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Why should  you  consider  Hydrophobic  Coating?

• Hydrophobic Metal  Coating  is  done  to  prevent  the  metal  or  any  industrial  or  consumer  surface from corrosion, rust and  abrasion.

Advantage of hydrophobic coating • 1. Antismudge. • 2. Water repellent. • 3. Dirt resistant. • 4. Very easyclean.

Applications of Hydrophobic Coating

• Wheel Protection – Excessive water or any fluid can damage the wheel, so the hydrophobic coating is applied on the surface to prevent it from corrosion

Automotive Protection  –  Hydrophobic  creates a permanent barrier for water  and provides anti corrosion protection  to the automobiles.

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Why should you consider hydrophobic coating?  

NanoSlic company offers a whole-new approach to state-of-art coating solutions that develops a highly hydrophobic and olepphobic contact sur...