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Nuno Ad達o Pinto.

_ Architect. ULL - OA: 14.869 Portugal, 22.09.82

_ Rua Direita do Ramalho n:16B 1.4 9500-180 PDL. Azores|Portugal

_+351 916063480 _ _

Portfolio Nuno Adão Pinto. _ Architect. ULL - OA: 14.869 Portugal, 22.09.82 _ Rua Direita do Ramalho n:16B 1.4 9500-180 PDL. Azores | Portugal _+351 916063480 _ _



NEW Studio Architects, Ltd | Ponta Delgada - Azores

NEW Studio Arquitectos, Lda | Ponta Delgada - Açores

Sports Complex of Vila Franca do Campo

Complexo Desportivo de Vila Franca do Campo

Planning | Vila Franca do Campo - São Miguel | 2012

Desenho Urbano | Vila Franca do Campo - São Miguel | 2012

Multi-Sports Complex Aldeamento do Ilhéu

Polidesportivo Aldeamento do Ilheu

Sports | Vila Franca do Campo - São Miguel | 2012

Desporto | Vila Franca do Campo - São Miguel | 2012

Regeneration of Multi-Sports Complexes - CML

Requalificação dos Polidesportivos - CML

Sports | Lagoa - São Miguel | 2012

Desporto | Lagoa - São Miguel | 2012

Houses at Rocha Quebrada

Casas na Rocha Quebrada

Tourism | Lagoa - São Miguel | 2011-2012

Turismo | Lagoa - São Miguel | 2011-2012

Park Casa da Balança

Parque Casa da Balança

Equipment | Vila Franca do Campo - São Miguel | 2011-2012

Equipamento | Vila Franca do Campo - São Miguel | 2011-2012

Commercial Space PMCR

Espaço Comercial PMCR

Office and Retail | Ponta Delgada - São Miguel | 2010-2011

Comercio e Serviços | Ponta Delgada - São Miguel | 2010-2011

Garden of São Pedro

Jardim de São Pedro

Planning | Ponta Delgada - São Miguel | 2010-2011

Desenho Urbano | Ponta Delgada - São Miguel | 2010-2011

Houses in Pópulo

Casas do Pópulo

Multi Residential | Ponta Delgada - São Miguel | 2010-2012

Habitação Multifamiliar | Ponta Delgada - São Miguel | 2010-2012

House in Livramento

Casa no Livramento

Single Residential | Ponta Delgada - São Miguel | 2009-2011

Habitação Unifamiliar | Ponta Delgada - São Miguel | 2009-2011

Farm of Ermida I

Quinta da Ermida I

Single Residential | Lagoa - São Miguel | 2009-2010

Habitação Unifamiliarl | Lagoa - São Miguel | 2009-2010

Condominium Casas Jardim.

Loteamento Casas Jardim.

Planning | Lagoa - São Miguel | 2009-2011

Desenho Urbano | Lagoa - São Miguel | 2009-2011

Multipurpose Building Almargem do Bispo

Edifício Multiusos de Almargem do Bispo

Equipment | Almargem do Bispo - Sintra | 2009.

Equipamento | Almargem do Bispo - Sintra | 2009

Co-Author Jorge Costa Architects, Ltd | Ponta Delgada - Azores





Co-Autor Jorge Costa - Arquitectos, Lda | Ponta Delgada - Açores

Sports and Leisure Park

Parque Lazer e Desporto

Sports | Ribeira Grande - São Miguel | 2008

Desporto | Ribeira Grande - São Miguel | 2008

Residences Pátios Verdes

Conjunto Habitacional Pátios Verdes

Planning | Ponta Delgada - São Miguel | 2008

Desenho Urbano | Ponta Delgada - São Miguel | 2008

Centre of Studies Natália Correia

Centro de Estudos Natália Correia

Equipment | Ponta Delgada - São Miguel | 2007-2008

Equipamento | Ponta Delgada - São Miguel | 2007-2008


Terraces of Santa Maria

Terraços de Santa Maria

Multi Residential | Vila do Porto - Santa Maria | 2007-2008

Habitação Multifamiliar | Vila do Porto - Santa Maria | 2007-2008

Gallery São João

Galeria São João

Office and Retail | Ponta Delgada - São Miguel | 2007

Comércio e Serviços | Ponta Delgada - São Miguel | 2007

House Mário Rui

Casa Mário Rui

Single Residential | Vila do Porto - Santa Maria | 2007

Habitação Unifamiliar | Vila do Porto - Santa Maria | 2007



Portfolio Nuno Adão Pinto. _ Architect. ULL - OA: 14.869 Portugal, 22.09.82 _ Rua Direita do Ramalho n:16B 1.4 9500-180 PDL. Azores | Portugal _+351 916063480 _ _



