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Naomi Farrar

Creative professionals Jenna Wilkinson and Lauran Dunn both required brand identities for their

designer specialising in fashion using innovative fabrics and prints, also required a branded presence,

OUGD303 – Brief 5— Creative Branding

practices. Jenna Wilkinson, a photographer, needed a brand for her start up business, targeted to a

for use primarily in self promotional materials, but also appropriate to be further applied across web


primarily female and family audience, A skilled and trustworthy presence was required for application

and physical products. Each brief focussed on different approaches- Jenna’s upon the brand image

to all professional materials, as well as an online base to promote her portfolio. Lauran Dunn, a

to be created, and Lauran’s to create an identity representative of her already distinctive work.

Naomi Farrar

Using the shapes and patterns Lauran has created within her own print work, blend paths have

the names work as a complete form, combined together to form not just type but a logo mark. The

OUGD303 – Brief 5— Creative Branding

been created to fill the bespoke logotype. With reference to the folds and angular lines that occur

colours the logos work with are adaptable to whichever fabric prints are the most current within


in the garments from the collections Lauran designs, the type plays with the letter shapes and how

Lauran’s collection, as are the shapes within the logo type.

Naomi Farrar

A simple stationery range for branded correspondence and self promotion has been designed

chosen to compliment the identity for Lauran. Sales packaging for garments and accessories has also

OUGD303 – Brief 5— Creative Branding

for Lauran. Using a photograph on the reverse side, the logo can work alongside the image and

been proposed, again using a range of the colours present within the work, as well as accomodating


emphasise the stong colours and shapes within the work. A sans serif font, Neuzeit LT Std, has been

a range of required sizes. A flap to seal the packaging adds a slightly more upmarket touch.

Twenty Pantones, converted to CMYK. The five sets of four tints and hues are representative of the light spectrum, a key principle of photography.

Grotesque MT Std Condensed & Light ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789

C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=65 C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=60 C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=50

Naomi Farrar

Jenna wanted her business to represent quality and dependability, as well as being seen as chic and

more personal feel, whilst the colours set the tone for different events, seasons, or moments that a

OUGD303 – Brief 5— Creative Branding

innovative. A range of logos were proposed, and the design above selected. Designed to represent

photographer would capture, big or small. A condensed typeface was necessary for use within the


a camera lens, an aperture through which a moment can be seen and captured, the circle shape

circle due to space, and a font that held both condensed and regular weights was found in Grotesque

created a solid base for the logo. Rendering the shape to be slightly more organic gave the brand a

MT Std. Keeping the type a neutral colour ensured the resulting logo didn’t become over the top.

Naomi Farrar

Proposed branding of products and photography equipment have been designed, as well as the

space would be seen. The website design uses the brand colours and a linear format, much like a

OUGD303 – Brief 5— Creative Branding

exterior environment of a photography studio. In keeping with the brand tone, the studio is an open

timeline of events that can be continuously added to. Jenna wanted a gallery style format to the site,


and inviting shop front, employing the logo as a literal aperture through which the inside gallery or

rather than a photo album, with photos displayed at face value, rather than as projects.


Creative professionals Jenna Wilkinson and Lauran Dunn both required brand identities for their practices. Jenna Wilkinson, a photographer,...