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‘I design for the woman who loves being a woman.’ - Diane Von Furstenberg

By Naomi Duckam

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Exective Summary


Diane Von Furstenberg. One of the most powerful and influential women in the world of fashion. This Belgian born fashion designer, over her years has well and truly conceded the fashion industry. From a princess to the creature of the iconic wrap dress, Diane has built her empire and caught the hearts of many different women around the world. I will be looking at how she has done this through her marketing stragites of the business to her involvement in the pastel factors.


Diane Von Furstenbergh Background Born Diane Simone Michelle Halfin on December 31st, 1946 in Brussels Belgium, Diane was brought up by her jewish father and Greek mother. When she turned 18 she went to University in Madrid and then moved to ‘The University of Geneva’ in Switzerland it was here she met her first husband Prince Egon Zu Furstenberg. They got married in 1969 and both moved to New York City.


Later they had two children together but then sadly filed for divorce in 1972, she still kept her married name but changed ‘Zu’ to ‘Von’. Diane spent a couple of year in the fashion industry before she developed her empire. She lived in Paris and worked with photographer agent ‘Albert Koski’ as his assistant. After that, she moved to Italy where she worked as an apprentice for ‘Angelo Ferretti’ in his textiles manufacturer factory, he tort her how to cut and colour fabrics. It was here Diane designed her first sketches of the jersey wrap dress. Working from the comfort of her own dining table, Diane carried on designing clothes getting inspiration from fashion lines such as, ‘Bill Bass’, ‘Kenny Lane’ and ‘Diana Vreeland. She didn’t need a job as she was set for money but she craved independence and knew she has a passion for it. Diane worked with popualr womens clothing manufacturers to make her clothes as she didnt have much experience in the making clothes to this scale. April 1970 saw Dianes first collection showcased at the ‘Gotham Hotel’ in New York City, from this the new ‘Angela’ sweater dress became very popular. Diane and her brand is now well known for creating the wrap dress in 1972. She later opened

a her first store, a showroom on Seventh Avenue in New York City. DVF was born. Her philosophy for this brand was simple, it was to create elegant ease wear for all different types of women. In 2001 Diane met her second husband ‘Barry Diller’ and together they set up Diller-Von Furstenberg Family Foundation ‘a private family foundation which provides philanthropic support to various non-profit organizations’ (

JIucgAbpoIXoDA, 8th February 2018). Over the years Diane has influenced so many different people by setting up different foundations and projects to help those in need. She has been awarded over the years for generosity by receiving, the life time achievement award from CFDA, the award of courage for her efforts in combating AIDS and received the ‘Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Medal’. In 2010 Diane announced she will give half of her fortune to the ‘Giving Pledge’. Diane has now been listed as the 68th most powerful women by ‘Forbes’ and was included in ‘Time 100 as an icon by Times Magazine’. She lives on in the fashion world designing beautiful colours and changing lives.

“I had no idea when I made that dress that the dress would pay all my bills, and that the dress would be on so many women, that so many generations of women would have stories about it, and feel good about it,” said von Furstenburg. (, 8th February 2018)

The Wrap Dress

2001 Spring Ready-To-Wear

The Wrap dress was the item of clothing that got Diane on the map in the world of fashion. She first designed this iconi dress in 1974 when she saw Juslie Nixon on TV wearing a fludi top and ballerina - inspired skirt, adding these two items together gave her the design for her first wrap dress. When this dress finally became avaiable to women it was a hit. Revolutionizing the women’s appeal it was a dress you could wear to many different occisions from a stlyish busniess dress to a elegant evening dress. By 1976 Diane has managed to sell 5 million dress and made up to $15,000, this creatsion got her on the front cover of ‘Newsweek’ and a artical in ‘The Wall Street Journal.’ Women love this dress as it is very flatering for every body type because of the wrap detail around your stomach and you can purchase it in many different colours and patterns. The Wrap dress has always been the centre of DVF’s collections and contines to fly off the hangers and hangs proubly in every womens wardrodes.

