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What is Nano Effect? Nano Effect will enable you to become the market leader within your field; you will operate without competition building your business around the Nano Effect brand. You will have exclusive access to a unique and patent protected product. It is your chance to build your own future, and your own business. You will decide when you work and for how long. Once your business is established you can continue to work hard or you can take a managerial role, letting employees do the manual work whilst you reap the rewards of your earlier efforts. You might decide to hand it over to your children, helping secure their future or you may simply decide to sell and use the proceeds to finance your retirement, but whatever your decision you will have built up a valuable business that you and you alone control and own. We are so confident of the massive market potential, that following the expiration of your initial 5 years licence it will be automatically renewed. This unique opportunity allows you to build your future and build your business safe in the knowledge that no matter what: YOU CANNOT LOSE WITH NANO EFFECT

The Problem to Solve Health & Safety Executives Programme aims and targets: HSE statistics show pedestrian slipping and tripping to be the most common cause of injuries in UK work places, they account for the highest number of work related major injuries and occur across all industry sectors. As a result, the HSC (Health and Safety Commission) included slips and trips as a priority topic in the Government’s Revitalising Health and Safety campaign. The Slips and Trips Programme was created in order to develop a national strategy that would achieve a reduction in the number of fatal and major injury accidents caused by slips and trips. The programme aims to deliver an annual reduction of 525 fewer major injuries from slips and trips (from a baseline of 10,300). It will also contribute indirectly to the target to deliver a 9% reduction in the number of working days lost.

Background: Nano-Effect was formed with just one aim……to provide a simple, practical solution to what is the most common cause of major injuries and problem to all…. Slips! Our primary system was designed specifically to combat the slippery conditions that exist when smooth hard surfaces become wet or contaminated. Nano-Grip was developed with the following major goals in mind. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

Create safe anti-slip surfaces. Treatment should add to the appearance. Be able to TREAT ALL SURFACES. Easily applied, in all temperatures and conditions. Be instant. Must be able to walk on or use immediately. Be Permanent (last the life of the floor, tile, bath or surface). Be unaffected by water and Sunlight. Will not discolour, age, peel or crack. Has no smell or odour Is non hazardous Be ecologically friendly without the use of chemicals. To provide a cost effective solution.

How Nano-Grip Works We offer an innovative approach and solution to health and safety slip hazards within all sectors including industry, the leisure, hospitals, public transport, facilities, government bodies, food processing, factories, education and the home. It is our policy to provide customers with effective, economical answers to their problems and to advise and help wherever they are experiencing difficulties. Most clients’ find that their floors are only slippery when wet. This “wetness” can come from many different sources, such as rainfall, dew, condensation, wet shoes or clothing. Spilt drinks cause problems as do areas that are always likely to become wet such as a kitchen, a bathroom, laundry or changing rooms. In all these cases the provision of a non-slip surface is mandatory. Often, the option is to simply optimise maintenance, and set out warnings. Unfortunately, this does not solve the underlying problem; the floor still remains slippery and the business still remains liable. Nano–Grip is a revolutionary worldwide patent pending surface treatment system. We have the capability to anti-slip any surface or floor achieving values exceeding all regulatory levels – under both dry and wet conditions either indoors or outdoors. Nano-Grip is an extremely simple but highly effective process whereby the surface of the floor (or bath etc) is blasted at high speed with millions upon millions of fine particles. This is done using our unique template which together creates a pattern of tiny circular anti slip discs. Blasting on this microscopic scale can only be measured in micrometers. The entire operation is carried out using our Nano-Blast™ air operated equipment that vacuums and recycles the particle media for re-use. This makes the process extremely efficient, clean and environmentally friendly.

SkidProof In occurrences where Nano-Grip is unsuitable or where a further protective wear coat is required then we can use a state of the art polyurea hybrid coating (SkidProof™). SkidProof incorporates polyurea micro-particles, this means there is no foreign object, product or aggregate that can be dislodged or de-bond from the coating. Because the particles are of the same material as the coating - once cured it forms a solid integral composite. This method of using same material nano-particles is patent protected. SkidProof is simply applied to the surface of the floor by paint roller or spray. It dries to a transparent and extremely hard wearing barrier that both protects and seals the floor, whilst ensuring slip resistance.

