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Naomi Farrar

An extension of the D&AD brief to create a set of publications for the Typographic Circle. The

alongside the talks, as well as a brand overhaul, tickets and exclusive poster prints for subscribers to

OUGD303 – Brief 2– Typographic Circle

publications are to represent the events that are held monthly, and go alongside the Typographic

the magazine. An online presence has also been proposed, with a flexible nature to the design which


Circle’s magazine ‘Circular’. The brief has been extended to include a bi-monthly publication to go

allows for monthly updates in keeping with the speakers at the events.

Fairfield LT Std

using alternative glyphs in italics


in various weights

Neighbourhood using alternatives for display caps

Grids & Guides

9 column grid using a 3mm gutter 10mm margins for top, bottom & outside 13mm margins for inside 4pt baseline grid




10mm 249mm 10mm




Naomi Farrar

A years set of publication supplements to be distributed alongside the Circular magazine from

reading. Each works across a strict 9 column grid, with a fold out double length feature page within

OUGD303 – Brief 2– Typographic Circle

the Typocircle. Each publication features 12 pages of information, interviews and insight into the

each magazine. Employing three typefaces; Fairfield LT Std, Frutiger LT Std, and Neighbourhood, the


work of the featured designer or creative. Printed in a Crown Quarto format, the publications are a

publications can appeal to the fundamental interests of the target audience by exploring the subject

perfect size to compliment the existing circular magazine, as well as for tucking into a bag for lighter

matter through visual experimentation with the fonts.

Naomi Farrar

In creating a supplement to Circular magazine, there not only becomes a secondary level to the

to subscribe and receive the extras that are available in doing so. Exploring different projects by the

OUGD303 – Brief 2– Typographic Circle

publication, but a guide and promotional tool for the talks that are held each month by the Typocircle.

features creatives, and giving insight to their workings and theories behind their practices. Pull out


Open to members and non-members alike, the guide presents an extra incentive for non-members

quotes and short paragraph formatting allows the content to be easily digested by the audience.

Naomi Farrar

Tickets and exclusive poster prints have been designed as a part of the brief, extending the refreshed

as being an insight and preview into the world of the featured creative, before the ‘big-reveal’ on the

OUGD303 – Brief 2– Typographic Circle

look given to the Typocircle as a collective. Working with the circular ‘preview’ shape on each element,

evening of the talks. Exclusive posters featuring the speaker at the talks have been designed as a gift


the shape creates a spotlight on the photograph beneath, symbolising the intentions of the magazine

to attendees, each one rolled up to support the circular elements throughout the brand.

Naomi Farrar

A proposed website redesign ensures that a primary point of promotion for the Typographic Circle is

the circular element again as a preview style window for the image, the style is consistent with

OUGD303 – Brief 2– Typographic Circle

in keeping with the rest of the renewed brand. Created with versatility in mind, the design allows for

the publications and posters. The proposed environment for the events would feature large scale


easy changeability between the official photographs being used each month for the events. Keeping

versions of the limited edition poster prints, for past and present speakers.


alongside the talks, as well as a brand overhaul, tickets and exclusive poster prints for subscribers to the magazine. An online presence ha...