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How to do things How to improve your leadership qualities •Introduction Leadership involves management of a team of people along with performing your own duties, even though there might be increase in work pressure. These skills are a part of your personality.

How to do things ways to improve your leadership skills: • • • • • •

Self respect Listen Plan Motivation Communication Discipline

How to do things

Self respect • It is very important for a leader to make every team member feel that he/she is important. If you are successful in doing so, they will willingly work for you and will result in boosting self confidence.

How to do things

Listen • You should always be ready to listen, be a good listener. This one is the main aspect of improving your leadership skills.

How to do things

Plan • Planning is a main constituent of managing a team of people. Planning helps in achieving goals easily. It also prepares you for any uncertain events that might occur and this improves the leadership skills in you.

How to do things


• It is very important to motivate your team members by making them feel essential to the team. • Let them know about the things going on in the team. • Allow the members to grow by giving them work that they are not used to.

How to do things

Discipline • No matter how friendly your team members get with you, discipline is very important in the team. After all, this is their work place and they are supposed to follow some rules. That is why it is essential to know the person in order to set some discipline with him/her.

How to do things Conclusion • Discuss situations that went wrong, immediately after they happened. That way the situation is fresh in the team’s minds. • Allow the members to grow by giving them work that they are not used to.

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How to improve your leadership qualities  

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