How the SkidProof Coating works SkidProof works by altering the molecular structure of a base coating as it cures. It is the world’s first treatment to utilise “Nano technology” to create the anti slip effect. Once installed SkidProof is non-toxic and is not a culture medium (important for hospitals, kitchens, food & other bacteriological sensitive areas). SkidProof uses state of the art binders that include additives for maximum hold on all substrates and although SkidProof provides for maximum adhesion on most surfaces including wood, laminate, glass, enamel, metal, stone, polyether (surf boards / yachts), elastomers, PVC and others. The resultant anti-slip effect is high because the nano-particles offer traction to the whole footprint under both wet and dry conditions. By careful manipulation of the percentages we can reproduce any surface from smooth and glass-like, to a sandpaper-like surface for outdoor and extreme circumstances. Repair can be carried out by simply cleaning and recoating. Like all professional treatments and coatings, surface preparation is paramount. The substrate should be sound, clean and without dust, oil or residue.

Mechanism of Grip Nano-Grip is not a coating, it is an integral part of the floor’s surface structure, it cannot be washed away, it cannot peel or crack, is not affected by sunlight, cleaning or other chemicals. It cannot be worn away and it lasts the life of the floor. It is a permanent solution. It improves underfoot traction by systematically increasing the co-efficient of friction. Independent tests have shown that the slip resistance of treated surfaces can be increased by up to four hundred percent.

The Process of Application The first step is the cleaning. This is to remove all traces of grease, oil or other contaminants from the surface. This should be done by the property owner prior to your arrival and to the satisfaction of both you and the customer (owner). The second step is the application of the Nano-Grip or SkidProof treatment. Both processes should be carried following the direction and instruction as described in the respective operation manual or Nano-Effect liaison.

Maintenance Nano-Grip surfaces are unique in that they require very little or no change to the existing cleaning regime. (This is taking into account that the premises have a good cleaning regime to begin with). Any routine hard surface cleaner can be used. Steam, high pressure washers and powered machinery can all be used

Anti-Slip Comparisons

Epoxy Coatings Acrylic Sealants PU Coatings Nano-Grip UV Resistant x √ √ √ Colour Stable x x √ √ Clear x x √ √ Apply in cold weather x x √ √ Apply in damp conditions x x x √ Resistant to thermal shock x √ x √ Cure below 10c x x √ √ Odourless x x √ √ Becomes structural x x x √ Solvent free x x x √ Flexible x x x √ Waterproof √ x √ √ Over 8 hrs cure time √ √ √ x Permanent x x x √

Guarantee Nano-Grip can be guaranteed for the useful life of the floor. SkidProof is guaranteed for two years

After-Sales Nano Effect is committed to providing a fully comprehensive after sales service. We are here to assist wherever possible within our experience. We can even supply detailed slip resistance test reports to form part of risk assessments, although as a franchisee we provide you with a microroughness tester which is used in conjunction with the HSE’s Slip assessment programme (SAT) to provide your customer with a detailed print, out confirming the safety status of their flooring. We also aim to attend each location treated every 12 months to provide a ‘Wear Report ‘ensuring that slip resistance values are up to the required standard and that cleaning regimes are not detrimental to the treatment, advising where necessary.

Cleaning Nano-Grip needs no change to the normal cleaning regime.

Typical Uses Nano-Grip can be used to safeguard the following areas against slips:  Kitchens, Bathrooms, En-Suites  Public Conveniences  Bars and restaurants  Entrance/Reception Areas  Staircases  Fast Food / Retail Outlets  Airports  Shopping Centres  Supermarkets  Takeaways  Public Buildings and Premises  Schools  Hospitals  Swimming Pools  Health Centres  Care Homes  Car Showrooms

HSE Laboratory Approved Test Our services have been tested by various government and independent testing organisations to confirm that the process meets all safety requirements for slip resistance. We informed the Governments own Health and Safety Laboratories of our system and when discussing in what form they wanted the test piece, they asked us to send a vinyl sample as they had never seen anything that could make an unsafe vinyl floor, safe!

