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nitzipper速 Conjugation protocol Step 1 Open the

nitzipper速box and remove the tubes containing the nitzipper速 pieces.

NOTE: Make sure you will conjugate a Linker-U piece (yellow label) with a Linker-T piece (red label).

Step 2 Before opening the tubes, gently shake them to homogenize their content and perform a short spin.

Step 3 In a fresh microtube (preferably sterile), mix the appropriate volumes of each piece in a 1:1 molar ratio. NOTE: In some cases, changing the 1:1 molar ratio can result in improved conjugates depending on the final application of your conjugate and the pieces being used.

Document rev. 1.0 05/01/2013


Step 4 Homogenize the mixture by gently shaking the microtube and perform a short spin.

Step 5 Incubate the microtube for at least 15 minutes at room temperature.*

NOTE: For photosensitive conjugates, protect the microtube from light. Longer incubations periods may increase the conjugation efficiency depending on the pieces being conjugated.

15 min.

Step 6 Store the conjugate at 4°C (in case of photosensitive conjugates, protect from light) until further use. NOTE: If needed, you may dilute the conjugate in 1x Phosphate Saline buffer (PBS) pH 7.4 (Cat. no. 810002) or in other compatible buffer. Please note that the stability of each conjugate may depend on final concentration.


*Optional step: After incubation, in some cases, as for example, when using a molar ratio different from 1:1, it may be advisable to perform an additional purification step to remove a possible excess of non-conjugated pieces that may interfere with your final application. The optimal purification method may depend on the pieces that compose the conjugate. Disclaimer nitzipper® products are sold for research purposes only. The products were not tested for use in diagnostics or therapeutic procedures, nor are suitable for administration to humans or animals as are provided. It is the responsibility of the user to verify the use of nitzipper® products for a specific application. All goods and services are sold subject to the terms and conditions of sale of Nanoimmunotech S.L. A copy of these terms and conditions is available at or upon request to ©2013 Nanoimmunotech S.L. All rights reserved. nitzipper® is a trademark and property of Nanoimmunotech S.L. Document rev. 1.0 05/01/2013



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