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February 15-28, 2014

The next 14 days in the world’s greatest city

Hello Beirut... Pizza. Quite possibly the world’s favourite food and one of ours too. Nobody likes shelling out for a lukewarm, tasteless mess of plastic cheese and burnt bread, do they? That’s why we sent our fast-fattening editors and photographers on a round trip of pizza places, finding the absolute best one to order in each. So, when you have that feeling of wanting to get lost in oodles of mozzarella, thick tomato sauce and soft, crunchy dough you’ll know exactly where to go. I’m salivating already! Nehme Abouzeid, Publisher

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C U NXT SAT continues to feel jaded - in a good way! TOB sits down with superstar DJ Jade. p.52


Fresh refreshments at Floyd the Dog. p.22


Seekers of psychedelia look no further. p.42


‘The Past’ making the present a better place p.46


City snapshots with Humans of Lebanon. p.6

Calling Doctor Feelgood: Dottore

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Toiletries to clean up your relationship

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From Russia with love

Keeping perspective: Don’t let controversy kill the games


hile the slopes at home might continue to disappoint this year with the warm weather keeping the piste firmly closed, we can at least turn our attention to Russia and the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, that is if controversy doesn’t get in the way. It ‘came out’ that Vancouver Olympic vet Jackie Chamoun had modelled topless for a freely available Austrian ski calendar alongside a number of other athletes (both men and women) after the last winter Olympics back in 2011. Despite not actually showing that

BE I RUT L O VES… Sharing #Valentine’s Day God, people just aren’t contented to go off and be couple-y for a night in silence, they have to go rub it in all our faces by tweeting about it! Tweeting @AmandaFlowersLB For the latest developments in the Lebanese flower market, or to find out how to get decent arrangements delivered, the Geitawi favourite is worth checking out. Following @BeaconReader
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much of herself, it whipped up a storm that diverted the attention away from what we should all be doing – supporting our team. Chamoun apologised over any offence caused by the photos that were taken in Faraya by Austrian-Mexican skier, prince, photographer and general man-about-town Hubertus von Hohenlohe. It’s not that the images came out, it’s just that people actually Googled her name when we heard she was in this Olympics and up the pics came (alongside an interview about it by NBC Olympics last year).

The real story here should be that 18 year old team-mate Alex Mohbat says he has a shot at getting into the top 50, which when you consider that the best skiers in the world are competing this will be no mean feat. On top of that the real controversy should be that a lack of funding means that both this year’s entrants have real difficulties staying pro which means that neither can devote the kind of time to the sport their rivals will have. So let’s all forget the controversies and get behind our crack team this month!


Dresses to impress These days no Golden Globes, Oscars or Grammys ceremony can happen without a creation of Elie Saab’s being in attendance, but other local names are starting to make more appearances and rank alongside the high-designers of haute couture. Among them is Dina El Jisr of Dina JSR, the Lebanese boutique which produces garments in France, and dressed French actress Reem Kherici for 19th Annual ‘Cérémonie des Prix Lumières’ in Paris this January. Other soonto-be household names include the young Rani Zakhem, whose dresses have already been worn by Maria Menounos, the US TV presenter/parttime wrestler, and Kaley Cuoco of the sit-com The Big Bang Theory this year. Designer Zuhair Murad has also dressed many including Miley Cyrus back in 2012 in a flowing gown (pre shaved-head, tongue out, twerking days). Lebanon’s Randa Salamoun also got some accidental advertising when, at this year’s Grammys, when one of the most popular dresses in attendance was wrongly attributed to her.

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Beirut Beat

Try something new

Pretty the nation Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it


ack in 2010, New York based Brandon Stanton started the photography blog Humans of New York. Within a short time he had taken over 6000 portraits of the people that fill up one of the most vibrant and happening cities on earth. Alongside each image Stanton started collecting quotes, short stories or ideas from his subjects, which appeared alongside the portrait giving an evocative voice to ordinary New Yorkers in their daily lives. But what has all this to do with Beirut, we hear you ask? Well HONY spawned dozens of spin-offs including our very own Humans of Lebanon. HOL, founded by Mher Krikorian, Karim Sakr and Joey Ayoub, is creating a crowdsourced archive of a city in flux, from lunching ladies to a wizened old man, these images are as captivating and evocative as Stanton’s and are submitted by photography enthusiasts on any format. At TOB we have always been fans of street photography (check our shopping and lifestyle section for proof) so we wanted to see some of your work. So send us your images, we’ll pass them on to the guys at HOL and also print a few of the best ones in our next issue. Sound good? Good. Email: james@ontimepublishing.com Facebook: Humans of Lebanon


Three alternatives to sex toys Snickers in the bedroom: controversial or ‘spot’ on?


Although today’s keys are much more sophisticated, I’m grateful some customers do still use the older kinds of keys. Without them, I’d be jobless

 Jaï-mazing Asian in Beirut. You guys were spreading our food critic’s write up.



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A rubbish issue? What flooded our streets with garbage? A lot of you were reading about our flooded streets


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TIME OUT Reporter interview

The inside story

Online space for LGBT community Behind a vale of secrecy the Middle East’s LGBT community find a safe space for open online discussion

Not another rubbish issue! We’ve been swamped in the stuff but now a solution may be in the works If you noticed a few weeks ago that rubbish piled up in our streets because of a protest over at al-Nehmeh dump, you might also have also noticed that we talked about it in the last magazine. So, here at TOB rather than let the issue get thrown out like yesterdays news, we wanted to keep on the story. Well, lo and behold we have come across a guy who might actually have something of a solution to our trash woes and turn a few lights on in the process. Lebanese chemist and inventor, Jamil Rima, has come up with a new kind of incinerator which can turn more or less anything to a pile of usable

coal in as little as 15 minutes. ‘With all the garbage piling up, people started demanding action’ Rima lamented at a public display of his new machine in late January. This new incinerator exposes waste to heat of over 400 degrees Celsius and high pressure before a catalyst is added to stimulate the reaction producing a substance that looks (and apparently is) a lot like coal. Really, he put in a bag of rubbish and took out coal that could then be used to power industry or even power stations. So it’s worth mentioning that at this stage the whole process is still in development and that the working incinerator is about the

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size of a large dustbin but, Rima says, there are plans in the works for plants based on his concept that will be able to solve the power and waste woes of not only Lebanon, but potentially the world. Bold claims from a system that is, as yet, unproven, but if successful it could be some exciting stuff.

There is an online forum which, for over a year now, has been offering a safe space for the Middle East’s LGBT community to discuss issues affecting them, and it’s gaining quite a following. Ahwaa.org offers an anonymous, personal space for LGBT persons and those interested in participating in discussions on issues that affect them, to share ideas, problems and anything else that comes to mind. The conversations range from the great to the everyday, with article titles ranging from ‘lesbian poetry’ to ‘living at home vs. alone’ or ‘where do gay rights come in the Arab protests?’ There are threads that cover nearly everything that might affect people across the Middle East and elsewhere. A home for discussion is certainly a step forward for the LGBT community in a region where the topic of same sex relationships is often considered controversial. Yes, attitudes in some areas are shifting but as the sites founder, Esra’a Al Shafei, stated recently ‘deep societal changes don’t happen overnight, and in the meantime LGBT persons in the region are trying to find support from fellow queers and straight allies. And this is what Ahwaa is all about.’

PIZZA HUNT Here they are, Beirut: ten of the top pizzerias in town, no matter which way you slice it

The long, large windows flood the floor of this laid-back eatery with natural light giving a lofty, airy feel. ‘We’re not a trattoria, not a pizzeria, not really a bistro,’ says the owner, Dany Aprat, ‘We don’t want to be one thing, we want to be known for good food, that’s it’. Suddenly our table is groaning under the weight of a dozen pizzas that arrive glistening and hot from the oven. The focca-tina stands between a pizza and a bruschetta, its base is crispy and snaps in our fingers while the top is a slick of smooth tomato, dolloped with fresh soft burrata cheese, each of which has half a sweet cherry 10 For more reviews, listings and bookings go to timeoutbeirut.com

tomato nestling atop. The centre is taken up with a fistful of crunchy rocket, and the whole ensemble is drizzled with balsamic reduction which gives the sweet/sour tangy combination of flavours that made this an absolute winner. We swiftly followed this with the Pizza Bianca. A creamy, woody mix of fior di latte mozzarella cheese, truffle infused ham, truffle oil and boletus mushrooms all layered over a white creamy sauce. It was a truly decadent and extraordinary pizza. Tavolina (01 442244) Mar Mikhael. Focca-tina LL38,000

If you’ve just come out of the Ferrari shop having splashed half a million on a new 458 Italia the next bit of Italian design you’ll want will be a pizza. Luckily the restaurant Fiona’s is literally next door to the supercar outlet and has recently started serving Italy’s national dish. The interior is dark, with a wooden ceiling, stone floor and brickwork that give a rustic feeling to the place. We thought we’d try the humble margherita to see how they dealt with the most simple of pizzas. While we waited we had ample time to peruse the interior and inspect the various cranial imagery adorning the walls. When the pizza came at last it was bursting with fresh rocket and shards of drifting parmesan, floating in this sea of salad. The crust was as thin as the waiter’s smile, as was the tomato base, but liberal lashings of the delicious chili lubricated and brought out some rather unusual and exciting flavours. (01 985825) Gouraud Str, Saifi Village. Margherita LL28,000

The enormous pavilion-like structure that is Villagio somehow conjures the feeling of an eternal summer – broad wooden beams and endless windowpanes light up five great hulking iron chandeliers. How pleasant, we thought, because there’s no season better for a spot of Italy’s finest. Here you’ll find a range of attractive pizzas which are fired gently in a rather industrial-looking but sincerely authentic wood burning pizza-oven behind the bar facing out onto the expanse of our sunny dining room. Provider of some of the city’s best vegetarian option pizzas, the pizza alle verdine grigliate is heaving under a concoction of tender grilled courgettes, aubergines, mushrooms and peppers, while the calzone was certainly not your usual. Strangely smoother than normal, thanks to the fresh cream, mozzarella, parmesan and lack of tomato sauce, the spinach lends a subtlety as well as being a hearty filling in itself. For the more carnivorous amongst you try the pizza con bresaola, a mountain of cured beef medallions covering a thicket of fresh rocket accompanied by thick triangles of parmesan. (71 090968) Fakhredine, Kantari. Pizza alle verdine grigliate LL24,000 12 For more reviews, listings and bookings go to timeoutbeirut.com

The fuel for the wood fired oven is stacked up along one wall and the others are a simple white, with clean lines. This pizzeria is modern whilst retaining a nod to its roots in Naples. The pizza dough is firm, crispy and exceedingly thin. Our pesto al Genovese accompanied the classic tomato sauce with pesto and then added layers of mozzarella, black olives, pine nuts and (importantly) brie. The nuts gave crunchy explosions to the soft topping and the brie added a strong rich aroma to the taste. The subtle additions of these along with the pesto made this a pizza which had us reaching for another slice (no mean feat after the amount we had eaten over the last week). What followed was a dessert Nutella pizza, remarkable enough on its own to warrant going back. Similar to a crêpe in make-up but rolled in thin dough that makes a firm, crumbly crescent of chocolate accompanied by fresh cut strawberries and soft ice-cream. True it’s maybe not the most imaginative creation, but that doesn’t spoil the taste. Nonna (01 333082) Abdel Wahab El Inglizi Str, Monot. Pesto al Genovese LL23,750

With enticing pickled spiced peaches luring you in you won’t be disappointed with what Margherita has to offer. An extensive menu boasting all the best dishes from the Mediterranean boot and a magnificent pizza oven in full view as you enter the restaurant hint at authenticity. You can watch the chef as he kneads the dough and sprinkles on your toppings with the air of a seasoned pro. The mushroom and prosciutto was delectable, a mastery in the blend of flavours, each complimenting one another and creating a bungabunga orgy of taste in the mouth. The mushrooms were juicy and succulent and the ham a salty string binding the pizza together. The ingredients clung onto the base with a firm grip and the crust, while thick, provided a tasty and edible handle to grasp on to. (01 560480) Gourard Str, Gemmayzeh. Margherita LL21,000


Having a party? Then pick up the pocket sized parcel pizzas. Pizza Cups, a new invention that turns the delicious into the dainty, come in all kinds of flavours, from classics such as margherita and pepperoni to the more unusual varieties such as Lebanon’s very own soujouk or the spicy Mexican with a traffic light of peppers. (79188831) info@pizza-cups. com. From LL20,000 for a dozen

The word pizza, as it is currently spelled, was used to describe both sweet and salty pies in the Middle Ages, but took the form that we are now familiar with in pre-Renaissance Naples, a large city in central Italy. Olio’s authentic pizzerias have tradition at its heart and is a highly successful chain across Lebanon targets a mid to high-level clientele. They serve more than 1.4 tons of fresh mozzarella a month so you know they must be doing something right. We tried the Berti with buffalo mozzarella, which came excellently presented with a bed of fresh rocket topped with cherry tomatoes. The crust was a perfect thickness as was the base. Liberally dressed with oil, the pizza has buffalo mozzarella that comes apart in mouth-watering strings of steaming flavour. If you are ever at this restaurant, or even ordering in, it is definitely worth spending a few extra on the Berti. (01 345703) Nahhas Bldg, Ibrahim Abdel Aal Str, Hamra. Berti LL23,000 For more reviews, listings and bookings go to timeoutbeirut.com 13

Everybody who’s worth their salt knows that pizza originates from Naples and that for the most authentic and delicious it’s there that you should head. But that’s not to say other regions of Italy don’t have a proud tradition of making possibly the world’s most popular dish, and here’s one you won’t find again in a hurry. Totò, the rustcoloured restaurant that sits bizarrely askew on Armenia Street is one of Mar Mikhael’s finest Italians, and they’ve brought to Beirut a pizza with a particular difference – Puglian. The base from this region is notable for its rigidity, keeping all the toppings firmly in place, and it is Totò’s personal belief that no pizza should be eaten with a knife and fork – half the fun is using your hands! The bread holds true when you pick it up that it is as if you’re eating the very plate the pizza comes on. This dough is simple, digestible and certainly won’t bloat, using just flour, salt, water and yeast. Another trick you won’t find elsewhere is the pizza al metro, a pizza stretched a metre long that even the hungriest of you won’t make a dent in, so friends, family and fat dates are recommended. There is space enough for a combination of three different pizzas, so you can hop from, say, the margherita buffala with soft aromatic chunks of buffalo mozzarella to the Italiano, with its fresh rocket, cherry tomatoes and broad thin shavings of parmesan, as much as your heart desires. (01 566991) Armenia Str, Mar Mikhael. Pizza al metro LL90,000

Still hungry? Pizza cups come as desserts too – caramelised nuts, cheese cake and chocolate tart miniature pizzas can be ordered to your very own home, to make every event extra sweet. (79188831) info@pizza-cups.com. From LL20,000 for a dozen

There is nowhere more reminiscent of the old country in Beirut than Bread Republic. From the low stone doorway through to the dining room and the wooden tables set tight together in the dimly lit room, taken up on one side by the ovens and open bar kitchen. Walid, the owner, stands tall and broad looking like a partisan just come in from the hills. This place, like its owner, doesn’t need to compete, ‘You’ve come here looking for the top 10 pizzas in Beirut?’ asked Walid. The man clearly doesn’t need to big up his dishes, he’ll let them do the talking. The pizza is hot, fresh, bursting with flavour – totally un-pretentious. Our fennel sausage pizza has a crispy base; a layer of bursting tomato, which complements the smoky sausage, and the fennel has infused the whole topping. The cheese, potato (a novel addition) and the tomato all taste of the smokey meat. The caramelised onion, however, stands out as a sweet sentinel contrasting the meaty fennel; they combine to fight across your palate like the warring city-states of old Italy. It’s a pizza that tastes like a sheaf of long lost opera score: racing crescendos and competing choruses in a nostalgic mix of the rustic and the refined. Bread Republic (01 201520) Furn-El-Hayek, Achrafieh. Fennel sausage pizza LL22,500 14 For more reviews, listings and bookings go to timeoutbeirut.com

When a restaurant serves 78 (78!) varieties of pizza you expect the quality to be either industrially dire or reassuringly fabulous. Luckily, at Italian eatery Gigi we have the latter, where great taste and truly great value come hand in hand. The breathtakingly long selection is broken down into different categories. Goloba takes each ingredient as it comes, avoiding over-complication for those who believe simplicity is the best. Amore divides pizzas by regions of Italy, while Star is filled with pizzas inspired by famous Italians, trying to capture their personalities in a few fresh ingredients. Seafood lovers should head straight for the XXXX, crisply combining large meaty prawns and, surprisingly delicious, aromatic florets of broccoli over a rich tomato sauce. The primavera is our pick of the veggies, the artichokes are succulent and delicious, with halved cherry tomatoes adding extra punch and freshness. And if you’re starving? The calzone, resembling a great wooden clog brimming with melted cheese and spinach is strangely subtle in taste, as well as ferociously filling. (01 289024) Beirut City Center Mall, Hazmieh. Carlo Ponte LL26,500


Ever wondered what eating pizza in a faux-Venetian villa a la Las Vegas in Beirut would be like? Then look no further than Venezia, the Hilton Hotel’s grandiose Italian with a touch of Nevada-style kitsch. Quite possibly the best pizza available around Sin El Fil, there is a sense of fun that accompanies the place, from the bridge over a little pond at the entrance to the renaissance-style adornings in its extensive interior. Since Italian chef Paolo Rocco took over in July, Venezia has upped its game and the pizzas reflect this. Not the thinnest of bases, though in Italian style nonetheless, the bresaolo pizza is the pick of the bunch, with lashings of beef, rocket and parmesan. The devilish diavola is littered with spicy sausage while the vegetariana is generously smothered in ripe peppers and onions. Though not the largest of pizzas they are in fact wonderfully filling, so you won’t find yourself unsatisfied at the end of your dinner. Metropolitan Palace Hilton (01 496666) Dmitri Hayek Str, Horsh Tabet. Bresaola pizza LL35,000 For more reviews, listings and bookings go to timeoutbeirut.com 15


George interview Clooney

THE MONUMENTAL MAN George Clooney talks about his new film The Monuments Men

Why did you want to make this movie? Grant [Heslov] and I make a lot of cynical films, that’s kind of what we like doing. But we thought, what if we did one that just wasn’t so mean-spirited? It would be nice to not have to live in a really rotten world all the time! [Laughs] And we thought this was a fun one to do. The book The Monuments Men isn’t fiction but it does seem to be a great movie premise: a group of guys ill-equipped and, frankly, too old to be soldiers band together on a mission to save some of the world’s greatest art. Yeah, we were surprised it was such a good fit

for a movie. I mean, I remembered THE TRAIN [John Frankenheimer’s 1964 WW2 film about a German soldier smuggling stolen art on a train] though that was such a specific story about this French art, but I’d seen THE RAPE OF EUROPA[2006 documentary about Nazi plundering of looted art] years ago so I knew something about that. I remembered that Hitler bombed a lot of England but part of the reason he didn’t bomb Paris was

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because he wanted the art, that he was stealing art and hiding it in mines. I remembered that part of it. Then we started looking at it and it’s like he stole all the art. I mean, he stole millions of pieces. Big pieces and important pieces of art. Many of your previous movies as director have had relatively small budgets. This has a bigger scale and expense and is aiming for a broader audience. Does that bring additional pressures? Oh yeah, always. The more

It’s the biggest movie we’ve ever done by far

money you spend, the more pressure. I mean, it’s that simple. This isn’t crazy expensive and it’s split between two studios. When all is said and done, we did this at a good price. But it’s big. It’s the biggest movie we’ve ever done by far. We did GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK for under seven million dollars and the pressures are always there. They just get louder the more expensive you get. But you should have heard the conversations about GRAVITY a year ago when we were doing our first set of reshoots. “This is an 80 million dollar art film!” But now I think they’re happy. So we get the pressure. We understand what’s going on. And we acted very responsibly with the money. Did you have many of the cast in mind when you were writing the script? Yeah, most of them actually. And it’s so much easier to write it when you think about who these guys are. Bill, for example, it’s really easy to go, “Oh, I know what to do here.” And, sometimes, also to write away from what people think of them. Bill has one of the most dramatic scenes he’ll probably ever have, with his (character’s) daughter in the film. It’s a beautiful scene and, as I say, sometimes writing away from things that an actor’s known for, but knowing them and knowing what they can do, can be fun. The scenes between Bill Murray and Bob Balaban seem to have a lot of humor. Oh yeah, Bill just gives him a hard time constantly and then just keeping them in the same frame is fun too because Bill is 6’3” and Bob’s 5’3”. Although the film has its lighter moments, there are some heavy underlying themes in there too, about the legacy of art and culture. Was that always part of the focus for you? I think we always knew what the theme had to be; the underlying

thing had to be that this art, this world, is really important and without it, culture is gone. The question really is, “Is art worth a life?” And, in some ways, it has to be worth it. Because people died for it, for what it means, for what these pieces of art mean to so many other people. Because it’s our history. Before we had iPhones or whatever to record everything, this is how we recorded our history. And without it, you take away…well, you see it in Iraq when we don’t protect the museums how terrible it is that this history is destroyed, and this culture is destroyed. Does this theme of the movie, the legacy of art, touch on your own career in a way – do you see the movies you’re making now as an attempt to create your own legacy? I think it’s been our way for years now to try and make movies that last beyond an opening weekend, yes. I’m not getting rich off of these movies but they stick around a while. This and UP IN THE AIR, you just go down the list of the things we’ve been doing, THE IDES OF MARCH… we’re doing these because we like telling stories. We’re not getting loaded off of them – they’re not designed for that. Nothing’s stopping us from doing big movies where they open big and you could make a lot of money. But it’s not really our interest. And when you’re 70 years old and you sit down and they do that dinner for you, do you want them to say, “Oh he had nine films open at number one” or do you want those films to be viewed by someone flipping a channel or a computer 10 years from now saying, “Oh man, I like that movie!” Does it hold up? That’s what matters.

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Food & Drink

Edited by Dan Hilton dan@ontimepublishing.com

Food & Drink



An all new Italian in the heart of Hamra Dottore, that means… Doctor in Italian, exactly right! But you don’t have to be a professor or a medic for the title over there, any old fool with a degree is known as ‘dottore,’ as well as being used as a term of respect.

with a brickwork wood-burning pizza oven and cured meats suspended on the wall. Photos of classic Italian vehicles such as vespas and a cinquecento overlook a splattering of intimate wood and marble topped tables.

So I guess that means this is an Italian restaurant. How did you guess? Strangely enough Hamra is rather empty of Italian restaurants compared to everywhere else in central Beirut, so this comes as a welcome addition.

Sounds rather romantic, how’s the food? Would I take a date? The simple, fresh and delicious food is good enough to take anyone from your date to your gran – there’s something for everyone on this menu. The insalata di burrata is fabulously fresh. Burrata is such a simple, light cheese that you really taste the excellent oil drizzled over it, as well as the bright little cherry tomatoes beneath it. If looking for something warming in these winter months, look to some of their baked dishes, such as the crispoline aglia spinacio. Great bushes of spinach are wrapped in flatbread, smothered in creamy sauce

What’s it like then? A Renaissance palazzo or a gleaming white marble temple? No, no, this is a simple, homely and cosy trattoria that has its roots firmly in the unfussy everyday local places that can be found across Italy. On one side there’s a splendid retro wooden bar,

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and served scalding hot. There’s a range of classic pizzas, but our recommendation for a main would definitely be the scallopine di vitello al limone. Sliced veal (don’t look at us like that) that’s more tender and juicy than we’ve had in Beirut for some time, is brought to you with a fabulously authentic smooth lemon sauce that’s so good we could quite frankly eat on its own. I love tiramisu, is there tiramisu? Yes, of course there is, and pannacotta too. This is an Italian restaurant for god’s sake. (03 171316) Antoine Gemayel Str, Hamra

Food & Drink ��� (79 101541) Bliss Str, Hamra Pockets of prettiness are more often than not reserved for the wealthy here in Beirut, but not so at this student-friendly café with an Egyptian twist. Down a distinctly unlovely back alley off Bliss Street Kushari Society, a light, colourful hangout with a large terrace hums gently with activity. Light pastel colours are sprinkled over the whitewash interior and a large, wooden decked terrace and a theme of recycling seems to be present – the light bulbs and glasses are re-used jam jars. A small, pointed menu is centred around one particular dish


– the Kushari. An Egyptian staple, it’s a combination of rice, pasta, hummous, lentils, fried onions and special sauce. Although resembling something a teenager might make when left home alone for a weekend, it’s actually rather nice, though not bursting with flavour, and for LL8,000 we’re certainly not complaining. Accompanied by the tooth-tingling lemonade with mint and a fresh rocca salad sprinkled with sumac, this is a most satisfying and affordable meal. Meal for two with drinks: LL32,000 THE BOTTOM LINE Cheap and cheerful Egyptian classic.