Brands Foundering Year After reviving a loan of up to $30,000 from her father and help from her close friend entrepreneur ‘Richard Conrad’, Diane Von Furstenberg founded her women strong brand (DVF) in 1972. The luxury fashion brand is renewed for its signature, bold colours and creative prints. DVF is best known for selling Diane’s most famous wrap dresses. Diane has always had women the four front of her brand, she launched DVF to celebrate the empowerment of women and sensual of femininity. This wasn’t always seen through just the fashion side but through philanthropy and mentorship.


When Diane brought out her famous wrap dress it put the company on the map. The wrap dress flow off the racks and DVF sold up to 5 million dresses. After the success of the dress Diane entered in to the beauty market and brought out her new fragrance ‘Tatiana’ named after her daughter. The demand of the dress faded, so Diane sold her dress design licenses to ‘Puritan Fashion Corporation’ and sold her beauty line to ‘Beecham Pharmaceuticals’. So by the end of 1983 Diane had no control over the DVF company. In 1997 Diane came back from Pairs after founding a publishing company and brought her licence back to relaunch her brand and famous wrap dress. As Diane was in a creative partnership with TV sells she started to sell her items of clothing through this. DVF is now worth £300 million and has recently celebrates the 40th anniversary. Diane went back to wear it all started and brought out the wrap dress to celebrate. DVF now offers ready-to-wear collections, accessories, shoes and handbags. In 2010 DVF created ‘The DVF Awards’ supported by Diane herself and ‘The Diller-von Furstenberg Family Foundation’ it recognises and supports extraordinary women. People will dedicated the women they feel have transformed lives, who have the courage to fight, the power to survive and the leadership to ensure others look up to them. The five choose will attend the award searmory at the United Nations, as part of ‘The Women’s in the World Conference’.

2018 Pre-Fall Ready-To-Wear

1970 Diane design her first jersey shirt dress, she created this when she was a apprentice at Angelo Ferretti factory in Italy.

2001 DVF’s new west village headquarters, this includes a flagship boutique and a theater space for emerging talent.

1978 Diane enters the beaty busniess and brought out her first fragrance, name after her daught, Tatiana

Michelle Obama wore the original chain link patterned wrap dress for her first white house christmas card.

DVF store opens in Paris on the Rue D’Alger.

Exhibition of Diane’s life ‘Journey of a dress’ opens in Moscow.


1974 The birth of the wrap dress.

2009 DVF launches their first eyewear collection.

2004 DVF launched a fine jewellery collection with H.Stern.

1997 Diane makes a come back in the fashion industry by relesing her name collection. She was inspired by a new generation of chic, young women who are buying the iconic 70’s wrap dress.


2007 Global distribution grows. DVF stores open in Brussels, Shanghia, Moscow and a third location in London and Pairs.


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1972 Diane brought out her first ad ‘Feel like a women, wear a dress’. It was phottgraphed by Roger Prigent.




1985 Diane steps back from designing her own dresse and moves to Paris to establish a French publishing house called ‘Salvy’.




2003 DVF has a retail surge and opens stores in Miami, Coral Gables and hher first overseas store in London Notting Hill. DVF also launch their website.


2008 DVF expands their collections to include shoes, handbags and the sutra by H.Stern collection.


DVF collaborates with aritist Francois - Marie Banier and model Natalia Vodianova on a brand campaign. Diane joins the board of Vital Voices.

1976 The success of the wrap dress lands Diane on the front cover of Newsweek and The Wall Street Journal.

1998 Diane writes her first busniess memior ‘Diane: A Signature life’. This celebrates her new fresh start back in to the fashion industry.

DVF releases a new comic series called ‘Be the wonder women you can be’. Diane mentored Alexander Wang on his 2008 collection at the Vogue Fashion Awards. 2006 Headquarters relocates to a new eco-friendly building on 14th and washington streets in New York Meatpacking District. DVF opens stores in Antwerp, Tokyo, Jakarta and st Tropez. Diane is elected presdent of the Council of Fashion Designers of American (CFDA).

