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OSCAR OF INVENTION AWARDED TO UCF TECHNOLOGY Jayan Thomas’ group invention (Energy storing and transmitting cables) won the R&D 100 Award for UCF. Zenan Yu, Julian Moore and Dr. Thomas are the inventors. The R&D 100 Awards have a 50+ year history of recognizing excellence in innovation, earning the name the “Oscars of Invention.” And at the annual event, the high rollers of the science and technology industry were honored on stage for their innovative, high-tech products and processes that

are, or will, make a difference in our everyday lives. The awards recognize not only the efforts of the development team and partners, but provides a mark of excellence known to industry, government, and consumers. The R&D 100 Award assures potential customers that the product has successfully competed against other new tech in open competition. The award is a positive message about a company’s product and achievements that can be shared with

customers, as demonstrated by previous winners Intel, MIT, and Mettler Toledo. Photo: Rob Bernath, business development manager at the UCF Office of Technology

Transfer, and Jayan Thomas, UCF researcher, accept the R&D 100 Award honoring excellence in technology innovations at the annual awards banquet in Las Vegas.

NSTC & AMPAC FACULTY/STAFF PRESENT AT UCF SENSOR CONFERENCE On Friday, October 30, several NSTC and AMPAC Faculty and Staff presented at the UCF Sensor Conference. The UCF Sensor Conference was a one-day workshop organized by CREOL, The College of Optics and Photonics; the College of Engineering & Computer Science; and the NanoScience Technology Center, and featuring 28 presentations. The Sensor Conference served as a forum for UCF faculty engaged in research in sensor technologies and related fields

to exchange ideas and explore possibilities for collaborative interdisciplinary research. The scope of the conference is broad, including electronic, integrated-photonic, optical fiber, thin-film, polymer, plasmonic, acoustic, thermal, mechanical (MEMS/NEMS), microfluidic, chemical, bio-sensors, and neuro-sensors. Technologies include single-chip, wireless, networked, smart, nano, remote, embedded, passive, and active sensors. Topics related to materials, manufacturing, and packaging are also included.

NANOTECH BRINGING ENORMOUS OPPORTUNITIES TO NEW PRODUCT AND BUSINESS DEV According to U.S. National Science Foundation estimates, by 2015 the annual global market for nanotechnology-related goods and services will top $1 trillion, thus making it one of the fastest-growing industries in history. There is an increasing demand from industry and academia for a well-trained workforce with

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both scientific background and professional skills to work in nanotechnologyrelated research, product development and commercialization. The Professional Science Master’s in Nanotechnology program at the University of Central Florida provides students with scientific education in

nanotechnology and professional training in business and technology venture. This program incorporates both the higher level scientific content and business and entrepreneurial components that are necessary to drive innovative ideas in nanotechnology product development.

The curriculum culminates with an internship that will provide work experience for each student. Students that complete this and professional skills to work efficiently and competitively in nanotechnology-oriented businesses and entities. More About PSM in Nanotech at PSM.NANOSCIENCE.UCF.EDU

NanoMaterials Spring-Fall 2015  

NanoMaterials provides news and insight from nano and materials science research at the University of Central Florida. The magazine is publi...

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