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NSTC Education Fall 2016 Faculty Mentorship Snapshot for NSTC

NanoTechnology Masters Degrees Showing Early Signs of Success The Professional Science Master’s Degree in Nanotechnology recently graduated eight students from its premiere enrollment semester. All eight graduates were offered positions with the companies for which they interned. Some accepted those offers while some others received competitive offers with other firms. The success of the first class of PSM students will serve as a high bar for future cohorts. Program Coordinator Dr. Qun “Treen” Huo was pleased to share student highlights with her colleagues in the NSTC at a Fall meeting. In addition to the lavish praise our students received from their internship supervisors and a 100% industry job placement rate, Dr. Huo was able to report that three of our students, Rocky Brighton, Danielle Estes and Keiffer Gaskill (who all began the program in Fall 2014) won first place at the Graduate Research Forum in Spring 2016 in the category of Health Sciences. Fall 2015 ushered in the first cohort of students for the Master of Science in Nanotechnology degree offered by the NSTC. While it is still too early yet to report graduation or job placement rates for this new crop of students, the group is showing promise to be just as productive and impressive as their PSM counterparts. Torus Washington (Fall 2015 MS) won the Delores A. Auzenne Fellowship from the university in Spring 2016. Yasmine Abdellatif (Fall 2016 MS) is the recipient of a Fulbright scholarship. Briana Lee (Fall 2016 MS) won Best Graduate Poster for Health and Environmental Applications at the 2016 NanoFlorida meeting. With students of this caliber in its ranks, the future of the MS Nanotechnology program looks extremely bright.

P S M / M S S t u d e n t s Tay l o r Wo o d , N i c h o l a s Castaneda and Montherson Saint-Juste working in the lab. Photo by: Lauren Weathington

“Nanotechnology is a very fast growing field. Companies are very interested in people who have been trained in nanoscience. Communication across the discipline is becoming more and more important, which brought a very interesting education opportunity. We wanted to create an environment and education place where students can get used to the interdisciplinary nature. The bottom line is that we want our students to become competitive.” - Dr. Qun “Treen” Huo

2016 Fall Enrollment Snapshot PSM Students

Nano Materials Spring/Fall 2016  

Volume 8, Issue 1

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