Something sweet RAFIC AL RASHIDI A corner shop that is wildly popular thanks to the abundance of traditional Arabic sweets and its signature knefeh, laden with sugar syrup. (01 398800) Monot Str, Monot

PAUL The quality of this patisserie cannot be denied, despite being the same world-over. Elegant cakes and pastries in the French tradition. (01 999123) Foch Str, Downtown

OSLO A darling, brightly lit gelateria with ice cream they insist was ‘made in heaven.’ The truth of this we cannot ascertain, but it certainly tastes that way. (03 369313) Armenia Str, Mar Mikhael

ALPINA A real Hamra institution, come this way for trays laden with tiny, perfect chocolates and marzipan shaped like fruit – all beautifully gift-wrapped. (01 344846) Ibrahim Abdel Aziz Str, Hamra

���� (01 750480) Abdel Aziz Str, Hamra ‘I’m very impressed with your choices’ Abu Naim’s bespectacled proprietor with a broad smile told us. Joy! But he can’t have been nearly as impressed as we were with the sumptuous Lebanese classics he served. First up were the cold slices of lamb brain. Even the squeamish amidst you would melt at one taste of this soft delicacy – smothered in fine oil they were beautifully spiced with zataar, sumac and parsley. The arayes arrived like a saucer of flying saucers, gentle ever-so-slightly singed pastry parcels secreting explosively flavoured mincemeat within. Next up were the chicken livers with pomegranate. Mindbogglingly swollen (where did they find these monstrous chickens?)

they lacked the overwhelming taste and texture that one often finds and we devoured them mercilessly. A still, regular-laden oasis deep in Hamra, Abu Naim’s simple, unfussy décor with waiting room vibes is testament to the focus on food. Meal for two with drinks: LL71,000 THE BOTTOM LINE Delicious delicacies in a casual corner.


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Food & Drink

ROLLING PINS As the name suggests this boutique pastry shop is the perfect spot to pick up all sorts of sweet baked goods. (01 333532) Abed Al Wahab Str, Achrafieh

Food & Drink

Food & Drink

We’re used to French imports here in Lebanon, from the word ‘merci’ to the plethora of bistros, the historical relationship between the nations can be seen everywhere. Here, however, we have a rather unusual import – a Lebanese restaurant. Liza burst onto the Paris scene back in 2003, delighting the French and the Lebanese diaspora alike with its self-styled contemporary Lebanese cuisine. Now, years later, the founder Liza Soughayeur has brought the concept to Beirut and we for one are delighted that she did. Liza has set up shop in an astonishingly beautifully renovated old Achrafieh villa. Important original touches such as the sumptuous screen and

slightly worn ornate tiles are kept firmly in place, while touches of modernisation such as the

blown-up antique lira note covering a wall keep the décor as fresh as the food. And what food it is. There is a dizzying array of classic mezze of great quality and sensible portions, while some dishes are served with a slight twist, for instance kafta cooked with soujouk spices. The restaurant is vast, each room as elegant as the next, brilliantly bright during the day thanks to the large oriental windows and nicely bustling in the evenings. If you’re a fan of a Sunday brunch (who isn’t?) then we heavily recommend it here, you’d be hard pushed to find a more refined setting. (01 208108) Doumani Str, Achrafieh




For those of you feeling especially butch on a Tuesday night, see how much beer and how many wings you can stuff in your fat gob from 6pm-2am at this stylish rooftop bar. Rooj (76 595252) Golden Tulip Hotel, Abed Al Aziz Str, Hamra. LL33,000

Tour the spice markets of Asia in this all-encompassing allinclusive extravaganza. Try anything from hot aromatic curries from India to creamy and zesty Thai noodles. Olive Garden (01 371888) Gefinor Rotana, Clemenceau Str, Hamra. $40

Sushi is so delicate that trying to eat as much as one possibly can seems especially crass. Luckily we are crass, and we love sushi. A healthier buffet you won’t find. WOK W.O.K. (01 357357) Phoenicia Hotel, Minet El Hosn, $45

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Food & Drink D R I N K H E R E N O W. . . Sometimes the classics are the best, and sometimes the best are made even better with just the tiniest of adjustments. As any discerning alcohol enthusiast will tell you a gin and tonic is a mighty fine aperitif. Whether sipping them on your balcony in the sun or downing on a sleek and sexy yacht in the baking heat (we bloody wish), England’s national drink can be relied upon for late afternoon

Food & Drink

MOMO AT THE SOUKS Smart, stylish and as tasteful as the Souks it inhabits, this resto-lounge serves some of Downtown’s very best cocktails, as well as some majestic Moroccan food. (01 999767) Beirut Souks, Downtown

HIPNOTIC If you’ve somehow missed the white posters all over town exclaiming $10 OPEN BAR MONDAY & WEDNESDAY then you must be blind. Or drunk. (07 794962) Gouraud Str, Gemmayzeh

DE PRAGUE We weren’t fooled by their fake closing – were you? Well, it certainly created a hype over this already popular trendy, art deco, hipster-friendly bar. (01 744864) Makdessi Str, Hamra

PACIFICO Rocking Monot since the 1990s (back in the heady days when Monot was party-central). Serves a glorious range of familiar and not-so-familiar Caribbean food. (01 204446) Monot Str, Monot

ABBEY ROAD With its gloriously cheap happy hour (70% off!) and scuffed up walls, Abbey Road is about as far from St John’s Wood as you can get – but who cares? (01 570118) Armenia Str, Mar Mikhael 22 For more reviews, listings and bookings go to timeoutbeirut.com

refreshment of the highest degree. Imagine then, a drink that brings new nuances to this old favourite. Down at Mar Mikhael’s newest hole-in-the-wall bar, Floyd the Dog (named after a dog that’s named after a wrestler) barman Kassen al Masri has conjured up Floyd the drink (so a drink, named after a bar, that’s named after a dog that’s named after a wrestler), that’s a crisp combination of gin,

tonic, cucumber and jalapeños. Like an English garden soiree with salacious gossip doing the rounds, the breezy combo has unexpected, but not unpleasant venom. So take a perch at the window seat in this stylish new spot and wait for the chili to kick in. Floyd the Dog (03 286596) Armenia Str, Mar Mikhael. LL13,000

Food & Drink Restaurants This section lists the best of Beirut’s restaurants alphabetically. NEW Denotes a new entry+ How to be listed Email listings@timeoutbeirut.com details of your restaurant by 5pm on the 15th of the month before publication. Listings are free, but inclusion is not guaranteed due to limited space.


Food & Drink

Brgr co. (01 333511) Abdel Wahab El Inglizi Str, Monot, Achrafieh. (01 999836 ) Beirut Souks. Sun-Wed 12noon-12mid; Thur-Sat 12noon-2am. Meal for two with drinks LL80,000. Raising the burger bar with its outstanding ingredients, Brgr co.’s menu chiefly offers 4oz and 6oz burgers. Their iron chef also prepares daily burger specials and homemade desserts. Chili’s (01 337171, 01 337474) Independence Ave, Achrafieh. Sun-Thur 12noon12mid; Fri-Sat 12noon-1am. Branches: Gemmayzeh. Meal for two with drinks LL50,000. Influenced by the Tex-Mex cuisine, this casual restaurant chain is famous for its huge 240-seater capacity and popular menu of artery-busting wings, burgers, quesadillas, nachos and the like. Classic Burger Joint (01 333606) Petro Trad Str, Sodeco, Achrafieh. Daily 12.30pm-11.30pm. Branches: Downtown, Jal El Dib, Zaitunay Bay. Meal for two with drinks LL40,000. As they will tell you, hamburgers are all they do. Each order comes with home cooked fries sourced from locally grown potatoes. Try the swiss and mushroom burger, a fast food lover’s heaven. Free delivery available. Crepaway (01 331919) Sioufi Str, Achrafieh. Daily 10.30am-12mid. Meal for two with drinks LL60,000. Other branches available. Serving popular American specialties like burgers, subs and pizzas. Crepaway is a family restaurant famous for its mouthwatering crêpes and variety of sandwiches along with gratifying pasta dishes. Deek Duke (01 210310) Sole Center, Charles Malek Ave, Achrafieh. Other branches: (01

344744) Crown Plaza Bldg, Hamra Main Str, Hamra. Daily 11am-1am. Meal for two with drinks LL35,000. In the mood for chicken and hummus, Deek Duke offers everything fried, roasted or grilled and you can get your fatouch on the side as well. Food Style (01 335335, 71 119335) Elias Sarkis Ave, Achrafieh. Daily 9am-1am. Branches: Koraytem. Meal for two with drinks LL40,000. Save money and dine like a king. Offers breakfast, sandwiches, salads, wraps and pastas, and the pain perdu comes as a recommended delight. Home delivery available. Lord of the Wings (01 567666) Gouraud Str, Gemmayzeh. Sun-Thur 12noon-12mid; Fri-Sat 12noon1am. Branches: Dora. Meal for two with drinks LL60,000. Starve yourself for a day and feast on the 14 savoring flavours of chicken wings at this local favourite.. Design your own burger or go for the full rack of ribs , a delicious challenge for one and a messy meal to share. Roadster Diner (01 577575) Charles Malek Ave, Achrafieh. Branches: Hamra, Dora. Meal for two with drinks LL50,000. Chow at this 60s authentic- American diner. You can’t go wrong with their delicious Cuban burger, spicy Buffalo wings and tempting desserts. For lighter options, aim for the slim sandwiches and salads. Sweetopia (71 509795,03 040850) Sodeco, Beirut. Brownie Bites, Kinder Delight, Oreo Rush, Snack Attack,and much more freshly baked goods delivered to you at your convenience. This home-based bakery accepts online orders with a minimum of half a dozen brownie or cakes, ranging between 10 to 30 dollars.

Armenian Adiss Signature (01 570442, 79 176011) Pasteur Str, Gemmayzeh. Thur-Sat 8pm-2am. The rich mixtures of sweet and spicy flavours of traditional Lebanese and Armenian mezze are served up to languishing family clans. For your taste of the fusion, order the ‘Kabab bi Karaz’ or the ‘Soujouk and Basterma Pie’. Al Mayass (01 215046) Trabaud Str, Achrafieh. Daily 12.30pm-4pm, 7pm-12mid. Meal for two with wine LL120,000. The homemade

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Aleppo twist. gives the kefta in cherry sauce, quail’s eggs with basterma and sparrows in pomegranate sauce an exquisite aftertaste. Be delightfully surprised with a grinning, guitarstrumming in-house musician serenading you. Tip – he also takes requests. Mayrig (01 572121, 03 228227) Mansour Bldg, 282 Pasteur Str, Gemmayzeh. Daily 12noon-12mid. Meal for two with drinks LL80,000. The atmosphere of this wildly popular restaurant is electric, and so is the food, which draws the real Armenian crowd. Order a selection of spicy mezze, and try the sou berag – Armenian lasagna. Garo (01 347603, 71 195850) Nehme Yafet Str, Hamra. Daily 10am-late. Meal for two with drinks LL12,000. Boisterous flavours and beaming service at this jolly sandwich joint does its customers proud with homemade soujouk and an all-round excellent fare. In the heart of Hamra, Garo dishes up some of the finest slap-up Armenian meat. Onno (03 801476) Al Sikeh Str, Bourj Hammoud. Mon-Sat 9.30am-9.30pm. Meal for two with drinks LL50,000. Onno, the local legend will make you swoon for more kebab with dark cherries, small birds cooked in pomegranate sauce, Armenian salads, manteh, sou berag and more with pocket-friendly prices. Razz’zz (01 366246, 70 530007) Weaver’s Centre, Clemenceau Str, Clemenceau. Mon-Sat 12noon-1am. Meal for two with drinks LL100,000. Get your hands on some real tigan and varti beurek in a smashing ambience, a delightful bar and a leafy garden. Adds an Aleppo twist to some authentically Armenian dishes, to enjoy with the regular musical entertainment. Regusto (01 752571, 03 283232) 1st Floor, Hamra Square Center, Hamra Str, Hamra. MonSat 11am-3am. Meal for two with drinks LL22,000. This simple, down-to-earth restaurant and pub gets pretty packed in the evening. Regusto is especially popular with the artsy, leftist types who come here to talk and drink Almaza on tap. Mon: open wings & beer. Seza (01 570711, 03 251257) Patriarch Aarida Str, Mar Mikhael. Mon-Sat 1pm-5pm, 7pm-12mid. Meal for two with drinks

LL90,000. Armenia gets a makeover at this boutique bistro where the surroundings are as tasteful as the food. Grandma Seza and her team serve pitchperfect creations like spicy mhammara topped with classy mortadella. Varouj (03 882933) Maracha Royal Str, Bourj Hammoud. Mon-Sat 12.30pm-4.30pm, 7.30pm-11.30pm. Meal for two with drinks LL75,000. Tucked away in the busy back streets of Bourj Hammoud, Varouj offers a large selection of cookery in his small family restaurant which oozes offbeat allure matching with the stuffed hunting trophies on the wall.

Asian Dou Dou (01 201841, 03 951127) Sioufi Str, Achrafieh. Daily 12noon-11.30pm. Meal for two with drinks LL50,000. Offers affordable luxury cuisine in a clean friendlyvenue. Comforting and generous portions of roast duck and noodle dishes will leave you satisfied, not to mention the value for money. China Mey (01 333191) Nasr Bldg, Georges Naccache Str, Achrafieh. Daily 11am-11.30pm. Two main dishes LL32,000. China has come to Achrafieh, offering authentic and affordable dishes. The menu will please you with Chinese starters, mains, rice, noodles and desserts. They also have eight different sauces to choose from. Little China (01 215557) Monot Str, Monot, Achrafieh. Daily 12noon-12mid. Meal for two with wine LL75,000. Authentic tastes are promised by the Chinese owner and chef of this Far Eastern palace. Seafood lovers should try the sweet and sour fish while the spicy beef will gladden the hearts of those seeking a little more fire in their bellies. Le Hanoï (01 444204, 76 104006) Accawi Str, Achrafieh. Daily 12noon-12mid. Meal for two with drinks LL105,000. This Vietnamese restaurant is a welcome addition to Beirut’s restaurant scene. The menu presents new dishes such as chicken, seafood, dumplings, curry and more. Go for the ‘nem spring rolls’ that come with vegetables, chicken, shrimps or beef. Also serves vegetarian platters. Monks (01 330030) Achrafieh Str, Achrafieh. Daily 12.30pm-3.30pm, 7.30pm-11.45pm.

Food & Drink Meal for two with wine LL75,000. An exciting Eastern spot with a mixed Thai and sushi menu. Anything with coconut cream is heavenly, and the soups are particularly generous. We recommend the green chicken curry, with orange peel rice and sweet banana for dessert. P.F Chang’s China Bistro (01 332132) L3 ABC, Achrafieh Str, Achrafieh. Daily 12noon-12mid. Meal for two with drinks LL75 000. The distinguished Chinese restaurant is one of many across the globe boasting an American Chinese cuisine. With high flavoured meals and culinary creations made from imported herbs and spices from China, chances are you won’t leave before scoffing down a mouthful of exotic delights. Rice & Spice (01 744998) Mme Curie Str, Verdun. Daily 12noon-11pm. Amid the busy neighbourhood of Verdun lies a warm Chinese restaurant successfully preparing healthy dishes cooked without oil. Boasting a friendly ambience with soft music, the menu generously serves a wide selection of meat, fish and chicken.

WOK W.O.K. (01 357357) Phoenicia Hotel, Ibn Sina Str, Minet El Hosn. Daily 12noon-3.30pm, 7pm-11.30pm. Meal for two with drinks LL105,000. At WOK W.O.K, the delicious Asian specialties are served in a warm and delightful setting. Chinese, Thai and Japanese dishes are all on the menu to meet your taste. The sushi bar offers the largest variety of sushi and sashimi found in Beirut.

French Albergo Rooftop (01 339797) Albergo Hotel, 137 Abdel Wahab El Inglizi Str, Monot, Achrafieh. Daily 12noon-12mid. Meal for two with drinks LL150,000. Exquisite French and Italian cuisine in a super chic and romantic setting, topped off with a pretty view of the city. The risotto with Parma ham is a particular delight. Au Premier (01 369280) 1st Floor, Le Vendome Intercontinental, Ain El Mreisseh. Mon-Fri 12noon-3pm, 8pm-11pm; Sat 8pm-11pm. Meal for two with wine LL180,000. Swanky French gastronomy restaurant located on the first floor of Le Vendome divided into various dining area concepts to suit your mood. L’Avenue du Parc (01 999557, 71 712712) Capital Garden Bldg, Ahmad Chawki Str, Minet El Hosn. Daily 12noon-12mid. Meal for two with drinks LL180,000. A very stylish French restaurant that’s self-consciously fitting in with its Downtown surroundings; vast white lilies on the bar and hopelessly beautiful staff. The menu is good, too, with classic specialities like calamari and black angus beef filet. Balthus (01 371077, 03 511611) Ghandour Bldg, Minet El Hosn. Daily 12.30pm-3.30pm, 8.30pm-11.30pm. Meal for two with drinks LL195,000. French brasserie catering to the élite. The quality of food is absolutely first-rate, with an extensive French wine list.

Bergerac (01 330013) Furn El Hayek Str, Achrafieh. Tue-Sat 12noon-4pm, 8pm-11.30pm; Sun 12noon-4pm. Meal for two with drinks LL120,000. This French dining spot transports you to Bergerac in the South of France serving all the classics from foie gras and rillettes to cassoulet and terrines. We recommend the ‘souris d’agneau’ lamb as a main dish. Burgundy (01 999820, 03 074949) 752 Gouraud Str, Saifi Village. Mon-Fri 12noon-4pm, 8pm-12mid; Sat 8pm-12mid. Meal for two with drinks LL300,000. Draped with elegant chandeliers and minimalist design, Burgundy offer eloquent taste and its wine list is a (rich) oenologist’s dream. Dedicated by Chef Youssef Akiki, this French cuisine is one to remember. Café des Lettres (01 420217) CCF, Damascus Rd, Mathaf, Achrafieh. Mon-Fri 7am-7pm. Meal for two with drinks LL50,000. The cafeteria serving both the CCF and the French embassy is suitably chic, and attractively secluded. Achrafieh’s La Mie Dorée supplies them with the delicious desserts like ‘La Vie en Rose’, a fluffy pink angel cake. Lunches include delights such as roast salmon with honey. Chez Jean-Claude (01 1201190) Rue Gabriel Khabbaz, Achrafieh. Mon-Fri 12noon-3.30pm, 8.30pm-12mid; Sat 8.30pm-12mid. Meal for two with drinks LL250,000. Jean-Claude cooks a new menu every day, which the waiters will announce at your table, and his elegant wife Sophie tours the room during the evening. Big, bold, generous French dishes will leave you very well fed indeed.

Food & Drink

Soy (04 872187) Ain Saade Main Rd, Metn. Daily 12noon-12mid. Meal for two with wine LL75,000. Asian restaurant with authentically prepared Chinese dishes. We recommend the delicious crispy duck, perfect for sharing. Lovers of Chinese cuisine will not be dissatisfied.

Revel in the politically incorrect foie gras and lamb with gratin dauphinoise.

Le Ciel (01 516580) 31st Floor, Hilton Hotel, Sin El Fil. Daily 11am-1am. Meal for two with drinks LL200,000. Renowned French haute cuisine is brought in style to the Middle East and served complete with a panoramic Mediterranean view. Featuring French dishes prepared by expert chefs and inspired by the culinary skills of France. Cocteau (01 970707) Palladium Bldg, Park Ave, Downtown. Meal for two with wine LL180,000. Upscale restaurant with swanky French cuisine, featuring a weekly ‘bouillabaisse’. Splendid filet de merou and steak tartare, and savory seafood specialties like oysters and clams. Royal service guaranteed. Couqley (01 442678) The Alleyway, Gemmayzeh. Daily 12noon-4pm; 8pm-12mid. Brunch Sat-Sun 11am-5pm. Meal for two with drinks LL105,000. Transporting you to directly to Paris, chef Alexis Couquelet offers a delicious array of croque monsieur, duck and a fine wine selection. Have your choice bacon brunch and eggs (LL25,000) eggs benedict, steak tartare and pancakes. Eau de Vie (01 369100) Phoenicia Hotel, Ibn Sina Str, Minet El Hosn. Mon-Tue 10am-1am, Wed-Sat 10am-3am. Meal for two with drinks LL120,000. The rooftop temple of indulgence beckons with an exceptional wine list (and a bar to enjoy them at), a young look at menu to go with it, including showy tricks like carving the salmon at the table. éCafé Sursock (01 333240)198 Sursock Str, Achrafieh. Daily 7am-12mid. Meal for two with drinks LL120,000. Jbeil’s éCafé has

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Food & Drink become well-known for its atmosphere, menu and magnificent steaks. This new Sursock location offers exactly the same in a beautifully restored building that epitomises Paris-Beyrouth chic. La Petite Maison (01 368300) Le Vendôme Beirut, Ain El Mreisseh. Mon-Sat 12.30pm-3.30pm; 7pm-11pm. Inspired from Nice.Think warm prawns in olive oil, French beans with foie gras and fresh sea bass with artichokes and tomatoes. Illustrious global reputation on its simple yet delicious home cooked Niçoise fare. Les Gourmets des Ternes (01 984111, 76 984111) Charles Debbas Str, Saifi. Mon-Fri 12noon-3pm, 8pm-11pm, Sat 8pm-11pm. This high-class Parisian franchise is now open for business in Beirut with a menu specialising in French gastronomy. The eatery was first founded in Paris in 1962 and remains a hotspot for celebrities. The veal or steak platters come particularly recommended.

Food & Drink

Le Grey (01 218900, 03 414900) 160 Rue du Liban, Tabaris, Achrafieh. Mon-Sat 9.30pm-late. Meal for two with bottle of wine LL200,000. International haute cuisine with a French touch. The foie gras starter is recommended, and main saucy main dishes aim for balance. Le Gray (01 962 862)Martyr’s Sq., Beirut Central District. This elegant café is ideal for a relieving noon after a day of shopping where you can indulge in a signature prime beef burger or you can go earlier and catch the continental breakfast and scrambled eggs. Goûtons Voir (01 333644, 70 595951) 52 Abdel Wahab El Inglizi Str, Monot, Achrafieh. Daily 12noon-3.30pm, 8pm-11.30pm. Meal for two with drinks LL90,000. We love the bold spots and bright gems at this place. The recipes are pinned up for punters to take home, and the compact menu focuses on plats du jour, classic European dishes and formules du jour. Jean Charles (71 870853) Sawaya Bldg, Adib Ishac Str, Achrafieh. Mon-Fri 9am-7pm; Sat 9am-8pm. Meal for two with drinks LL40,000. A dinky charcuterie that boasts 80 different cheeses and 60 different types of meat. The owner pledges to order in any speciality you’re prepared to pay for. Buy your cold cuts, bread and wine and enjoy your meal on the spot.

