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Dr. Jayan Thomas leads a Nano Energy-Photonics Group, which conducts research focused primarly on Nanostructured Supercapacitors and Li-ion batteries, nanoarchitectured light trapping solar cells, photorefractive polymers for 3D display applications, nonlinear optical materials, plasmonic structures and printed optical and photonic devices. Dr. Laurene Tetard leads the Tetard Research Group, which focuses on the development of high resolution characterization tools to advance the understanding of materials and complex systems.

Merck selected UCF’s plasmatic full-color display project as its top pick from a field of 30 researchers in the invitation-only competition. The company’s goal for the new award is to identify new display applications and support further development of the materials.

Chanda Awarded $1.3 Million Grant to Develop Next-Generation Infrared Detector DARPA has awarded a three-and-a-half year, $1.3 million grant to a team led by Debashis Chanda to fund the development of a next-generation IR detector that could be used in night vision, meteorology and space exploration. Portable IR cameras have law enforcement, military, and firefighting applications. To be powerful enough to produce more detailed images, infrared detectors typically used by NASA and defense agencies are large, expensive and can only function at ultralow temperatures. The team is working on a device that relies on thin graphene, a one-atomic-layer thick, 2D material that Chanda envisions will be small, portable and doesn’t need to be cooled but which produces high-resolution images. The team intends to collaborate with defense majors such as Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin and St. Johns Optical Systems for integration and packaging.

Dr. Chanda

Thomas and Tetard Featured on Cover of Journal of Materials Chemistry A An article authored by two NSTC faculty and their colleagues is featured on the cover of Journal of Materials Chemistry A. The article, “A PCBM-assisted perovskite growth process to fabricate high efficiency semitransparent solar cells” highlights the rapid and simple development of highly efficient semitransparent perovskite solar cells.

Nanowire Supercapacitor Research Published in ACS Nano Journal An article on nanowire supercapacitor research has recently been published in the American Chemical Society’s ACS Nano Journal. Contributors include Nitin Choudhary, Chao Li, Hee-Suk Chung, Julian Moore, and NSTC faculty Jayan Thomas and Yeonwoong (Eric) Jung.

Jung’s Paper Featured in Nature Communications Yeonwoong (Eric) Jung’s co-first authored paper, Nanoscale Size Effects in Crystallization of Metallic Glass Nanorods, was published in Nature Communications. The paper focuses on in-situ TEM of metallic glass nanorods, revealing abnormal size-dependent crystallization in this system for the first time. The findings provide insight into relevant length scales in crystallization of supercooled metallic glasses, thus offering accurate processing conditions for predictable metallic glass nanomolding.

Nano Materials Spring/Fall 2016  

Volume 8, Issue 1

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