ARX Portugal Architects, Ltd | Lisbon

ARX Portugal Arquitectos, Lda | Lisboa

Mythos Building + TagusPark Lot 31 | Lisbon - Oeiras | 2006-2007

Edifício Mythos + TagusPark Lote 31 | Lisboa - Oeiras | 2006-2007

José Maria Assis e Mateus Lorena - Architects | Lisbon

José Maria Assis e Mateus Lorena - Arquitectos | Lisboa

MasterPlan Resort in Peral | Évora | 2006

Herdade do Peral | Évora | 2006

Promontório - Associated Architects, Ldt | Lisbon

Promontório - Arquitectos Associados, Lda | Lisboa

Guarajuba Villas + Spanish Club | Brazil | 2005

Hotel Guarajuba + Clube Espanhol | Brasil | 2005

MARC - Architects | Lisbon

MARC - Arquitectos, Lda | Lisboa

Caiano Housing + Eco Hotel| Figueira da Foz - Cape Verde | 2004-2005

Quinta do Caiano + Eco Hotel| Figueira da Foz - Cabo Verde | 2004-2005

Final Thesis - Dipl. Arch Urban Project, 5th Architecture. Intervention Belém-Ajuda

Teacher: Architect. Manuel Aires Mateus | Assistant: Architect. José Maria Assis Lisbon | 2004-2005

Competitions and Workshops

Tese Final - Lic. Arqt



Projeto Urbano, 5º Arquitectura. Intervenção Belém-Ajuda Professor: Arquiteto Manuel Aires Mateus | Assistente: Arquiteto José Maria Assis Lisboa | 2004-2005

Concursos e Workshops

International Competition for the New Airport terminal - Island of Corvo

Concurso Internacional para a nova Aerogare da Ilha do Corvo

Island of Corvo | Azores | 2012

Ilha do Corvo | Açores | 2012

Public Competition for the New Basic Integrated School (EBS) of Velas

Concurso Público para a nova Escola Básica Integrada EBS das Velas

Island of São Jorge| Azores | 2012

Ilha de São Jorge | Açores | 2011

International Competition of Ideas for the Museum Santigo Ydañez

Concurso Internacional de Ideias para o Museu Santigo Ydañez

Puente de Génave | Spain | 2010

Puente de Génave | Espanha | 2010

Public Compection - Lisbon Architecture Triennale “Urban Voids”

Concurso Público de Ideias - Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

Lisbon | 2007

Lisboa | 2007

Workshop - 1st International Seminar “Architecture of Difference”

Workshop - 1º Seminário Internacional. “Arquitectura da Diferença”

Sintra | 2005

Sintra | 2005

Workshop - Conception - “New Auditorium of the D. Estefânia Hospital”

Workshop - Conceção do “Novo Auditório do Hospital D.Estefânia”

Lisbon | 2005

Lisboa | 2005

Personal Skills and Competences Computer Skills Very Good. Level: Sufficient. Level: Other skills: Mother Tongue: Language | Level UE: Language | Level UE: Interests: Panels | Site:

Autocad | Revit Architecture | Corel Draw Vectorworks | ArchiCad | Adobe Photoshop Conceptual Models and Photography Portuguese English: Understanding - B2 | Speaking - B1 | Writing - A2 Italian: Understanding - B1 | Speaking - A2 | Writing - A2 Swimming | Photography | Travellingão-pinto/ |


Sports Complex of VFC. Vila Fra. do Campo | Azores | 2012 IN PROJECT

Bearing in mind the sporting needs of the municipality and the plan for northern urban expansion, we proposed two integrated equipment structures and their respective support areas so as to be able to construct a football stadium and a sports pavilion. The football stadium comprises a covered central spectator, lateral spectator stands and official support areas that are shared with the sports pavilion, integrating the maintenance circuit with entrance controls.

MS.C Aldeamento do Ilheú. Vila Fra. do Campo | Azores | 2012 IN PROJECT

The architectonic project proposes a leisure and sports area that takes advantage of the existing topography and it outlines three community areas: Area 1) the highest elevation of the terrain, repositioning the monument Combatentes do Ultramar (Fallen Soldiers). Area 2: the multi-sports field with a central stand for spectators. Area 3; leisure area-playground and amphitheatre.