Julia’s (01 219539) Abdel Wahab El Inglizi Str, Monot, Achrafieh. Daily 11am-12mid. Meal for two with wine LL150,000. The menu is international, but French cuisine predominates. Juicy steaks, fine wines and an inviting patio all add up to a tempting meal ticket in a perfect location. Métropole (01 999938) Karagulla Bldg, 24 Park Ave, Minet El Hosn. Mon-Sat 12noon-11pm, Sun 9am-11pm. Meal for two with drinks LL130,000. The latest big thing to hit Downtown, the Métropole brasserie serves French, American, and Italian classics, the menu includes steaks, pastas, a gourmet hamburger, a raw seafood bar and an extensive wine list. We reckon waking up for their Sunday brunch. Le Petit Gris (01 443737) Nahr Brahim Str, Saifi. Mon 12.30pm-3.30pm; Tue-Sun 12.30pm-3.30pm, 8.30pm-12mid. Meal for two with drinks LL180,000. French bistro offering traditional cuisine with a creative twist in an intimate setting. Try the snails in different flavourful sauces, served in an edible baked shell. On display Is a 50 wine innovative case by Carlo Massaoud. Rare The Restaurant (01 211122, 01 211133) Salim Boustros Str, Achrafieh. Daily 12noon-3.30pm, 8pm-12mid .Meal for two with wine LL130,000. Known for its comforting homelike setting and top notch meals by Paul Bocuse graduate chef Cynthia Bitar. Don’t leave without trying their special onion soup, goat cheese tatin and kama salad. Le Relais Foch (01999787 ext 2) 147 Saad Zaghloul Str, Downtown. Daily 8.30am-12mid. Meal for two with drinks LL75,000. In the heart of Downtown Beirut lies this French cuisine with Lebanese flair. Courteous staff serve a delicious array of salads, sandwiches and exquisite main courses. Treat your sweet tooth with their silky deserts. Le Rouge (01 442366) Gouraud Str, Gemmayzeh. Mon-Sat 8am-12mid; Sun 9am-12mid. Branches: Hamra. Meal for two with wine LL75,000. Cosy and immensely popular French bistro with a varied menu. Particular standouts are the tenderloin on rocca and Pizza Panzarotte, with a delectable chocolate fondant to finish up with. Society Bistro and Wine Lounge (01 581999, 76 777747) Maroun Naccache Str, Saifi. Restaurant 12noon-

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4pm, 8pm-1am, wine bar 12noon-1am. This posh restaurant and wine bar is hotspot for French culinary aficionados. The menu boasts of rich servings and extensive wine choice. We suggest the ‘chocolate bomb’ for dessert, dripping with chocolate sauce. Stove (01 333270, 03 489111) Monot Str, Monot, Achrafieh. Mon-Sat 12noon-3pm, 8.30pm-11pm. Meal for two with drinks LL120,000. It’s almost impossible to fault Stove’s inventive yet grounded French menu, military efficiency and laid-back calm. The daring salmon with chorizo and perfectly cooked pork fillet with apples are both outstanding mains. A Time Out top pick. Villa Clara (01 566898, 70 995739) Khenchara Str, Mar Mikhael. Café daily 8am-1am, restaurant daily 12noon-3pm, 8pm-1am. a villa-based boutique hotel offers an irresistible and colourful Villa Clara. Renowned French Chef Olivier Gougeon keeps the specials organically updated. We’d recommend the ‘foie gras poêlé’ as a starter and the free range chicken in a salt crast as a main dish. Wed: live jazz

Fusion La Bagatelle (01 342842) Jeanne d’Arc Str, Hamra. Daily 9am-12mid. Meal for two with drinks: LL121,500. This 1930s house turns into an elegant Mediterranean bistro. Bagatelle means ‘a short, light piece of music; an apt name for this refined space. Enjoy fine dining with an extensive wine list of local, French, Spanish and Italian labels. Bardo (01 340060) Mexico Str, Hamra. Daily 9am-late; kitchen closes at 12mid. Meal for two with wine LL75,000. This tranquil, alternative restaurant/bar has a diverse menu of international meals including an all-day breakfast. Café Sho (01 424051) 304 Monot Str, Monot, Achrafieh. Daily restaurant 12noon10pm; café 10am-12mid. Meal for two with wine LL120,000. A versatile Asian menu offering an exceptional sweet chili fish with ratatouille as well as the much recommended ginger chicken, but leave some room for your sweet tooth with piquant crème brulée.

Casablanca (01 369334, 03 856111) Dar Al Mreisseh Str, Ain El Mreisseh. TueSat 12.30pm-4pm, 7pm-12mid; Sun 12.30pm-3pm, 8pm-12mid. Brunch Sun 11am-3pm Meal for two with wine LL200,000. Time Out’s hot pick for fusion cuisine and Sunday brunches. Great ambiance, blue-ribbon service and top notch quality, with rich dishes impeccably fused with Far Eastern inspired flavours. Cozmo Café (01 361690) Zaitunay Bay, Beirut Marina, Minet El Hosn. Daily 12noon-12mid. Meal for two with drinks LL100,000. An elegant café with cosmopolitan flair offering an international cuisine including Japanese and sushi. Enjoy the fusion of fine dining overlooking a sunset view on the sea. Crave (01 333970, 03 555970) 10 Faculty of Law Str, Monot, Achrafieh. Mon-Thur 12noon-12mid; Fri-Sat 12noon-2am; Sun 11am-12mid. Meal for two with drinks LL90,000.Merging culinary influences from all over the world, the innovative “Crave” guarantees a satisfied appetite of delicious portions fit for one or two. The Asmalyieh Grand Marnier Crème Brulee is Time Outs pick. D.T. (01 999932) Ground Floor, An Nahar Bldg, Martyrs’ Sq, Downtown. Daily 12noon12mid. Meal for two with wine LL85,000. Fulfil your hunger with the savory tastes of the avocado gâteau, tomatoes and shrimp or beef entrêcote. The chicken escalope, maguro and maki sushi will hit the spot as well. D.T offer a well blend of fusion dishes and excellent service. Frida (01 333226, 70 801841) Massabni Bldg, Furn El Hayek Str, Achrafieh. Daily 12noon-12mid. Meal for two with drinks LL100,000. Inspired by one of the world’s greatest artist in one of the city’s most beautiful buildings, Frida pleases the belly with a Mexican twist. You can enjoy your tabbouleh with a side of Rekakat cheddar cheese guacamole. Gruen Eatery (01 737344, 01 755322) Gefinor Center, Clemenceau Str, Clemenceau. MonSat 8am-8pm; Sun 10am-6pm. Meal for two with wine LL75,000. Discover breakfast, brunch, lunch and teatime in this Californian-styled restaurant with a beautiful marble courtyard. The menu covers a range of Lebanese, Asian

Food & Drink and European cuisine with plats du jour, and sumptuous desserts. Thur: live jazz starting 8.30pm. Kerim’s (04 524339) L3, ABC Dbayeh, Dbayeh Hwy, Dbayeh. Daily 10am-10pm. A colourful concept oriented resto-café that excites a wide range mini treats such as spring rolls, mini pizzas and kebbehs. Opt for a heavier platter with the Argentinean or Australian steaks. Don’t miss the variety of freshly baked bread and home-made desserts.

the decent effort and sumptuous décor will surely make up for it.

Lakay (01 442000, 70 437438) Gouraud Str, Gemmayzeh. Daily 7pm-late. Meal for two with drinks LL100,000. Mix some classic French dishes with a little taste of Haitian Creole, throw in a few colourful Caribbean paintings and rhythmic music and you’ve got yourself this friendly gastropub. Fun and funky fusion.

New Indo-Lanka (01 257410) 2nd Floor, CIT Bldg, Dora roundabout, Dora. Daily 7am-10pm. Meal for two with beer LL13,000. In mood for some wonder, sit back and experience New Indo-Lanka where there’s no menu. Enjoy what your waiter brings: golden roti, curried lentils, the hot tomato mix with a handful of chillis, and refreshing coconut, all served with buttery chapati bread.

Locanda (09 944333) Byblos Old Souk, Jbeil. Daily 12noon-12mid. Meal for two with wine LL75,000. Traditional food prepared in a non-traditional way, served in a charmingly rustic setting in the heart of old Byblos. Taste the fish with aubergine and shrimp osmalieh, and for something for extraordinary go for labneh with strawberries.

Momo at the Souks (01 999767, 76 700407) Beirut Souks, Downtown. Café daily 12.30pm-11.30pm. Restaurant Mon-Sat 12.30pm-3.30pm, 8pm-2am; Sun 12pm-2am; kitchen closes at 11.30pm. Meal for two with drinks LL150,000. A glass elevator transports you to the colourful terrace of this treasure. The fusion delight of Moroccan and French cookery is a joy for taste buds and the unmistakable gourmet ice cream is the cherry on top. Myu (03 334476) Mar Antonios Str, Gemmayzeh. Daily 8pm-2am. Meal for two with drinks LL110,000. A fashionable restaurant and bar, MYU features a range of classic Mediterranean food with a French twist. Devour your meal in front of a huge glass window overlooking the street or sample cocktails at the longest bar in Gemmayzeh. Olive Garden (01 371888) Gefinor Rotana Hotel, Clemenceau Str, Clemenceau. Daily 6.30am-12mid. Meal for two with drinks LL140,000. This fine open-kitchen restaurant serves a fusion of continental and traditional breakfast buffets, lunch and an a la carte dinner with access to a gorgeous olive garden terrace. Enjoy their seafood buffet dinner every Thursday with fresh catches of the day.

Indian Al-Hindi (01 372000) Palm Beach Hotel, Ain El Mreisseh. Daily 12noon-11.30pm. Meal for two with drinks LL105,000. The temptingly comprehensive range of Indian dishes on offer at this, one of Beirut’s very few Indian restaurants, might not bowl over curry aficionados when they arrive, but

Maharaja (01 742275) Sporting Club Swimming Centre, Bain Militaire Str, Ain El Mreisseh. Daily 1.30pm-11pm. Meal for two wine LL60,000. Maharaja offers an Indian setting by the sea. Flavor your taste buds with the palate of those exotic dishes: korma mutton, butter chicken, curries or biryani. Don’t forget the delicious naan bread. Moti Mahal Deluxe (01 371002) Zaitunay Bay, Beirut Marina, Minet El Hosn. Daily 12noon-12mid. Meal for two with drinks LL180,000. A view for a sultan, this Indian restaurant overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and has the offerings to go along with it . We recommend their specialty tandoori dishes. Yasmina (01 206406, 70 407406) Cyprus Embassy Str, Akkawi, Achrafieh. Daily 12.30pm-3.30pm, 8.30pm-11.30pm. Meal for two with drinks LL150,000. Set up in an old Lebanese-style ground level apartment and themed like the interior of Princess Jasmine’s residence, the colours gold and turquoise prevail, glamorising Indian cuisine with a unique touch of French fusion.

International Al Awwal (03 871589) Zico House, Spears Str, Sanayeh. Daily 10am-late. Meal for two with drinks LL30,000. Zico’s eclectic cultural space and bar has reinvented itself as Al Awwal restaurant, while still supporting the same cultural events and NGOs as always. The Good Food Collective works the kitchen. Expect relaxed times and good live music in a stimulating environment. Artist (01 218298, 76 001176) Huvelin Str, Monot. Daily 11.30am-3.30pm, 8.30pm-11.30pm. This artsy Monot gem serves lunch and dinner specialising in international cuisine. Diners will love their affordable meal formulas, consisting of a starter, main course and dessert. The interior is a sophisticated fusion of vintage and modern décor, comfortably seating up to 35 diners. L’Atelier (01 426474) Ground Floor, Berytec Bldg, Damascus Rd, Achrafieh. Daily 12noon3pm, 8pm-11pm. Meal for two with drinks LL105,000. Every aspect of the kitchen and restaurant is managed by students, and they do a great job – dishes like filet de boeuf and sea bass are good on their own, with the added bonus of supporting the students’ learning.

Moti Mahal Delux Indian food with a Mediterranean view – there’s not many places that can boast that are there? Great quality curries as central as you can get. (01 371002) Zaitunay Bay, Minet el Hosn Balthazar (01 999223) Weygand Str, Beirut Souks, Downtown. Sun-Thur 10am-11pm; Fri-Sat 10am-12mid. Meal for two with drinks LL100,000. Whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner, this extravagant restaurant is always busy with people. In the morning, try some of their delicious pastries. Their menu is loaded with gourmet selections, with some extremely tasty French specialties. The Beazbee (01 748755) Ground Floor, Gefinor Centre, Block A, Clemenceau Str, Clemenceau. Mon-Sat 7am-7pm. Meal for two with drinks LL75,000. Visit a chic and elegant tea room and patisserie. Tr y their tea time formula ser ved with mini sandwiches star ting at 2pm. Cheese and wine star ts at 11am, and they also cater. You can enjoy a charming night out ever y Friday with live music. Bedivere (01 748909, 03 902909) Makdessi Bldg, Jeanne D’arc Str, Hamra. Daily 11am-1am. Named after one of King Ar thur’s Knights of the Round Table. This medieval -like bistro bar of fers a wide range of appetisers, pastas and a good-round of drinks. We suggest you tr y the steak on lava then finish of f with the fondue au chocolat for desser t. Beirut Cellar (01 216990, 01 338185) Chehade Str, Achrafieh. Daily 12noon-12mid. Meal for two with wine LL90,000. Enjoy an evening at this lamp-lit corner hangout in old Achrafieh. Warm your hearts with their traditional onion soup, followed by your pick of grilled steak topped with your desire of sauce. We recommend the Cellar’s Special Filet with pepper sauce.

Bhar (76 995999) Uruguay Str, Downtown. Mon-Sat 8am-8pm .Meal for two with drinks LL60,000. A boutique restaurant spanning two floors along offers a homelike feel with free Wi-Fi and a selection of daily newspapers. An intercontinental breakfast, two daily international and Oriental specials, a salad bar, an à la carte and dessert menu, you’ve got options. Bistrot Germanos (01 329008) Huvelin Str, Tabaris, Achrafieh. Daily 7am-11pm. Meal for two with drinks LL50,000. Opened since 1965, this vintage bistro gives a flashback feel for oldies with their timber-oriented décor and card playing patrons. A range of international dishes includes the Plat Du Jour, Caesar salad and panini. BoBo (03 384156) Estral Bldg, Hamra Str. Daily 11am-2am. Try-out a different dining experience with ‘Tawlet Soukara’ night where all visitors sit on one table to drink and socialize; Fridays features bands playing oldies; Saturdays is DJ night and dancing is expected. BoBo is a destination recommended a good meal and fun memories. Borsalino (03 636910) Gouraud Str, Gemmayzeh. Mon-Sat 8am-1am. Meal for two with drinks LL60,000. A warm and welcoming bistro serving special ‘croque monseiur’ and delicious focaccia bread sandwiches among many home-made sandwiches with a selection of healthy food options. this charming place also offers free WiFi. The Boulevard (01 761000) Ground Floor, Four Seasons Hotel, 1418 Professor Wafic Sinno Ave,

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Food & Drink

Med’ea (01 218814, 71 218826) 255 Chucri Assli Str, Achrafieh. Daily 12noon-12mid. Situated in a welcoming antique house is your own home away from home with a kitchen that specializes in Mediterranean cuisine, offering freshly prepared dishes by French Chef Philippe Chavent. Refresh your senses with ‘Med’ea Salad’ and fruity cocktail.

Jaipur (01 991200) Ground Floor, Markazia Monroe Suites, Syria Str, Downtown. Daily 12noon-1am. Meal for two with wine LL80,000. Authentic Punjabi cuisine with juicy portions of chicken tandoori or lamb may be found at this cozy Indian setting. If you are not in the mood for Indian ,go for the manouché or burger , both of which are found on the menu.

Food & Drink Minet El Hosn. Daily 6.30am-2am. Meal for two with drinks LL80,000. Ser ves continental breakfast with available pastries in the afternoon , Viennese style open-faced sandwiches and salads for lunch. The evenings feature a selection of snacks and beverages and cocktails. Enjoy a delightful chocolate buf fet with more than 20 dif ferent types of chocolate ever y Fri-Sun.

Food & Drink

Café M (01 999787) Souk Ayyas, Beirut Souks, Downtown. Daily 9am-11.30pm. Meal for two with drinks LL60,000. A self-styled ‘mozzarella bar’ with an emphasis on fresh, seasonal ingredients and light, shareable dishes for people in between shopping sprees. The breakfast menu of fers some inventive Mediterranean-inspired dishes like halloumi and mint salad, brie and apple bruschetta or pineapple ravioli with ricotta. Cappuccino (01 371012) Zaitunay Bay, Beirut Marina, Minet El Hosn. Daily 12noon12mid. Meal for two with drinks LL50,000. Cappuccino is a franchise from Spain, of fering a relaxed and chilled atmosphere. Enjoy the three dif ferent cuisines, including American, European and Asian. Diners may enjoy brunch, lunch, dinner or cof fee while listening to the smooth jazz tunes. Casa Lounge Café (01 329494) Istiklal Str, Achrafieh. Daily 8am-12mid. Meal for two with wine LL50,000. Café inspiring savory Italian gourmet dishes such homemade gelato Pasta and daily specials. The carrot cake and breoscia della casa are sweet delight. Don’t miss the breakfast buffet served Sundays in winter.

Chase (01 202390, 03 181826) Sassine Sq, Achrafieh. Daily 7am-2am. Meal for two with wine LL75,000. The setting is chic while maintaining a respectable service with a combination of Lebanese/ International dishes to choose from. Order the lasagna or the steak or select from up to four plats du jours a day. Cru (01 344565, 70 658522) Matta Bldg, Makdessi Str, Hamra. Daily 6am-2am. Meal for two with drinks LL80,000. Cru runs faithful to its title; raw, sophisticated with hues of burgundy and lumber in the décor. The food is prepared to complement their fine wine selection, the cheese platter and French cuisine is soul gratifying. DRM Deli (01 752202, 70 03032) Sourati Str, Hamra. Daily 8am-12mid. Meal for two with drinks LL20,000. From sandwiches to salads, DRM Deli offers healthy food that you can feel good about. They use organic seasonal fruit and vegetables. The atmosphere is relaxed, the staff are friendly and it’s great value for money. Duo (01 991992) Maarad Str, Downtown. Daily 12noon-12mid. Meal for two with wine LL75,000. Duo combines the perfect chow down of Italian cuisine and French out looking. Serves a menu of international cuisine with Lebanese dishes and plats du jour, a salad bar and tasty pastas. Durée Resto (01 3204240, 03 905231) Ground Floor, Chidiac Bldg, Tabaris, Achrafieh. Daily 7am-11pm. Branches: Hazmieh. Meal for two LL35,000. A popular venue with a comprehensive menu, including house specials such as the Salad Durée with

beef filet, a refreshing avocado and fresh mushrooms on iceberg lettuce) and Armenian sandwiches.

restaurant .À la carte breakfast, lunch and dinner, serving beef and fish with a Mediterranean twist, and boasting an extensive wine cellar.

Fiber (01 735935, 71 955511) Sidani Str, Hamra. Daily 8am-11pm. Meal for two with drinks LL45,000. Indulge in guilt-free burgers, wraps, paninis and steak. The kitchen at Fiber prepares everything delicious with low-calorie and organic ingredients making their dishes healthy and nutritious. Ask for their pancakes which can also be delivered.

Lux (01 444311) Fayyad Bldg, Jamarik Str, Port of Beirut. Mon-Sat 12.30pm-4pm, 7.30pm-11pm. Sit on the lively bar and sip cocktails, kick back in the café or devour some delicious food in the restaurant. Enjoy a delicious organic Mediterranean and international cuisine in a cozy indoor setting.

The Gathering (01 566196) Pasteur Str, Gemmayzeh. Daily 12noon-12mid. Meal for two with drinks LL110,000. First come, first serve. The Gathering is a combination of three different experiences shared by a courtyard. One serves Americanised meat dishes; the second is a wine bar with cheese platters and over 500 bottles of local and foreign wine while the third offers Italian cuisine. The Garden (01 999757 ext 1) Weygand Str, Jewellery Souk, Beirut Souks. Daily 10am-10pm. This lavish dining spot is suitable for brunch, lunch, dinner and afternoon coffee. The menu serves international cuisine and specialises in tantalizing desserts by French Chef Eric Sinnig. Try the ‘ravioli de saumon fumé et fromage’ while enjoying a sizzling cup of aromatic tea. Gilt (01 967676, 76 997676) 752 Gouraud Str, Saifi Village. Daily 12noon-late. Brainstormed by Marwan Keyrouz with high-profile chef Maroun Chedid running the kitchen, Gilt twists international recipes in to fitting veal a la plancha, with candied spring onions, or the impressive tiramisu, served in a dainty, homemade chocolate teacup, a try. The Hangout (01 566234) Bldg 553, Nahr Ibrahim Str, Saifi. Tue-Sat 9am-12mid, Sun 12.30pm-12mid. Meal for two with drinks LL97,500. The eatery is snugged in a gorgeous old house built in the 18th century with soaring ceilings. It serves an international cuisine and gourmet burger offerings and a festive wine bar. The charcoal grill cooks steaks, Lebanese grills and low-calorie cuts for carnivores. Hemingway’s Bar & Cigar Lounge 01 869666) Mövenpick Hotel & Resort Beirut, Général de Gaulle Ave, Raouché. Daily 24hours. Meal for two with drinks LL105,000. This suave bar is composed of three areas - a cigar lounge, a bar and an open terrace overlooking the sea: attracting the sophisticated crowd. Enjoy their afternoon display of scrumptious chocolate cakes, mousse, truffles and pastries. Hint- Chocotini cocktail.

Brgr Co. Beirut has burgers so good they’ve gone international! If you can’t find the time or money to try great quality patties in their new place in London, then just head up to the original in Achrafieh. (01 333511) Abdel Wahab el Inglizi Str, Monot 28 For more reviews, listings and bookings go to timeoutbeirut.com

L’Humeur du Chef (01 565495) Azirian Bldg, Ibn Al Rabih Str, Mar Mikhael. Mon-Sat 12.30pm-3.30pm, 8pm-11pm. Meal for two with drinks LL120,000. Open kitchen, big table and a changing daily set menu depending on the whims of the kitchen. With a starter, main (vegetarian option always available), salad, dessert and wine for LL60,000 a head, we’ll be inviting ourselves back chez the Chef. Indigo on the Roof (01 972000) Le Gray Hotel, Martyrs’ Sq, Downtown. Daily 7.30am-11.30pm. Meal for two with drinks LL200,000. Indoor and outdoor terrace luxury is provided with panoramic view at this endearing

Madam Om (01 738649) Estral Center, Hamra Str, Hamra. Mon-Sat 12noon-1am. Meal for two with drinks LL80,000. Tucked away in bustling Hamra, this restaurant boasts an appetising international cuisine suiting all tastes. Al Mandaloun Café (01 321600, 03 299393) Charles Malek Ave, Achrafieh. Daily 8.30am-12.30am. Meal for two with drinks LL70,000. A good, though fairly pricey café in an old stone house offering a long menu of drinks and snacks – we recommend the Lebanese plat du jour. This is good brunch spot too, with a large breakfast buffet, outdoor seating and WiFi. Marqueez (01 752150, 76 868013) Ground Floor, Bachir Daouk Bldg, Ardati Str, Manara. Daily 5pm-late. Meal for two with drinks LL120,000. The bold ‘50s reminiscent venue offers everything from salads to generous platters at affordable prices. Consider sharing a starter and a bottles of wine if you are determined to eat your pudding. An eclectic selection of music and live performance is scheduled weekly. Mediterranée (01 869666) Mövenpick Hotel & Resort Beirut, Général de Gaulle Ave, Raouché. Daily 6.30am-10.30am, 12.30pm-3.30pm, 7pm-10.30pm; Sun brunch 12.30pm-4pm. Meal for two with drinks LL120,000. A variety of stations rotating sumptuous international food and a selection of desserts. Enjoy seafood buffets, barbecue nights and an exquisite family buffet every Sunday. Make sure you try the mouthwatering steaming pot of fresh seasonal Mussels served at Sunday brunch. The Met (01 984444) Beirut Souks, Downtown. Daily 10am-12mid. Meal for two with drinks LL60,000. That’s Met as in Metropolitan – speedy and stylish with an assortment of global cuisine to suit everyone. Try their wood-baked pizzas, the chicken curry or the Parma ham sandwich. You can’t go wrong with the apple crumble for dessert. Mosaic (01 357357, 01 369100) Phoenicia Hotel, Ibn Sina Str, Minet El Hosn. Daily 7am-11.30pm. Meal for two with drinks LL120,000. An all-day dining restaurant, Mosaic offers an ever changing variety of international and Oriental buffets, daily live cooking stations, special theme nights as well as the illustrious daily breakfast. Murjan (01 781111) Raouché Arjaan Hotel by Rotana, Raouché. Daily 6.30am-11pm. Meal for two with drinks LL110,000. Murjan provides a casual chic ambience with an extensive mix of continental and traditional fare for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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This season it’s all about balayage as opposed to ombre (see right for an explanation), beards for blokes, dishevelled braids and wet-look slicked back styles. We may not approve of her in some ways, but US popstar Miley Cyrus’s short asymmetrical cut has set the tone for what is sure to be the must-have hair style of the season. As for colour, Dubai-based expert and stylist Rami Jabali, says anything goes. ‘It’s all about embracing change and reinvention in 2014. Hue isn’t important as long as it complements skin tone,’ says Rami. ‘Think complete overhauls, blondes moving to auburn tones and brunettes turning to blond, embracing complete change.’ Here, Rami sets the scene for this season’s musthave hair styles, plus how to get them at home. 1 DISHEVELLED BRAIDS ‘Day-old hair is best for this look. Loosely plait wavy tresses from the nape, leaving the top dishevelled,’ says Rami. ‘Pull the plait out a little at the nape so that it appears a bit knotted and textured, leaving the bottom of the plait to taper out. For milkmaid plaits, French braid to either side of a deep side or middle part and then join the two braids at the back of head using grips. Keep it tight and neat or use a tail comb to lift and pull random pieces of the braid out a little to dishevel.’ 2 BEARDS ‘The must-have style for men this season is slicked-back hair with a beard: think Adam

Levine on US talent show The Voice,’ says Rami. ‘Mad man-esque side parts are still holding on with facial hair being the accessory to this cut. Anything from designer stubble to full growth is in. For the styling-savvy man, medium length hair with height at the top is also a top look. The length is concentrated on top of the head for a higher sculpted quiff, either wavy or straight.’ 3 SLICKED HAIR ‘For a sculpted wet look, apply a light gel to freshly washed damp hair and comb into place, usually with a side part for this season. ‘Secure the back into a low ponytail and leave hair to dry naturally. For a vamped-up 1980s look, braid

the longer lengths of the ponytail and allow to dry before running fingers through the braided section only.’ 4 BALAYAGE AND OMBRE ‘I have to say that balayage will be much more popular than ombre this year,’ says Rami. The balayage technique refers to the way that colour is applied; dye is hand-painted or swept onto the hair to make it seem like you have natural highlights from sun exposure. Ombre is a more striking, faded effect. ‘It’s natural and durable, requires little maintenance to look great and it also works well with the effortlessly ethereal waves that we are seeing on the catwalk.’