Why Franchising? We looked very carefully at the different options available to us in order to maximise sales and establish a recognised trade name within the shortest time scale available. Simply making it available to existing flooring contractors was quickly discounted, as we believe that the majority of contractors would simply continue to “push” their primary work and simply offer Nano-Effects systems as “an extra”. It would be a rare occurrence indeed where a contractor offered to install a floor and then offered to treat it, because the floor he just installed failed to meet regulatory standards! We also rejected the idea of getting all the contracts ourselves and sub-contracting the work out as we would have no control over the standard of works or service given under our name and with our product. The idea of opening a national network of trained and employed personnel was also rejected, as the time and money needed to achieve the objective was prohibitive. To simply open up an office to service one town area would require an office, IT, communications, office staff, sales staff and tradesman. Vehicles would also be required. To ensure standards are being maintained and staff are working and motivated an area manager would also need to be recruited. All this would require massive overheads and overheads kill business. Imagine the cost implications of trying to do it nationwide? With franchising we can recruit individuals like yourself, who realise the massive opportunity within the market for such a product. With you as a Franchisee, running your own business, we have effectively recruited a motivated salesman, manager and tradesman all in one, and because you work from home there is no need for office or storage premises. OK this potentially comes at a huge cost for us, but we believe that the extra business generated by a loyal and rapidly growing network of dedicated professional franchisees, will quickly repay our belief and investment by way of increased profits and rewards throughout the business. As a franchisee you will operate in your own protected territory. This guarantees your exclusive rights to market the unique Nano-Effect service, safe in the knowledge that throughout the term of your licence there can be no competition.

Franchising offers an excellent opportunity for you to be in business for yourself. When you hear the word “Franchise” you probably think of fast food restaurants such as Burger King, McDonalds or Subway. But the truth is Franchising is so much wider than that. In simplistic terms, franchising is where a successful business format is replicated. This will involve the setting down into an operations manual all the systems and procedures that the business owner has found gives them the best chance of success. Anyone joining the franchise will be expected to operate the business exactly as set out in the manual. The purchase of a franchise will involve the payment of an initial fee to the franchisor for the right to use the brand name as well as ongoing royalty or management fees.

The Practical Elements Compared to starting your own business from scratch, franchising can provide a relatively safer route into self employment. The franchisor has established a tried and tested path through the maze, and will have eliminated many of the mistakes that are often made when starting a business. It is this experience and system that you are paying for when you buy a franchise. As a franchisee you will be expected to follow the system that you have purchased. Franchisor’s will always listen to new ideas and improvements but for the most part will expect the system to be followed. Each franchise should have a standard look and feel which builds confidence in the consumers’ eyes. Whilst franchising is a safer route into self employment, it is not just a question of turning up, paying your money and being successful. The franchisor will not do your work for you and cannot be expected to. What is supplied is a proven format, name awareness, support and guidance. It will be your hard work and skills that make the business work in your area. As a franchisee you will have access to market knowledge, established name awareness in the business sector that you will be operating in, training and marketing help. You will often take part in and contribute to national advertising campaigns which would otherwise be outside of your reach. Franchisors not only have sound training programs, but also knowledge of financial requirements, marketing, competition & buying contracts - knowledge that might take you years to collect on your own.

Franchising - What are the benefits? Franchising first became a recognised force in the UK during the 1970’s. According to the 2011 survey carried out by the NatWest Bank the overall turnover of the franchising industry last year is estimated at £12.4 billion, with the number of business format franchising systems growing to 897 an increase of 3.6%. 55 new franchisors were identified in 2010 with 83 new concepts. The 36,000 individual franchised units in the UK are growing to give total employment in the sector of more than 520,000. This makes franchising larger than the whole energy sector and almost as big as the whole of the armed forces. The average cost of setting up a franchise is £81,900 and the average franchisee fee is £15,000. The average age of franchisee is 47. The average running time for a franchise is 8.4 years. 11% of franchisees come from an Asian background.

