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In this article I will discuss how to prevent hair loss, but we must know some fundamental aspects of the physiology of hair and its implementation in the socalled hair follicle and sebaceous glands associated with it. Hair is a thin cylinder that developed from one of the layers of skin called the epidermis, being the root of hair inserted in a sheath or lining called hair follicle. Each of them are associated several sebaceous glands. All these structures play an important role and set of assumptions about how to prevent hair loss. Continually are changing the hair so the hair loss is a physiological process, linked to the so-called replacement rate follicle.

It is considered a normal fall in the day when they fall between 80 and 100 hairs and leave as many new hairs, equivalent to that within three years we have completely changed the hair on our head, however this figure more can be much higher and it is then necessary to know the possible causes for measures accordingly how to prevent hair loss. Some causes differ between the sexes and other alike can affect both men and women. It is generally accepted that the causes with hair loss can be genetic, i.e. heredity. The nervous tension and stress cause related to hair loss, as well as food role in the vitality and strength of the hair.

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Hormonal changes motivated by pregnancy and associated with age and menopause or and repose also influence hair loss. Diseases such as anemia, ringworm, dermatitis and others can cause abnormal hair loss. Mechanical friction associated with certain hairstyles and inadequate head washes can also encourage hair loss. Frequent washing of the head does not affect the health of the hair follicle, only affects the appearance of the hair. After knowing this, it is important to know how to prevent hair loss, because if the causes are genetic influence can only apply preventive measures to delay this process and try to keep your hair as long as possible frondosa.

The issue of food and hair loss is extensive is why we invite you to read on our website where we will address this issue at greater length, but generally avoid very sweet foods, fats and maintain an adequate supply of vitamins and minerals. When hair loss is associated with diseases of the fundamental way how to prevent hair loss treatment is right for them. But besides knowing the source of altered, you can always apply multiple natural remedies as alternatives of how to prevent hair loss on them you will provide useful information on future occasions.

Prevent Hair loss  

In this article I will discuss how to prevent hair loss, but we must know some fundamental aspects of the physiology of hair and its impleme...