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Must have hairdos for spring/summer 2014

Shopping & Lifestyle

Shopping & Lifestyle

My style Elodie


Elodie is a 15 year-old student who agreed to be dressed by new Beirut boutique Glitz ‘N Funk for our fashion shoot. In her spare time she dances a lot – ballet, jazz, hip-hop – you name it she’s been doing it for over 10 years.


She says she loves the clothes at Glitz ‘N Funk, ‘I love the colours, blacks and purples, the skull designs and everything’ she says. ‘My style is normally funky, jump suits and sweat pants, but combined with leather jackets and stuff for going out’ says Elodie.


Annie Reusser is the store’s owner and says that all the clothes are brought over from France or from LA District Fashion in the US, ‘the quality is really good and the prices are great, I spend about three months a year abroad finding my stock’.

4 5

The name says it all - ‘we combine funky clothes for chilling with glitz for going out’ says Annie.

And for the next few months? ‘I’m thinking of getting summer stock from Spain, maybe. Swim suits, that kind of thing’ says Annie.

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Edited by James Haines-Young james@ontimepublishing.com

FRESHEN UP... MELLOW Mellow’s baskets of goodies for bath time will have you looking, smelling and feeling fresh as a daisy

Organic Cotton Towel LL45,000


Loofah LL7,000

Shower Gel LL20,000

Soaps LL10,000

FOR HER Hand Gel LL30,000

Pumice LL5,000

Rose Basalt LL10,000

Shower Gel LL20,000

Mellow (71 494950) Ibn el Rabieh, Mar Mikhael For more reviews, listings and bookings go to timeoutbeirut.com 31

Shopping & Lifestyle

Seaweed Scrub LL75,000

Shopping & Lifestyle

GIFTS FOR HIM AND HER Scouring Beirut’s boutiques to find the perfect pressie

Pochette Krik handbag $145 Liwan (01 444141) 56 Madrid Str, Mar Mikhael

Monocle notebooks (Small) LL67,500 (Big) LL82,500 Ginnette (01 570440) Gouraud Str, Gemmayzeh

Shopping & Lifestyle

Cire Tradon candle $112 Ginnette (01 570440) Gouraud Str, Gemmayzeh

Babouche Charki slippers $135 Liwan (01 444141) 56 Madrid Str, Mar Mikhael

Small Corbeille phone-wire bowls $95 Liwan (01 444141) 56 Madrid Str, Mar Mikhael

Asiette Chas hand painted glasses LL30,000 each Liwan (01 444141) 56 Madrid Str, Mar Mikhael

Aesop shaving soaps $90 Ginnette (01 570440) Gouraud Str, Gemmayzeh

Collier daisy necklace LL30,000 Liwan (01 444141) 56 Madrid Str, Mar Mikhael

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Shopping & Lifestyle Clothing This section lists the best of Beirut’s shops and beauty centres alphabetically. NEW Denotes a new entry+ Email listings@timeoutbeirut.com details of your outlet by 5pm on the 15th of the month before publication. Listings are free, but inclusion is not guaranteed due to limited space.

Boutiques Amber Fashion (01 985980, 70 708962) Lot 741, Mkhallissiye Str, Saifi Village. Mon-Fri 10am-7pm; Sat 10am-6pm. This two-storey shop brings never-before-seen European designers to Beirut, such as Lollys Laundry, Indiwoman and Darimeya. Find original shoes, clutches and accessories that no one else will have.

B. (03 099312) Str 14, Achrafieh. Mon-Sat 11am-8pm. Browse through womens wear pieces that hail from Lebanon, London and Paris. B. also stocks accessories with bags designed by shopowner Ibrahim El Zein as well as the ‘Concepts by Dima’ collections. You mustn’t leave without checking out their bracelets for men. Babylon Boutique (01 991995) Chlelala Bldg, Said El Akl Str, Saifi Village. Mon-Sat 10am-7pm. Many of us have a particular weakness for Italian fashion and the Italians’ exquisite taste. Babylon Boutique is no less tempting with its range of handmade designer collections from one of the world’s fashion capitals, Milan. Lebanese Labels (01 212888) ABC Achrafieh, L0, Achrafieh Str, Achrafieh. Daily 10am-10pm. The designers include La Chapeliere hat designs and millinery by Sandra Debbas, furniture and home accessories by Sandra Macaron, womenswear clothing by Nada Talhame and Oumnia by Nivine Maktabi with oriental textiles, carpets, pashminas and more. Moon (01 985984) Bldg 59, Mkhallissiye Str, Saifi Village. Mon-Sat 10.30am-7pm. Browse original urban wear for men and women with a large collection of clothing, t-shirts, shoes and accessories. Coming from all over the world, their brands speak like a true badass with their awesomely studded combat boots and distressed jeans. Nothing Like the Queen (01 377166) Ground Floor, Minkara Bldg, Clemenceau Str, Clemenceau. Mon-Sat 9.30am-7.30pm. Try as you might, once you catch a glimpse of this boutique you won’t have a choice but to check out what they have: funky clothes and shoes from such international brands as Kaviar Gauche, Dondup and Philipp Plein. Oddfish (01 566302) Bohsali Bldg, Port Str, Saifi. Mon-Sat 11am-8pm. Shopping becomes a visual delight at Oddfish. Urban art, street

Patches & Cream (01 984008, 03 777684) Uruguay Str, Downtown. Mon-Sat 10am-10pm; Sun 12noon-7pm. Find your new favourite top at Patches & Cream where you can get everything your heart may desire from bejeweled tops, strappy sandals, couture dresses down to matching accessories. Randa Salamoun (01 971271) Foch Str, Downtown. Mon-Sat 11am-8pm. Try on a beautiful dress for that special evening and if it’s not your size, renowned local designer Randa Salamoun will customise it to suit your desire. Nightgowns for brides and a range of luxury bed sheets can also be found here. Room One (01 999973) Arwam Str, Beirut Souks, Downtown. Daily 10am-10pm. Room One’s high-end Italian brands will take the oohs and ahhs right out of your mouth. Make a fashion statement with their metal-embellished tops, great knitwear and modern silhouettes, as well as their everyday accessories and shoes.

Shopping & Lifestyle

Aspuces (01 973885) Beirut Souks, Downtown. Daily 10am-10pm. Branches: Achrafieh, Dbayeh, Sodeco. If you’re looking for an outfit that can be dressed up or down, head to Aspuces, which specializes in designer duds for women but also carries a refreshing collection of eveningwear and sportswear.

culture and contemporary designs gather for a day of eclecticism. This multi-brand boutique carries the likes of Sentou, Veja, Vleiger & Vandam and other top international designers.

Vintage Love (01 331334, 03 223006) Ground Floor, Abillamaa Bldg, Abdel Wahab El Inglizi Str, Achrafieh. Mon-Sat 10.30am-6.30pm. Whether you’re looking for a to-die-for wool knit or vintage must-have leather, you will always find what captures your heart at this boutique. If you fetch your closet and trade-off your fashion belongings, part of the proceeds will go to charity. Vintage Story (03 316921, 71 207620) Kantari Str, Ras Beirut. Mon-Sat 11am-8pm. This is the first real vintage store in the whole region, and exhibits truly vintage clothes, bags and accessories. Otherwise, you can browse the vintage-inspired creations of designer and owner Yasmeen Borro; she’ll even customise your outfits too.

Menswear boutiques The Good Life (01 333955) 151 Abdel Wahab El Inglizi Str, Achrafieh. Mon-Fr 12noon-8pm. Designer George Salhab from the UK offers an entire collection of urban menswear from his fashion brand, Royal Tea. This one-of-a-kind boutique is perfect for funny gifts as it offers comical toilet seats, as well as limited edition shoes, toys and art books. GS Grand Store (01 218318) ABC Mall, Achrafieh Str, Achrafieh. Daily 10am-10pm. Branches: Hamra, Dbayeh. GS has now flourished into one of the leading quality stockists in the country catering to men, women and children. Find daywear and eveningwear – they have Geox, Timberland, Springfield, Hugo Boss, Mavi Jeans, Munich, Rockport and many more. Lufian (01 990131) Jamil Str, Beirut Souks. Daily 9.30am-10pm. Lufian offers the latest fashion pieces for everyday wear. Browse through a collection of casual items including shirts, jackets, belts, jeans, socks and shoes. All items are made in Turkey and come from a range of different designers; also includes small Ladies section.

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Shopping & Lifestyle MIKIO (01 325 465) Abd el Wahab Str, Ashrafiyeh. Mikio is a newly opened men’s clothing store which exhibits an exceptional taste in fashion, with class and elegance being their pseudonym. It is style topped off with a hint of nonchalance, in alignment for any man looking for a wardrobe make over. Officina Slowear Beirut (01 999230) Patriarch Howayek Str, Bab Idriss, Downtown. Mon-Sat 10.30am-8pm, Sun 3pm-8pm. This menswear boutique is the epitome of Italian chic. Originally founded in 1951 in Venice, it now graces the streets of Downtown. You’ll find four luxur y brands: Incotex, Glanshirt, Montedoro and Zanone, specialising in trousers, knitwear, jackets and shirts.

Shopping & Lifestyle

Prestige (01 344183) Ground Floor, Assaf Bldg, Hamra Str, Hamra. Mon-Sat 10.30am-7.30pm. Now a landmark, this charming and classy men’s boutique has been a local Hamra favourite for decades. You’ll find a wide selection of dress shirts, suits, ties, pants and belts that are all essential to looking fresh and sophisticated. Renzo (01 748886) Yared Bldg, Abdul Aziz Str, Hamra. Mon-Sat 10am-8pm. This quaint, neighbourhood shop specialises in classic menswear for you sophisticated ones. If you have a big function, meeting or inter view coming up you’re probably in need of a suit or an entire outfit, and you will surely find it here. Sarar (01 355663) Hamra Main Str, Hamra. Mon-Sat 10am-8pm. This international label with clothing and accessories for men embodies well-groomed masculinity and style with a twist.The emporium was first founded in Turkey during 1930 by Abdurrahman Sarar and now has branches in New York, Japan, Europe and the Middle East. Spada Fashion (71 798881, 03 221888) Kuwaiti Embassy Bldg, Jnah Roundabout, Jnah. Mon-Sat 9.30am-10pm, Sun 1pm-6pm. This men’s boutique is an avant-garde shopper’s dream, packed with suits, casualwear, shoes and accessories from Europe’s finest designers. Some of the brand names include Carlo Canelli, Verruca and Valor Wolf. Their knowledgeable staff offer great customer service.

Haute couture & prêt-à-porter Ahmad Sabra (01 742626) 1st Floor, Zmourod Bldg, Tanoukhine Str, Hamra. Mon-Fri 8.30am-6pm; Sat 8.30am-2pm. The talented tailor will cut a suit to satisfy the gentleman who has a penchant for the look of Savile Row, and the pocket book to match. For 41 years, they have followed the classic procedure of up to four fittings. Elie Saab (01 981982) Elie Saab Bldg, Downtown. Mon-Sat 10am-7pm. This ultra-modern building is a veritable world of Elie Saab, the Beirut-born designer who has stores across the world and whose gowns are a favourite among celebrities. There are four departments spread over five floors: Atelier, Accessories, Prêt-à-porter and of course, Couture. Krikor Jabotian (01 204793) 4th Floor, Dakdouk Bldg, Tabaris Sq, Achrafieh. Mon-Fri 8am-6pm and by appointment. Armenian/Lebanese fashion designer Krikor Jabotian, who has worked with the likes of Elie Saab and Rabih Kayrouz, runs this dreamy boutique. You’re sure to have a ball browsing Jabotian’s collection of formal wear that clearly exudes an ethereal flair. Maison Rabih Kayrouz (01 566079, 01 567455) 81 Lebanon Str, Achrafieh. Mon-Fri 9am-6pm. This is the Beirut atelier of international fashion designer and creator of Starch boutique, Rabih Kayrouz. Known for his ultra-feminine designs, collections ‘Ma remmene a moi’ and ‘Beiruty’ are the particularly perfect depictions of Kayrouz’s roots and influences. Nemer Saade Haute Couture (01 219177, 03 704504) Monot Residence, 2nd Floor, Victor Hugo Str, Monot. MonSat 10am-6pm. Renowned local designer Nemer Saade has been designing fashion items since the age of 16. The designer exclusively makes items for his boutique, which are frequently worn by local and international celebrities. They will also customise designs for the perfect fit. Rami Kadi (03 462808) Orient Queen Homes Hotel, John Kennedy Str, Clemenceau. Mon-Sat 11am-7pm. This boutique showcases limited edition pieces and couture designs, catered to a style-savvy clientele.

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Kadi’s feminine pieces are given a cheeky touch, and they can be matched with the range of handbags and shoes made of exotic leathers. Reem Acra 01 989803) 94 Foch Str, Downtown. MonSat 10am-8pm. Reem Acra’s Downtown boutique is a lesson in luxur y, offering the designer’s full line of glamorous eveningwear, pret-a-porter, accessories and bridal collection. Her flagship store is on New York City’s Madison Avenue and her designs have been spotted on many celebrities. Raffi Sarkis (01 200040, 03 252992) 2nd Floor, Boujai Bldg, Charles Malek Ave, Achrafieh. Mon-Fri 9am-6pm; Sat 9am-1pm. Haute couture pour homme, Raffi Sarkis is specialised in custom tailoring. He started off at the mere age of 13, aiding tailors until he opened up his own studio of creative takes on suits and shirts. Zuhair Murad (01 575222) 23 Melrose Bldg, Omar Daouk Str, Bab Idriss. Mon-Sat 10am-7pm. There’s perhaps no other store in Beirut better suited to dress you like a proper diva. Zuhair Murad’s designs have been worn by sirens like Christina Aguilera, Beyonce and Shakira. You can also check out his high-end prêt-à-porter collection.

High street Aïzone (01 991111) Fakhry Bay Str, Downtown. Mon-Sat 10am-10pm, Sun 12.30pm-9pm. Beirut is regarded as city of sensational fashion and style. This store proves it. It is packed with artfully casual fashion, shoes and accessories from all your favourite labels, including True Religion, Sky and Juicy Couture and many more. Dépêchemode (01 337400) ABC Mall, Achrafieh Str, Achrafieh. Branches: Beirut Souks, Dbayh, Verdun. Daily 10am-10pm. A multi-brand women’s fashion boutique with original fashion-forward pieces that will make a huge impact on your wardrobe. Stocked with interesting clothing, accessories, shoes and bags. Diesel (01 991111, ext 450) Foch Str, Downtown. Mon-Sat 10am-10pm, Sun 12.30pm-9pm. Denim has been a mainstay of wardrobes for decades. The perfect pair of jeans can get you through every season. Diesel’s

collection is virtually unmatched, with stylish clothing and accessories. We also love the funky t-shirts. Desigual (01 982138) Souk El Jameel Str, Beirut Souks, Downtown. Daily 10am-10pm. The mastermind behind Spanish brand Desigual made it a point to create clothing that portrays positivity, originality and most importantly fun! Famously known for their hand-stitched patchwork on every piece as well as vibrant colours. Diesel 01 991111, ext 450) Foch Str, Downtown. Mon-Sat 10am-10pm, Sun 12.30pm-9pm. Denim has been a mainstay of wardrobes for decades. The perfect pair of jeans can get you through every season. Diesel’s collection is virtually unmatched, with stylish clothing and accessories. We also love the funky t-shirts. Mariella Burani (01 992102) Beyhum Str, Downtown. Mon-Sat 10am-8pm, Sun 3pm-8pm. This clothing line for women consists of exceptional, sophisticated and feminine fashion garments. Also on offer are glamorous shoes, bags, belts and other accessories that make this shop the ultimate pit-stop for a complete new look. Massimo Dutti (01 797118) Verdun 732, Verdun Str, Verdun. Daily 10am-10pm. Branches: Achrafieh, Beirut Souks, Sin El Fil. The Massimo Dutti brand is synonymous with long-lasting sophisticated clothing. More urbane than urban, their clean-cut designs are available for men, women and children. Find the perfect presents for a loved one – or treat yourself to a new outfit. Superdry (01 960164) Beirut Souks, Downtown. Daily 10am-10pm. This globally recognised British chain is crammed with comfy clothing, leisurewear, gorgeous hoodies and accessories for men and women. The designs boast a fusion of Japanese graphics and vintage Americana. Timberland (01 975194) Souk Arwam, Beirut Souks. Daily 10am-10pm. Feel like a rugged lumberjack by shopping at this outdoorsy store, specialising in hard-wearing boots, checked shirts and jackets. Timberland boots are some of the most popular among today’s chaps – they are robust, smart-looking, warm and most importantly, waterproof.

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Pakistani art is shaping up for big things Shape, Pattern and Form: Tracing the East displays contemporary Pakistani artists in their first Beirut show


OB’s knowledge of the nuances and trends in contemporary Pakistani art isn’t as comprehensive as you might expect, but we do love an exhibition with a difference. So we were pleased to fill in at least some of that blind spot with the first show of the year at the Art

Factum Gallery in Karantina, where the works of three contemporary artists from Pakistan have gone on display. The Beirut exhibition of Asif Ahmed, Atif Khan and Muzumil Ruheel’s art represents the first collaboration between Art Factum and the Artchowk Gallery in Karachi, which is one of the

leading spaces for emerging work in the country. The items on display retain an echo of a uniform theme of what makes contemporary art and its relationship with traditional forms, while also individually addressing different subjects. From the abstract forms of Khan’s overlapping flys which make up

geometric patterns to the strippeddown head of the Mughal man overlaid with the line drawings of objects and animals in Ahmed’s ‘A Noble Mughal’. Each item contributes in theme and style to the whole body which seems to juxtapose the old and new, questioning what we can consider one style. 
 Alongside Ahmed, Khan and Ruheel is the work of IranianGerman designer Siba Sahabi. It looks at the divide of ancient and modern by taking GrecoRoman style pottery work and re-making them in contemporary felts. Again this develops the exhibition theme of bridging the divide in between traditional and contemporary although it does dilute the attraction of the show, that of the work of Pakistani artists. 
 ‘The three Pakistani artists are all part of the Artchowk but then I chose Siba Sahabi to go with this as I feel it works alongside,’ says Joy Mardini the gallery’s founder-director. ‘The shapes [of the vases] are very oriental, if you look at the paintings and the vases and you look at the content it is different but in terms of aesthetics and style I feel they compliment, and this works as a showing’ she says. Mardini says that the space is to show international works from all areas of the world: ‘The focus of the gallery is to cover all aspects of contemporary art everywhere in the world. We have done collaborations with London and with European galleries. We have done Lebanese art, Middle Eastern, North African, European – France, London, so we though let’s see what’s being done in Pakistan.’ 
 Overall the collection is an interesting take on contemporary art and while not a very extensive show, as it only covers one of the gallery’s two floors, it develops its theme with some style. We think it is certainly worth a visit and if what we have seen here is anything to go by, the work of emerging talent from Pakistan is definitely something to watch out for in the next few years. Art Factum Gallery (01 443263) Rehban Str, Medawar, Karantina

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The collection is an interesting take on contemporary art

Edited by James Haines-Young james@ontimepublishing.com


Football’s coming home Compete alongside the titans of world football


Things to Do

Oud nights at Semson restaurant

Why not listen to some traditional music whilst dining on Lebanese food with a contemporary twist. The bright purple hummus, succulent kebabs and the inside-outside dining terrace were very welcome (and a great spot to suck on a nargile). (03 466646) Sodeco, Achrafieh

S A T U R D A Y 2 2

Acting workshop

It’s been years since TOB has thrown any kind of amateur dramatics, so we think we might pop down to this one and brush up our skills (just in case). If you like what you learn you can sign up for weekly lessons and, who knows, maybe turn pro. (71 890475) Houna Center, Hamra. Facebook: Uworkshop


It might be a little way from the big leagues of Europe and we can’t promise a salary to make an oil baron wince, but the fame and the glory are sure to be yours if your team make it through the qualifying stages of the Football Five’s World Championship in Beirut. With over 30 teams signed up already, competition is set to be fierce. But those with the skill, the edge and the audacity to outperform their fellow Beiruties will be put on a plane and sent to Dubai to represent our coastal nation against the titans of worlds

football. England, Brazil, France and Australia have all confirmed attendance as well as plenty of other regional rivals like Egypt. This is the world’s first search for

know, we know cliché or Clowning around (we what?), but then this event had us

Passport No. 10452

It might seem facetious to treat the decision to stay here or leave with joke and jibe, but this Arabic /French play exploring an inter-continental move is both funny and poignant. Monot Theater, Saint-Joseph University Street. From LL20,000

So apparently there is one hidden in all of us, deep down where we don’t normally look. This isn’t some pop psychology (new age voodoo) about ‘unleashing potential’ or healing people with hands. This is about being a little bit sillier (in a constructive way) and unlocking your inner clown. Ever since reading Stephen king’s ‘It’ TOB had a funny thing about clowns

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tempted. Run by Janna, a Finnish physical theatre performer (with a PHD in the subject), you cover everything you need to get you donned up in white face-paint and a red nose (apparently this is also a cliché and modern clowns don’t necessarily actually do this – good to know). Over two days you will explore your inner clown, workingout his or her characteristics and

the best amateur footballers, and if you can really shine then who knows, you might just get offered a contract. Several top international scouts are going to be watching the games in Dubai, so play your cards right and you might get the money along with the fame and glory. The five-a-side format keeps action fast so that you can be sure there will be some beautiful football in this pursuit for the world’s best team. So grab some mates and sign up. (70 993636) www.playleb.com. Registration $100 per team. Tournament starts 22 Feb getting comfortable with being them before performing everything you have discovered to your classmates. Facebook: Waraq. 18-19 Feb, 12PM-7PM. LL75,000. To book email contact@waraq.org

Things to Do Activities This section lists the best of Beirut’s activity centres alphabetically. How to be listed Email listings@timeoutbeirut.com details of your venue by 5pm on the 15th of the month before publication. Listings are free, but inclusion is not guaranteed due to limited space.


Eco lodges

Advanced Soccer Academy (03 081819, 03 696130) 5th Floor, Sedar Bldg, Abi Tamam Str, Sakiet El Janzeer. Call ahead for schedule. If football’s what they love then you have to get the children involved with these guys. Programmes running from September throughout the year, as well as intensive training camps in Europe, you could well soon be producing the future David Beckham.

Al Jord Eco Lodge (03 458702, 03 958094) Hermel, Bekaa. Tent accomodation. breakfast, lunch and dinner LL97,500. Price per activity: LL15,000. This enchanting Eco lodge is nestled in a breathtaking location surrounded by beautiful cedar trees. Experience life as a Bedouin and spend the night in goat hair tents or traditional stonewall huts with chimneys and lanterns. If you aren’t busy roaming the gorgeous countryside, take part in organised activities such as trekking, cycling, donkey rides, flying kites, and more.

Arena Fields (71 978558) Factory Str, Jisr Al Bacha. By appointment. This football facility organises and hosts your football tournaments in an animated setting. The fully equipped site meets FIFA standards and offers quality artificial turfs, seating for 200 spectators, a cafeteria, toilets and free parking for up to 50 cars. Enter your little tots in their football club ‘FairPlay’.

Sports Cycling

Things to Do

Beirut By Bike (03 435524) Abdel Nasser Str, Ain El Mreisseh. Branches: Beirut Souks, Biel. MonFri 7am-12mid; Sat-Sun 9am-9pm. Rental: LL5,000/hr, LL30,000/day. Beirut by Bike offers customers of all ages a wide selection of bicycles and cycling kits, available to rent and for purchase. We suggest biking along the Corniche, from Ain El Mreisseh to Raouché, a popular and scenic path for joggers and bikers alike. If cycling isn’t your thing, rent one of the segways.

Girls Football Academy (70 139885, 03 691770) Nejmeh Stadium, Manara.Mon, Wed, Fri 5.30pm-7.30pm. The first exclusive female academy in

Al-Kwakh Eco-Lodge (70 359659, 03 595832) Hermel, Bekaa. Accomodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner LL75,000. Price per activity: LL10,500. A responsible tourism destination run by a group of local women. Spend the night in one of three houses powered by green technology, with mud chimneys, traditional Bedouin bedding made from goat hair, and ceilings made of juniper wood.

