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We are a group of four, young graphic designers, producing beautifully considered design. We specialise in delivering design that is focused and has the power to re-brand, redesign and re-introduce your company in a creative manner. Our design skills are of high quality, and our styles vary, making the perfect, most versatile collection of designers

Samples of identity work similar to that which we would be producing.

• New business ventures requiring innovative branding • Self employed seeking a new/renewed professional identity • Rebranding for businesses wishing to relaunch or renew client base, or simply wanting a fresh look to their own enterprise Branding and identity would be our main focus for new clients, but we would hope to keep these clients on after initial work and stretch our services to meet any of their future needs.

Mr Smith is opening a shop. Setting up his own business for the first time, he requires branding- an identity for his business. The process of working with him would be: Initial discussions Planning designs and initial design concepts Meeting with the client for feedback Finalisation of work, and delivery in agreed format We would hope to maintain the relationship with this client from this point.

Marketing Plan

1. A long term strategy for the future direction of our business. 2. There must be a clear objective that is realistic, specific, measurable, time framed and achievable. We want to become established and get a customer base that will turn us profitable within two years. We want to develop the marketing mix: • Product - Re-brand, re-design and re-introduce existing and new companies • Promotion - effective ways to communicate with consumers, promotional visits, customer feedback • Price - pricing according to the quality of our products, competitive pricing. • Place - Where will our customers receive their designs? Well designed website, studio based in Leeds (Round Foundary)


Our marketing mix must come from, thorough, well thought out, marketing research. This consists of: • competitors pricing • what our customers want • what do the competitors do • research into what customers like/don’t like (questionaires, feedback) There must be research involved to make us progress productively. Our marketing plan must be revisited constantly. If our aim seems unachievable then we must change it. It has to be movable to adjust.



STRENGTHS Identity/ Branding Print Layout Type Web Design Photography WEAKNESSES Lacking personality. Too broad Very little motion graphics OPPORTUNITIES More personality Create more of a community THREATS Companies Focussing on Branding Niche Companies


POLITICAL London based company Trouble with transport ECONOMICAL Corporate in business Expensive area Can afford to chose clientele. SOCIAL Working with high class companies. Corporate in design. TECHNOLOGICAL Up to date in resources Equipment/ software. Website advanced and smooth.


STRENGTHS Identity Web Design Photography Typography Merchandise WEAKNESSES No motion graphics Limit Clients OPPORTUNITIES More work for screen More merchandise THREATS Companies similar


POLITICAL Based in Portland, Oregon ECONOMICAL Niche underground colective Three designers, small studio Merchandise to help with costs SOCIAL Three friends who work together. TECHNOLOGICAL Computers, macs available for studio. Equipment/ software Web Design is strong.

Tech £15,000 | Promotion £1,500 | Research £772 Studio Costs/Services £11,300 Overall Ovarheads Year 1 £28,572 - £30,000 loan needed. Loan Repayments £7,200 (Yearly) Wages £25,000 X 4 - £100,000 Daily Rate £464.97

Root Design  

Enterprise Presentation

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