2010 DVF throw there first annual DVF Awards which was held at he United Nations for extraordinary women. DVF opens a exhition in Sao Paulo. Diane designs DVF suits at the Claridges hotel in London.

DVF opens stores in Boston, Dallas, Istanball and Dubai.


2013 DVF invites women from all over the world to talk about their wrap dress stories on the DVF website.


2015 Model Karlie Kloss introdues the DVF secret agent bag in the fall 2015 campaign.

2017 Jonathan Saunders has resigned for the role of chief creative at DVF.

DVF hires new CEO - Paolo Riva.

DVF throws its seventh DVF awards.

Diane is names chairman of CFDA.

DVF collaborates with Roxy on a swimwear collection. DVF hold their fourth annuals DVF awars semore

The DVF times launches showing girls from all around the world.

DVF collaborates with Dj Harley Viera-Newton on a limited collection.

DVF expands its globel domenasion to Atlanta, lower Manhattan and expands in to the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

DVF creates her second collection with GAP kids. 2011 DVF opens a second retail location in New York Soho. DVF hold there second annual DVF awards and honor Hillary Clinton. 14








19 18

2016 Jonathan Saunders joins DVF as the chief creative officer. He was brought it to revamp the brand.

2012 DVF collaborates with GAP on a kids collections.

21 22

DVF throws its sixth DVF awards.

DVF partner with Google to create a film for New York Fashion Week. Diane is names the most powerfull women in fashion by Forbes Magazine.


2014 The book ‘Journey of a Dress’ has its 40th anniversay and wins a Clio image award for design in 2015. Diane publishes a new memior which becomes a New York Times best seller. DVF celebrates 40 years of the wrap dress. The Pop Dress - DVF collaborates with the Andy Warhol Foundation on a limited edition collection marrying Warhols icons pieces with DVF signature prints. ‘House of DVF’ airs on E! DVF throws its fifth annual awards.

2018 Jonathan Saunders does his last collection, Fall 18. This collection was different from other - “How do you translate ’70s glamour and nostalgia for the past using innovative fabrics?”

Brand Equity and Visual Identity Brands logo and name: The logo is the first letter of the Dianes name. Very big and bold. Not everyone will recognise the brand name.


Brands Values: The Values of the brand is very simle, it is all about power and independence for women. Liking the way you look and feeling fablous.

DVF Pakeaging: Very well presented. Comes in a white box with logo on the front, items wraped in new paper. May have picture of the product or a quote on the front.

The Shops: The are very neat and tidy. Only a few clothes hanging on the racks. Bright and colourfull with DVF prints on the rugs and chairs.

Companies reputation: DVF is know for its luxury, high quality clothing. Diane is know for her friendlyness and hard working personality.

Brand Personality: Very professional and elegant. Would be very well spoken.


Price Skimming: Start with the highest pricing for products and then put them in the sale to bring the price down.


Dresses range from £173 - £1,909 Luxury women’s clothes and products.


Sells: -Wrap dress, All clothing, swimwear, Billboards - Dvf yearly campaigns are put up. Handbags, Shoes, Accessories and Magazines - Campaigns are spend across two pages. Perfume.


Tops range from £110 - £302 Knitwear range from £146 - £391 Jumpsuit range from £208 - £520

E-mail adverting sales and new collections.

Trousers range from £148 - £866

Latest campaigns are added to youtube.

Skirt & shorts range from £216 - £605

Fashion weeks – London, New York, Milan, Paris. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter - DVF uploads new collections and and videos from parties and runway shows. Product Placement - Dvf clothes and busniess are seen in reality shows such as ‘The City’. Sponsorships - Dvf sponsors the DVF awards. Public Relationships - DVF holds charitable events as part of her foundations. Exhibitions - DVF opened an exhibitions to show case ‘The Wrap Dress’ and the book ‘The Journey of the Dress’. Celebrity endorsements - DVF have all the on tend models walking in there shows. Celebritys such as Kylie Minogue, Gwyneth Paltrow, Paris Hilton, the olsen twins, olivia palermo and kate middleton.

