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Faculty Inducted into UCF Scroll & Quill Society

In 2016 the National Science Foundation renewed its support for our REU site for another three years for the Engineering and Nanoscience of Materials and Device Applications in Biotechnology and Medicine.

Swadeshmukul Santra, Qun “Treen” Huo, Saiful I. Khondaker, and Lei Zhai were selected to be inducted into the UCF Scroll & Quill Society in April, 2016. Induction into the Scroll & Quill Society is a distinct honor at UCF. It provides recognition for contemporary UCF faculty achievements in research and creative activities across all disciplines. The specific focus of this society is on recognizing faculty members who have demonstrated sustained and outstanding achievements in research and/or creative activities at UCF, and brought positive national and/or international attention to the institution through these activities.

Zhai Receives UCF TIP Awards

Dr. Zhai

Dr. Lei Zhai received UCF Teaching Incentive Program Awards for 2015-2016. The TIP award rewards sustained high levels of teaching effectiveness. Eligible faculty must have been employed by UCF for at least four years and meet or exceed median student credit hour production. The award provides a $5,000 base salary increase.

Faculty Mentorship Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)

Dr. Gesquiere, Dr. Seal, and Dr. Zemliansky with the student participants in the REU Symposium August 11, 2016

Graduates Supervised by NSTC Faculty In service to the UCF academic mission, faculty members affiliated with the NanoScience Technology Center serve as committee chairs for Masters theses and Doctoral dissertations. The following students completed degrees under the supervision of NSTC and AMPAC faculty during the last year. Summer 2015

Spring 2016

Jean Calderon Flores, Chemistry PhD 1, 2, and 3 Dimension Carbon/Silicon Carbon Nitride Ceramic Composites Chair: Lei Zhai

Kiran Prakash, Electrical Engineering MS Smart grasping using laser and tactile array sensors for UCF-MANUS-an intelligent Assistive Robotic Manipulator Chair: Aman Behal

Matthew McInnis, Chemistry PhD Fabrication and Study of Graphene-Based Nanocomposites for Sensing and Energy Storage Chair: Lei Zhai Kevin Grossman, Materials Science and Engineering MS Materials Science and Engineering MS Catalytic Role of Boron Nitride in the Thermal Decomposition of Ammonium Perchlorate Chair: Sudipta Seal

Summer 2016 Morteza Keshavarztalebi, Electrical Engineering PhD Microgrid Control and Protection: Stability and Security Chair: Aman Behal Chao Li, Materials Science and Engineering PhD NanoEngineered Energy Harvesting and Storage Devices Chair: Jayan Thomas

Fall 2015 Every summer UCF’s NanoScience Technology Center hosts a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) site supported by the National Science Foundation. Undergraduate students are recruited from colleges and universities across the country to participate in a ten-week research internship. The goal of the REU site is to give participating students firsthand experience in completing scientific research in a laboratory setting. The REU site places specific emphasis on broadening participation in STEM by students from underrepresented groups, and guides students in their career choices in STEM disciplines.

Bonnie Berry, Biomedical Sciences PhD Development of human and rodent based in vitro systems toward better translation of bench to bedside in vivo results Chair: James Hickman

Professional development activities such as industry visits, developing presentation skills and scientific writing and peer review, led by Dr. Zemliansky (director of UCF’s Writing Across the Curriculum program), further prepare students for their STEM career. The REU site has been successful in accomplishing its goals by attracting over 60% of the participating students from underrepresented groups, 6 out of 10 students gaining interest in pursuing graduate school, and students publishing their REU work in peer reviewed journals and wining numerous awards.

Amirhossein Jabalameli, Electrical Engineering MS Characterization of a spiking neuron model via a linear approach Chair: Aman Behal

“This is a great platform for undergraduate training in high technology research” - Dr. Sudipta Seal

Hector Rivera Jacquez, Chemistry PhD Quantum Chemical Studies for the Engineering of Metal Organic Materials Chair: Artem Masunov

Ali Hagihat Mesbahi, Materials Science and Engineering MS Adsorption Behaviour of Polyacrylic Acid on Cerium Oxide Nanostructures: Experimental and Predictive Model Chair: Sudipta Seal

Nicholas Paperno, Electrical Engineering PhD Modeling and Compensation for Efficient Human Robot Interaction Chair: Aman Behal Craig Neal, Materials Science and Engineering MS Fabrication and Investigation of an enzymefree, Nanoparticle-based Biosensor for Hydrogen Peroxide determination Chair: Sudipta Seal

Nano Materials Spring/Fall 2016  

Volume 8, Issue 1

Nano Materials Spring/Fall 2016  

Volume 8, Issue 1