Better Chance of success Government research has over the years shown that of all businesses starting today, only 20% will still be trading in 5 years time. With franchising these figures are reversed. These figures demonstrate the benefit of franchising.

Buying Into a Proven Business System With franchising you are buying into a business that is already operating. The Franchisor will have made mistakes along the way and will have learnt from them. This knowledge is passed on as part of the franchise system. It enables you to start your business at a much higher point on the learning curve. By reducing the learning curve you will also reduce the time it takes to start making profits. As part of your franchise purchase you will be provided with an Operations Manual which will provide the operating system for your business. It is based on the best practice to enable you to get off to a flying start. The majority of day to day problems will be covered and for those problems that aren’t, your franchisor will normally be able to help.

An Established Brand You do not have to buy a McDonalds or a Body Shop franchise to buy a franchise that is established in the market in which it operates. An established brand, proven systems and a respected business name will give you a head start in getting your business off the ground and will attract customers from day one.

Accessibility of Finance Franchisees have the option of approaching their own banks, however to make things a lot easier we work alongside Franchise Finance who have developed an exceptional reputation as the franchise industries leading independent finance sourcing professionals. They know our business and they know what the financial institutions want in return. We will put you in touch with Chris or Stuart who have direct experience and strong relationships with both finance and leasing providers to the franchise industry. The team provide an independent, professional and seamless link between ourselves, YOU ‘the potential franchisee’ and finance providers. With over 95% success rate in raising finance, we will put you in touch and you could find out how they can help you secure the finance you need for your franchise. Franchise Finance have a detailed knowledge of the way underwriters work and understand how banks and finance companies make lending decisions. They are experts in taking the individual circumstances of a franchisee and structuring a finance proposal that provides the bank with everything they need to say “Yes”. Using this route benefits you from the close working relationships that they have with the network of specialist banks and leasing companies and also their expertise to negotiate the best terms available. The most common reason for finance being declined is that the proposal is simply not structured to fit the requirements of the lender. That is very different from saying that the applicant is not acceptable. The key to success in raising finance lies in the Business Plan. This document is not just a plan for your business, it is your application for finance. In addition to the usual requirements of a business plan, it needs to answer the principals of lending, address all the underwriters questions and be within the policy parameters of the lender. Contact us and we’ll get Franchise Finance to contact you. You can tell them your financial situation and this will remain confidential between you and Franchise Finance. What have you got to lose ?

Business Reviews and Business Planning Many Franchisors will hold review meetings with you to discuss all aspects of the business. You will be able to check your progress, celebrate your successes and plan for the future. One of the major reasons for business failure in the past has been due to lack of good business advice or poor self-motivation.

Buying Power and Research When you are building a business it is difficult to be able to spare time on product research. As part of a franchise network much of the product research and testing process will be carried out for you. It is also possible to take advantage of group buying discounts.

Do I have what it takes? Ask Yourself The Following: Over the years many studies have been completed to determine the ideal franchise candidate. Franchisors and professional psychological profilers have spent large amounts of time and capital to increase their chances of gaining a successful franchisee. To understand how well a potential franchise candidate will do in a certain franchise system, the franchisor should consider the three essential characteristics of successful franchisees. Here is what most successful franchisors look for in potential franchise candidates before they will award the franchise: 1. People skills. The franchisee must have the ability and desire to deal well with people. Franchisees will need to enjoy spending time with people. Franchisees that do not enjoy a lot of human interaction tend to become stressed. This will often tear down the business instead of building it up. 2. Follow the System. The franchisee must have the ability and desire to follow a proven system using proven materials and supplies. The franchisee must be able to enjoy and reap the rewards of following the system. If the potential franchisee can’t or won’t follow a system for success, then they should not consider a franchise. 3. Good Positive Attitude. We carefully consider the potential franchisee’s attitude. Are they asking a lot of questions about failure or do they ask more questions about the success of the franchise? Potential franchisees should be seeking to find out what makes the franchise successful rather than dwelling on what makes the franchise a failure.