Place Headquarted in the Meatpacking District in Manhattan and London. There are 148 owned stores and partnered stores in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. DVF has owned stores in 55 courtiers. Owned stores are in London - Mayfair and Bicester Village. You can also buy her collections in Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Adrianaonline and many more department stores. User friendly website – you can perchase all her products. DVF sold the clothing on TV shopping channels are the start of the busniess.

Marketing Mix DVF has changed its advertisement campaigns quiet dramatically over the past years since Jonathan Saundra’s became the new designer of the fashion house. He has changed the story behind the adverts allowing the company to enter in to a different target market. DVF needed to stop just reaching out to just middle aged, rich women and start dressing the younger generation. Advert from Spring 2015 Advert from Fall 2017 Attension: Travel, business women, no family or man with her, she is an independent women, stylish and smart dressed. A stereotypical beautiful LA women. The brand is shoved in your face, its on all items and stretched big across the screen. Bright colours. Set at an airport - business women always on the go but can still look fabulous. Music - High pitched, quick tune. Matches with the women always being on the go. Close ups on all the items of clothing and bags. The airport is empty - if you where these clothes you are too important for crows and get your own airport. Model - 30 year old, white women.

Attension: Set in different streets of New York City - This was very DVF first started out - taking it back to its roots. Models - Diversit girls and trangender people. All young poeple in late teens early 20’s. Very busy place - lots of people on the street doing activites - the models are getting involved. Filming - models arent just stood there, they are mixing in with people and going around New York doing their day to day business. Filming streets, pets, road signs, building and kids playing not always on the models. Style of clothes are different - very out there, quirky, bold print but suttle, stylish to Interests: Grabs people that love traveling, who wants to look like they have loads of money, people how this time. Music - Young womens voice describing what its like to live in New York City. dont have anything holding them back. Brand logo isnt shoved in your face as much - DVF comes up at the end. Focuses on the luggage, this fits in with the traveling theme. Bold prints. Middle ages women.

Desire: Wearing these clothes, the women will always stay the young, stylish women she has always wanted wanted to be. You have a feash look on life - you dont have to just sit at a office desk and you dont have to look frumpy. You can do your work and always feel fabulous. The world is your oyster.

Interests: Young people - Not middle ages business women. People that love to be out with their friends. Young people that want to dress in desginer clothes but still life a normal life. Desire: Standing out in the fashion you want to wear and no body judging you.

Action: Action: You have no worries in life. Being able to life your life how you want to. Your life will be better - you will become alot more desirable to yourself and other around you- Bring a designer brand down to earth - acctepsable to everyone. people will want to be you.



Consumer Segmentation


Consumer Segmentation DVF have stores in the Middle East but no in Pakistan.

Competitor Analysis Many companies have other brands they have to compete with in the fashion industry. DVF has a few ranging from high street stores selling very similar clothing to other luxury brands that sell better quality, tender collections. It is very healthy for a business to have competitors as it allows them to re-evaluate their brands to interest new target markets and enter in to new markets.


Michael Kors is one of DVF’s strong competitors with their product offer being the same. Both brands USP is elite US fashion accessories and bags. Just like DVF one of the main forces of the brand is there dresses, they are designed practically the same as one another. DVF and Michael Kors dresses are very loud with big, bold prints and a range of different bright colours. Michael Kors even sells DVF most famous item, ‘The Wrap Dress’. Another item that is ver similar is the bags, again both brands pride themselves with the demand of there bags. The shapes and sizes, prints and clothes are very similar to each other. DVF and Michael Kors both have there brand logo on the front of the bags and sometimes hanging down from the handle on a different piece of leather. Both brands target market is 30-60’s, wealthy, stylish, business women. Other similarity are there websites and campaigns. The websites are set out in a user friendly way, which makes it easy to order all there products from. both websites show you a range of different photos so you can tell how the item of clothing fits on your body or how the bag looks from different angles. DVF and Michael Kors’s campaigns are set very similar with all the focus being the brands logo, products and the white British model, all though DVF has tried to change this in there new campaigns. With these brands being very similar it may mean that people would more likely shop at Michael Kors instead of DVF because they can get the same items for a cheaper place. Not everything with the two brand is similar, Michael Kors’s pricing for items is a lot cheaper and affordable for the every day person. This maybe because it isn’t classes a Luxury brand more like a mid-market brand. The clothing, handbags, accessories and shoes are a considerable a lot cheaper than those sold at DVF. Michael Kors has also reached in to a different markets than DVF, they sell and design mens wear and they also have their own watch collection with there brand name on. This is perfect for Michael Kors as it allows them to enter in to a different market.

