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5 Things Your Dog Needs From YOU Janice Peterson

Absolutely Dogs Magazine| Edition 1| February 2014| Page 5


5 things are essential to a happy,

healthy relationship with your dog. Dogs don’t really ask for much, until they are not getting what they need. They have their ways of letting you know that all is not well in their world. If you take notice you can avoid lots of bad behavior, if you don’t then you might not like how they try to get the message across.

Dogs need love: Spending quality time with your dog is one of the best ways to avoid attention seeking behaviors. It’s cute to show pictures of them to friends and tell them how wonderful your dog is. But, what your dog really wants is for you to spend some time with them. This is especially important if you only have one dog. They have no one else for company when you are not there. Dogs are pack animals and need companionship, so take some time every day and give your dog the cuddles they deserve.

Who’s the boss?

You need to provide

boundaries for your dog, no matter how much you love them. It’s o.k. to let your dog sleep on your bed, sit on the couch or go for rides in the car with you, as long as you are in control of when it happens. If you let your dog run your household they are likely to do it in a way that doesn’t work for you. It’s a bit like letting a 5 year old tell you what to do and behave anyway they like. It won’t work and will end up causing more problems than it’s worth.

Good quality food:

Your dog needs a

nutritious diet. Giving your dog treats is not a problem, as long as you don’t over feed them.

There are many foods on the market that are full of fillers and nasty ingredients. These foods aren’t good for your dog and can create other issues like hyperactivity, allergies and obesity. Make sure their diet has the right amount of protein and good carbohydrates like whole vegetables. Any food that is high in by-products and fillers isn’t good. They make your dog fat and you have to feed them 3 times as much. The more they eat, the more they poop, so if you want to reduce that, feed them a good diet.

Fun and Games:

Your dog needs to have

fun. Taking them for walks is great, but teaching them a few tricks can provide you both with hours of entertainment. Dogs need to socialize with other dogs.

Absolutely Dogs Magazine| Edition 1| February 2014| Page 6

Many of the behavioral problems that dogs have today are because they don’t hang out with other dogs and have fun. Fun and games also help them to use their brains, so they don’t get bored and become destructive.

Exercise: Dog’s love exercise, when they don’t get any they will find other ways to release their energy. This might include chewing up your favorite pair of leather shoes, chasing the cat around the house, knocking you over when you come home from work, rearranging the house while you are gone or excavating the garden for you. When you provide these 5 things, you will find that the bond between you and your dog will be unbreakable. They are always ready, willing and able to give us the love we need, so we must return the favor and give them what they need.

Absolutely Dogs Magazine| Edition 1| February 2014| Page 7

About Janice Peterson Janice’s is a qualified life counselor who has a passion for dogs. In her spare time Janice volunteers at a local shelter. She loves the time she spends there and looks forward to it. The dogs at the shelter have taught Janice that they are loveable and deserve a second chance. We do the best we can at the shelter, but the dogs don’t always get what they need. Owners, who adopt a dog from the shelter and give them what they need, rave about how lucky they are to have to have a new best friend. We love it when this happens, because we know we won’t ever see that dog back in the shelter again.

Best Friends Annika and Ralph Absolutely Dogs Magazine| Edition 1| February 2014| Page 8

The Dog Training Corner By Celia Moxton

Absolutely Dogs Magazine| Edition 1| February 2014| Page 9


is no denying that the dog training

industry is very fragmented. There isn’t one form of training that will suit every dog and every situation. Wouldn’t it be easier if there was a training philosophy that encouraged the use of a wide range of techniques? Now more than ever dog owners are searching for trainers who will create a program that will work for them and give them options. In the current economic climate, people are looking for economical ways to fix their dogs behavioral problems. Gone are the days where people had hundreds of dollars to spend on training their dogs. Many owners will spend money on good quality food and accessories over training, unless they believe it will work for them. Any good trainer knows that in order to meet the needs of their clients, they will have to think outside the square.

Trainers also know that training methods or equipment that cause pain and fear are out of the question. Dogs are not just animals; they are part of the family and need to be treated with the respect they deserve. Every dog owner dreams of having the dog that loves to be around people, other dogs and animals, is good with children and won’t tear the house up. Whilst this may not be possible for every dog and owner, there are ways to help owners have a great relationship with their dog.

