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A GUIDE TO TEA LEAVES and dictionary of symbols

READING YOUR TEA LEAVES... 1 Pick a cup with sloped sides, this makes it easiest to see your leaves. Select your tea, and add water to a spoonful of leaves. 2 Hold your cup in the opposite hand you write with. Relax and enjoy your tea. If you like, think about an issue you’d like your fortune to give you guidance with. Leave a sip of tea at the bottom. 3 Upturn your cup onto a saucer, and turn it clockwise three times with

your non-dominant hand. This represents turning the clock ahead, to tell the future. 4 Working with your handle at six o’clock, note down all the symbols you see, and repeat again with the handle at 9, 12 and 3. Each stage of reading represents a further season in your life. 5 You’re now ready to start de-coding your tea leaves!



An acorn means An anchor shows that your hard that you’ll soon work will be find an answer rewarded. A to a problem. An issue humble beginning will lead that has been causing you to better things. anxiety will soon be over. Friends will be very willing and co-operative.

ARROW An arrow pointing up and out of the cup promises that your luck is on the up. An arrow pointing towards the bottom of the cup indicates that a plan will misfire.

AXE An axe suggests that you’ll get rid of any burdens in your life.



A bat A single means bee warns you should of gossip. heed A swarm of of what happens to you bees indicates that you are through the night. Take busy or foretells a social special interest in gathering. your dreams.

BIRD A flying bird is an advantageous sign. It announces the arrival of good news and luck in the future.

BOX A box can mean a gift is forthcoming.



A camel A cat symbolises indicates good fortune good as far as fortune and comfort wealth is at home. concerned.

CHAIN A chain is usually a sign that there is an engagement or wedding imminent.

CLOCK A clock is a gentle reminder that you may be wasting time or not using your time to achieve what you know you can.



A daisy suggests A closed door that a new light indicates you will soon be shed are missing an on an issue. opportunity or are The answer to being too selfish to take it. a burning question will be revealed. ‘He loves me. He loves me not...’

DOTS One dot urges you to pay careful attention to the symbol next to it. Lots of dots indicate monetary gains. A circle of dots can mean that you’ll be taking a holiday.

DRAGONFLY A dragonfly symbolises new clothes or furniture.



An ear tells you An egg is an to keep your ears excellent sign! open. Chances It signifies fresh are you’ll hear plans, fertility something you and increase wouldn’t expect. in wealth and success in whatever you are currently undertaking.

EYE An eye advises that a situation needs more detailed investigation.

FEATHER A feather represents a marked lack of concentration.

FIRE Fire in your teacup warns that foolishness and spontaneity could destroy something it’s taken you a long time to work towards.


FISH A fish suggests that something good is coming to you across the water. Overseas relationships will prosper.


A fork tells you A gate warns that you’ll get the you to keep help you need as your eye open soon as you wish for an opportunity. for it and suggests that you’ll face a dilemma to either stick with the old or go off onto a new pathway.



A guitar means that a visit to a musical event could lead to a love affair!

A gun is an omen of anger and resentment.

HAND An open hand is a symbol of friendship, new or old. A closed hand warns of an argument or disagreement.

HEART No surprises here! A heart is a symbol of true love and joy!



A horseshoe means that you or someone close to you will have good luck.

An hourglass indicates that an important decision needs to be made soon.

INSECT An insect indicates a small worry or angst.

ISLAND An island promises harmony, privacy and carefree happiness. It sometimes suggests a return to a place that holds happy memories for you.



Ivy is a promise that friends and lovers will be true.

A jellyfish warns you to take care and be wary of a fake friend.

KEY A key can sometimes predict a fiery and passionate relationship.

KITE A kite signifies ambition that will carry you far as long as you’re prepared to take up any opportunities as they come.

LADDER A ladder suggests an increase in income and status. It can also represent the link between the physical and spiritual worlds and is a good sign for those on a spiritual journey.


A letter in your cup heralds the receipt of important news from somebody far away.

LEAF A leaf is an emblem of good fortune and good health.

LIGHTHOUSE A lighthouse in your cup warns of hidden dangers that lie just around the corner. However you will avoid the consequences if you take the right advice.

MAN A man in your cup indicates the arrival of an interesting male visitor.


Mushrooms in your cup suggest a temporary or permanent move out of town into country.

MOUSE A mouse indicates that you need to act upon opportunities as they arise if you don’t you could end up with nothing.

NEEDLE A needle suggests that you will receive recognition for a job well done.

ONION An onion implies that secrets may not be kept that way.


PEAR A pear reassures you that your hard work will lead to success. It is a particularly good omen where love and sex are concerned.


A pyramid MARK symbolises the A question mark creative power is a sign that you of the sun must act with care, and also represents solid this is not a time to throw achievements and enduring caution to the wind. happiness.

RAINBOW A rainbow is a great omen! It indicates that everything will get better.


RING A ring could indicate an offer a marriage proposal or a long-lasting friendship.


Scales in your A pair of cup refer to scissors tells legal matters, if they appear that in order to balanced the outcome will make something be fair, but if they appear new you must get rid of unbalanced the outcome something old. may not be in your favour.

SHELL A shell symbolises creativity, fertility and abundance.


STAR A star is a sign of good health, love, happiness and success. Do not try and control fate, as it will take over.


A triangle with A Tree can the point up indicate that an symbolises a ambition will be realised or a goal attained. fortunate meeting and the unexpected arrival of money. With the point down will decrease the power of a symbol nearby.

UMBRELLA An open umbrella tells you that you’ve taken the right precautions and you’ll get through it. A closed one advises that you’ll be receiving a generous gift.


A walking stick suggests that you’ll be looking for help with money and are likely to receive it.

VASE A vase often tells of a friend who will ask you for advice or consolation.

ZIP A zip warns that an on the spot fling is a bad idea.

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