Underground Paintball (03 856244) Hazmieh. Daily 12noon-12mid. LL30,000/200 balls/2hrs/, refill(100 balls) LL10,000, minimum 6 players or maximum 20 players. Set in a former underground saw mill, entertaining guests with its walkie-talkies, varied paintball guns – including AK47s, Snipers, and M16s – and smoke grenades (LL6,000). Once you fall in love with the sport, stop by their shop where you can buy your very own set of kick-ass paintball gear. Xtrem Paintball (03 489191) Stadium Michel El Murr, Dora. Daily 10am-10pm. LL35,000/200 balls, refill (100 balls) LL9,000/minimum 8 players or maximum 40 players. Reservation only. This paintball venue first opened in 2002 and offers the largest field in the Middle East. They host training sessions, regularly scheduled competitions and a shop selling anything and everything paintball related.

Skillz (01 584234, 03 222522, 70 948720) 56th Pere Yousef Hayek Str, Gemmayzeh. MonFri 9am-6pm. This charming learning centre is your home away from home, offering courses suitable for young and old. Situated in the heart of Gemmayzeh in a French colonial building, you’ll come across SAT preparation courses, computer courses for seniors, Arabic and French conversation classes, workshops such as negotiation skills, resume writing and much more. Enjoy free nibbles during your courses, including biscuits, chocolates and coffee. The centre also rents its space for meetings, workshops and cultural events.

Alex (71 910072, 71 352358) Ayyas Str, Beirut Souks. Daily 10am-10pm. This entertaining academy is open to children between the ages of 3-12 years. It offers activities anyone would get hooked to like classes in arts, crafts and fashion making. They’ll learn how to paint, draw or design a bag, bracelet, umbrella and the like. Puppet making, pottery and ceramics are also on offer. Parents can also request specific classes in photography, magic tricks, scouts, cooking and more.

Cyclosport (01 446792) Gouraud Str, Gemmayzeh. Daily 10.30am-9.30pm. Rental: LL5,000/hr, LL25,000/day. Cyclosport is one of Beirut’s premium bike shops. Here you can rent bikes by the hour and spend an afternoon cycling the city streets, or you can purchase your very own, shiny new city or mountain bike. You’ll look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle built for you.

Tactix Paintball (03 651930, 70 144008) 1st Floor, Block A, Galaxy Centre, Camille Chamoun Blvd, Baabda. Daily 12noon-12mid. LL30,000/2hrs/match, refill (100 balls) LL10,000. Shake off the day-to-day doldrums as you run around this 800 square metre indoor paintball arena complete with an old wreck of a bus in its centre. As an extra bonus, you have the option of purchasing a DVD of your match.

Educational Teaching Consultancy (ETC) (01 290487, 03 471752) Richani Bldg, Al Bahrein Str, Manara. Mon-Fri 9.30am-7pm. ETC allows children to develop and expand their academic abilities through specialised tutoring in maths, reading, English and more. The centre also caters to children with learning disabilities.

Activity centres in the city

Bike Generation (01 398442) Elias Hrawi Str, Furn El Chebbak. Mon-Fri 10am-8pm; Sat 8am-8pm. Bike shop set up by enthusiasts with over 40 years of cycling experience. They’re out to tantalise the tastes of serious enthusiasts with their range of 2012 specialised bikes, and also have highly qualified technicians. Soon they will sell a model of the e-bike.


the centre offers a range of programmes that caters to all ages. Founder Farah Abou Hassan opened the centre in 2012 and has a background in education, psychology, counseling and guidance.

the Middle East promoting football for girls. The impressive academy promotes skills in fitness, endurance and techniques in football for players of all ages. The team regularly travels abroad for tournaments and competes against major international teams. Lebanese Elite Football Academy (03 691770, 70 014320) Nejmeh Stadium, Manara. By appointment. This football club of fers elite training for young athletes across Lebanon. Technical director and professional player Roy Abi Elias is a licensed UEFA international coach with a team of qualified trainers that incorporate exper t techniques from the UK. The club welcomes boys between 4 to 15 years of age, boasting a football stadium that meets international standards. Qualified physiotherapists are present at ever y practice. Sports Ville (01 781481) Berlin Str, Raouché. Daily 9am-12mid.A spor ts haven in the middle of Beirut. Ten fully equipped cour ts are available for football, baksetball, volleyball and badminton fanatics. They even have one cour t dedicated to soap football, a fun activity for those eager to tr y something new. Ballet, yoga, aerobics and even ar t courses are also available.

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Sharewood Camp (04 870 592, 03 294 298) Nearby cities include North Metn like Dhour El Choueir, Bikfaya, Baabdat, Broumana and Mtein. Sharewood welcomes families for summer camping. The site has 20 tents for rental zipped on all sides. There are also two areas for independent camping. The site offers babysitting during the day, as well as special activities and facilities like karaoke, badminton, trampolines, donkey rides and zip lines.


Learning centres

The Block (01 742435/6) Rene Mouawad Str, Verdun. Daily 11am-7pm. This enthralling youth club is a paradise for kids between the ages of 2-15 years. With a lot to keep them busy, don’t expect the little broods to come home anytime soon. From a laser maze with laser tag games, to an arcade room, arts and crafts, parties and a special room with games for toddlers, there’s something to please all. Put your kids up for the challenge and let them have a go at the club’s climbing wall. Chouette (01 790254) Salam Bldg, Ramlet El Baida. Daily 8am-2pm, 3pm-7pm. Chouette caters to children from 0 to 12 years old, with all the kiddy entertainment you can imagine. In the afternoon, older kids can enjoy a range of activities such as basketball, and competitions. Chouette offers activities like arts and crafts, not forgetting the coffee shop where parents can sit and watch their children.

Al Majal (01 386481, 03 622354) Notre Dames des Anges Str, Badaro. Mon-Fri 8am-6pm. Members of the Beirut Association for Social Development, Al Majal is a centre for children and young people with learning disabilities where they can enjoy educational, recreational and sport activities supervised by professionals.

Cocoa & Co. (01 323668, 70 255158) Boutique Café, Ground Floor, Yared Bldg, 260 Lebanon Str, Achrafieh. Pass by this charming little shop and kitchen, and enjoy a cup of tea with a selection of cakes, cookies and cupcakes. Cocoa & Co. also caters for events such as kids birthdays and even holds kids cookie decorating classes so you can treat all your friends, too. They’ll love you for it.

Clifford Learning Center (01 746775) Salamoun Bldg, 1st Floor, Cairo Str, Hamra. Mon-Sat 9am-9pm. This family-friendly learning centre attracts those seeking cultural and academic enrichment. Whether it is drama, laughter yoga, art or painting that tickles your fancy,

Dash Club (03 704104) Jeanne D’arc Str, Hamra. Mon-Sat 12noon-7pm. This creative club is your kids’ home away from home with fun activities and weekly events to keep them busy all day. The space is open to children between the ages of two to eight years and

Things to Do offers classes in art, ceramics, painting, drawing and much more. Along with that, there’s also a playground, storytelling and all their favourite movies to keep the smiles on their faces. Fame Stage by Special Events (01 861700, 03 864971) Verdun Plaza 2, Verdun Str, Verdun. Mon-Sat 10am-7pm; Sun 3pm-7pm. Lights! Camera! Action! At Fame Stage, children enter a make-yourown film set where they can dress up in costumes and create their own movies, or dance beneath the flashing glow of lights and disco balls. Children can also have singing competitions with their friends on the karaoke kit. Frizzy (01 801601) L2, Dunes Center, Verdun Str, Verdun. Mon-Sat 10am-8pm. A playhouse that satisfies everyone’s interests; there’s a salon and spa centre, the Crazy Lab, Doodle Crisp for art lovers (from cooking to painting), a nightclub style room and ‘Maftee7’, a puppet show for all ages. Parents will enjoy relaxing in the My Space room.

Hype ‘N’ Hop (01 790035/6) Saikaly Bldg, Main Rd, Ramlet El Baida. Mon-Sat 11am-7pm. Hype ‘N’ Hop can spot the hidden talent in your child; its team works with children aged from 6 to 14 years to help them discover, develop and share their creativity. A range of mental and physical activities are ideal for broadening children’s horizons. Houna Holistic Center (03 676285) 7th Floor, Cinema Montreal Bldg, Hamra.Mon-Fri 4.30pm-10pm; Sat 9am-2pm, 6.30pm-8pm; Sun 6pm-7.30pm. As well as classes for adults, this health and wellness centre offers a range of activities for kids, such as capoeira, AfroBrazilian dance and samba, yoga classes, karate, art classes and piano lessons. KidzMondo (01 998866) Beirut Waterfront, near BIEL, Downtown. KidzMondo is an “edutainment” indoor theme park for children aged 2-14 years. The park is a child-sized replica of an adult city where kids can dress up and play adult roles such as doctors, firemen or teachers. Activities are developed with the cooperation of local schools and the Ministry of Education in order to provide the children with cultural education and knowledge of the workings of adult life, such as occupations and the value of money. The Little Engineer (03 723715) 1st Floor, Shmaitelly Bldg, Abishala Str, Block B, Mosaytbeh.(03 920150) Block A, 2nd Floor, Sodeco Sq, Sodeco, Achrafieh Wed 4pm-6pm; Fri 5pm-7pm; Sat 10am-12am . A successful program that allows children of all ages to dabble with science and engineering and in the process operate their homemade solar-energised robotics. Many classes available that tackle various kids’ interests.

Planet Discovery: Children’s Science Museum (01 980650 ext. 3442 ) Ayas Str, Beirut Souks, Downtown. Mon-Fri 8.30am-6pm; Sat-Sun and holidays 10.30am-7pm. Perfect for children between 3 and 15 years old, the museum is a unique learning space, with interactive experiments, exhibitions, performances, workshops, and awareness competitions providing a major resource for scientific experimentation. There is also a kid’s town with reading, puzzles and games. Puppet shows in French are organised every weekend, though shows in other languages are also available if requestd.

drop their children off early for them to enjoy the fun schedule. They’ll keep busy with theatre, yoga, painting, dance and loads more. Their birthday club organises topnotch entertainment including cooking, magicians, dance shows and interactive games. The club also supplies birthday animation and decoration for parties at home. Make sure your little ones check out their playground space that is open daily. CreaPlay (71 718328, 03 327164) Hoops Club, New Airport Hwy, Hazmieh. Mon-Fri 10am-7pm, Sat 9am-7pm, Sun 9am-1pm. We reckon

birthdays, events with games and inflatables for children of all ages. There is also a Shop ‘o’ Lait where you can buy gifts and accessories. Diddly Doo (76 755266) Rizk Plaza Centre, Broumana Main Rd, Broumana. Mon-Fri 10am-8pm; Sat-Sun 10am-10pm. Diddly Doo is a 1,000m sq venue for your kids to run wild in. Cartoon and live characters, magicians, face painting, bead-making, ceramics and much more. For a special birthday try the morning pyjama parties. There’s also a playground with slides and rides, Xbox Kinect and Kids Karaoke.

Princess Tea Room by Special Events (01 861700 , 03 864971) Verdun Plaza 2, Verdun Str , Verdun. Mon-Sat 10am-8pm; Sun 2pm-8pm. Book anplum appointment with your favourite princess at the Princess Tea Room. When you arrive, your princess will be there waiting for you with boxes full of costumes and jewellery for you to wear to your private tea party. Full lunches, hot chocolate, juice, scones and cookies are all available. An afternoon at the Princess Tea Room will feel like a fairy tale come true!

Things to Do

Glow to Grow (03 996589, 01 789627) Koraytem Str, Koraytem. Daily 10am-8pm. Let little tots brace themselves for all that is on offer in this fantastic activity centre. They’ll love exploring the ‘Draw to Grow’ room full of arts and crafts such as ceramics, drawing, painting, pottery and more. There’s also Growy’s kitchen to teach little fingers how to bake, along with Glowy’s Spa for boys and girls and the Glow crazy party room. The centre can also supply equipment for major events such as parties, weddings or bachelorettes.

Niños (01 566026, 70 445755) Cassir Bldg, Gebran Tueni Sq, Sursock Str, Achrafieh. By appointment only. Toted as a ‘trendy lounge for funky kids’, Niños organises fun-filled activities like birthday celebrations, makeup workshops, parties, events, DJ lessons, dance classes and photo shoots. Plus, as an added bonus, they work to help children in need, donating a percentage of their profits to Himaya; a branch of the charity arcenciel.

Score Bowling (01 751127) Lower Ground Floor, Crowne Plaza Bldg, Hamra Str, Hamra. Daily 11am-12mid. LL10,000/person/game. Something for everyone. Entertain the whole family, colleagues, and friends at the bowling alley. When you are not bowling, enjoy drinks and snacks at the bar. Sharpen up your swing and get the gang together for what will always be a successful outing.

Activity centres outside the city Animal Encounter (03 667355, 03 667354, 05 558724) Ras El-Jabal, Aley. Fri-Sun 11am-6pm or by appointment. Animal Encounter is a children’s paradise open to schools and the public. Youngsters can learn all about wild animals such as bears, jackals, hyenas, boars, birds of prey and more. Domestic animals like goats, rabbits and sheep also gather around waiting to be fed and pet by children. Bateaux Rigolo (01 905555) 1st Floor, City Mall, Dora Hwy, Dora. Daily 10am-9.15pm (no entry past 8pm). Bateaux Rigolo opens its doors to children of all ages (under-fours require a parent’s supervision). Your child will be accompanied by supervising adults who will play, dance, and work on crafts with them. Special birthday parties can also be organised on the playground. Care (01 880592) 2nd Floor, Almaza Str, Jdeideh. Mon-Fri 9am-7pm; Sat 9am-4pm. Care provides workshops tailored for children and young adults with special needs. Weekly drama and music therapies, vocational training and academics are offered during the week. On Saturdays the centre organises special excursions to various places such as museums, parks or farms. CocoBerry (04 522646) Barakat Bldg, Rabieh Main Rd, Rabieh. Daily 10am-7pm. CocoBerry is a kids’ club paradise where parents can

Planet discovery Part kids interactive museum part day centre, when we went past for a look we got so excited we found ourselves getting involved in the finger painting class. Oops (01 980650) Souk Ayyas, Beirut Souks, Downtown parents and children will find themselves addicted to this activity centre located inside the Hoops Club. The centre combines entertainment with education, offering art, cooking, music, science, theatre, yoga classes for children and lots more. Check out the psychomotricity clinic that answers all your questions about children’s needs. The animated centre hosts excellent birthday parties and events and is also a popular site for school fieldtrips. Dent de Lait (01 792787, 01 786103, 01 791561) Dr Fouad Haddad Bldg, A.R. Hamadeh Str. MonFri 7.30am-3pm; Sat 7.30am-11am. ‘Serving happiness’ is this child-centred institution’s motto. This company includes a nursery, after-school programs, an American sign language programme, Theatre de Mazitou which shows performances for families and a Fun Team department that offers animations,

Dream Park (09 223817) Jeita Rd, Zouk Mosbeh, Keserwan. Sat-Sun 10am-late. This splendid theme park offers fun for all the family. Whether you desire an adrenaline rush or prefer calmer rides, you will certainly find both here. The park is situated in an iconic location with beautiful views to add to your experience. If you fancy taking a break from the rides, you’ll be able to rent ATVs and roam across 15,000 sqm of space. The park also organises and hosts topnotch birthday parties for children. Expressions Centre (03 857295) Sagesse High School, 4th Floor, Jdeideh Main Rd, Jdeideh. By appointment. The place to develop your creative talents and discover that artsy side of you. The centre constantly organises cultural, artistic, educational and entertainment activities for all ages.

For more reviews, listings and bookings go to timeoutbeirut.com 39

Things to Do FasTrackids (01 290487, 03 471752) Bldg 19, Tahwita Hwy, Furn El Chebbak. Mon-Fri 8am-5pm; Sat 8am-1pm. Teach your kids how to handle responsibility, pressure, setting and reaching goals and examining their feelings through the latest technology. They’ll use the special FasTrack board as they learn more about leadership, communication and interpersonal skills. Hoops (70 131141) New Airport Rd. Daily 24hrs. Other branches available. Unleash your inner athlete 24/7 at Hoops Club, where adults and children can rent full basketball, football, badminton, ping-pong and tennis courts or take lessons. For the more artistic and creative, this fitness club also has trained guitar, painting and dance teachers giving private and group classes.

Things to Do

JelyBely Kids Activity Center (03 817028) Mary Wakim Centre, 1st Floor, Mansourieh Old Hwy, Mansourieh. Daily 9.30am-8pm. This place is dedicated to fun and activities for little ones. With arts and crafts, games, dance, karaoke, cooking, a large playground and more, kids will think this is their ticket to paradise. Along with that, the centre also organises weekly classes in music, theatre and lots more. They also host entertaining birthday parties and have their own football club. Neos Kids (03 733818) No. 12, 5th Floor, Vanlian Bldg, Pasteur Str, Sin El Fil. Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. A

tourism consultancy providing excursions around Lebanon that are culturual, fun and educational. Neos kids is the brainchild of arcaheaologist, anthropologist and mother of two Nour Farra Haddad.

activities for adults and kids. Kids may opt for painting, folkdance, taekwondo or gymnastics. Busy mothers can engage in their own activities guilt-free while the kids are busy themselves.

Origami Academy (04 547502) 526 Dbayeh, Dbayeh. Daily 9am-9pm. Open to kids and adults with activities and programmes to keep you entertained all day, the kids progrmme is full of activities like dance by Caracalla Dance School, art, science, music and more. While the tots are active, mums and dads can also get busy with adult courses in yoga, dance, painting, sculpture, fashion and more. In case hunger pangs kick in, escape to the lovely Yellow Table restaurant next door.

Talent Square (70 111096) Mazen World basement, Dbayeh Hwy, Dbayeh. Mon-Sat 9am-8pm, Sun 3pm-8pm. This entertainment studio is the first of its kind launched by the people who run Scenez Drama and Arts Academy. The studio is a paradise full of activities for kids of 6-14 years. Sweeping over a 1,000 sqm space, you’ll find a theatre that accommodates 150 people. Workshops, arts and crafts, cooking, games, life programmes, an art lounge café, a gift shop and a playground will keep you and the little ones busy all day.

Skate Park by Guilbert Extreme (03 454619) Charles Helou Ave, Quarantina. Summer: Daily 10am-8pm; Winter: Fri: 4pm-8pm; Sat-Sun 10am-8pm. This skate park is the first of its kind in Lebanon offering a generous space to skateboarders, inline skaters and BMX riders. Along with a collection of challenging ramps, rails, water pipes and more, they also host monthly competitions, birthday parties, events and shows. Feeling extra daring? Have a go at the extreme skating lessons offered by a certified instructor. Stun: Mother and Child (01 833789, 70 946258) Sultan Ibrahim Str, Sara Panama Bldg, Jnah. Mon-Fri 4pm-8pm. A centre offering fun afternoon

Arts & crafts Art’Brico (01 901186, 71 960766) Boulous Center, Assaily Str, Jdeideh. Mon, Fri, Sun 3.30pm-6pm; Sat 10am-7pm. This creative studio opened by art teacher Gena Damien offers children art classes for children aged 5 to 16 years. They will teach the children about all sorts of artistic mediums, colour mixing, techniques such as the style of Jackson Pollock and art history. Each session is about two hours and you can send your budding da Vinci as often as possible. They also offer sculpture sessions every Friday. L’Atelier Art Lounge (01 370181) Zaitunay Bay, Minet EL Hosn. Daily 10am-10pm. Transform yourself into an artsy guru at this fun-filled café and workshop. Get creative with paint, ceramics, glass and porcelain as you snack on homemade tidbits. The fantastic art space serves as a platform for art lovers of all ages to come together and express their artistic talents. They also regularly host exhibitions, bazaars and events for children. Atelier Lulu Baassiri (03 855942) 2nd Floor, Dhalayni, Sanayeh. Wed 10am-1pm, Sat 10am-1pm. Painting and drawing courses for professionals and amateurs aged 12 and above in a cosy, noncommercial environment. Atelier d’Art Fabriano (01 810161) Safiaddina Bldg,Verdun Str, Verdun. Sat 7.30am-6pm. Courses: Fri 10am-12pm; Sat 10am-12pm, 1pm-3pm. Providing art courses for children and adults, Fabriano is also a renowned art supplier for some of the most well established brands on the market. L’ Atelier du Coin (03 325006) 3rd Floor, Blue Bldg, Jean Ayoub Str, Achrafieh. Mon-Fri 10am-8pm; Sat 10am-1pm. A cute and varied art centre for young kids (as well as adults) with arts and crafts of all kinds including pottery, glass and oil painting.

Tennis Academy Beirut (Tennis-Inc.com) Grab your racket and bring your game on with a friendly tennis match at Tennis Academy Beirut. Located in the convenience of Beirut, where you’ll be able to enhance your sporting skills with professional trainers. (01 755745, 03 407890) Exess Bldg, Achrafieh. By appointment 40 For more reviews, listings and bookings go to timeoutbeirut.com

Ceramics ‘N’ More (01 424516, 70 202723) Ground Floor, Sodeco Sq Centre, Sodeco Sq, Sodeco, Achrafieh. Mon-Sat 10am-10pm; Sun 2pm-10pm. A fun-filled ceramics painting workshop with a wide selection of pieces for you and your children to choose from. The nearby café is also ideal for parents to relax while the kids get down to business. Cooking and Crafts by Special Events (01 861700, 03 864971) Verdun Plaza 2, Verdun Str, Verdun. Mon-Sat 10am-7pm. Boys and girls can learn how to prepare three-course meals or get creative with cotton candy and ice cream recipes. Afterwards they can head over to the craft

station where they can make their own stuffed animals or play a giant bubble game. Doll Salon by Special Events (01 861700, 03 864971) Verdun Plaza 2, Verdun Str, Verdun. Mon-Sat 10am-7pm; Sun 2pm-7pm. At Special Events’ Doll Salon, girls can create their own dolls – it’s every little girls dream! They’ll spend the day styling their dolls hair, picking out clothes and everything else necessary to make their dream doll a reality. There’s also a special area for jewellery-making to create matching bracelets and necklaces for their doll and doll maker. Ghazl El Banet (01 424516, 70 202723) Ground Floor, Sodeco Sq Centre, Sodeco Sq, Sodeco, Achrafieh. Mon-Sat 10am-6pm; Sun 2pm-10pm. Enjoy this unique children’s cooking class workshop, which offers onehour culinary sessions where kids get to make a ‘treat’ of their choice. La Maison des Artistes (01 216905, 03 809009) Adib Isaac Str, Achrafieh. Tue-Sat 10am-6pm. A professional and advanced preparatory school for artistic prodigies, La Maison des Artistes welcomes serious-minded students who wish to develop their natural artistic talents. Oh! Happy Days (01 215831, 70 252726) Abu Rizk Bldg, Abdel Wahab El Inglizi Str, Monot, Achrafieh. Mon-Fri 12.30pm-6pm; Sat 10am-12noon, 3pm-6pm. A child-friendly place that provides various activities for kids 2 to 10 years old. Check beforehand for the centre’s latest monthly schedule – past activities include crafts and puppet shows. Trompe l’Oeil l’Atelier (01 335740, 78 846174) Ferzeli Bldg, Saint Coeur Str, Achrafieh. By appointment. This atelier caters to anyone who fancies polishing off their artistic skills or learning a thing or two about becoming a budding artist. Professional and experienced teachers offer classes in painting, drawing and sculpture for small groups in a fun and informal setting. Bring your kids along on Saturdays to participate in classes. All courses require registration in advance.

Kiddy spas Bella’s Spa by Special Events (01 861700, 03 864971) Verdun Plaza 2, Verdun. Mon-Sat 10am-7pm. This is Special Events’ Bella’s Spa where young girls of all ages can get exquisitely pampered. From make-up to facials, manicures to stylish hair-dos and personalised cosmetics, Bella’s Spa is every girl’s dream come true. Chez Lulu (Frizzy) (01 801601) L B2, Dunes Centre, Verdun Str, Verdun. Mon-Sat 10am-8pm. Chez Lulu is a one of a kind spa and salon offering new concepts where teenagers and mothers pamper themselves in a relaxing atmosphere. Services include nail treatment, facials, reflexology, foot scrubs, hairdressing and make-up. Pass by their Fashion lounge, where you can decorate your own beach bag. Events Beauty Center by Special Events (01 861700, 03 864971) Verdun Plaza 2, Verdun Str, Verdun. Mon-Sat 10am-7pm; Sun 2pm-7pm.This is a large centre for all things beautiful, with sparkly decorations and places to fix hair, nails and make-up, and to dress up. There is a large room for having parties, with full food and entertainment services.