Owners don’t want to be told that their problems will go away overnight and can be fixed in a few hours. Trainers know that when they are in the home the owner will see what is possible. They also know the minute they walk out that door that the owner must follow through. The real trick isn’t in training the dog; it’s getting the owner to follow the program. When a trainer focuses too much on the dog and not enough on the owner, then problems will ensue. This is where lots of dog training programs fall short.

Absolutely Dogs Magazine| Edition 1| February 2014| Page 10

You can attend any number of courses to become a dog trainer, but shouldn’t there be just as much emphasis on how to deal with your clients? The simple answer is yes and this is probably one of the major reasons that many dog trainers struggle with getting enough business. The other thing that causes a major problem is in believing that there is only one way to solve a behavioral issue. This is where all trainers can benefit a great deal from sharing their experiences, not just in training dogs, but in helping clients too.

then we should be able to pull together and make that happen. At least we can give it a try.

You are encouraged to share these experiences with others in the industry. Competition is a good thing as it encourages everyone to lift their game and help one another.

Celia uses all of her skills to help her clients with their dogs. She builds individual training programs based on the needs of her clients and their dogs. There is no one size fits all training method and all trainers should employ a range of techniques that will ensure success. It works every time.

If the common goal is to have fewer dogs in shelters and happy owners,

About Celia Moxton Celia has been a trainer for over ten years and gained her qualifications through AAPDT. She has helped many clients overcome problems with their dogs. Before Celia became a trainer, she was a manager for a medium sized corporation. Celia also has qualifications in NLP and mentoring and likes to help others.

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Danielle and her puppy Buddy Absolutely Dogs Magazine| Edition 1| February 2014| Page 12

Editors Say Naomi Hunter Welcome to the very first issue of Absolutely Dogs Magazine. I hope you will enjoy the magazine and consider contributing a story of your own for future editions. There is no doubt that our animals have a profound effect on our lives. We encourage all trainers to share their experiences with the magazine. The dog training world could benefit a great deal from trainers who are willing to work together. We can learn so much from each other and absolutely dogs will be the place to do it.

A little about me: I have been involved in the dog training industry for over ten years and was part of a very large training organization. I was lucky enough to be able to work in Australia, Canada and the United States as a trainer and a mentor to other trainers. I have made friends all over the world and met some of the most amazing dogs along the way. Dogs will always be a big part of my life. I have also been lucky enough to spend 8 months as a volunteer in one of Australia’s largest zoos. The time I spent volunteering was an experience I will never forget. I learned a lot from the staff about elephants, kangaroo’s, exotic and native birds, camels, pigs, goats and more. It was a lot of hard work and made me realize that the life of a zoo keeper is not very glamorous. What it lacks in glamour is more than made up for in the love they receive from the animals they care for.

The magazine also wants to encourage those who have pet related businesses to contribute to the magazine. We would like to hear from vets, pet stores, natural pet food manufacturers, animal chiropractors and so on. This magazine will be for you, as a way to advertise your business when you contribute an article. We look forward to hearing from you and hope that you will help make absolutely dogs one of the top online magazines available to all.

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Me Feeding Bimbo Absolutely Dogs Magazine| Edition 1| February 2014| Page 14

Every Dog Is Unique Celia Moxton

Absolutely Dogs Magazine| Edition 1| February 2014| Page 15

Ask any dog owner about their dog and they will tell you that they are their best friend. When you feel down, your dog can make you smile. They can bring comfort to the sick and the elderly and will willingly sit for hours and be petted. These are just a few of the nice things that dogs can do, but they are so much more than just animals. No two dogs are the same; they have their own personalities. It is the bond between a dog and its owner that can bring those personalities to life. The trick is to work with your dog’s personality and not against it. Too many people get dogs temperament confused with their personality. For example, people see a dog behaving assertively and say that it is aggressive. The dog’s owners will tell you that at home this dog is very loving with them. To them their dog is unique because it behaves very differently when they don’t have any outside influences. They see their dog from a very different perspective.

Puppies learn very quickly what they can and can’t get away with. They learn what kind of behavior gets them attention and what kind of behavior gets them into trouble. They form stronger bonds with some family members over others. It is even more interesting when there are two dogs in a household. Whether it is a husband and wife or roommates, the dogs will be both a source of joy and a bone of contention. This is where you really get to see how unique their personalities are. Through the eyes of their owners their dog is the best one in the house.