High Price Low Quality

High Quality

Low Price


Micro And Marco


In 2010 DVF launched there own awards (The DVF Awards) to DVF has just recently had a new ‘recognize and support extraorHeadquarters built in the famous dinary women who are dedicated and trendy Meat Packing District to transforming the lives of other in New York. Being in this area it women; women who have had allows Diane Von Furstenberg to the courage to fight, the power help with local foundations and to survive and the leadership to become a really member of the inspire.’ ( community. She was involved with philanthropy.html (14th February the development of restoring the 2018). Each year there is a synolocal High Line railway. nym at the United Nations where the five women nominated for the award will be celebrated and each be awarded ‘The DVF Award’. As the ‘The Diller-von Furstenberg Family Foundation’ is part of this award the five women that are choosen will each get $50,000 to put towards their organisations.

Diane also has a set on the ‘Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation’ where she is helping with raise ‘$100 million for the Foundation, which, in partnership with the National Park Service, will build the new $70 million Statue of Liberty Museum and continue the beautification of Liberty Island.’ (https:// 14th February).

Factor Analysis In 2015 DVF has allegations against them for using really fur for there clothing. A animal charity found that the brand was using rabbits fur, this was coming for rabbit farms in Spain. Last Chance for Animals made this stateDiane Von Furstenberg has recently revived backlash for a ment ‘Maybe brands don’t know what’s going on, but many photo she post of Bruce Jenners head photoshopped on to a of them don’t want to know. They can pretty much assume picture of her wearing a wrap dress with her famous quote as a all animals are subject to cruelty.’ (https://www.racked. slogan ‘Feeling like a women, Wear a dress’. Diane believed she com/2015/2/11/7986839/fashion-industry-fur-veganism was supporting Bruce’s transaction from a man to a women. 12th February 2018). This could have huge impacts for She commented ‘Bruce Jenner... You are the woman you wanted DVF as a lot of people are against using animal for fur and to be ! I salute your strength, courage and honesty. By speak- 19 they may stop shopping at DVF. Diane is seen as doing a ing out, you have spoken for so many who suffer... Love Diane’ lot for charities and the environment so this would really ( 12th February 2018). The photo was effect her image. later taken down as many people found it offensive. No brand wants to been seen as not supportive with transgender. DVF recently featured transgender people in their 2017 ad campaign. Diane apologised for the post and made a statement to Access Hollywood, “I admire Bruce Jenner’s strength, courage and honesty and have so much respect [for] him using his voice to speak for people who have none. I wish him nothing but a lifetime of happiness.” ( diane-von-furstenberg-speaks-bruce-792337 12th February 2018)



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Her recognition and reputation for the creator of the ‘Wrap Dress’. Strong appeal to women. Vast range of products: Dresses, bottoms, Knitwear, Outerwear, Shoes, Bags, Perfume, Accessories. A vast range of stores around the world: own stores and partner stores. Social Statues Dresses a range of celebrity’s and film stars. Strong sense of female empowerment: DVF is admired for its sensual femininity. Great website. Bright colours and bold patterns (what the brand is known for). Collaboration with GAP Kids: allows DVF to go into a different sales market. DVF has its own sunglasses and glasses range. Kids range with GAPkids - 2 years running. Swimwear range with Roxy. Diane has a range of books.

