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Online Quest Game for High School Students in the Field of Nanoscience: “NanoQuest “Detective Story in the University” Anastasia Bolshakova, Dmitry Bagrov, Anna Protopopova Lomonosov Moscow State University Since 2 April, 2012, during three weeks, high school student from all parts of Russia took part in the first online competition game in field of Nanoscience “NanoQuest “Detective Story in the University”. The competition was organized by the company “Advanced Technologies Center” (ATC, in the connection with RUSNANO School League and Lomonosov Moscow State University. The main goal of the game was to show high school students that science is very interesting and quite boring.

Question #1

Guess the word!

Question #4

The NanoQuest consisted of six questions related to one detective storyline about two high school children – Andrew and Marina, who were waiting for Professor in his University lab. Each question is a new mystery, and children, step by step nearer to the outcome... Any high school student could help Andrew and Marina, solving each question with them. Online Quest was a huge success. Finding the search keyword, the children wanted to find out what it means and what has to nanotechnology. Here are some comments from participants of the contest: "Hurrah! I did it! Now go on to Wikipedia! It's time to find out what that word means!" "This is ingenious! When the end came at last, I long laugh: how really simple it was! " Teachers are also not left behind, and commended the project. Here Anatoly Shperh wrote in his blog, commenting on the second task of the NanoQuest: "How often we teach in the "buttons", at least the algorithms of work, and almost never to set such research tasks. It’s a pity".


Question #5

“BPMZM QA XTMVBG WN ZWWU IB BPM JWBBWU” Who is the author of the citation?

Question #6 “We can observe the AFMscanning on the Internet! And now you may look at the SPMimages at the gallery” Find the word, using Internet ;-)

E-mail for answers: Bolshakova at


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