Arts & Culture Whistling in the Dark


TOB gets the lowdown from artists Ilaria Lupo, Maeve Brennan and Daniel Barroca about the upcoming exhibition at Workshop Gallery

Art s & Culture

This exhibition brings together artists of all nationalities. What do you believe ties your work together? BARROCA: The main thing that ties our work together in this context is the perspective of the curator, Aischa Berg, over what we do. I believe that she saw complementarities in our practices that make sense to articulate in this exhibition. The diversity of cultural backgrounds is one of those complementarities. I prefer to talk about cultural backgrounds rather than nationalities. The notion of nationality points to a certain way of constructing identity that I feel the need to dismantle instead of feeding. I find the notion of nationality very problematic and dangerous.

The city’s complex identity seems to be a preoccupation

Themes of history, time and the juxtaposition between public and private are prominent. Do you believe that these themes are especially prevalent in Beirut? LUPO: Curiously, the city’s complex identity seems to be a preoccupation for most of the artists around, whether they are based here or just spending a period of time. It is almost a sort of obsession, a hate/love liaison. This aspect is very peculiar to Beirut, and I find it fascinating. And it is almost impossible to think of Beirut without taking into consideration the absurd way private and public coexist. DB: From what I’ve seen the theme of history is very much present in Lebanese contemporary art. In Beirut it was difficult for me to separate the city from my knowledge of how the city is referred to in the work of certain Lebanese artists. How does exhibiting in Lebanon alter the receptions and meaning of your work, as all as

being exhibited alongside each other? BRENNAN: It is in some ways ironic to transport this story [her work she is exhibiting] about an oil field in rural England to the Middle East, where oil has a completely different hold on reality. It was in a way, its insignificance or its isolation from the broader context of the oil industry - that drew me to this story. The possibility to find a subjective point of entry into an industry so far-reaching and powerful. Do you find Lebanon an especially interesting place in terms of material history and politics affecting industry? MB: Politics is always undeniably linked to industry. I am drawn to sites of industry as they are spaces

where political processes congeal into physical material - I am exploring the complex environment of Beirut with this in mind. My most recent work came out of research into Jerusalem Stone quarries in the West Bank. These spaces, where cuts in the mountains make layers of history visible, were particularly pertinent in a region where the disciplines of archaeology and geology are so politicised. The usual process of dynamiting to extract stone is not allowed in the West Bank, so instead the material is manually removed at great cost. Here, we begin to see the complex economic and political framework that surrounds this industry, the stone itself a crystallization of its context. (01 494331) Jisr El-Bacha Str, Hazmieh. Until Mar 1

For more reviews, listings and bookings go to timeoutbeirut.com 41

Arts & Culture

Art s & Culture

Critic’s choice... ‘The Accident’ by Chris Pavone

Knowing that ‘The Accident’ is the second novel of author Chris Pavone, the bestselling author of ‘The Expats,’ you approach this spy/thriller novel with both feelings of extreme excitement and caution. Will it live up to the expectations, or will it be a bitter disappointment worth hours of reading that will never come back again? We are happy to say ‘The Accident’ is no waste of time. Literary agent, Isabel Reed, has

just finished reading a manuscript unlike any other. A deadly one. The dangerous script, handed anonymously, reveals explosive secrets about the great and powerful Charlie Wolfe (a Rupert Murdoch kind of character) and even some secrets of her own past. As the dawn comes will she have the courage to publish it? The story takes place over the course of one long day. As the book marches towards publication careers are shattered, companies are ruined and people who come into contact with the manuscript tend to drop dead. It’s a thrilling, action-packed page-turner with a nice twist in the end that will not disappoint. By Cynthia Khoury

COMEDY NIGHT – RELOADED This merry band of comedians face, head-on, the political farce and tragedies that are happening in Lebanon and across the region. There is truth in their mirth. Playroom (70 757500) Dora. 9pm. From $40

THE BLUE COMEDY SHOW Stand-up comedian Fady Raidy runs through his repertoire of joke and characters looking to raise the bar in on the Lebanese comedy circuit. Regency Palace Hotel (09 854000) Adma. Fri-Sat. 9pm. From LL66,000

SCENE SCENE 4 A piece of comedic theatre that’s been so popular it’s been running for nearly four years and has been watched by 300,000 people. Royal Hotel (04 555000) Dbayeh. Fri-Sat. 8.30pm. From LL60,000

Fantasies by Stephanie Boueri Colourful and creative acrylics at Artlab An exhibition of vivacity and colour, Lebanese German graphic designer and painter, Stephanie Boueri, brings to Artlab bold acrylics with hints of psychedelia. Many of the paintings are rooted in simple subjects, such as smoke, pebbles or red cabbage (and are duly named so), yet the artist has expressed herself freely to create images of wandering mood. Each painting, without exception, uses ferociously bright colour and some images, such as the seasonal tree paintings, are designs repeated with different palettes very much in the Warhol mould. They are examples of occasional forays into the psychedelic, and one might think the tree in fact the back of an afroed woman’s head. One can clearly see the 42 For more reviews, listings and bookings go to timeoutbeirut.com

graphic designer in Boueri’s work, her works show both freedom and purpose with broad, winding black lines jutting out of the vibrant backdrops. All works are flat, except a particularly nice three painting series titled Red/Blue/ Green Mood. Here a more textured background brings a depth that the others are somewhat lacking, the aforementioned lines less prominent, less central to the work. Interestingly some of the nicest pieces in the exhibition are the sketches stacked up in the corner and available for $150. Ambling and easy-going, they are expansive but seemingly without strain, there is a joy to them that the paintings lack a little. Artlab (03 244577) 1804 Rmeil, Gouraud Str, Gemmayzeh. Until Mar 1

Art & Culture Art galleries This section lists the best of Beirut’s cultural venues alphabetically. How to be listed Email listings@timeoutbeirut.com details of your venue by 5pm on the 15th of the month before publication. Listings are free, but inclusion is not guaranteed due to limited space. 392RMEIL393 (01 567015) Gouraud Str, Berbari alleyway, Gemmayzeh. Mon-Sat 11am-7pm. 392RMEIL393 is a non-for-profit organisation which operates from the two spaces RMEIL 392 and RMEIL 393. The former is a stone house with a beautiful garden of 200 sq.m., with space for events such as forums and plays. The latter takes up three shop fronts to exhibit work of emerging artists. It sets itself apart from the traditional gallery scene, giving room for various disciplines related to the visual arts to be displayed. Exhibitions rotate monthly, so there is always something to see.

Espaces Ephemeres (01 442265) Al Gamarek Str. Mon-Fri 11am-6pm. Head out to this hidden art gallery to discover a world of beautiful and unusual collections. The gallery exhibits everything from furniture, jewellery, sculptures, paintings, porcelain and more. The collections are all limited editions and tend to have a story of their own. Esquisse Gallery (76 397373, 03 109555) Abou Arbid Bldg, 1st Floor, Elias Sarkis Str. Mon-Fri 12noon8pm, Sat-Sun by appointment. Situated in a beautiful old Ottoman house is a fascinating art gallery. Visitors can appreciate the rotating roster of artists’ talents in a perfect artisanal setting. The gallery constantly seeks new and upcoming local talents. Unique exhibitions will keep you coming back every month. Joanna Seikaly Gallery (70 776711) 480 Gouraud street, Saad building, ground floor (facing Red Cross),

occupies the ground floor of 500 square meters with windows bringing in huge amounts of natural light. In Ottoman and Florentine styles, the gallery houses five rooms displaying art, with the possibility of sitting down to read books on the current exhibition in two. Salamé’s aim is to present international contemporary art of high calibre to a Lebanese audience, and to make accessible these esteemed and varied works to Lebanese collectors. Smogallery (01 572202) Dagher Bldg, 77 Senegal Str, Quarantina,. Mon-Fri 10am-6pm; Sat 2pm-6pm & by appointment. Located near the port of Beirut, Smogallery shows the works of promising or established international and Lebanese designers. Focusing on unique pieces, exploring the movement of boundaries between contemporary art, design and architecture; three disciplines that nurture and shape the new territories of design. Throughout each exhibition, the gallery, created and

Bissan Library (01 351291) Moufarej and Sawaya Bldg, Mahatma Gandhi Str. Daily 9am-9pm. Brush up on your Arabic at this well-known Hamra bookshop that carries Arabic books only. Spend an afternoon browsing the shelves, and stock up on novels, biographies, history books and more. Chahine Gallery (01 346522-3) Pres Du Centre, Concorde, Verdun. Mon-Sat 10am-6pm. Chahine Gallery stocks a range of Italian furniture and reproduction antiques. Large selections of paintings are available in a variety of styles. Antique books and engravings are sold. The gallery is housed throughout two floors, changing exhibition pieces each month.

Art Studios Art 4 Art (01 744989, 03 679280) Zuhoor Bldg, off Spears Str, near Skaff. Mon-Fri 9.30am-6.30pm. Let the little artist unleash her/his talents at this art centre, with anything from glass painting to candle making, needle work, photography and ceramics. Offers private classes and art sessions for kids and adults.

392rmeil393 In the heart of Beirut lies a simple gallery whose arched interior is visible for those who pass by it. 392rmeil393 provides a space eloquently crafted to exhibit visual creative works. (03 242193) Gouraud Str, Gemmayzeh Gemmayze, Beirut, Lebanon; Mon-Fri 2 -6 pm. ‘The Gallery Collection’ is on display at Joanna Seikaly Gallery from November until December 2013. and features works from the artists Semaan Khawam, Thaer Maarouf, Samer Saem El Dahr, Taline Temizian and Wissam Shaabi. joanna_seikaly@hotmail.com www. joannaseikalyartgallery.com Laboratoire d’Art Gallery (01 322744) St. Nicholas Stairs, Gouraud Str, Gemmayzeh. Mon-Fri 11am-7pm; Sat 11am-6pm. A charismatic little gallery situated on the popular stairs of Gemmayzeh. Hosting exhibitions and workshops, this is one popular escape to appreciate authentic artwork. Metropolitan Art Society (70 366969) 35 Trabaud Str, Achrafieh. TueSat 11am-7pm. Tony Salamé, founder and CEO of Aïshti, takes his personal interest in art publicly, by launching a distinctive commercial gallery. Set inside the former 19th century Abdallah Bustrus palace, now known as the Metropolitan Club, the gallery

managed by architect Gregory Gatserelia, is transformed into a place of constantly renewed discoveries and dynamics. Complemented by a selection of unique pieces or limited editions made exclusively for the gallery. Zico House (01 746769) 174 Spears Str, Hamra. Mon-Sun 10am-1.30pm. A bar on the ground floor. An art gallery, residential rooms and headquarters of the gay rights organization, Helem, on the second floor. They also organise festivals and events. An environmental NGO on the third floor. Zico house is kooky and eccentric in the most delightful of ways.

Permanent Collections Matignon Images et Tableaux (01 484115) Gedco Centre, Horsh Tabet. Mon-Fri 10am-6pm; Sat 10am-2pm (closed on Sat in the summer). Permanent exhibition of Lebanese and international

Ashkal Alwan (01 423879) Ashkal Alwan, Home Workspace, 1st Floor, Bldg 110, Str 90, Jisr el Wati. Mon-Fri 10am-6pm. A funky non-profit centre committed to educating, supporting, producing and promoting contemporary art. They regularly give art courses and host numerous lectures.

Performing Arts DANCE STUDIOS Beirut Dance Studio (01 426869) 9th Floor, Victoria Bldg, Nahr Str, Achrafieh. Mon-Fri 4.30pm-9.30pm; Sat 11am-3pm. Study the light, graceful and fluid movements of classical ballet at this charming dance academy. Founded by Nada Kano in 2007, Beirut Dance Studio offers professional training in classical ballet for children and for adults. Elio’s Dance Academy (01 902275, 70 727379, 71 828389) Saint Joseph Center, 2nd Floor, Sid El Bauchrieh Str, Bauchrieh.. Mon-Fri 4.30pm-10.30pm. Learn the techniques that will transform you from an amateur to a professional dancer at Elio’s Dance Academy. Unlimited courses and lessons on offer include Latin, ballroom, dabke, ballet, Oriental dance and more. Choreographer Elios Ghafary guarantees you’ll pick up the skills that will impress all. Flamenco Beirut (03 588766) Nagib Trad Str, near Mandaloun Café, Achrafieh. Filling the flamenco-shaped hole in Beirut’s dance scene, Flamenco Beirut offers regular monthly workshops taught by visiting or specially imported Flamenco dancers. Forget ‘Spanish-flavoured’ dance classes, this is the real deal.

For more reviews, listings and bookings go to timeoutbeirut.com 43

Art & Culture

Beirut Art Center (01 397018) Bldg 13, Str 97, Jisr el Wati. Mon-Sat 12noon-8pm. This large non-profit art space dedicated to contemporary art has curated some of the Beirut’s premier exhibitions since it opened two years ago. Up-and-coming artists as well as the more established feature, and check the website for talks, documentary screenings and workshops. A choice book selection is on sale, and a small café purveys the basics for a mid-peruse refuelling. Well worth checking out.

State of Art Gallery (01 489038) 2nd floor, behind Berad Al Younani, Arabian bldg, Bauchrieh Industrial City. Mon-Fri 10am-4pm. The permanent collection of paintings and furniture on display in this mod gallery are primarily the works of gallery owner, and ALBA (Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts) alumnus, Sandra Kheir Sahyoun.

Artwork Shop (01 749646) Ground Floor, Ayad Bldg, Adonis Str, Hamra. Mon-Fri 9am-6pm; Sat 9am-1pm (Sep-May). The Artwork Shop offers many rich and varied courses for children and adults. Try your hands at finger painting, making mosaics or creating your own ceramic designs. They also offer pottery, cake design and organize birthday parties. This great workshop space also has its own café with couches where you can browse through arty books and magazines.

Art Factum Gallery Alley 204, Bldg 13, Rehban Str. Mon-Fri 12noon-7pm; Sat 2pm-5pm. One of the most recent galleries to grace the up and coming Quarantina art district. Ayyam Gallery (01 374450/51) Ground Floor, Beirut Tower, Zeitoune Str, Downtown. Mon-Fri 10am-8pm; Sat by appointment only. A major player on the burgeoning Arab art market, Ayyam first opened in Damascus, then Dubai, adding its Beirut space in late 2009. As well as some prestigious exhibitions, some handling controversial fare that rarely shows at the other branches, Beirut’s Ayyam also runs auctions. Its sleek, modern space houses paintings, sculptures and photography from some of the Arab world’s established and emerging artists, with a slight emphasis on the exciting talent emerging from Syria.

painters laid out over four floors, each dedicated to a specific style and technique of painting. The gallery offers also the widest collection in Lebanon of art prints for large projects and the fourth floor is dedicated to framing.


Edited by Roman St Clair roman@ontimepublishing.com

Critic’s choice


PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN It was deeply saddening to hear about the death of one the most ambitious and well-respected actors of a generation. We list three of his best performances.


Will Ferrell is back! Not as an elf, but as broadcasting legend Ron Burgundy in ‘Anchorman 2’. Ben Williams joins the man who rejuvenated Crimplene for a spot of afternoon delight…


errell has been the king of goofball American comedy for nearly 20 years. Since his seven-year stint on NBC’s ‘Saturday Night Live’, the California-born writer-performer has starred in several of the biggest comedy movies of recent years. He’s donned glittery Spandex as ice skater Chazz Michael Michaels in ‘Blades of Glory’, searched for Santa (and yelled ‘Santa!’ a lot) in festive classic ‘Elf’, and teamed up with ‘Marky’ Mark Wahlberg in police comedy ‘The Other Guys’. There’s an OTT machoness running through many of his characters, but in person Ferrell is calm and softly spoken. What was different about ‘Anchorman 2’? ‘Well, philosophically speaking, Adam [McKay, ‘Anchorman’ co-writer and director] and I were

generally against sequels. It didn’t interest us. But “Anchorman” just kept getting more and more of a cult following. And I remember seeing George Clooney or Brad Pitt doing press for the hundredth “Ocean’s Eleven” movie and I thought: Maybe we should do a sequel. Those guys make these sequels, they don’t get criticised!’ Can we talk about your butt? You’ve whipped it out in a few of your movies… ‘I am the Lady Gaga of comedy. Or she is the Will Ferrell of pop music.’ Do you have to work hard to keep it in shape? ‘No. It’s naturally perfect.’ Would you consider doing fullfrontal? ‘I would, if the circumstance

44 For more reviews, listings and bookings go to timeoutbeirut.com

dictated it. But fullfrontal’s a whole other ball game. Full-frontal’s very revealing. The most revealing!’ ‘Anchorman’ is set in the ’70s; this sequel in the ’80s. Is there something naturally funny about that era? ‘It seems ridiculous when we look back. As I assume the 2010s will in 2040. People will be sitting in spacesuits going, “Can you believe people used to wear that?” But we didn’t set out to make a movie about that time period, it was idea-specific. The first movie’s about sexism, and the first time a woman worked with a man in the newsroom was during that era. Then 1980 is a pivotal year: the launch of CNN, of ESPN, of mainstream cable TV… the perfect place for the next chapter.’ Out Feb 20

SCENT OF A WOMAN (1992) Hoffman’s first breakthrough he delivers a brilliant turn as a slimy college prefect, showing how capable he was of playing morally ambiguous characters.

CAPOTE (2005) Winning the Academy Award for best actor, PSH plays the eccentrically sociable, ruthlessly probing and unflappably gay author Truman Capote.

THE MASTER (2012) Producing a mesmerising performance as Scientology leader Lancaster Dodd in what had become his last great performance. Illustrating that there would have been more to come, were it not for his untimely death.

Film C L O S E - U P The Past


Following his critically acclaimed award winning film ‘A Separation’, Iran’s most successful film director Asghar Farhadi delivers again with ‘The Past’. The film is set and made in France and primarily focuses on a fractured family in a confusing modern world. The three main adult characters are French, Iranian and Arab and while national identity is not at the forefront of the film’s plot, the fact that they are bound together shows that there are a flux of nationalities in an increasingly globalised world. The story begins with Ahmad arriving from Iran to finalise the divorce with his French wife Marie. It is apparent that they have been separated for a number of years and there are mixed emotions left over from the relationship. Marie is trying to move on by marrying Samer the laundry

The Grand Budapest Hotel ���� Dir. Wes Anderson. Feb 20 Vox A wedding-cake-like, pastelcoloured establishment situated somewhere in 1930s Mitteleuropa and peopled by eccentrics and lunatics—feels like business as usual. What’s different, though, is that the film’s shaggy-dog, sort-ofwhodunit yarn offers laughs and energy that make this Anderson’s most fun film since Rushmore. The cast is sprawling and starry. Blink and you might miss Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Jason Schwartzman and others in tiny roles. A bruising Adrien Brody and a Rottweiler-like

Willem Dafoe represent a violent new European order—one of them is dressed completely in black, no less. In its own indirect and loopy fashion, is this Anderson’s most political film? It’s all given a bombastic lift by an Alexandre Desplat score which crescendos in organs and drums. Full of Anderson’s visual signatures—cameras that swerve, quick zooms, speedy montages—it’s familiar in style, refreshing in tone and one of Anderson’s very best. By Dave Calhoun THE BOTTOM LINE A thrilling, colourful and humorous flick.

46 For more reviews, listings and bookings go to timeoutbeirut.com

owner who has a traumatic relationship hanging over him with a wife in a coma having tried to commit suicide. Caught in the middle of this are three children; two girls from Marie’s marriage prior to Ahmad and a little boy Fouad belonging to Samer. Marie’s elder daughter seems to prefer her former stepdad Ahmad to both her mother and Samer, whom she holds in contempt as it emerges that the couple are expecting a child. The drama unfolds examining the complex concerns that connect the characters, before there is a sudden revelation that moves the story to a deeper level – but fear not there will be no spoilers here. Dir. Asghar Farhadi. Out now nationwide.

The Last Days on Mars ��� Dir. Ruairi Robinson. Release Feb 20. Cinemas nationwide. It’s the not-too-distant future. Mankind has landed on Mars and a team of astronauts is making final preparations for the six-month journey home. Weary veteran Vincent Campbell (Liev Schreiber) is longing to see blue skies again, and is thankful he’s getting far away from alpha-female colleague Kim (Olivia Williams). Of course it’s at this point that the team discovers a previously unknown bacterial life-form—an epochal

finding that quickly turns deadly when several crew members are infected and become…space zombies! Yes, Ruairí Robinson’s celestial shocker is basically Red Planet crossed with Night of the Living Dead, but don’t let the silliness of the premise dissuade you from watching what turns out to be, in part, a very capable, captivating first feature. By Keith Uhlich THE BOTTOM LINE A science fiction alien zombie romp with plenty of suspense and blood.

Film Coming out this month The Last days on Mars Dir. Ruairi Robinson. Feb 20. A group of astronaut explorers succumb one by one to a mysterious and terrifying force while collecting specimens on Mars. The Grand Budapest Hotel Dir. Wes Anderson. Feb 20. The adventures of Gustave H, a legendar y concierge at a famous European hotel between the wars, and Zero Moustafa, the lobby boy who becomes his most trusted friend.

De Prague (03 575282) 166 Makdissi Str, Hamra. Free. Films are projected on the wall of this relaxed cafe/pub/restaurant every night, beginning at 9pm. They make a nice conversational backdrop, or a slightly disjointed viewing expreince. Entry is free, but the films are shown without sound, and are subtitled in French, English or Arabic (varies each night). If you want to pin down what’s on, call the staff just before you go. Nadi Lekol Nass (03 590269) 3rd floor, Bachoura Public Library, Iswas al Baladi Bldg, Bachoura. Free. The ‘Club for all People’ Cineclub was created to promote and disseminate Arabic culture. Films usually run on Mondays at 7pm, but call to confirm.

Pompeii Dir. Paul W.S. Anderson. Feb 20. A slave turned gladiator finds himself in a race against time to save his true love, who has been betrothed to a corrupt Roman Senator. As Mount Vesuvius erupts, he must fight to save his beloved as Pompeii crumbles around him.

Psyne Club (03 985061) Theatre Béryte, Saint Joseph University, Damascus Str, Achrafieh. A cineclub held by what must be the most cinema-loving university in Beirut. Run by psychology students, this group screens a new film every three weeks on a specific psychological theme. Debates are held afterwards in French and/or Arabic.

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Dir. Adam McKay. Feb 20. With the 70s behind him, San Diego's top rated newsman, Ron Burgundy, returns to take New York's first 24-hour news channel by storm.

Film Theatres

About Last Night Dir. Steve Pink. Feb 27. New love for two couples as they journey from the bar to the bedroom and are eventually put to the test in the real world. Non-Stop Dir. Jaume Collet-Serra. Feb 27. An air marshal springs into action during a transatlantic flight after receiving a series of text messages that put his fellow passengers at risk unless the airline transfers $150 million into an off-shore account. Puncture Dir. Adam Kassen, Mark Kassen. Feb 27. A David and Goliath law drama about a drugaddicted lawyer who takes on a health supply corporation while battling his own personal demons.

Cineclubs This section lists the best of Beirut’s cinemas alphabetically. How to be listed Email listings@timeoutbeirut.com details of your venue by 5pm on the 15th of the month before publication. Listings are free, but inclusion is not guaranteed due to limited space. Academie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts (ALBA) (01 480056) ALBA Campus, Ave Emile Edde, Sin el Fil. Free. Created in 1997, ALBA’s cineclub ‘Cult’ has a reputation for featuring well-chosen, alternative cinema and contemporary classics. It’s one of the better-organised and -marketed clubs, but like most of them will die down during the summer, when the students are on holiday, so call ahead.Films are screened every Friday at 7pm.

Metropolis Empire Sofil (01 328806) Centre Sofil, General Fouad Chehab Ave, Achrafieh. This is the beating heart of Lebanon’s independent film scence – though it has some major releases, too. Sofil was opened in 1982 and today plays host to a number of film festivals including the Beirut International Film Festival, the Lebanese Film Festivaland DocuDays: Beirut International Documentary Festival. Grand Cinemas All Grand Cinemas are open daily, the first films beginning at 2pm, and the last films of the day beginning at 10pm. Open 364 days a year, closing only on Good Friday. As with all cinemas in Lebanon, new films are relased on Thursdays. Grand ABC (01 209109) ABC Mall, Achrafieh Str, Achrafieh. With seven screens and located inside one of the city’s most popular malls, this is one of the most frequented cinemas in all Beirut.

Grand ABC Dbayeh (04 444650) ABC Dbayeh, Dbayeh Hwy, Dbayeh. This luxurious cinema first opened in June 2012 and is the first VIP cinema in the country. Take a break from shopping in ABC Dbayeh mall and enjoy a first-rate film experience. Spoil yourselves with seven impressive screens and a wide selection of refreshing treats before the film starts. Grand Concorde (01 343143) Concorde Centre, Dunant Str, Verdun. This eight-screen theatre lies just between Hamra and Verdun and as such attracts a fair number of AUB and LAU students. Make an afternoon of your movie excursion and after the fi lm spend the rest of the day chilling with friends at one or more of the many cafés, restaurants or shopping venues located within walking distance. Vox Cinemas (70 720964, www.voxcinemas.com) Beirut City Center Mall, Hazmieh. We reckon a film experience at this massive cinema is like no other with 15 luxury theatres, the largest screen in the country stretching across 20 metres and a gourmet café. The VIP screens offer reclining chairs and waiter service for top pampering throughout the film screening. Make sure you purchase your tickets online or through their mobile application to avoid queuing.

