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Give your online advertising a makeover Pictela is an award-winning marketing platform for the world’s top brands. Our units hold an unlimited amount of photos, videos, text, animations, and applications for distribution through online advertising and social media. Every Pictela ad includes a stage for high definition content, captioning, support for full screen, and sharing of the unit directly to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Pictela’s creative approach Pictela is a revolutionary new way to develop rich media campaigns. Key characteristics of the units and platform include: Branding • Pictela units can include an unlimited number of brand assets, including high resolution photos, high definition video, text and applications. • Assets can be swapped out and refreshed at any point during a campaign. Every unit is updated instantly without any re-trafficking of tags. Pictela can also pull in brand contents dynamically via XML feeds. • Pictela units support third party click and impression tags, including Dart and Atlas. • Pictela greatly streamlines the creative production process. Brand assets are uploaded once to the platform – and all units, including Facebook – are automatically produced by the system. User experience • Pictela units generate an interaction rate 3 times higher than standard rich media units. • A remarkable 10 - 15% of people who engage with a Pictela unit view every asset. • Pictela supports robust geographic and demographic targeting, delivering different brand experiences from each kind of targeting. Functionality • Every Pictela ad unit can be shared to Facebook and Twitter. • Every unit supports full screen functionality. • Support for 720p high definition video in full-screen mode. Page integration • Pictela units contain highly engaging brand content that often matches the value of editorial content. • Pictela units can live both in advertising inventory and the middle of the page. Publishers like Hearst are using Pictela units to hold “sponsored content” packages that are placed in editorial. Adoption • In 2010, Pictela became the first rich media technology to be certified by all three portals (AOL, Microsoft and Yahoo!) in over half a decade. • Pictela is distributed by over 30 major publishers across thousands of web sites including Time Inc., Hearst, Viacom, Conde Nast, Demand Media, Glam Media, Undertone, Scripps,, Rodale, Pandora, Maxim, Meredith and more.

Copyright © 2011, Pictela, Inc. All rights reserved. February 2011

“ Pictela puts the art into online advertising.”

— Wenda Harris Millard, President & COO, Medialink


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