All franchisors that have been around a few years have failures, however most of the time it is due to the failure of the franchisee. The franchisee must be self-motivated to take action and become successful. They should have a good work ethic and not be afraid to roll up their sleeves. A potential franchisee should have the belief and determination to make decisions for himself. If he needs to ask others “what to do”, or if he wants a partner to share the responsibility and decision making then he will probably run his business the same way, unable to make decisions for himself, and that’s NOT GOOD! Successful businessmen and entrepreneurs are the “leaders”, the “decision makers” they are not the “sheep, the followers doing only what others tell them”, you should consider closely your decision making capabilities. To succeed you must believe in the opportunity from the very start. You should see only positives and a perfect opportunity to provide stability and wealth.

What are the rewards? How much money can I make? The actual performance of your business will depend on your effort, commitment and enthusiasm. Generally there is no substitute for hard work, although it is possible to get contracts without actually doing anything. The word of mouth and recommendations of a brand name can do your advertising for you. We completed a £14,000 contract over 8 days (x 2 men) for the Ministry of Defence at an Army Barracks. We have recently undertaken works for a world famous football stadium where we completed 800sqm of works in a single day for £8,000. As an indication however, once established, a weekly turnover in excess of £2000 is readily achievable, from the small everyday “bread and butter” jobs, such as takeaways, restaurants etc, and a £2000 job should take no more than 8 hours to complete. A small local authority had all 46 school kitchens acid etched at an average cost of £1500 each. Each kitchen was found to be slippery and still below standards after only 2 months! They should have used Nano-Effect.

As an indication however, once established, a weekly turnover in excess of £2000 is readily achievable, from the small everyday “bread and butter” jobs, such as takeaways, restaurants etc, and a £2000 job should take no more than 4-8 hours to complete. Now please take some time to find out just how many schools are in your area. How many shops are there in your area, how many hospitals, shopping centres, factories, hotel rooms, gymnasia, swimming pools?…. the list is endless and they all have slippery floors in the wet and they will all need to comply with legislation. Even floors that are dry, but become slippery due to other contamination such as powders or dust, must be made safe and compliant. But that’s not all: there is still the domestic market to serve. This is where you can really earn some money. Each and every household has a bath or shower tray, many have tiled floors in the bathrooms, kitchens and conservatories. Wooden or laminate floors are everywhere! The world is a slippery and dangerous place, and everyone is waking up to the problem. Slips at home are the single largest cause of hospitalisation. Broken hips are commonplace in the elderly and are easily preventable with our system. In a typical franchised area you would have at least 100,000 homes. If only 1% of homes take up our service that equates to 1,000 jobs or a minimum of £50,000. You will have seen by now that the Nano-Effect business is unique and if you have taken the time to research the size of the market within your area and to study the information on the HSE website at ( you will see that you have a wonderful opportunity to become part of the Health & Safety revolution with a business that is structured to put you firmly on the road to a successful and lucrative future. You will also see that the rewards can be very high. So high that it is possible to recover your investment within one job! If you wish to build a more substantial business, you may choose to expand by operating additional vehicles within your territory. Where this is the case, we will be pleased to work with you to help you plan and implement your individual expansion programme. If you wish to build a more substantial business, you may choose to expand by operating additional vehicles within your territory. Were this is the case, we will be pleased to work with you to help you plan and implement your individual expansion programme.