Houses at Rocha Quebrada. Lagoa | Azores | 2011-2012 IN PROJECTO

To rehabilitate the nuclei of the existing buildings and reconstruct the two houses in a unifying and contemporary manner, creating a integrated tourism accommodation complex that relates to the coastal/bathing area that surrounds it. Two typologies, T1 (one bedroom) and T2 (two bedroom) were conceptualised and implemented, integrated by an interior patio that fosters the experiencing of the exterior and insuring a spatial equilibrium.

Park Casa da Balança. Vila Fra. do Campo | Azores | 2011-2012 IN PROJECT

The architectonic project outlines the structure of a thematic park that takes advantage of the existing building. It projects three areas to be used by the community: Area 1) Casa da BalançaCommunity Area; Area 2) Support Module Cafeteria, WC and Technical Areas; Area 3) Leisure Area, Playground; and Area 4) Leisure Area-Urban Furniture.

Commercial Space PMCR. Ponta Delgada | Azores | 2010-2011 CONCLUDED

The project proposes the division of the two floors and their conversion into commercial and service spaces, highlighting the geometry of the ceiling of floor 1 which, similar to that of the roof, and which benefits from the height of the wall. Three skylights provide illumination, engendering an harmonious space and visual relations with surrounding facades.

House in Livramento. Ponta Delgada | Azores | 2009-2011 IN PROJECT

Level 0 comprises a common longitudinal space at the entrance of the house, a living room and a vertical access. The kitchen, WC and the room converge towards the entrance, complementing the ground floor. Level 1 encompasses the principal room and 3m X 5m eastward patio, thus providing a space for contemplation that fits harmoniously with the visual background of acacias and eucalyptus trees.

Farm of Ermida I. Lagoa | Azores | 2009 STUDY PHASE

The project embodies the intent to create a single-familiy house that is linked to the existing buildings. Private and recreational areas shall be situated in the new buildingsThe old stonework house and the chapel are areas to be preserved as places for family gatherings and social occasions. The ruins of the old house function as a scenic bucolic element that is illuminated and projected eastwards towards the new building.

Condominium Casas Jardim. Lagoa | Azores | 2009-2011 IN PROJECT

The conceptualisation of this urban project was inspired by the topographical and visual characteristics of the location. We highlight the ground floor (living room + garage) with its Azorean black basaltic stone that contrasts with the white orthogonal spaces of the first floor + roof|terrace that are opened through spans and visual arrangements.

MB of Almargem do Bispo. Almargem do Bispo | Sintra | 2009

multiusos-de-almargem-do-bispo STUDY PHASE

To provide the parish of Almargem do Bispo, located north of the municipality of Sintra, with a vibrant public space and multipurpose building for social and cultural activities in the urban area of the locality. The car storage facility of the parish was selected as the site for the new equipment. With this multifunctional module that will be used for social and recreational activities we intend to generate a new exterior image of the existing building.

New Airport terminal of Corvo Island of Corvo | Azores | 2012

INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION nova-aerogare-da-ilha-do-corvo

The project proposes that a new airport be built in the existing grounds through their extension in an eastern direction and the concentration of all services and support structures in one area. The objective is to make the new airport of the island of Corvo a notable and organic public space that has as its scenario the southern slopes of Vila do Corvo.

New Basic Integrated School. Island of São Jorge | Azores | 2011

PUBLIC COMPETITION escola-basica-integrada-ebs-das-velas Our project proposes the interweaving of different spaces and sectors, bearing in mind school groupings, programmatic specificities and the use of compartments. A system wherein formal and informal spaces are intertwined is thus assured. We highlight the various recreational spaces that the school provides and we emphasise our concern for functional and programmatic needs.

Museum Santiago Ydanêz. Puente de Génave | Spain | 2010


The project sought to relate 3 concepts that engendered the whole process of investigation and analysis, which correspond to 3 phases of development. 01 - Urban Pan; 02 - Architectonic Proposal; 3 Organic Volume. The programme is divided into three floors that embody two guiding principles: the regeneration of the old factory of La Vicaria and the northward extension of the museum.

Sports and Leisure Park.

lâmina de cobertura 5m x 75m

Ribeira Grande | Azores | 2008

estacionamento 12m x 78m

PS The concept of the project is materialised in a structure that anchors the building to the terrain, comprising 5 programmatic strips that extend longitudinally. 1: parking zone. 2: belvedere + park services. 3: sports and access zone. 4:playground+ amphitheatre. 5: leisure are + equipment.





faixa de acesso pedonal 2,5m x 100m faixa de acesso pedonal 10m x 100m

faixa programática 5m x 90m área de lazer e equipamentos 2,5m x 75m estrutura de apoio do parque |5m x 70m [áreas de apoio, zona de bar, sanitários instalações, temporárias, área técnica área de arrumos e armazém].