Below Celia’s granddaughter Haley with Jackson

It is the people and the environment that has a profound effect on the kind of unique behaviors that a dog will exhibit. Have you ever sat and watched a litter of puppies playing with one another? It’s a joy to watch, you get to see the puppy that is in charge, the one who is playful and always getting into trouble, the one who just wants to please and then you will have those that will take a little longer to trust outsiders. Even though these puppies have the same parents, no two are alike. When these puppies go home with new families, their personalities will continue to develop in a unique way. Each home environment is different to the next, so the puppy will grow into a dog that is shaped by the humans it interacts with.

Absolutely Dogs Magazine| Edition 1| February 2014| Page 16

Even when you have one owner and two dogs, they will be able to tell you the ins and outs of each dog’s personality. They know all the cute behaviors that make them smile and laugh. They also know all the annoying behaviors that they wish would disappear. However it is the relationship they have with their dog, which makes many owners overlook the annoying behaviors and love them for who they are. You can see this by the amount of videos that are on the internet. You have compilations of the cutest dogs, those that can perform great tricks, the lovable jesters who provide hours of entertainment and those who get into things they shouldn’t Dogs invoke emotions in humans that children and other adults can’t. This is what makes each dog unique, because no one else will see your dog the same way you will.

Your dog misses you when are gone, doesn’t ask a lot of questions about where you have been all day and won’t judge you. At the end of the day they are just happy you are home and will spend hours hanging out with you. Yes, they may get a little excited when you return and you may have to get them to calm down, but they greet you like no one else can. There is a very special kind of joy that only your dog can give to you and a bond that no one else but you and your dog understands. Please feel free to share your stories with us about how unique your dog is. There can never be enough great stories to inspire others on the rewards of owning a dog.

Absolutely Dogs Magazine| Edition 1| February 2014| Page 17

Ashtal Is a two year old Cairn Terrier and Maltese Cross He is full of energy and mischief but totally lovable.

Absolutely Dogs Magazine| Edition 1| February 2014| Page 18

Debra’s daughters from left, Sarah with Toby and Jamie with Rascal (Both dogs were adopted)

Rescue Me

Please Absolutely Dogs Magazine| Edition 1| February 2014| Page 19

By Debra Martin Not

all dogs that end up in shelters are

there because they have health problems or a bad attitude. There are a multitude of reasons, from an owner that passes away to dogs that get caught in the middle of a relationship break up. It is heartbreaking to see the amount of dogs that end up on the scrap heap every year, due to circumstances beyond their control. The shelters are overrun and many of them have to turn dogs away or euthanize them because they have no room. The cost of care and feeding is beyond their means. They struggle to get enough volunteers, who can help with cleaning let alone giving the dogs the attention and training they need. The other side of this ugly picture is the puppy mills that churn out dogs like they are the latest accessory you simply can’t live without. There is no doubt that there is nothing cuter than a new born puppy. However these puppy mills have very little regard for the animals that they have in their care. Lots of the puppies that come from these places are sick, inbred and often die in transit. This is heartbreaking for the family who thought that they would be getting a happy, healthy puppy. Many reputable breeders are sickened by this practice, yet it grows daily. In the USA alone there are over 70 million stray cats and dogs. These animals become a health hazard to communities and domestic pets.

This doesn’t include the animals that end up in shelters. It is estimated that between 6 and 8 million animals are in shelters around the U.S. Of these over 90% are healthy and adoptable. The yearly cost to taxpayers to impound, house and euthanize these animals is over 2 billion dollars. You read that right, 2 BILLION DOLLARS! Most of the dogs that end up in shelters are 18 months old and younger. These dogs have years of life ahead of them. They have already been spayed or neutered, which will save you money. Many of these dogs are so grateful to be given a second chance. The owners who rescue them will often tell you that they are the best dogs they have ever owned.

Absolutely Dogs Magazine| Edition 1| February 2014| Page 20

To the left: Debra’s youngest daughter Emma with Sasha the mixed Poodle breed.

About Debra Debra is the mother of three girls who share her passion for dogs. She is a fulltime mom who also fosters dogs for a local rescue organization. Her daughters help her feed and care for the foster dogs until they can be placed in new homes. Debra decided to become a foster mom a few years ago, when she realized that the shelters were so crowded. They do such a great job in looking after the animals, but there is only so much they can do. At least with the foster dogs that come to my home, I can devote more time and attention to them.

