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FemtoScan: Challenges and problems in nanotechnology Mukhin Dmitry

Challenges and problems in nanotechnology need to be quickly and effectively solved. For solving it people need relevant qualification. Among them scientists, engineers, managers, officials, etc. Almost everyone is involved in nanotechnology production chain, as a producer or a consumer. In connection with this very urgent issue of training and awareness of new developments in this area.

First of all, It’s very efficient if students work on real devices. Thanks to this of this he/she gets very good practical experience. Students has a great opinion to feel research life, preparing samples, microscope for his work. Second, it’s necessary to work in team. Synergy appears during this process. They start to solve these problems, which they can’t working independently. So, it’s very important to have special network infrastructure! For example, similar the following:


Standard model of education In accordance with standard system of education students (pupils) have only theoretical education in class, librarary etc. Practical part of education is rarely included in school and institutes. That’s why a lit of problem of nanotechnology can’t be shown and explained rather well. So, it’s necessary to develop education in schools and high schools. 2


There are a lot of educational programs for students in the world. The special education equipment is very popular nowadays. Among the most famous educational systems are the following: FemtoScan (Advanced technologies center, Russia), EasyScan 2 (NanoSurf, Switzerland), Nanoeducator II (NT-MDT, Russia) etc. Of course, every device has own advantages and disadvantages.

FemtoScan created for training. Strict mechanics was created for avoiding damage from the students.

Open source community-based tools for learning Moodle is very convinient for this purpose. It helps to solve a lot of problems: • Administration • Data saving • Planning etc

High-quality electronics makes it possible to measure with high accuracy 1nm by more than 50 modes.


FemtoScan Online is the ability simultaneous connection to it an unlimited number of users. 5 +7 (495) 926-37-43


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