CIRCUIT PLANÈTE All Circuit Planète cinemas are open daily, the first films beginning at 3pm, and the last films of the day beginning at 10.30pm. They tend to be the ones to screen the bigger local releases and more artsy films, so if you’re looking for something Lebanese, check here first.


The Monuments Men Dir. George Clooney. Feb 20. An unlikely World War II platoon are tasked to rescue art masterpieces from Nazi thieves and return them to their owners.

experience at this cinema, located at the top of Monot. Opened in 1998, this wellsituated, multiplex cinema also offers VIP services with recliner chairs, pillows and blankets, butlers, a Japanese menu with food from Le Sushi Bar and a library corner with free WiFi.

Planète Abraj (01 292192) Abraj Center, Damascus Blvd, Furn el Chebbek. This large, modern cinema houses eight screens, an enormous lobby filled with small tables and chairs, and a brightly coloured candy and popcorn counter. Cinemacity (01 995 195) Beirut Souks, Downtown. Takes movie experience to a whole new level by offering the most luxurious cinema in Lebanon. Cinemacity Souks has a spacious cinema complex made of 3 Floors consisting of theaters, VIP & Regular lounging areas, restaurants, concession areas and connecting spaces. EMPIRE CINEMAS All Empire Cinemas release new films on Thursdays and are open daily, the first films beginning at 2.30pm, and the last films of the day beginning at 10.30pm. Prime Empire CinemaCity (01 899993) City Mall, Dora Highway, next to Nahr el Maut Bridge, Dora. This massive cinema was opened in May of 2006 with 9 screens. Before your fi lm, stock up on popcorn and candy and watch movie trailers on the plasma screens decorating the walls of the spacious lobby. Empire Dunes (01 792123) Dunes Centre, Verdun Str, Verdun. A four-screen cinema located in the Dunes Centre, a mid-sized shopping centre in one of Beirut’s most popular shopping districts. Before or after your movie chow down on food in the Dunes Centre food court, play games in the basement arcade, or even try your luck at the Centre’s fourlane bowling alley. Empire Sodeco (01 616707) Sodeco Square, Achrafieh. Begin your night out with a refined

Wer (NC-17) A defence attorney begins to suspect that her client, who is charged with the murders of a vacationing family, might be more than meets the eye. Thu 27 For more reviews, listings and bookings go to timeoutbeirut.com 47


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Preacherman the irreverent reverend

We sit down with the Preacherman to discuss his latest fracau with the police and how he got where he is today



adio Beirut’s resident Preacherman aka Hussein Ali Sharafeddine recently made the news when he was arrested under suspicion of being a terrorist and TOB had to know the full story. ‘I was fixing my mum’s car, taking it to my friends workshop. Driving along, I look in the side mirror and I see a guy running next to the car with a gun – I’m going like 20 mph. He told me to raise my hands and I said I needed to park first. So I’m putting the car into park and that’s when he hit me. He punched me with the hand that was holding the gun. I could see that the safety was off and that it was cocked. Then he put the gun to my neck and tried to pull me out of the car. I tried to open the door and he hit me again. Then his friend came along and hit me a couple of times with his gun. They pulled me out of the car and searched me with a lot of force. They forcibly handcuffed me and dragged me to the police car. Nobody even told me to stop. Nobody even asked me my name. I wasn’t resisting arrest. I had my hands over my head the whole time. If they told me to stop of course I would have. I don’t fuck around with guns.’ Preacherman was born into ‘problems’; his mother went into hospital for days after he came into this world because of his huge head. He found himself getting into a lot of trouble with the police as an adolescent, but tells us that hip-hop and the power of speech can often go further than physical force in the struggle against aggression. ‘The only reason we do hip-hop is for civil education, civil awareness. The reason there are successful hip hop artists in Lebanon is because they bring the message of what real hip hop is, which is an escape and a call against racism, bigotry, ignorance and basic human disregard. This is what I rap about and sing about. This injustice is what we all feel and experience. The difference is now I can talk about it, but it’s not about me it’s about these motherfuckers who don’t have this voice.’ He almost exclusively freestyles and loves the feeling of being on stage combined with improvisation. Preacherman lives his life one day at a time, when asked what would be next for him he replied ‘Shit, I don’t know. Come to Radio Beirut and find out.’ Radio Beirut (76 936744) Armenia Str, Mar Mikhael

I don't fuck around with guns

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Music not to miss

KARKHANA Six innovative musicians from three cities (Beirut, Cairo and Istanbul) will record an album for Italian Label Saggitaruis and perform their début concert all on the same day. A unique musical blend of free jazz and psychedelia with various shades of ethnic and traditional music. Metro Al Medina, (01 753021) Saroula Blgd, Hamra Str, Hamra. Tue 25 Feb, 9.30pm LL22,000

GUITAR HERO We jam with Nicolai Gerebtzoff to learn a bit about his craftmanship So how did you get into guitar making? I grew up just making stuff whatever it may be. I picked up building guitars in high school in woodwork class. After college I found a highly revered guitar maker in Malaysia where I was living at the time and started what was just two week course. He pulled me aside one day and said that he was looking for an apprentice and so I stayed for a year.

anything between 2 weeks to four or five months, but I try and do everything within a two month period.

When did you start playing guitar? I started playing guitar so long ago I can’t remember! I mean my dad gave me one of those children’s guitars with the buttons when I was a kid so that’s where it all started.

Why is it better to have a hand-made guitar from you than one that is mass produced? Well in terms of sound a lot of it comes from what’s behind the top (that bit with the hole in). In massed produced applications it’s all done by a specific measurement and they all sound very similar. But there is an abyss of variables. Every little thing can be fine-tuned; it really is an intricate process.

So what’s the process of making a guitar? There are three basic elements: hardware, wood and finish. Woodworking tends to be a look-and-feel type of skill, but with guitars and other instruments you have to listen to the wood. You have to tap it here and there see how it responds. The sound is really what matters. I go to the wood supplier and go through their entire stockpile to pick one plank of wood; it has to be the right cut, the right grain and the right size. It takes

EMPIRICAL SCHISM: THE HAVEN HYPOTHESIS Haven for artists are back for the winter edition, with a creative blend of music, poetry and a photography exhibition. Focusing on photographic representation of bodily curves and featuring live music from a diverse range of experimental artists. Yukunkun (03 229226) Lebanon Str, Gemmayzeh. Sun 23 Feb, 7-11pm. LL7,500 KYLEE EVANS One of the most charming voices of the international Jazz scene will be ending her world tour here in Lebanon. Accompanied by elite French Jazz musicians and performing her own original material as well as covers of Nina Simone and Kanye West. Music Hall (03 807555) Starco Centre, Omar Daouk Str, Downtown. Tue 18 Feb, 9.30pm. From LL55,000 50 For more reviews, listings and bookings go to timeoutbeirut.com

So what kind of guitars do you make? I would say my craft is making flat top instruments, so anything that comes under that description. Mandolins, ouds, bass, acoustic or electric guitars, anything, I also do repairs.

Where can we get one of these fine instruments? Well I am putting the finishing touches on my workshop so get in touch with me through Facebook or my phone. (76 483748 ) www.facebook.com/kaleidoscope6

Music Live music Blue Note (01 743857) Makhoul Str, Hamra. MonThur 12noon-12mid; Fri-Sat 12noon-late. Meal for two with wine LL50,000; Fri-Sat min charge LL52,500 on live shows. Known for its live entertainment, Blue Note’s gastronomy is international, though nothing out of the ordinary. Stick to the steak platter, and the apple pie for dessert. Chill (76 740390) Jean d’Arc Str, Hamra. MonSat 4pm-late. A warm boho atmosphere and extremely friendly staff. For all the Irish beer lovers, Guinness is available, there’s also free WiFi, and they host regular themed nights. Thur: salsa, Fri: karaoke, Sat: live bands.

Democratic Republic of Music (01 752202, 70 030032) Ground Floor, Mkahhal Bldg, Sourati Str, Hamra. Out of the dust of an unmarked building site appears an ambitious concert hall with an industrial look, all grey tones and exposed pipes. Check out their clubbing Saturdays where you can finish off with breakfast in the early hours. Dictateur (01 571512) 30 Bedawi Str, Bedawi, Achrafieh. Mon-Fri 4pm-late; Sat-Sun 11am-late. With an innovative interior full of quirky charm, Dictateur keeps the spirit alive of this former mini-industrial factory. It’s part of a project that aims to show the dying buildings of Beirut. The mini amphitheatre will house plays, live music and art exhibitions along with a weekend ‘blunch’ that will no doubt make this a new creative space for artists and foodies alike. Music Hall (03 807555) Starco Centre, Omar Daouk Str, Downtown. Thur-Sat 10pm-late. In 2003 this former cinema was converted into a lavish, Cabaret-esque music hall that hosts local and foreign performers on its monumental stage. Beirut’s premiere live music stage will offer you an experience you’re not likely to forget. Sepia (70 705200) St Nicholas Stairs, Gemmayzeh. Daily 8.30pm-late. An elegant Franco-Latin restaurant/pub. Great decorative touches includes customer contributed notes all over the walls. Thur: live bands (10.30pm-12.30pm). Tredici (71 252511) Gouraud Str, Gemmayzeh. Tue-Sun 6pm-2am. Fans of affordable meals, cocktails and a bustling ambience will love this Gemmayzeh gem. Named after the number 13 in Italian, the restaurant serves all their dishes for only LL13,000. Stick around to enjoy live music or pop into their outdoor garden for a breather. Valet parking is available.

Antoun’s Music (01 742683) Sadat Str, Hamra. Mon-Sat 10am-6.30pm. A fully equipped music shop open since 1956 that offers all kinds of musical and sound instruments. They also repair instruments and offer music lessons with qualified instructors. They are especially known for their skills in tuning and rebuilding pianos. Abdallah Chahine (01 361992) America Str, Hamra, (01 548787, 01 548989) Hazmieh Boulevard, Chiyah, (01 332222) George Zeidan Str, Achrafieh. Mon-Fri 9am-6.30pm, Sat 9am-1pm. This haven is the place to be for all music lovers. They stock imported musical instruments of all sorts including major brand names such as Fender, Hohner Kawai and more. The budding musician is catered to as well with their collection of mini-instruments for children. Instruments Garage (01 202302) MTV Bldg, Fassouh Str, Achrafieh. Daily 10am-8pm. Put together a family band and head to this place and check out the wide variety of musical instruments and a special collection for kids. You’ll find the drum sets, flutes, guitars, percussion and more; all sold at competitive prices. Maher’s Music Shop (03 728629) Sadat Str, Hamra. Mon-Sat 10am-9pm, Sun 4pm-9pm. Music lovers will be pleased to discover this place, which stocks a large collection of CDs, iPods, and accessories. If you are looking for a specific album or accessory for your gadgets, chances are you’ll find it here. Mozart Chahine (01 215000) Abdel Wahab El Ingizi Str, Achrafieh. Branches: (04 416813 ) Main Hwy, Jal El Dib. (09 224925) Main Hwy, Zouk Mosbeh. Mon-Sat 10am-8pm. If you are looking for a certain brand or type of musical instrument, look no further – these guys have you covered. Along with having all kinds of instruments in stock, these specialists are the exclusive dealers of Yamaha, Ibanez, Tama, Tycoon and more than 25 different international musical instrument brands.

Music lessons Care (01 880592) 2nd Floor, Almaza Str, Jdeideh. Mon-Fri 9am-7pm; Sat 9am-4pm. Care provides workshops tailored for children and young adults with special needs. Weekly drama and music therapies, vocational training and academics are offered during the week. Drum Lessons Beirut (03 779753) 7th Floor, Jadayeil Bldg, Rachid Karame Str, Verdun. Mon-Fri 4pm-8pm. Forget pots and pans, let your child get to grips with the real art of percussion with these unique drumming lessons. Ecole de Musique Ghassan Yammine (01 202820)7th Floor, Abou El Oula Bldg, Baydoun Str, Sodeco, Achrafieh. Mon-Fri 10am-9pm; Sat 10am-3pm. Branches: (04 711047) Jal El Dib, (01 350310) Hamra, (09 850202)Ghazir. Offers courses in modern music including jazz, pop, blues and classical music. Kids can learn a variety of instruments including saxophone, drums, clarinet, electric or acoustic guitar. Future singers can take vocal lessons or learn how to come up with compositions, computerised music or

Per-vurt Music Technology Store Expose that harboured talent after proper training with Per-vurt DJ School, where music has guided the likes of Ronin & Nesta, Stamina and many more spin-kings. (01 743156, 03 733156) Lyon Str, Hamra enjoy classes in music appreciation. They also offer lessons in theatre, photography, dancing and sound engineering. JelyBely Kids Activity Center (03 817028) Mary Wakim Centre, 1st Floor, Mansourieh Old Hwy, Mansourieh. Daily 9.30am-8pm. This place is dedicated to fun and activities for little ones. They organise weekly classes in music, theatre and lots more. KinderMusik (03 241020) 9th Floor, Victoria Centre, Corniche Al Nahar. Thur 3.45pm-6.30pm; Fri 4pm-6pm; Sat 10am-12noon. KinderMusik welcomes children from 7 months to 7 years old. They concentrate on developing young infants’ minds socially as well as musically. Depending on the child’s age and cognitive level, musical activities are introduced to encourage each child’s psychological tgrowth - from motor skills to speech therapy. Krafty Kids (01 355805, 03 231314) Jabara Bldg, Adonis Str, Hamra. Krafty Kids offers all types of fun for children up to ten years old. Interactive activities include acting classes followed by a play, card making, music, drawing, arts and crafts and storytelling. Mozart Chahine School of Music (04 414649) Main Hwy, Jal El Dib. (09 224876) Main Hwy, Zouk Mosbeh. Mon-Sat 10am-8pm. Whether you are a budding musician or just want to improve your musical talents, this music school offers all you need to get the job done. In a friendly and welcoming environment, the school provides lessons for all ages and backgrounds by qualified music instructors. Genres range from classical to modern, blues, jazz, Oriental, fusion and more. Annual exams and certificates are awarded to all students to keep track of their progress. Rock ‘n Bach (09 850330) PO Box 1844, Ghazir, Jounieh. Mon-Fri 11am-7pm; Sat 9am-3pm. Rock

‘n Bach is an electrifying school teaching children music, art, dance and singing. With qualified instructors and a variety of equipment, kids will be astounded by the unlimited courses on offer. The school boasts a friendly and happy environment, making sure every student feels like they belong to one big family. Some of the courses on offer include, zumba dance classes, hand crafts and music lessons for toddlers.

Audio equipment Abed Tahan (01 661000) Corniche Al Mazraa Main Rd, Corniche Al Mazraa. Mon-Fri 8.30am-8pm, Sat 8.30am-7pm. You might think you’ve stumbled upon audio heaven when you stroll in, with brand names from all the big players. You’ll find TVs, computers, phones, fitness equipment and household appliances to browse through. They also offer great maintenance and customer service. Bang & Olufsen (01 974400) Arass and Kanafani Str, Saifi. Mon-Fri 10am-6.30pm, Sat 10am-2pm. Step inside this digital haven and pay audio paradise a visit. The Danish company is a globally recognised brand that designs and manufactures their own brand of audio products. In the showroom you will find a sparkling selection of music systems, loudspeakers, TVs, phones and more. They are also the exclusive distributers of sound systems for car companies such as Aston Martin and BMW. Khoury Home (01 244200) Adnan Hakim Str, Jnah. Mon-Fri 9am-9pm, Sat-Sun 9am-7pm. Pop in to explore their electronic and home decoration products, including telephones, audio and video equipment, computers, home appliances, home decoration and the like. Anything of a domestic use and electronic heartbeat can be found here, and there is excellent after-sales service.

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Dany’s (01 740231) 78th Str, Hamra. Daily 10am-late. One of Hamra’s most famous bars and a magnet for the young, liberal, international and intellectual crowd. Hosts live music three to five times a week on their small basement stage and DJs every night of the week playing everything from jazz and funk to soul, indie and electro. After midnight the bar fills out as many people’s evenings finish in this popular Hamra destination, this is when the atmosphere is at its most electric. ThurFri: live music.

Musical instruments


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Different Shades of Jade

TOB talks to the king of C U NXT SAT and can happily report that he isn’t a see you next Tuesday So Jade, what’s your musical background? I collected records since I was a teenager, and used to lock myself in my room and listen to music for weeks. I was a singer and a guitarist in several alternative and rock bands, my most successful one was called ‘Blend’.

size, with that design and that sound system quality. After The Basement, I needed to start something fresh. I thought that one night a week is enough for me to express myself and Saturday night was perfect, so I called it See You Next Sat. C U NXT SAT was the natural sequel to The Basement, It’s happier, more open and musically alternative.

Don’t believe the hype

How did you start C U NXT SAT? Everything started while I was at The Basement. I noticed that every time I played music in different places, there was a niche that needed something different, more sophisticated musically. There was no location to serve that kind of sound, no proper venue of that

What do you think about the Concrete 1994 venue? I love everything about that venue, it’s spacious, well maintained, the owners are real gentlemen and the fact that you cannot find it easily adds to the charm.

52 For more reviews, listings and bookings go to timeoutbeirut.com

Do you have any words for the young budding DJs in Lebanon? Don’t believe the hype. Do you think the demand for overseas DJs is harmful for local ones? Not at all. Have you always loved house music? Yeah but not only house music. What do you listen to when you’re relaxing? Bill Evans, Leonard Cohen, James Blake, Fink, Electric Wire Hustle, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Curtis Mayfield, Fever Ray, Arcade Fire. That’s what’s on my playlist these days. What are you planning for the summer? A change of venue? Yes just like every summer, I can’t

say too much but it’s going to have a great vibe. Concrete 1994 (71 694469) Sin El Fil. Sat. $25

Nightlife Clubbing delights

Three places to show your bass faces this fortnight BIERUT GROOVE COLLECTIVE Hailing all the way from Germany, JJ Whitefield has released material with impressive international and independent record labels such as Ninja Tune Mo’ Wax and Stones Throw. Yukunkun (70 745072) Lebanon Str, Gemmayzeh. Sat 22. 10pm-Late LL15,000

6TH SENSE PRESENT PIG & DAN Pig & Dan continue their influence on the scene with superb releases and gigs around the world. Their mix of influences has given them a sound which is recognisable and seems to be loved by the masses. Gate 69, Dora Hwy, Dora. Feb 28. 10pm-late. LL30,000


BURNSKI| ELIAS MERH Stereo have got in a young producer from the UK called Burnski. He’s played in many of the best venues around

the world including the Electric Pickle in Miami, Fabric in London and Watergate in Berlin. Art Lounge (03 997676) River Bridge Str, Karantina. Sat 15. 10pm-5am. LL30,000

BIERUT GROOVE COLLECTIVE 54 For more reviews, listings and bookings go to timeoutbeirut.com

Überhaus goes gently into that good Nacht

Überhaus has shut up shop. A year ago they opened in Hamra, rapidly drawing in a young and eager crowd. They moved back to Hamra this winter after a sumer sojourn at temporary location The Gärten, but things haven’t quite been the same. We talked to managing partner Gus Naamani,‘Last year there was little or no competition for what we were offering’ he said. Naamani stated that there is still a scene in Hamra but it is largely confined to those who reside there and as Überhaus relies on its patrons coming from all over Lebanon, they decided it was best to move locations. ‘We realised that when we threw parties in Hamra, nobody would come, I hate to sound like this, but its true.’ It then transpired that both the interviewee and this interviewer had witnessed violence when out late in Hamra (nothing too serious happened, don’t you worry). The bottom line, as our man said, was that they were better off out of Hamra. They are pleased to announce the unveiling of ‘Nacht,’ which will be at Station. It’s a brand new location and they are tailoring it to fit their needs. It will consist of a bar and exhibition space in room one and the DJ and dance floor in the adjacent room. For their opening Nacht, Überhaus have recruited Crosstown Rebel Francesca Lombardo to help them carry on their legacy. You can’t keep a good club down. Nacht. Station (71 684218) Jisr el Wati. Feb 15

Nightlife Bars & clubbing

Daily 8.30pm-late. This cosy low-lit Gemmayzeh pub has an urbane feel. Nights usually start off pretty quietly, but inevitably descend into playing ‘big tunes’ until the early hours. Berlin play lots of deep house and commercial electro, with a guest DJ every Fri. Thur: Latin.

This section lists the best of Beirut’s bars and clubs alphabetically. NEW Denotes a new entry+ How to be listed Email listings@timeoutbeirut.com details of your venue including the phone numbers, address and opening hours. Listings are free, but inclusion is not guaranteed due to limited space.

Big Shot (01 342140) 78th Str, Hamra. Daily 6pm-4am. Beirut’s first RnB bar clearly boasts a bad ass feel with pictures of music legends such as Tupac and Rolling Stones magazine covers. Weekends take a wild turn often accompanied with some rounds of sweet shots on the house.


Bodø (01 738068) Abdel Aal Str, Hamra. Daily 24hrs; kitchen open 6am-12mid. This openfronted charmingly small bar looks like an old converted workshop. Everyday brings a new popcorn flavour for you to munch on and there’s an extensive cocktail list full of tasty treats, for you to sip on 24/7. Named after the Norwegian town where the sun never sets.

37° Bar and Grill (01 203215) Monot Main Alley, Monot. Daily 6.30pm-2.30am. Happy hour 6.37pm-8.37pm. Nearly a decade old, 37º Bar and Grill is one of Monot’s gems. This lounge bar gets far hotter than its name would let on, and while it caters for lounging, if you come in on a quiet night the bar can be a perfect pre-clubbing venue. Serves a good selection of international cuisine and an impressive selection of shots.

Burlesque has a small and simple French menu containing crêpes, sandwiches and snacks. Celtic (01 338688) Monot Str, Monot, Achrafieh. Daily 5pm-2am. An Irish style pub popular with Lebanese and ex-pats alike. Good place to hang with friends and watch sports (mainly football) on a projector TV screen. On Fridays they host a game of ‘beer-pong’, a drinking game that incorporates ping-pong balls. Celtic will open for any Premier League game. Chaplin (03 286977) Mar Mikhael Str, Mar Mikhael. Daily 10am-late. Happy hour 5pm-8pm. This charming old-world bar complete with net curtains, ancient typewriters and gramophones, has the Charlie Chaplin quirk. Dress up like the man himself with the bar’s fake moustaches and Chaplin hats and pose for a Polaroid snapshot. Music passes through jazz, bossa and acid jazz with breakfast ser ved in the morning.

Art Lounge (03 997676) Najjar Bldg, Quarantina River Bridge, Qarantina. Daily 6pm-late. Once upon a time this space was a derelict warehouse; now it’s home to one of Beirut’s most important art venues, with a bar, concert space, art book store and a popular cineclub (with a different cinematic theme every month). Barbu (01 567606) Gouraud Str, Gemmayzeh. Daily 5pm-late. Happy hour 6pm-8.30pm. A busy student haunt with happy hours from 6pm-8.30pm and a decent cocktail list. If you’re poor and peckish they offer 20% off for all university students with ID, and discounts to all Red Cross members. Berlin (01 442600 70 246688) Saad Bldg, Youssef Hayek Str, Gemmayzeh.

Demo (03 958504) Lebanon Str, Gemmayzeh. Daily 10am-2am. Takes the pretentious sheen out of Gemmayzeh. Good indie music, free WiFi till 6pm and the perfect venue for a mellow night out. A nice selection of toasted sandwiches for roughly LL12,000. Keep an eye out for posters as Demo hosts some great in-house live events.

Duke of Wellington (01 340860) Mayflower Hotel, Yafet Str, Hamra. Daily 2pm-1am. Happy hour Fri, Wed 7pm-9pm. Famous haunt for ex-pat war reporters in the ‘70s. A very English pub serving fish, steaks, salads and the like. It’s an entertaining change of scene, the walls decorated with bagpipes, swords and reindeer heads on the walls, and is surprisingly affordable.

