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nitzipper Because your goal is the solution priority The simplest, quickest and most versatile Bioconjugation

Who we are? Here at nanoimmunotech, a European company in the Nanobiotechnology sector, we are specialized and considered a benchmark in bioconjugation. The company has highly qualified and internationally recognized human resources, state-of-the-art laboratory capabilities, standardized and proprietary protocols and finally, the know-how to perform proper supervision, advising and validation while creating different nanosystems or biomaterials; first step to their previous use in biotechnological applications for different sectors (biomedical, pharmaceutics, cosmetics, veterinary, agro-food, environmental, etc.). At nanoimmunotech, we believe in creative researchers who want to explore new territories. We believe in those who do not like to be told how to do something nor be restricted or limited in capabilities. We believe in those whose goal is not just having tools but needing those tools to achieve their goals. This is why, for all of you independent researchers with scientific curiosities, we 速 have created an innovative technology called nitzipper . The simplest, quickest and most versatile bioconjugation technology that makes it possible for you to join many of the molecules, particles, linkers, drugs, etc. you need to create the most inspiring materials or applications; because your goal is the priority, not the tool you use to achieve it.


Bioconjugation Nowadays, the main problem regarding bioconjugation is that the conjugation processes are different, depending on the variety of micro/nanostructures or biomolecules used; mainly due to the wide gap existing between them in terms of size, surface area, density of reactive groups, shape, colloidal stability, etc. Moreover, when designing material bioconjugation protocol, it is important to respect the orientation of biomolecules on the surface in order to maintain its biological activity, and therefore its efficiency; at the moment this is an unresolved problem. Currently, there is no universal tool that would easily enable conjugation of similar particles or molecules with one another while ensuring oriented unions, much less the ability to easily conjugate different kinds of molecules with each other. Consequently, customers require tailor-made projects in order to optimize complex binding protocols. With experienced personnel, projects are time consuming and expensive solutions completed through inefficient bioconjugation methods. The other option is not any better: customers need to purchase specific, individual kits for an uncomplicated bioconjugation protocol, such as magnetic separation, antibody labeling, etc., with no possibility of using it for conjugating any other molecules or particles. 速 With nitzipper , the new innovative technology of nanoimmunotech, we offer you

the almost universal, economical and single-step bioconjugation solution which allows multi-conjugation of most micro/nanostructures, biomolecules, linkers, drugs and other molecules, creating powerful micro/nanosystems, resulting in the sum of the functions for each of its components.


What is nitzipper ? ®


is a new and revolutionary bioconjugation technology that allows

you to quickly, easily, and effectively combine many different types of micro/ nanostructures, biomolecules, dyes, linkers, drugs and other molecules, in practically any combination in an oriented way and without modifying their properties.


is also a multi-functionalization tool that allows you to join not

just two different types of molecules or micro/nanostructures with each other, but many of them simultaneously, allowing you to create a multitude of new micro/nanosystems for their use in infinite applications. It is not a specific solution for a specific application.

It is a technology that you can use for improving

traditional applications (flow cytometry, magnetic separation, ELISA, multilabeling, nanovaccines, magnetic hyperthermia…) but also for exploring the ones you can possibly imagine or need. A strong and stable union between the different pieces of the micro/nanosystems is performed thanks to matching linkers named ® on the surface of nitzipper pieces.

Linker U and Linker T, each one


How to use nitzipper ? ®

® First you purchase the pieces that you wish to conjugate in our nitzipper store. As

an example, you can choose to purchase a magnetic nanoparticle with (yellow tape tube) and an antibody with

Linker U

Linker T (red tape tube), or an antibody with

Linker U and a dye with Linker T or… The possibilities are endless.

1º ® Once you have received then nitzipper pieces, simply mix the appropriate quantity

of pieces with

Linker U you wish to connect with the pieces with Linker T and wait a

few minutes to quickly achieve a stable conjugation between both pieces.

You now have the final product! nitzipper® is compatible with many more structures and molecules than the ones you see in the store. If you cannot find the pieces you need or if you want us to make a custom piece, specific for your micro/nanostructures and/or molecules, compatible with our technology, just contact us.


Why use nitzipper®? Versatility

Better Results every

Biomolecules are conjugated in a properly oriented direction

type of conjugation and helps reduce the stock of

avoiding, for example, blocking the antibody recognition. As

products you need.You can bioconjugate any kind of ® piece with any other.You simply need to choose

a result, you receive better results for your application.





pieces with the matching




Linker U and Linker T.



nitzipper® is a strong and stable union that binds in an With a single step of mixing the pieces of with the pieces of

Linker U

oriented way and without altering the properties of the micro/

Linker T, you will be able to carry out

nanostructures or molecules.

the bioconjugation of your micro/nanostructures and/or molecules, without being an expert or needing any additional equipment.

Reduce costs Results can be obtained with less quantity of biomolecules

Saves Time

or particles. Let’s focus on what really matters.Whether you have the knowledge on conjugation techniques or not, in just 26 seconds you will have performed all the manipulations


required to bioconjugate your micro/nanosystems. Strong and stable bonds.

nitzipper® can be used in many

applications with the certainty that it will work.


nitzipper® Carboxyl Method

Parameters/ Technologies


Other Bioconjugation Kits (LinkerTechnology)

Operator’s Manipulation Time

26 sec.

5 min.

5 min.

30 min.

Bioconjugation Time

15 min.

1 h.

1 h.

4 h.

Application Versatility





Operator’s Level of Qualification





Average Cost










nitzipper® is the simplest, quickest and most versatile bioconjugation solution


Applications Thousands of scientists, both in academia and industry, use bioconjugation in multiple applications. Thanks to its incredible versatility,


bioconjugation technology offers

an endless panel of applications, performing a variety of different combinations with

varied micro/nanostructures and/or biomolecules within different

applications. Additionally, each combination can be utilized with different kinds of applications. Here you can find some examples of applications that you can develop with nitzipper®. Some of them were performed by nanoimmunotech while others are results our customers achieved through different uses and applications in many different sectors such as: biotechnology, pharmaceutics, cosmetics, agro food,

environment, veterinary and many others. With or without experience in

bioconjugation, our customers managed to achieve successful results, thanks to nitzipper® technology. ® So focus on your own application and be the next to use nitzipper !



applications are infinite, only limited by your own



imagination. Should you need assistance or advice when planning or designing your new application, just let us know and we will be glad to help you.


Immunofluorescence Magnetic Separation


Magnetic hyperthermiaia

Flow cytometry

Develop your own application with nitzipper® bioconjugation technology 6

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