How do I get the work? A common question and one that can only be answered as: the same way every other business gets work, by advertising, letting people know of your service, arranging demonstrations and by getting referrals and recommendations. You will receive business cards and letterheads amongst other marketing material (see page 20). Initially we will help you to arrange for presentations and demonstrations to be made with some of your local councils, environmental health officers, your local education authority and NHS Trusts. We will show you how to get business on a day to day basis. We then train you in your area on your own jobs. It could not be easier. Also any new work in your area from any national contracts such as Virgin, Costa Coffee, TGI Fridays, Brewers Fayre etc, will immediately be passed on to you. With regards to targeting households you can advertise whichever way you choose. For example it could be with an advertisement in your local paper or by putting flyers out (as on page 21) either directly or as part of a leaflet drop service. It could be a local radio advertisement. There is no right or wrong way, they all work. A good, positive way to promote your Nano-Grip domestic service (bath or shower tray) is to make it financially attractive as well as desirable. This can be easily achieved by offering your customer a a referral incentive. For example, you charge the customer £50 to Nano-Grip their bath tub, you then offer them 5 x £15 referral vouchers. All they have to do is recommend your service to their friends and family. For every one that takes up the offer they receive £25. If that first customer recommends 5 friends then they would receive 5x £15 (that’s a bath done for free plus £25 profit!!) but more importantly you get 5 more jobs plus 5 more customers recommending your service to (up to 25) more customers without advertising. And so the cycle goes on. Also it is important to remember that once you are there doing the bath or shower tray, it is only right that you should recommend that they have their slippery floor done as well, after all what’s the point in having a nice safe bath only to get out and slip on the floor ??

Marketing Material

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Permanent solutions for slippery floors

Business Cards


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Permanent Solutions For Slippery Floors

Vehicle Livery

Caution: Slippery when wet ! 3000 serious injuries and 5 to 6 deaths occur a day through slips and falls in the home As shocking as this is, it’s also true. Usually it’s the elderly and the young who are the most vulnerable. The injuries sustained can often be life changing. Let me help you to protect yourself and your loved ones by creating a unique Anti-slip surface to your bath or shower tray. Nano-Grip is used by the Hilton, Crowne Plaza, Marriott and Holiday Inn Hotels to protect their guests from slips and injury and it is available now for the very first time direct to the home so that you can protect your family too. The process is carried out personally by me, Tim - your local Nano-Effect agent. I am polite, honest and hard working. I usually complete the process in under 30 minutes, with no smell and no mess - just a permanent non slip finish that you will be delighted with.


I only charge £25 per bath or shower tray and I take payment by cash, cheque or credit card (via paypal). Even if you are unsure, just give me a call and I will pop round. I am not a salesman so don’t worry, I just show you what we do and let you decide, but I must warn you - nearly everybody has it done! Over 90% of my business comes from recommendations ! We give you £15 for every referral that uses Nano-Grip. Even if you are unsure, just give me a call and I will pop round. I am not a salesman so don’t worry, I just show you what we do and let you decide !

07766801640 or email me at . Nano-Grip has a Lifetime Guarantee Call me, Tim, now on

and has been tested by the HSE Laboratories

Does Your Decking Look Like:




Green Algae is both unsightly and dangerous, it also indicates that your decking is permanently wet. This can be the first sign that your investment needs urgent protection from rot. Nano-Effect is the only product that can not only protect your decking from rot and algae but can also protect against dangerous slips and restore the look of your investment whilst preventing the re-growth of algae. The unique government tested Nano-Effect protection resolves all of this by providing a tough resilient surface that protects you and your loved ones from dangerous slip accidents. Nano-Effect treated Decking is: • non-slip • easy to clean • rot free • affordable • guaranteed for a minimum of 2 years

For more information and a free quote, contact Nano-Effect and ask for Tim on 07766801640 or visti Nano-Effect also have anti-slip solutions for baths and showers. Permanent solutions to slippery floors 07766801640 email

Flyer targeting sports clubs

Its not just on the pitch that you need to protect your players.

Shower and changing room floors can be extremely dangerous. How much would a broken bone cost? Protect your players. Protect your club.

