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NANOX INTERNATIONAL was founded in 2007 established by experts carrying a long-term expertise in the pharmaceutical field. With the knowledge of a strong and specialized team the first 3 products were introduced in 2008 into the first 5 countries. Today the range consists out of no less than 80 product references targeting the intensive athlete, but also the consumer looking for a healthy lifestyle. By now NANOX has a solid and reputed value in over 55 countries worldwide and can be seen as a first class, premium product line, being manufactured in EUROPE. All NANOX products are notified in the European Community and comply with the latest regulations on food and nutritional supplements as current in the EC. NANOX undertakes on a regular basis complete quality audits of its production units assuring the application of full HACCP regulations and even meeting the strict GMP standards of pharmaceutical manufacturing. All NANOX supplements are highly innovative and often backed up by serious clinical trials. In contrast to many competitive brands, NANOX is not using cheap fillers and / or additives. Enjoy the ride through Nanox product line and keep in mind that we keep on striving for high ideals, honest values, further expansion and nothing but top quality supplementation. All the sporting best and with a smile,



CARNILOX HYDROLYZED BEEF PROTEIN ISOLATE • 100 % hydrolyzed beef protein isolate • 0 gram sugars per 100 gram • Fat free • Lactose free • Gluten free • Hormone free • 100 % natural product with an incredible flavour

HYDROLOX HYDROLYZED WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE • 100% OPTIPEP • Optimal digestion - Extreme fast absorption • Net Protein utilisation of 95 % • 6 gram BCAA’s per single serving • Super high content in lysine and arginine • Amazing flavour • No fat, no cholesterol, no sugars and lactose free

VARCIL R2 whey isolate • Undenatured whey isolate protein • 90% Highly concentrated powder mix • Lowest fat content on the market • High in BCAA’s and glutamine peptides • Instant and complete mixing • Incredible taste even in water • Aspartame free


PROTILOX whey concentrate • HEMOTEX - Rapid amino acid absorption matrix • Low fat and carb content • High in BCAA’s and glutamine peptides • Instant and complete mixing • Incredible taste, even in water • Aspartame free • 23 grams of fast acting protein

ORBILOX 8 micellar casein • Superb nighttime muscle supercharger • Natural undenatured micellar casein • Time released amino acid profile • Up to 8 hours of strong anticatabolic effect • High level of bioactive milk peptides • Immune system support • Enhanced muscle growth


CONQUEST-V6 Vegetable protein isolate • 100% allergens free • Lactose free • Sugar free • Gluten free • Cholesterol free • High contents of BCAA’s • Highly soluble, very easy to digest and absorb • Recommended for all types of diet

PROTEIN PANCAKE / WAFFLE MIX INSTANT POWDER MIX • Readymade powder mix - only add water and cook • High protein • Low sugar • Gluten free • Good source of fibre • Contains oats beneficial for human health • Super delicious flavour and great texture • Easy to prepare pancakes, waffles and blinis • Available in a jar of 900 gram

EXUM MASS XXL SUPERIOR Mass gainer • Contains no fast sugars • No stomach discomfort, no insulin spikes and no blood glucose • The lowest fat content • 70 grams of high quality protein • Crea-Trona® Double-buffered creatine resulting in improved absorption • Aminogen: promotes fast digestion and increases the amino acid absorption • ZMA complex and B-vitamins 5 • Tested on doping

INSTANTIZED BCAA POWDER 4 : 1 : 1 300 GRAM POWDER + L-GLUTAMINE • Delivers a highly anabolic 4 : 1 : 1 ratio • Stimulates body mass expansion and extra muscle growth • Number 1 BCAA stimulating supplement available on the market • Superior flavours - Orange, Lemon&Lime, Peach and Apple Sorbet • Available in jar with 300 gram powder • 20 % glutamine added for muscle regeneration

BCAA SHOTS ChEwable BCAA tablets • Chewable tablets with an INCREDIBLE wild berry taste • 2500 mg BCAA’s / tablet! • Exact BCAA ratio - mega dosed • Immediately absorbable delivery system • Highest quality BCAA’s manufactured at Ajinomoto

AMINOMAX hydrolized whey isolate tablet • 100% pure OPTIPEP, high quality hydrolized whey isolate • Excellent amino acid profile • 100% natural • NO ARTIFICIAL sweeteners, flavours or colourants • Direct compression without any additives


NANOPROXIL NITRIC OXIDE BOOSTER • Promotes Nitric Oxide promotion • State of the art vasodilation complex • Promotes strength, endurance, recovery and muscle mass • Enhanced training focus and energy • No fall back after the training • Combine with Beta-Alanine for extra hardcore workouts

EXTREME BLAST 300 GRAM POWDER - PRE-WORKOUT • Hardcore value guarantee • Contains patent-pending Theacrine compound • Improves energy, strength, endurance and (mental) performance • Does not stimulate blood pressure • Creatine-free • The same effect as from the very first intake • 1 serving = 1 extreme workout • No decrease in effectiveness over time • No lose of the kick • NO CRASH, NO JITTERS


COFFEE-COACH INSTANT SLIMMING COFFEE • A highly efficient combination of Bitter Orange and Guarana as active ingredients • Increases thermogenesis • The loss of fat mass does not go along with a loss of muscular mass but with a fair increase in the same, thus assuring good looks and maintenance of the results achieved. • Loss of fat layers and of cellulite deposits • Reduces appetite, improving the compliance of food reductions • Splendid results shown in a clinical trial on 90 men and women • Superb taste – finest Italian blend of instant coffee

