massage I’ve had in years was with Heather, and I’ve had some of the best bodyworkers over 4 0+ years.” – Anne

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D.N. says: “Restorative is f or real…I’ll be back f or sure. I f elt taller af terward. Really enjoyed learning about this method of massage.” “Heather…did an excellent job! I f eel much better as a result. My neck was hurting pretty bad, but today I hardly notice any pain there at all. I would highly recommend using this service.”—Steven Nadia: “ … I f ind her Seif ukujitsu technique very unique – it penetrates deeper than anything else I’ve had bef ore, yet I don’t f eel the surf ace level soreness like the others. I also appreciate the stretching particularly at my tailbone area dearly, since there are some old wounds there. In all, f antastic bodywork by Heather, and I will recommend her to all my f riends, f amilies, and coworkers.” “Heather did a great job breaking up a tired, sore body. Having had many massages bef ore I was surprised I was not sore the day af ter considering I asked her to go deep, and she did… My wif e is now anxious to go next. I would recommend Heather to anyone.”– Michael

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Don’t you deserve an experience like this? Call (4 15) 816-3103 or book directly at napa-seif

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"The Napa massage, highly recommended, is by Heather. Many report that anyone looking for a massage in Napa should check out this amazing ma...