Opportunities • • • • • •

• •

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Cultural Integration: In earlier advertising Furstenberg, did not use a range of diverse of models. Weak branding/Lack of awareness: Clothing isn’t distinctive, if you saw someone wearing DVF clothes you might not be aware its from. Clothing Designs are easy to replicate: High street stores (Marks & spencer’s, Debenhams and Oasis) have very similar designed clothes. No variation: DVF style and colours are the same throughout every item. Not enough advertising campaigns.


Catering to all shapes and sizes - The wrap dress is a very flattering shape • but not all women will feel comfortable wearing all the products. Venture in to a younger target market: 2018 advertising is showing this. • Create a trendy street wear collection for younger people this would ex- • • tent for women of all ages to wear it. DVF could do a ladies wear collaboration with a high street store such as • H&M. DVF create a men’s collection. • Growth with England: open more a own stores not just in london and put up more advertisements, You dont see billboards with DVF brand on in any cities. DVF Home range - Allowes Diane to enter into another market. Brand Recognition through TV (Adverts).

Social Status isn’t as strong as other brands. High street stores promoting fast fashion/cheaper prices. Economic crisis: people aren’t spending as much on luxury items. Other luxury brands such as, Gucci, Prada and Channel have more up to date clothing. Michael Kors and Karen Millen have very similar clothing but at cheaper price. Bigger Brands have more stores.

Swot Analysis As a brand DVF is not as recognisable as their competitors - one opportunity that DVF could do is a collaboration with a high street store, such as H&M. Historically, brands may have seen this as devaluing their image but as people have less money to spend on luxury items it is more fashionable to purchase high street fashion. This would also reach out to a younger target market, as teens and 20 year olds are more likely to buy from h&m than a luxury brand. One of the threats to DVF is that their following on social media is weaker in comparison to competitors: DVF 1.7 million; Chanel 26.2 million; Prada 14.6 million and Gucci 21.6 million ( The ways in which DVF can develop their awareness is to use popular influencers and other social media platforms like Snapchat.



HB: ‘Do you still love the wrap dress?’ DVF: ‘Yes, I mean, listen, how can I not? It paid for all my bills.’ -Harpers Bazaar Magazine

Recommendations Since the launch of DVF philosophy and main focus has been women. With this the brand has ventured in to new, different markets, designing home wear, glasses and jewellery. One market that DVF has never entered is mens wear. Designing a mew wear would be a great achievement for the brand as it allows them to venture in to another selling point and add to their target market. I know DVF is all about girl power, but men to be apart of this philosophy of empowering women and they could empower men. I believe this would bring a lot of profit to the brand as the men wear market has hugely grown other the past years and men now are more interested in what they wear and where it has come from. They love going out and spending money on clothes as much as women. DVF could launch the new collections a the mens fashion weeks, this would allow even more marketing for the brand and they could also promote the women wear as well.




Photos on timeline (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18) (19) (20) (21) (22) (All photos) ‘I design for the woman who loves being a woman.’ “I had no idea when I made that dress that the dress would pay all my bills, and that the dress would be on so many women, that so many generations of women would have stories about it, and feel good about it,” said von Furstenburg. (, 8th February 2018) (13th February) ‘HB: Do you still love the wrap dress? DVF: Yes, I mean, listen, how can I not? It paid for all my bills.’ Marketing mix ‘recognize and support extraordinary women who are dedicated to transforming the lives of other women; women who have had the courage to fight, the power to survive and the leadership to inspire.’ ( (14th February 2018 ‘$100 million for the Foundation, which, in partnership with the National Park Service, will build the new $70 million Statue of Liberty Museum and continue the beautification of Liberty Island.’ ( 14th February). ‘Maybe brands don’t know what’s going on, but many of them don’t want to know. They can pretty much assume all animals are subject to cruelty.’ ( 12th February 2018) ‘Bruce Jenner... You are the woman you wanted to be ! I salute your strength, courage and honesty. By speaking out, you have spoken for so many who suffer... Love Diane’ ( 12th February 2018) Photo on back page



Creative Brand Report on Diane Von Furstenberg  
Creative Brand Report on Diane Von Furstenberg