You can also save yourself lots of money by rescuing a dog from a shelter versus buying a new puppy. Purchasing a puppy can be very expensive. You then have months of teaching them not to chew things up, potty training, feeding schedules and good manners. Whilst an older dog may have a few issues that you need to correct, you won’t have to go through that puppy stage all over again. These are just some of the enormous benefits of rescuing a dog from a shelter or rescue organization. If you are looking for a new companion, then please consider visiting a shelter before going to the pet store or looking for a puppy on the internet. The rewards of giving an animal a second chance at life may be one of the best decisions you can make. So what do you say? From all the dogs out there who need a home they plead… RESCUE ME PLEASE… and I will do my best to be the most loyal friend you will ever have.

Absolutely Dogs Magazine| Edition 1| February 2014| Page 21

I attended a few obedience classes, so that I could give my foster dogs some manners and make their chances of adoption higher. I hope that you will consider adopting a dog after reading this article and give an incredible animal a second chance at life.

Sophie walking Angel her best girlfriend Absolutely Dogs Magazine| Edition 1| February 2014| Page 22

Lymphoma And Dogs Dr William Myers

Dr. Bill & Winston

Absolutely Dogs Magazine| Edition 1| February 2014| Page 23


it or not Lymphoma is relatively

common in dogs. In many cases the owners don’t even know that their dog may be suffering from Lymphoma. Their dog may be a little more tired than usual and not eat as much as they used to. Usually this isn’t cause for concern as there can be many reasons that a dog is exhibiting these symptoms. A change of seasons like going from winter to summer can make a difference, a change of diet, increased activity and the family going on holidays can all contribute to these simple changes. It’s when the symptoms are more severe like vomiting, weight loss, diarrhea, loss of appetite, excessive thirst or urination, weakness or difficulty breathing that it becomes clear that something is wrong. These symptoms don’t always mean that the dog has lymphoma; it may have swallowed something, gotten in the trash or have another medical issue. The most common external signs that a dog may have lymphoma are enlargement of the lymph nodes under the neck, behind the knees or around the shoulders.

Without a biopsy, a complete blood count, a serum chemistry profile and a urinalysis, we won’t know if the dog does have lymphoma. If the dog does have lymphoma the tests will show us how advanced the lymphoma is, if other organs have been affected and the likelihood that the dog will survive chemotherapy. In 95% of cases chemotherapy is the only treatment we currently use to treat lymphoma. There is a fairly high success rate for dogs that undergo chemotherapy. In most cases we can send it into remission for most dogs is around a year, but about 20% of dogs can live for two years after treatment. There are cases where chemotherapy isn’t an appropriate form of treatment. If the dog is too sick to survive chemotherapy then we have to use other options. These options may not be as successful as chemotherapy, but they are better than no treatment at all. We can use radiation and drug therapy to prolong the life of the dog for a few months to a year.

Absolutely Dogs Magazine| Edition 1| February 2014| Page 24

One of the things that I will never get used to, is telling an owner that their beloved pet is suffering from a life threatening illness. It doesn’t matter how many sick animals that you treat, you can never prepare yourself for the look on the owner’s face when you tell them. After they get over the initial shock, their thoughts become focused on their dog and what they need to do. What never ceases to amaze me is just how many owners will find money they need to treat their pet. For them it isn’t about the money, it’s about making sure that their beloved pet will continue to be part of their family for as long as they can. The love and loyalty they have received from their dog, far outweighs the ups and downs they will go through whilst their dog is getting treatment. That’s the upside of delivering the bad news, you can give them hope and options. There is no doubt in my mind that pets can be the best medicine for some people. We hear stories all the time that bring tears to our eyes. For example, we have a client whose dog was recently diagnosed with lymphoma. Bruno’s chances of survival are very high and his owner Jenny is going to borrow the money from a family member for treatment. Jenny told us that when she was really sick a couple of years ago with pneumonia, Bruno wouldn’t leave her side. When she coughed or struggled to breath, Bruno would look at her with concern and wait for her to settle down again. She believes that Bruno pulled her through, so how could she not do the same for him. This is one of the reasons that I will never tire of being a vet and am grateful that I can make a difference in the lives of my clients.