COFFEE PERFECT Instant coffee mix for slimmers • Stimulates fat burning in an efficient way • Stimulates the body to expend more calories • Boosts your energy • Contributes to rebalance the intestinal microflora • Great beneficial effect on the digestive comfort, rebalancing the intestinal micro-flora • Flatter belly guarantee supported by the Actilight, a soluble fibre as active ingredient • Used successfully in diet clinics world wide

SVELTAX Intense, fast acting fat burning complex


• The hottest and most powerful formula on the market • Immediate perception of the action • Highly dosed in capsaicin (hot pepper extract) • Reduces body fat % • 300 % calorie burning increase pre-exercise • 12 times more intense fat burning post-exercise • Caffeine free

L-CARNITINE 4000 mg L-CARNITINE in a shot bottle • Acetyl L-carnitine and L-Carnitine Tartrate • SUPER high dosed net L-CARNITINE: 4000 mg • Ready to drink shot • Promotes fat metabolism • Increases fat burning and energy • Aids in lowering cholesterol

LIPIXOR High performance fat burner • Accelerates thermogenesis • Decreases the storage of fat • Increases the tonus of the muscle tissue • Doubles the effect of calorie controlled diets • Drains and eliminates water and toxins

ISOLOX A NUTRITIONAL ARTWORK, A MASTERPIECE OF FLAVOUR • 35% protein • A precision mix of complex & simple carbohydrates • Zero “energy crash” • Fuels the body to maintain an optimum performance • Amazing flavours


AAKG 1000 mg capsules • Increases strength & clean muscle mass • Improves pump • Helps muscle regeneration • Available in a jar of 180 capsules

CREATINE PURE 300 gram powder • The most purified micronized Creatine Monohydrate • 99,9 % pureness • Improves strength • Higher endurance and faster recovery

L-ARGININE HCL 300 gram powder • Essential amino acid • Increases oxygen delivery and blood flow during exercise + enhances performance, allowing muscles to produce more strength and delaying the onset of exercise-induced fatigue. • Increases the nitric oxide level

L-GLUTAMASS 250 gram powder • L-Glutamass contains a mixture of natural L-Glutamine with a highly digestible L-Glutamine peptide-bond fraction • Speeds up muscle recovery after exercise 10

CREATINE PURE ORANGE 500 gram powder + AMINO ACIDS • Full Creatine loading • Rapid absorbing matrix • Including basic amino acids range • Incredible orange taste

HMB 500 mg capsules • Increases gain of lean muscle • Prevents muscle catabolism • Speeds up muscle repair and recovery times • Available in a jar of 120 capsules

TRIBULUS 750 mg capsules • Increases the natural testosterone levels • Allows your body to work out harder for longer periods of time • Available in a jar of 90 capsules


BCAA 1000 1000 mg capsules • Perfect ratio 2 : 1 : 1 • 1000 mg of BCAA per capsule + Vit B6 • The most readily absorbable form of single amino acids • Boosts the protein synthesis and protects your muscles • Available in a jar of 120 capsules

ACETYL L-CARNITINE 750 mg capsules • Crosses the blood–brain barrier and enter the brain, where it acts as a powerful antioxidant • Helps in prevention of the brain cells’ deterioration • Improve insulin response • Helps accelerating muscle recovery • Available in a jar of 90 capsules

CLA 1000 MG SOFT GELATIN CAPSULES • Highly purified Conjugated Linoleic Acid • 95% active CLA isomers per capsule • Reduce fat, increase muscle mass • Prevents muscle breakdown and damage • 100 % stimulant free • Available in a jar of 90 capsules


KRE-ALKALYN® 750 mg capsules • Patented form of Creatine • Reduces muscle stiffness and pain • Enhances the athletic performance • Available in a jar of 120 capsules

OMEGA-3 FISH OIL • Contributes to maintain normal brain, mental and cognitive functions • Contributes to a healthy heart function • Easy to swallow capsules • Available in a jar of 180 capsules

PROFESSIONAL ZiMAx TESTO BOOSTER - Maximal potency • TRAACS® Technology • Chelated Zinc and Chelated Magnesium Bisglycinate + VITAMIN B6 • Source: Albion Laboratories • Veggie caps • Highly superior absorption • 1 month supply • 2 capsules per day 13

number 1 SELLER NANOX PROduct of excellence

ANDROX-Q12 TESTO BOOSTER • Improves the FREE testosterone concentration • Strongly promotes the anabolic activity • Increases lean muscle mass and decreases fat mass • Improves the recovery rate • Promotes an intensified libido • Promotes healthy muscle mass • Highly dosed TESTOFEN • Muscle Builder of the Year Award in several countries

EXPANDROX XV3 MUSCLE PERFORMANCE AND ENDURANCE • Push your performance to extremes • An increase in endurance with 15% -20% • An increase in VO2 MAX by increased oxygen uptake due to pulmonary vasodilation • Doubles the buffer capacity of the muscles preventing muscle acidification and cramps • A super fast recovery • Stimulant free



RECUPLEX PROFESSIONAL RECOVERY DRINK • Isotonic electrolyte balance for an optimal fluid uptake • 40g of carbohydrates per serving of 500 ml • Optimal refuelling of muscle glycogen, rapid protein uptake • Complex carbohydrate mix containing 7 different carb sources: Dextrose, Maltodextrine, Fructose, Saccharose, Isomaltulose (Palatinose), Trehalose, corn starch (Waxy Maize) • Contains ultra Hydrolyzed casein - PeptoPro • Avoiding heavy stomach overload, contains magnesium and optimized electrolyte mix • 4L-Glutamine for muscle recovery • Scientifically tested for optimal results

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