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Nipple Cosmetic Surgery Out of sheer embarrassment, many San Francisco women often go through their lives without seeking any medical consultation to correct their nipple deformities or large breast; ultimately, foregoing Breast Lift Surgery in Baltimore, and nipple correction surgery. But recent advances in cosmetic surgery have provided avenues to correct a medley of nipple maladies, such as: ●

Inverted Nipples Usually a sign of breast cancer, inverted nipples can also be a congenital defect. Inverted Nipple Correction Bay Area can be conducted during your breast implantation to achieve those perfect-looking breasts.

Poor Nipple Projection Size disproportions between the areola and nipple can result in poor nipple projection. Areola Reduction San Francisco is relatively common, and is usually staved off with the injection of a filler.

Long / Large Nipples If you’re suffering from an areola-nipple size disproportion, cosmetic tattooing would be the best option. Puffy or elongated nipples can be thinned via cosmetic surgery, and severe cases will require a skin graft.

Large Areola Diameter If you have a large areola diameter, it will usually be corrected during either a breast lift or reduction procedure. The idea is to ensure that the new areola size will ‘fit’ the new and more compact breast. Otherwise, a standalone surgery will require removal of the intervening tissue ring whilst tightening the ‘circle’ bordering the areola. The resulting scar then blends seamlessly with the natural areola circumference.

Irregular Areola Circumference The edge of the areola will be altered to give it a more circular and natural appearance. This can also be done in conjunction with a Breast Augmentation Baltimore

Off-Center Nipple Cosmetic tattooing is the primary, non-invasive solution. Otherwise, surgical correction will be conducted during a breast augmentation or reduction, with skin grafting being a last resort.

Lightly Colored Areola If your areola is too pale or lightly colored, cosmetic tattooing would be your best option.

Nipple / Areola Complex Displacement If your nipple-areola complex is positioned awkwardly, it’s probably due to poor breast volume. Surgical correction is performed during the augmentation or reduction procedure to correct complexes that are either positioned too high or too low on the breast mound.

Nipple / Areola Complex Hair Growth Electrolysis presents a cheaper option for getting rid of those pesky hair growths around your nipple-areola complex. Laser treatment can also be used, but it is far more expensive and not recommended.

Extra Nipple / Areola Complexes ‘Supernumerary’ or ‘accessory’ nipples can be easily excised during surgery to prevent potential malignancies.

Areola Bumps Prominent or numerous Montgomery glands or ‘nipple bumps’ can be excised during surgery.

Areola Scars Scarring from previous surgeries can be reduced using cosmetic tattooing.

Nipple / Areola Reconstruction Reconstructive surgery is usually conducted after a mastectomy. Skin grafting, cosmetic tattooing and minor surgical alterations are required to reshape the removed breast tissue.

So don’t cower in humiliation the next time you don your bikini at the beach. Visit your local cosmetologist, correct your nipple woes and kiss your flagging self-esteem goodbye!

Irregular Areola Circumference  

The edge of the areola will be altered to give it a more circular and natural appearance. This can also be done in conjunction with a Breast...

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