Absolutely Dogs Magazine| Edition 1| February 2014| Page 25

Dog Of The Month

The Beagle Absolutely Dogs Magazine| Edition 1| February 2014| Page 26


Scoop On Poop James Greenwood

Absolutely Dogs Magazine| Edition 1| February 2014| Page 27


of the biggest complaints that dog

owners have is their dog pooping where it shouldn’t. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor dog, doesn’t really matter, stepping in poop isn’t a pleasant experience. Having to pick it up from all over the house or yard isn’t much fun either. Dog’s can be taught where to poop if you train them to. There are a few tips and tricks that you can use to get this to happen. One of the things that you will want to avoid is what is known as free-feeding. Dogs and puppies alike will want to poop within 10-30 minutes after eating. If they are snacking all day long, chances are you are going to find lots of little presents all over the place. If your dog has a condition and does need to eat frequently then you will need to provide a place for them to go and clean it regularly. Dogs don’t like to poop in an area that is covered in poop, anymore than humans like using a toilet that hasn’t been flushed. If you want your dogs to poop in the same spot, then you will have to pick up the poop every day. Another trick you can use to ensure this happens is to feed your dog in areas that you don’t want them to poop. You can place water bowls in these areas, as dogs don’t want to pee or poop where they eat or drink. Confining your dog to a certain area of the house, when you can’t keep an eye on them will also ensure that you won’t be finding presents all over the house.

If don’t want to scatter feed, put your dog on leash and take them to the area that you want them to go potty. After a short time, they will automatically know to go to this area and you won’t need to go with them. You can also do this with an indoor dog. These few simple steps can help you train your dog about where you want them to go potty. You won’t have to scoop anymore poop then is absolutely necessary and your dog won’t think that your whole house is their personal potty. It isn’t hard to do, but a little bit of perseverance and patience during the learning process will save you lots of headaches for years to come.

If you have an outdoor dog, then you can scatter some food in your yard and have them scrounge for food. You will only want to scatter feed if you have a secure fenced in yard.

Absolutely Dogs Magazine| Edition 1| February 2014| Page 28

About James Greenwood A few years ago James decided to quit the corporate world and get involved in the pet industry. The stress was really getting to him and he wanted to do something he could truly love. James decided to open his own doggy daycare business and work from home. It wasn’t easy to begin with and he had lots to learn about looking after other peoples pets. He also learned a lot about the benefits of good potty training. In the beginning his home was overrun with dogs who wanted to poop wherever they liked. He searched the internet for answers and put other people’s ideas into practice. James no longer has any problems with dogs pooping inside. He wanted to share a few tips with you and let you know there is a solution to the problem. James receives so much love and attention from the dogs he looks after, that he could never imagine returning to the corporate world. He is so happy that he made this decision and has never looked back.

Absolutely Dogs Magazine| Edition 1| February 2014| Page 29

It’s All About

Doggie Style There’s no limit to the amount of fun you can have with your dog. Dogs just love attention, so most times they will let you dress them up because it means that you are spending time together. If you have some photos to share and a story to go with it, then please mail it to us. Send in your pictures to:

Absolutely Dogs Magazine| Edition 1| February 2014| Page 30

Move over Hollywood, you have some serious competition. There is no doubt that a dog can make you smile, like no one else can. A dog doing silly things or simply being themselves invokes all kinds of emotions. Even if you get frustrated with them they only have to do one cute thing and all is forgiven. They give us lots of love, are fun to be around and entertain us with their style. Here are a few to entertain you.

Oh thank goodness, I couldn’t take the glare from the sun any longer. Ready for my run along the beach now!

I may have a smooched in face, but don’t let that deceive you. You want my collar? Come and take it!

Blue is definitely my color, don’t you think? I must thank grandma for knitting this for me; it has kept me warm all winter long.

Yes, well I was just saying the other day that we need to show our owners how intelligent we really are.

Absolutely Dogs Magazine| Edition 1| February 2014| Page 31

Well what can I say; it had to be leather and a spiked helmet. Dad said if he had to keep mom happy by spending time with me, I was at least going to look the part.

Looking adorable as usual, I find it so hard to get along with the other girls in the house, they are just so jealous of my good looks.

Okay, I’ve had a bath, got the bows in my hair and this beautiful collar on. Now where’s the cookie you promised me.

Now I’m Ready for my yodeling lesson.

Absolutely Dogs Magazine| Edition 1| February 2014| Page 32

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Edition 1, March, 2014

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Absolutely dogs Magazine Edition 1  

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This is a free magazine for the dog lovers of the world. Please subscribe to get your very own copy. Full of fun and informative information...