Let us demonstrate our ground-breaking Nano-Grip anti-slip floor treatment for existing floors, free of charge. Call Tim on 07766801640 or email

Permanent solutions to slippery floors

Costing Example For a 100 square metre floor you will charge a minimum of £1,200 we would deduct £240 (20%) from the invoice and pay you £960.00. Your gross profit margin would be 80%. The only cost from that would be a small amount of Nano-Blast that would need replacing (You buy this exclusively from us ). A 100 sq metre job is only about 33x33 ft in size and could be completed in a day. Likewise we recently did 10 baths for the Hilton Hotel in just under a hour from start to finish. Even if it takes you 30mins to do a bath, it’s still over £50 per hour ! By taking care of your invoices, credit control, VAT and stock replenishment we take away a large responsibility, allowing you to concentrate on the important side of your business generating sales and ………MAKING MONEY. You are of course free to charge whatever rate you choose but we do insist that you charge not less than £25 per bathtub or shower tray and £25per square metre for everything else. We also recommend a minimum charge of £250. If the floor requires pre-cleaning or furniture needs to be moved, then this must be charged for also. For commercial floors or areas over 10sqm you can start to reduce your price accordingly (we will give you guidance to these additional costs and reductions).

What about VAT, invoices and other things I’ve never done before? Once again we’ve thought of that. We want to make life as easy and straight forward as possible for you. For domestic work you simply provide the customer with a receipt and you receive payment by cash, cheque or PayPal. For commercial work, we provide you with order forms which you send to us on completion of work. We will then raise and send out the invoice. As soon as payment is received from the customer we will deduct VAT at source and pay you the balance within 48 hours.

What do I have to pay for all this service? Unlike most other franchisors we do not take an annual royalty out of your gross total profits. We simply deduct 20% from your invoice totals. That’s it. If you make £50 from a domestic bathroom - we invoice you £10. (That’s to cover our overheads, support and warranty of guarantee). If you do a £2500 commercial job then we simply deduct £500 and pay you the balance direct.

Are there minimum sales targets I must reach? Yes there is a minimum sales target, there has to be: otherwise you could decide not to bother doing any work, that would be no good for either yourself or us. Therefore we have set very modest targets of x2 domestic sales / jobs per week and x1 commercial job per month to ensure you are continually focused with incentive.

Q. How much does a franchise cost? A. Franchise fees vary dependent upon your level of commitment and ambition. We have a simple fee structure that is designed to be fair and match your needs by offering territories based on post code districts (for example LS1, GU51 or BS5).

It works like this. 1. Basic Franchise fee of £3500 2. Add on your post code districts of choice at £1000 per every 10000 businesses and households in that district. (You must include the post code district of your home address and the additional districts must be adjacent) For Example, if your home post code was BH16, then you could decide to have the adjacent Post codes as per the territory map planner below illustrates.

Territory Map – Poole. Area (Sq Mile) : 151 Businesses : 3,549 Households : 56,019 Territory UK Postal Districts BH14,BH15,BH16,BH17,BH18,BH19,BH20 This means your total investment would be £9456.70 made up of: Basic Fee of £3500 plus the post code districts of: 56,019 (households) + 3,549 (businesses) = 59,568 ÷ 10 = £5,956.70 If you wanted a larger area, then we simply keep adding on adjacent districts until we match your ambition with your investment. It should be noted that should you wish to increase your territory in the future, it would require a further agreement and Basic fee.

Stock Exchange Share Offer Nano-Effect Ltd is a publicly traded company (listed and quoted on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange) and we think it only fair that if you invest in us, then we should invest in you, and so; as a further bonus to those individuals who make initial investments of £15k or more we will issue them with £5,000 worth of company shares and an extra £2,500 for every additional £5000 you invest If funding your investment is a problem or if you prefer not to use existing savings or loans you can always ask your pension provider to invest in Nano-Effect on your behalf. This means that if you have an armed forces or other pension (even one that doesn’t start until many years to come) you can unlock the money with Nano-Effect, enabling you to start your business whilst still retaining your pension. Of course, like all investments, you should always seek independent financial advice. So, you can see that this really is an investment in every sense, and one in which you can share in the company’s success and profits. We have tried to ensure that our fees are amongst the lowest available for any comparable franchise, and with the share allocation we offer unequalled value for money. Remember - It costs on average £15-25k to purchase domestic cleaning, oven cleaning and even wheelie bin cleaning franchises, can you ever really imagine making any money doing that or whilst we are on the subject - what about cutting grass or putting up for sale signs? ….No we can’t either, but what about anti-slipping your local bus station….now that’s serious!

