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„Spicy world of NanoScience” Big dream of a small PhD student András Paszternák, PhD founder


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MSc. in Chemistry 2004 Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary Department of Colloid Chemistry András Paszternák, Éva Kiss, Pál Jedlovszky: Structure of the nonionic surfactant triethoxy monooctylether C8E3 adsorbed at the free water surface, as seen from surface tension measurements and Monte Carlo simulations Journal of Chemical Physics, 122, 124704, 2005

Workplace Institute of Nanochemistry and Catalysis Department of Surface Modification and Nanostructures

Prof. Erika Kálmán ( 2009) November 2004 September 2005 August 2005

Prof. Lajos Nyikos June 2010

May 2010

STM and AFM measurements

PhD topic: Formation and corrosion protective effect of alkylphosphonate monolayers

STM and SECM measurements

research assistant

PhD student

research fellow

Science communication

Paszternák A, Felhősi I, Pászti Z, Kuzmann E, Vértes A, Kálmán E, Nyikos L Surface analytical characterization of passive iron surface modified by alkyl-phosphonic acid layers. ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA 55: pp. 804-812. (2010) Paszternak A, Stichleutner S, Felhősi I, Keresztes Z, Nagy F, Kuzmann E, Vértes A, Homonnay Z, Pető G, Kálmán E Surface modification of passive iron by alkyl-phosphonic acid layers. ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA 53: pp. 337-345. (2007)

Science Communication


Travel to the world of Nanotechnology

Mom, are you also chemist?

High-school students (age 15-17)

High-school students (age 15-17)

Kindergarten (age 4-6)

45 min school class about Nanotechnology

2 h 30 min institute visitor program

35 min program about chemistry



The International NanoScience Community 27th November 2007



- chemist (Eรถtvรถs University) - PhD student (CRC HAS)

Community - program coordinator (since1996) - youth leader (since 2000)

- newspaper editor (since 1996) - Media course at CEU (2005)

Internet - webpage editor (since 2005) - blogs (since 2006)


The International NanoScience Community International

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Goals International

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Prof. Steffen B. Petersen Nanobio Group, Department of Physics and Nanotechnology, Aalborg University, Denmark

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Science communication - Researchers night – central event (Budapest, Hungary) 2008, 2009, 2010

- Researchers on the Net 2010 -1st Hungarian Scientific Blogger and Webpage-editor Meeting

- Researchers on the Net 2011 -2nd Hungarian Scientific Blogger and Webpage-editor Meeting



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Future… …“I think the future of these networks is in collaboration and integration,” he says, “The war of the research social networks has begun…only the best, most interesting, and most scientific will survive.”… András Paszternák in David Bradley: Gen F Scientists Materials Today, Volume 13, Issues 1-2, January-February 2010, Pages 54-55

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Nanopaprika - 4th Birthday of The International NanoScience Community  
Nanopaprika - 4th Birthday of The International NanoScience Community  

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