Residences Pátios Verdes. Ponta Delgada | Azores | 2007-2008 PS | LP The proposed building consists of a multifamily residence, divided in two residential modules. Module 01 (2 floors with typology T2+T3, reduced mobility + interior patio). Module 02 (2 floors with typology T2+T2 with an exterior area). Both modules total comprise 20 flats. Residences with access to a green area on floor 0 that is directly linked to the living room and kitchen, benefiting from the southward sea view.

Cet. of Studies Natália Correia. Ponta Delgada | Azores | 2007-2008 PS | LP | EP The project for the Centre of Studies Natália Correia, in Fajã de Baixo, proposes the insertion of a building in the urban centre of this parish with a visual relation with the garden and church entrance to the east and with its street facade on Rua do Monte, to the north.

C. piso 1

B. piso 0

A. base

Terraces of Santa Maria. Santa Maria | Azores | 2007-2008 PS | LP The project embodied three principles, in accordance with the architectural programme and the nature of the site: 1) residences that would relate to the surrounding landscape; 2) the possibility of experiencing the exterior space of the residences and; 3)establishing an equilibrium between the existing urban context and the new building.

Gallery São João. Ponta Delgada | Azores | 2007 PS | LP | EP The project consisted in the remodelling of an art gallery and an antiques shop. Two thematic/programmatic areas are inserted in the same commercial space with a total area of 280m2 for an art gallery (with 120m2) and an antiques shop (with 140m2). This commercial area is located in the historical centre of Ponta Delgada at the new sub-terraneous car park in Largo São João.

House Mário Rui. Santa Maria | Azores | 2007









The remodelling of a residence in Vila do Porto, on the island of Santa Maria, was the point of departure to explore two concepts: that of "skin" (coating) and structure. The proposal is based on the introduction of a "skin" (coating), an element that covers all of the surfaces of the house. The vertical metallic surface creates an image that has a constant rhythm.




Building TagusPark Lot 31. Oeiras | Lisbon | 2006-2007 PS | LP The aim is to restore the existing structure and adjoin a new L-shaped building. This conjunction is designated as the principal building and has a total construction area of 15.136m2. The concept that inspired this project was the creation of a park | garden of large proportions where the different parts of the architectural programme are integrated and related to each other: the principal building and the independent buildings.

MasterPlan Resort in Peral. Peral | Évora | 2006 PS Two new proposals were elaborated for Zone 1 (Casas do Degebe, in the eastern side of the property, close to rio Degebe) and Zone 2 (Casa dos Álamos, adjoining area to Monte da Figueira, with a preexisting link to Bacia dos Álamos) taking into consideration the nature of the place, its modular wooded topography and the river|bay background.

Hotel Guarajuba. Baía | Brazil | 2005 PS In the 1960's, Brazilian architecture introduced modern styles and architectonic scales. This was the point of departure for the conceptualisation of Hotel Guarajuba: inserted into an area that is equal to 100 football stadiums and with an enviable environmental and fluvial richness, this colossal structure includes an hotel, services, restaurants and a conference centre, totalling 5500 m2.

Caiano Housing. Figueira da Foz | Coimbra | 2004 PS Modernising and preserving the current architectonic characteristics of the old, memory-laden, military barracks enables the introduction of new functions, such as a public spaces, tourism park, quality restaurant and a residential building.

Final Thesis. Lisbon | 2004-2005 URBAN PROJECT This project was about formulating the architectural programme and managing the territory and buildings that surround the construction area. Its tensions and relations should be identified and regarded as the matter of spatial composition and interlinked with the proposals of the project. In the proposal, the construction of a residential, commercial, restaurant and services areas in the area Belém Ajuda should be considered.

New Auditorium - D.Estefânia.

Cultural and Historical Centre.

Lisbon | 2005

Sintra | 2005



Project for the new auditorium of hospital Dona Estefânia, a conceptual proposal that explores the possibility of a new multifaceted public space with a reception area, an auditorium and a meeting room. Team formed by 4 architecture student. Two weeks were allotted for the conceptual development of the project.

This project is a zig-zag-like transition between built and natural spaces, easily accessible by foot and connected to the village. It extends throughout the construction area and provides sightseeing equipment in points of interest for the observation and study of the natural landscape.


Architect | Managing Partner Manages, with architect Vanessa de Sá, the firm NEW Studio Architects, in the city of Ponta Delgada. The studio...

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