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Bike Friendly Big Easy by Colleen Morgan

U A man is but the product of his thoughts ­– what he thinks, he becomes. ~Mohandas Gandhi

nlike other cities in the U.S., during the fall and winter, Southeast Louisiana is a very comfortable place to walk and bike. It is fitting that institutions, agencies and nonprofits in the region are taking steps to support these modes of transportation and the infrastructure that encourages them. I n m i d - D e c e m b e r, B i k e E a s y launched its incident mapping program in collaboration with NOLA Social Ride, a group that bicycles in different neighborhoods of New Orleans every Thursday evening. On Dec. 15, the City Council passed a “Complete Streets” policy, which tweaks the design of city streets to promote pedestrian- and bikefriendly elements. Th e L o u i s i a n a D e p a r t m e n t o f Transportation and Development has a “Complete Streets” policy in place, but New Orleans is the first to enact a policy at the municipal level in Louisiana. The measure passed unanimously, with some amendments that made it even stronger. This indicates its widespread support, said

Jamie Wine, director of Bike Easy, adding that when the bill was introduced, several council members were vying to co-sponsor it. “This is where the rubber meets the road,” Wine said, noting that Bike Easy has been working on this measure for nearly eight months. “The idea of a ‘complete street’ is one where the public right of ways are set up to consider all users, to help

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