La Bouteille (01 570811, 70 161811) Armenia Str, Mar Mikhael. Mon-Sat10.30am-late. Explore the tastes of international wines originating from Argentina to South Africa, all the while listening to jazzy and funk sounds and sitting on the outdoor terrace. Brick’s (01 355443) Makdessi Str, Hamra. Daily 11am-3am. Brick’s is the place to kick back and get a good hearty meal in a cosy atmosphere. A home from home, expect a varied soundtrack of everything relaxed from jazz to folk, blues to alternative rock. Brut (03 671177) Monot Alley, Monot. FriSat 9pm-4pm. Brut has reopened a new version of itself in the same space it once occupied. A sea of chrome and black leather stools surround the bar, which prides itself on its great selection of premium vodkas. Fri: RnB, hip-hop and urban sounds. Sat: Club Night – a mix of house music. Both parking and valet parking are available. Burlesque (70 480640) Gouraud Str, Gemmayzeh. Daily 4pm-late. Happy hour 4pm-9pm. This cavernous little bar with a subtle burlesque theme has been built from a renovated dress makers. High arched exposed stone ceilings which tastefully contrast with a slick modern bar façade.

Charlie’s Bar (01 442019) Gouraud Str, Gemmayzeh. Mon-Sat 10am-2am, Sun 5pm-2am. A snug little place buried away on a street that comes to life night after night. The green, blue and brown colours lure you in to enjoy their cocktails and snacks. The bar also serves sandwiches all to a pleasing blend of reggae, rock and noncommercial tunes. Get cosy on the small couches and high stools. Citizen Smith (01 737573) Makdessi Str, Hamra. Daily 6pm-late. Tucked away at the end of Makdessi Street, Citizen Smith takes us back to a past era of Hamra, taking its name from the long standing supermarket ‘Smith’s’ which closed its doors recently. With their extensive bar selection and friendly staff, Citizen Smith has an industrial-feel interior and attracts a crowd of young and artsy professionals. Concrete (76 122 122) Uruguay Street, Downtown. Concrete is a new addition to the tradition of entertaining nights provided by Beirut. The pub offers an intimate setting with dim lighting, a colourful array of drinks and hosts music acts every Saturday and Sunday. Crew (01 449873) Pasteur Str, Gemmayzeh. Daily 6pm-6am. This bar works on a different

Entourage (01 566022) Armenia Str, Mar Mikhael. Daily 5pm-2am. This tapas pub is relatively remote from Gemmayzeh’s nightlife buzz, but is still a great drinking spot. Prepare yourself for a boat trip through the Mediterranean (you’ll understand as you walk in). Wed: French night. February 30 (01 736683, 76 994405) Makdessi Str, Hamra. Daily 10am-3.30am. A dazzling nightspot adding to the hype and buzz of Hamra. The remarkable décor is one you won’t find elsewhere. Sporting an Alice in Wonderland twist, you’ll find an upside down table on the ceiling, a swing at the bar, and more to keep you surprised all evening. The venue plays a mix of jazz and alternative beats. Early birds can have a stab at their breakfast and brunch. FLO’ (03 789551) Makhoul Str, Hamra. Daily 10am-3.30am. This multi-level bar provides a warm and inviting atmosphere; filled with sprawling couches and bar stools, Norman Rockwell’esque paintings and a delectable selection of cocktails and beers, served beneath dim lighting. Serves both breakfast and lunch. Life Bar (03 678741, 01 576000) Tabaris Str, Gemmayzeh. Daily 8pm-late. Minimum charge for two LL30,000. Brace yourself for a different atmosphere every day of the week. From Karaoke Wednesday

For more reviews, listings and bookings go to timeoutbeirut.com 55


Anise (70 977926) Alexander Flemming Str, Mar Mikhael. Daily 6pm-1.30am. Feel at home in this lovely Mar Mikhael haunt offering cocktails and tasty bar snacks. We love their extensive variety of homemade Arak gathered from vines across Lebanon. Drinks are affordable with attentive bar staff. Try their specialty the Cezar Arak cocktail.

The Closet (01 568708, 03 126559)Armenia Str, Mar Mikhael. Daily 6pm-late. This happening bar comes to life every night. Discover the funky ‘S’ shaped interior with pulsating industrial vibes. Serving sandwiches and drinks, the interior easily fits 86 with couches and high-stools. Beats range from electronic to rock and blues. We recommend starting off with a Bloody Mary to get the night started.

Divine Moments of Truth (01 566570) Lebanon Str, Gemmayzeh. Daily 5pm-1.30am. A trendy bar open all week long. Spoil yourself with their appetising treats such as nachos, sandwiches, salads and lots more. Live bands will entertain every Sunday while pop rock, hip hop and commercial beats keep you buzzing throughout the week.

Abbey Road (03 3681797, 01 570118) Mon-Sat 11am-2am, Sun 5pm-2am. Armenia Str, Mar Mikhael. The place to be in Mar Mikhael. Abbey Road offers a relaxing atmosphere during the day before the rocking beats start a-thumping at nighttime. The venue houses two floors of what appears to be a recording studio, with photos of famous rock singers adorning the walls. Snacks are served throughout the day to accompany old, classic rock rhythms. Come together. Right now. American Dream (01 341625, 03 245238) Jeanne d’Arc Str, Hamra. Daily 3pm-12mid.This cosy bar opens every night of the week for nights out. The interior houses two floors with a bar on each level, so you won’t have to move very far for your next round of pickme-ups. Music is soft and chilled, seating a total of 130 people in the homey space. If you’re not sure what to order, try the signature cocktail ‘American Dream’.

concept, hospitality staff receive 25 per cent discount on drinks and Middle East cabin crew get a whopping 50 per cent off. Nurse away the hours on your feet with their speciality ‘Crew Bar Touch’ cocktail, to a soundtrack of jazz, blues, regaee and pop. Snacks and sandwiches on offer. Hosts regular psychedelic nights.

Nightlife to Oriental Thursdays to different DJs playing all types of music Friday through Sunday, you’ll never get bored. Don’t forget to order some delicious nosh from their full-scale sushi menu and fresh sandwiches made daily.

Bars with dinner Bardo (01 340060) Mexico Str, Hamra. Daily 9am-late; kitchen closes at 12mid. Happy hour 6pm-9pm. This relaxed, alternative bar/restaurant has a Mediterranean menu. Try the stuffed sea bass with fennel and mixed vegetables and a good stock of wines.


Baromètre (01 367229) Makhoul Str, Hamra. Daily 7pm-1.30am. A rustic and lively Hamra bar with a Hispanic feel to the place. Popular with students, it serves excellent Lebanese mezza and has a big outside terrace. As the night ebbs on, customers often get to their feet and dance to Latin and Arabic music. Bobo (03 384156) Estral Bldg, Hamra Str, Hamra. Daily 5pm-2am. Claiming to be where bohemian meets bourgeois, this cosy resto-pub strikes the right balance. Offering breakfasts, salads and mezza, not to mention a cracking cocktail list. Resident DJs on Wednesdays and Thursdays, bands on Fridays and themed nights on Saturdays. Bobo is the first bar in Lebanon to launch the indoor antismoking policy.

Clé (71 200712) Abdel Baki Bldg, Abdel Baki Str, Clemenceau. Daily 11am-3am. Meal for two with drinks LL75,000. Café by day, bar by night, the eatery serves European cuisine along with a selection of Japanese dishes. The fashionable interior houses three rooms with a colourful garden for outdoor seating. Free WiFi is also available. De Prague (01 744864, 03 575282) 166 Makdessi Str, Hamra. Daily 9am-2am. Its trendy art deco setting and imaginative menu is popular with the Hamra hipster crowd and AUB students. Transforms seamlessly from subdued daytime work space (with free WiFi) to dimly-lit bar in the evenings, with excellent music and a backdrop of classic films with the sound off. The District (01 747991, 76 807867) Makdessi Str, Hamra. Daily 7pm-late. If you prefer mingling with a more mature crowd then you can’t go wrong with a night out in this bubbly waterhole. Suitable for dinner, drinks and dancing, the night kicks off with a mix of chill out tunes before the thumping alternative, rock and RnB beats take over. The kitchen serves a fusion of international cuisine with a fancy cocktail bar for your rounds of pick-me-ups. Attracts a 24+ crowd. Ferdinand (01 355955) Mahatma Gandhi Str, Hamra. Daily 12noon-late. This hip, Hamra bar oozes character. Lounge in

the cosy, red-walled interior and sip on delicious cocktails. If their famous mojitos get the better of you, soak up the liquor with their quality food. Try the burgers topped with blueberry jam. The Greedy Goose (01 337883) Monot Str, Monot, Achrafieh. Daily 5pm-2am, weekend: Brunch from 11.30am. Happy hour Mon-Thur 5pm-8pm, Fri 5pm-9pm. Meal for two with drinks LL80,000. Feel immediately at home with a warm welcome. This unique venue has all the charms of a traditional British pub. Homemade dishes and Full English Breakfasts make this pub a favourite with the ex-pats. With screens on most walls you can catch up on all your major sporting events. Mon: pub quiz. Harbor 201 (01 573888, 70513888) Charles Helou Ave. Daily 9.30pm-2am. Min charge LL100,000. Transformed from a crumbling traditional house to a beautiful ‘red house’, Harbor 201 is a funky restaurant-lounge. The international menu offers everything from sushi to steak, with live entertainment such as seductive dancing, sax solos and a full live band. Q (03 807162) Ibrahim Abdel Aaal Str, Hamra. Daily 5pm-2am. Happy hour 6pm-9pm. Venture through the welcoming green-doors of this lively Hamra pub for an evening of good music and cocktails. With a brightly lit interior and laid-back jazz, blues and alternative

Bedivere Eatery & Tavern (01 748909, 03 902909) Makdessi Bldg, Jeanne D’arc Str, Hamra. Daily 11am-late. Named after one of King Arthur’s knights of the round table, this lovely bistro bar boasts a feel-good medieval vibe. Whether you want dinner, drinks or both, this is the right place to visit. Serving international cuisine, diners can choose from appetisers, pastas, sandwiches, main dishes and dessert. You’ll be impressed by the U-shaped bar along with everything else about the place. We suggest you try the steak on lava as a main dish and finish off with the fondant au chocolat for dessert.

Chords (03 940553) Makhoul Str, Hamra. Daily 6pm-late. Bang in the middle of Hamra’s student district, Chords serves a delicious spread, including steaks, and has a lively nocturnal life to boot.

Rail Coffee Bar (71 727274) Mar Mikhael Main Str, Mar Mikhael. Daily 4pm-late. This coffee bar makes a fantastic spot to meet people in a laid-back and cheerful setting. Handsome sandstone walls, wooden architecture and traditional chairs welcome you in with an upbeat mix of tunes. Whether you want lunch, dinner or coffee, the menu serves a mix of sandwiches, salads, pastries and desserts along with coffee, tea and cocktails. An outdoor terrace is available for smokers. Regusto (01 752571, 03 283232) 1st Floor, Hamra Square Center, Hamra Str, Hamra. Daily 11am-3am. This simple, down-to-earth restaurant and pub ser ves Armenian food and can get pretty packed in the evening. Regusto is especially popular with the artsy, leftist types who come here to talk and drink Almaza on tap. Revolver (76 858529) Argentine Str, Downtown. Daily 5pm-3am. Meal for two with drinks LL120,000. This bar is not exactly on Uruguay Street but on its parallel fellow South American friend, Argentine Street. The décor and menu is inspired by ‘60’s British pop culture – think collages of mod icons, exposed light bulbs and menu options such as ‘fields forever’. Order the ‘fab 24’, a yummy selection of 24 pieces of sushi makis. Sun: live acoustic performances by Gus Farah. Happy hour daily 5pm-8pm. Schwarz (01 444304 , 03 635303) Torbey Bldg, Mar Mikhael Str , Mar Mikhael. Mon-Sat 8am-late. The kitchen of this suave pubrestaurant is open all day for breakfast, lunch and dinner before it turns into a hotspot for night owls. The menu serves a modern take on international cuisine, including Mexican and French fare. With a selection of freshly baked goodies, early birds should try the ‘Schwarz breakfast’ formula. Step inside for sleek black décor, exquisite oil paintings and a bar that shimmers with 16 different colours. Tue: salsa night, Wed: karaoke, Thur: oldies night, Sun: jazz night.

The Bronx (76 885888) Uruguay Str, Downtown. Daily 12noon-2am. The only restaurant bar with a New York twist in downtown Beirut. Their graffiti on the wooden tables and walls has an exceptionally urban feel to it. Dine on their signature dishes such as the Bronx burger or the Bronx sizzling fajitas and enjoy one of their themed nights featuring impressive live bands and DJs. Catch Tree Hoppers live on Sundays and band JLP on Tuesdays. Every other night, DJs Tim, Cesar and Mich will get your heart pumping with the best of RnB, commercial and rock. Their daily happy hour goes from 6pm-8pm. Centrale (01 575858, 03 915925) Mar Maroun Str, Saifi. Daily 8pm-late; kitchen closes at 12mid. An über cool, pricey, tubeshaped bar accessible only by elevator. Designed by architect Bernard Khoury, it boasts a retractable roof (summertime only), giving drinkers panoramic views of Martyrs’ Square and the sea beyond. Reservation recommended.

hits, this is a wise choice for a night of socialising. Come by early to take advantage of their happy hour.

Soixante-Huit (68) (71 716768) Gouraud Str, Gemmayzeh. Daily 7pm-late. Step inside this restobar for a wide variety of French cuisine, wine and music. Boasting over 50 bottles of wine, Soixante-Huit’s Magret De Canard and Feuillette de Champignon will keep you coming back. Be sure to stay for the vibe as the music shifts from slow jazz early in the evening to soul and funk, and eventually electropop as the night gets underway.

Bedivere Decent booze and some good grub (their tavern burger has tumbling boulders of steak held together with melted cheese) and if you surrender your phone to chat with your mates you get a discount, which is novel. (01 748909) Makdessi Bldg, Jeanne d’Arc Str, Hamra

56 For more reviews, listings and bookings go to timeoutbeirut.com

Spoon (01 566490, 03 348273) Gouraud Str, Gemmayzeh. Daily 5pm-late. Happy hour 5pm-8pm. A bar with a real American feel to it. Burgers are definitely the house speciality but the rest of the pub-grub is well up to scratch. A good place to sit and people watch; music is a mixture of oldies and soft rock. Time Out (La Closerie) (01 331938) St Joseph University Str, Achrafieh. Daily 6pm-late. A cosy venue set in an authentic old-style Lebanese house. Chill out on old couches and mismatched furniture. They offer a fine selection of food; we recommend their spring rolls and sushi selection.

Nightlife Vie (01 447766, 71 664477) Mar Mikhael Str, Mar Mikhael. Tue-Sat 8pm-late. This fine-dining restaurant-club has a smart interior with Korean style bar and mirrors. If you’re a cigar-smoker, take a pick from their display of fine cubans. Wed: karaoke, Sat: live entertainment from Arabic and French to Italian.

Clubs B 018 (03 800018) Charles Malek Ave, Quarantina. Thur 9pm-7am; Fri-Sat 12mid-7am. Famed Lebanese architect Bernard Khoury designed this internationally renowned, tomb-like club, bringing in big name minimal and electro DJs. At dawn the roof opens, just in case you thought of nipping off early. Thur: ‘80s night.

Vyvyan’s (01 567040) Armenia Str, Mar Mikhael. Daily 10am-late. Contrasting the cement, bricks and rusted metal of a rundown atelier with elegantly designed parquet wooden fittings, this bohemian bar is polished up industrial chic at it’s best. They ser ve great Italian coffees (LL3,000) with croissants and jam or lebneh platters (LL10,000) for breakfast, including a selection of artisan sandwiches ser ved for lunch and dinner. A different DJ each night sets a warm, laid-back ambience with tasteful shuffles of jazz, electro-funk and swing before the tempo (and volume) picks up around midnight.

Caprice (70 220223) Jal El Dib Seaside Rd, Jal El Dib. Tues-Sun 7pm-2am. Meal for two with drinks LL90,000. This stylish lounge bar club is the place you’ve been seeking to get your evening started. Both indoor and outdoor space is effortlessly chic with contemporary designs so make sure you get glammed up. The space has been designed to let partygoers warm up before hitting the clubs. Serving fusion cuisine, you’ll find a mix between Asian tapas and light nibbles.

Wall St. (71 090953) Urugway Str. Downtown. Head down to the mean streets of Wall Str., a bar and grill that offers a wide selection of cocktails and a decent menu. The resto/pub also is equipped with a stage for live performances and music acts.

Cocktail lounges 6th Avenue (76 002102) Uruguay Str, Downtown. Daily 4pm-3am. A New York style cocktail bar with classy décor and cosy seating. The venue houses two floors with wide-screen TVs screening spor t matches and concer ts. Music is a blend of soft rock and commercial beats. If you aren’t busy munching on one of the bar’s generous sandwiches or salads, be sure to tr y their ‘Moscow Mule’ cocktail made of vodka, lime and ginger beer. DJs ever y Wed-Sat. The Bar (01 761000) 2nd Floor, Four Seasons Hotel Beirut, 1418 Professor Wafic Sinno Ave, Minet El Hosn. Daily 5pm-2am. Inside the salubrious environs of a five star hotel, The Bar is known for its serious collection of blended Scotches and Cuban cigars. It features a menu of Asian Oriental inspired hors d’oeuvres including fabulous shawarmas. Cali Cocktail (76 858529) Argentine Str, Downtown. Daily 5am-2am. Stroll in to check out the beautifully lit bar with mirrors, wooden décor and tables surrounded by high bar stools. Sample their cocktails with a selection of Spanish treats on of fer, such as canapés, burritos, nachos and salads. The outdoor seating makes this spot a great one for people watching. A live DJ spins pop, jazz, house and commercial beats ever y night. Don’t go without ordering the ‘Flying Gate’ cocktail made of ginger, lime and vodka.

Uruguay Cocktail Bar The foundation of the happening nightlife street by the same name, this watering hole underpins any night on the South American tiles with excellent cocktails and cold beer. Need we say more? (71 747488) Uruguay Str, Downtown Collins (71 939398) Uruguay Str, Downtown. Daily 4.30pm-2.30am. Tucked in on the corner of Uruguay Street, you’ll spot this ultra modern city bar. Named after the famous cocktail ‘Tom Collins’, it offers a delightful selection of drinks. With cocktails made out of fresh fruits and vegetables, be sure to try the ‘big apple martini’ to start your evening. Indoor and outdoor seating are available accompanied by a variety of chilled out music. Hemingway’s Bar & Cigar Lounge (01 869666) Mövenpick Hotel & Resort Beirut, Général de Gaulle Ave, Raouché. Daily 24hours. This suave bar is composed of three intimate areas - a cigar lounge, a bar and an open terrace. It attracts a mature, sophisticated crowd. Try to sample all three while listening to the pianist and enjoying the view of the Mediterranean. Daily; band from 9pm. Mr Boston Cocktail Bar (09 930907, 76 449912) Mina Street, Jounieh. This delightful little bar toes the line between chique and hole-in-the-wall really well, serving a mix of fusion and old fashioned cocktails as well as full meals for everyone wishing to enjoy a pleasant night out. Dragonfly (01 561112) Gouraud Str, Gemmayzeh. Daily 6pm-2am. Happy hour 6pm- 8pm. A tiny cosy place, decorated with wooden

furniture and large mirrors. The barmen dress like barbers and the DJ spins some real crowd pleasers with a bent towards jazz, funk and Latin music. Check out their perfectly made mojitos and ginger wine speciality. Up on the 31st (01 516570) Hilton Hotel, Sin El Fil. Daily 12noon-3am. This charming jazz bar is the highest in town with a wide range of wine, cocktails and light snacks. Expect jawdropping views, quality entertainment and a delightful atmosphere. Check in every Thursday with live jazz performances and great sushi. Uruguay Cocktail Bar (71 747488) Uruguay Str, Downtown. Daily 5pm-2am. Named after the popular street, this trendy cocktail bar is a suitable choice to catch up with friends over drinks. The bar boasts a bubbly ambience in a chilled out setting. Seating is comfortable, with chairs spilling onto the busy street. Sandwiches and snacks are also served along with beverages. Y Cocktail Bar (76 376764, 03 557346) Gouraud Str, Gemmayzeh. Tue-Sun 8pm-late. Don’t ask why, just head straight to the heart of Gemmayzeh where 15 exclusive cocktails await inside this tidy bar. Wed: Live bands. Thur: DJ Nour spins tech house. Fri-Sat: An amazing mix of oldies, new generation and house music with video clips.

Depot (71 418039) Monot str, Monot. Fri 9pm-4am; Sat 3am-10am. Depot is the club for TAG Afterhours Sessions. This is the place for clubbers who don’t want the party to end as resident DJs B!Box and KAA keep the mainly electronicorientated music spinning till well after breakfast time. Life (70 666060) Quarantina. Fri-Sat 10pm-late. Partygoers of Beirut gather at this 600 sq m club for a memorable night. With impressive resident DJs spinning commercial music till the early hours of the morning and a lavish, sparkling party venue, you will find you have arrived at the ultimate party scene. Mad (03 060090) Seaside Rd, Nahr El Mot, Wed-Sat 10pm-dawn. Their motto is sanity is overated! This is one of Beirut’s top spots, clubbers dance beneath the LED-lit latice work on the ceiling, and coloured lasers span the room, turning the space incandescent. Skimply clad International club dancers perform on the bar throughout the night. Wed: YOLO nights with DJ Mikey Blaze playing RnB, Thu-Sat: commercial house music with resident DJ Jojo on Fridays and Saturday’s with DJad. Überhaus (76 363662) Leon Str, Hamra. Fri-Sat 9.30pm-4am. This underground club is the city’s latest alternative electro institution. With a strictly over 21 policy, Überhaus occupies the basement of Hamra’s WH Hotel with the finest local and international DJs pumping out alternative, electronic and house sounds. They also have an extravagant dance floor for you to get your groove on. Yukunkun (03 229226) Lebanon Str, Achrafieh. WedThur 9pm-4am, Fri-Sun 9pm-5am. This alternative music hub is located in an underground venue. Their main focus is on electronic music, stemming from a range of different sounds and influences. They aim to serve as a platform, hosting international concerts, DJs and other major art performances.

For more reviews, listings and bookings go to timeoutbeirut.com 57


Zucca 01 998669) Uruguay Str, Downtown. Daily 12noon-2am. Meal for two with drinks LL120,000. A mixology bar and pizzeria located in the heart of the city. Their cocktails are made using fresh juices, herbs and purees. Open for lunch and dinner, you’ll also find generous seating indoors and outdoors making this an ideal meeting spot. Make sure you take advantage of their happy hour daily from 5pm-8pm.

Cassino (01 656777, 03 944955) Damascus Rd, Achrafieh. Wed-Sun 12mid-5am. An older aged nightclub furnished with soft couches and drenched in cream and gold. RnB and pop music play until 2am, when famous Lebanese singer Joe Achkar plays and sings Arabic music until closing.

Love & Dating Three of the most common causes for breakups

Love & Dating

We’ve identified the ones that us Beirutis are most susceptible to

CHEATING Ever noticed that the men of Beirut call the women of Beirut sly, untrustworthy worms and the women call the men villainous and cowardly liars? Let’s sort it out guys, and hug it out.

BAD SEX Look, it’s simple. If you don’t stop just lying there and pull your finger out (or put it in, depending on what you’re into) people are just going to leave you in that big bed all alone.

Four foods to get you in the mood Here are four foods to get the blood flowing down to your sexy parts BANANAS The phallic shape of this potassiumrich fruit makes it an aphrodisiac food acknowledged the world over. According to some versions, after Adam and Eve succumbed to the apple, they covered up their nudity with banana leaves. AVOCADOS Just by looking at the shape of avocado, you will see the reason why it was associated with sexuality. The name comes from the Aztecs who called it ahuacuatl, or ‘testicle tree’. They thought the fruit hanging in pairs on the tree resembled testicles. The Catholic priests in Spain found the fruit so obscenely sexual that they forbade it. CHOCOLATE Pure chocolate, the king of natural aphrodisiacs, contains a host of compounds including PEA (phenylethylamine), the ‘love chemical,’ which releases dopamine in the pleasure centres of the brain and peaks during orgasm. Cacao also contains a key component of the chemical serotonin known to promote a sense of well-being and relaxation. ALMONDS Through antiquity, almonds were regarded as fertility symbols. The smell of almonds is said to arouse desire and passion in women. The scientists say that almonds provide high doses of vitamin E, magnesium and even fibre.

LETTER PARENTS FOUND OUT Depending on the ferocity of your parental unit this could be a tricky one to get around. I mean, we’ve all heard about that chap who got castrated, and nobody wants to be him.

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Q.It sounds weird, but I think my best friend wants me and my boyfriend to break up. She’s always dropping hints and told me she read a great article on how to break up with someone. Anna

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A. Gina First of all, where the hell did she read this article? It certainly wasn’t us and we are not fans of competition. But back to your problem – you’re right, it does sound weird. I have a sneaky suspicion that this ‘best friend’ of yours is no friend at all and instead IS TRYING TO STEAL YOUR BOYFRIEND. Lock him away and never let him meet a friend of

yours again, and as for this mate of yours? Seduce her man and see how she likes it. For advice on sex and dating, email our sex columnists George and Gina at letters@timeoutbeirut.com

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