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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Industry leaders visit Napanee plant ABcann Medicinals tour takes closer look at medical marijuana BY ASHLEY ESPINOZA Staff Reporter

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A medical marijuana plant in Napanee, owned and operated by ABcann Medicinals, was host to about 20 of Canada’s top scientists and research professionals last week, who toured the facility and discussed cannabis studies. The facility is being backed by research from Queen’s University and Guelph University scientists and researchers. Napanee’s medical marijuana facility is a multipartnership endeavor and experimenting new methods for growing cannabis for medical purposes. Researchers will test cannabis at ABcann in Napanee to determine innovative ways cannabis can be used, as well as to create quality medicine. “We’re really viewing this new industry as a medicine producer and that’s what we’re striving to do, is produce a standardized medicine. We’re going to all lengths to produce that standardized medicine,” explained ABcann Head Horticulturalist, Mike Hofmann. “This group represents a team of researcher collaborators for every aspect of ABcann’s vision,” said Guelph professor and

Ashley Espinoza-Staff

From left, University of Guelph professor and director, Michael Dixon, and ABcann head horticulturalist, Mike Hofmann, discuss new technologies and research methods for medical marijuana within Napanee’s ABcann facility. director, Michael Dixon. “This team represents some of the best expertise in the world, actually. We’re all researchers and professionals in either business or research and technology development.” ABcann is using technology from Conviron, a Canadian plant-growth and researching company, to grow cannabis in Napanee. Dixon said the University of Guelph has been research-

ing with Conviron for years and will bring those findings with him while researching for ABcann. “We’re just taking that technology, borrowing it and spinning it off for, in this case, medical marijuana,” said Dixon. “Conviron is a Canadian company, the largest controlled environment plant production chamber industry in the world.” Napanee’s facility will

be the first time Conviron’s products have been used to grow medical marijuana in the global market. “This company (Conviron) has never been in the industry of production, they’ve always been in the industry of science and research. Their biggest thing is scientific research,” explained Hofmann.


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Napanee Beaver June 12 2014  
Napanee Beaver June 12 2014