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STUDENTS WIN GRADUATE RESEARCH FORUM POSTER AWARDS The Graduate Research Forum features poster displays representing UCF’s diverse colleges and disciplines. The Research Forum is an opportunity for students to showcase their research and creative projects and to receive valuable feedback from faculty judges. Four NSTC Students were recognized at the 2015 Graduate Research Forum with Poster Awards in the following categories:

ENG, COMP SCIENCE, AND MODELING AND SIMULATION First Place - Zenan Yu, Material Science and Engineering Energy Storing Electrical Cables Mentor/Co-Author: Jayan Thomas, Ph.D. Second Place - Yi Ding, Materials Science and Engineering Light-Matter Interaction at the Nanoscale Using Multi-Frequency Atomic Force Microscopy Mentor: Laurene Tetard, Ph.D.

MATHEMATICS AND PHYSICAL SCIENCES Honorable Mention - Daniel Franklin, Physics Color Tunable Metasurfaces for Reflective Displays Mentor: Debashis Chanda, Ph.D. Co-Author: Yuan Chen; Shin-Tson Wu; Debashis Chanda, Ph.D. Honorable Mention - Javaneh Boroumand, Physics Efficiency Enhancement in Thin-Film Solar Cells Mentor: Debashis Chanda, Ph.D.

HELLER AWARDED RAMP FELLOWSHIP Steven Heller has been awarded a Research and Mentoring Program (RAMP) fellowship with Sudipta Seal, Ph.D. as his advisor. RAMP is designed to provide undergraduate students with research experience while working closely with a faculty mentor. In addition, the students participate in a variety of workshops designed to increase their awareness and knowledge of graduate school education. The aim of this program is to encourage more students from those populations who are traditionally underrepresented in graduate education to attend graduate school. Undergraduate students participating in this program can receive up to $2,800 each year.

NANOFEST FLORIDA 2015 NanoFest featured posters, discussions and activities promoting awareness of the field. The festival showcased the latest nanotech-enabled consumer products to demonstrate how new technology can have a positive impact on the environment and individual lives. These items are available for use in everyday life.

NORTHROP GRUMMAN AWARD & FELLOWSHIPS Debashis Chanda, Ph.D. was awarded the Northrop Grumman National Innovation Award 2014-15 and received a $100k research fund. Members of his research group, Alireza Safaei and Daniel Franklin, received the Northrop Grumman Graduate Fellowships of $10,000 and $3,000 respectively for the year 2014-15.

HONORABLE MENTION AT SURE Corey Rodas, AMPAC, NSTC and MSE undergraduate student received an honorable mention at the 2015 Showcase of Undergraduate Research in the Life Sciences category for his poster Silk Fibroin Electrospun Nanostructures For Biomedical Applications. Sudipta Seal the MSE Interim Chair and Director of AMPAC and NSTC was Corey Rodas’ mentor for his research. The Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence is a poster forum for UCF undergraduates to present their research and creative projects to the broader university community.

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