What about finance? Typically the most suitable persons for a franchise are those who have worked hard for others and have felt unrewarded, they would like to start and earn money for themselves and not their bosses. They are ambitious and hungry for success, they want to make their own decisions and reap the rewards for their labours. They do not have to answer to others, or ask before they can make a decision, they are the doers who can talk the talk and walk the walk. If you feel you can be the next “Big Thing” in your area, and you can make your own decisions …we want you!

Unfortunately, usually through no fault of their own or just bad luck some people do not have the finances available to start on the path of a new life, or because they are tenants or have a less than perfect credit score they find it hard to borrow. We believe that no one should be prevented from having a new start and so we will try to assist in even the most difficult of cases. We believe that a business should be built upon the ability of its workforce to provide a professional service and not necessarily the ability to pay a large full upfront fee. For those of you who would like a franchise and we consider good candidates we may be able to provide a finance package, enabling you access to the Nano-Effect business allowing you to spread the cost over your franchise term. This is heavily dependent upon the franchise cost, the area and of course our belief and trust in you, and is usually only a last option when all usual finance options have been exhausted. This should be discussed with the franchise manager.

How do I know it works? We are confident of our product, the market and of the profits to be made. Our list of clients and works demonstrates that. But that may still not be enough to convince you? Well if you have got this far, and you are serious about investing in us and in your future, we will prove to you how you can make money. We will arrange to spend a day with you demonstrating first-hand how easy it is to sell our system. All we ask is: that this should be the final piece in the jigsaw and that you are now ready to become a franchisee. We insist upon and do this for one simple reason: we want you to be satisfied with your own eyes, ears and experience firsthand what you can achieve. We do not want you to join us based on what you have heard from franchisees, friends or family. Franchisees will tell you how good it is. (It’s in their interests to grow the franchise and they won’t want to upset the franchisor!) Friend and family are usually working for someone else and often they do not want others to be successful (jealousy) as it leaves them behind and so they try land talk

things down. That’s fine for them, they can forever be told what to do and when to do it, but one thing is for certain, no matter how hard they work or how good they are – their boss will always get paid more ! They are not you, they do not want what you want, and they do not have your outlook, desire or ambition. We want you to succeed as franchisee, owning and operating your own business, doing what you want and when you want to. Franchisee’s should be selected on commitment, drive, ambition and common values, rather than simply the financial ability to pay franchise fees and so we use the professional services of Franchise Finance Ltd as mentioned earlier. This helps both parties save time and money by identifying at an earlier stage in the process, whether or not you are likely to be successful in raising finance and at the best possible rates. Even if you think you have no chance of raising finance they can usually still help, if you have no security then the Enterprise Finance Guarantee scheme (EFG) can be accessed, whereby the government guarantees 75% of the loan amount to the bank (in place of you). Franchise Finance will also prepare and submit your Business Plan to prospective lenders. This 3rd party involvement removes any possibility of coheresion and offers the very best chance of obtaining the funding in full. This service is relatively inexpensive and is simply added to the finance being raised, so becoming part of the fee. If 3rd party funding cannot be accessed then, rather than lose a potential franchisee, we (the company) can offer you a low cost payment plan over the duration of the 5-year franchise contract. This is negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Note that (a) 25% to 50% of the franchise fee is still payable up-front *, (b) the balance of the franchise fee is due in either 4 equal payments at the start of each year or 48 equal monthly payments, (c) a 10% annual interest rate applies to outstanding balances on franchise fees.


Negotiated depending on size of fee for the area selected and amount of cash available to franchisee.

We do not carry out credit checks or put you through hoops. If you have the desire and ambition to succeed, then we will put our money where our mouth is; and, WE WILL INVEST IN YOU, and help you achieve your ambitions and goals. After all if you don’t succeed, then we don’t succeed. We don’t make money selling you vans, corporate clothing, literature and the like; we just sell good sound business sense. Remember – if you have a private or company pension (even HM Forces) you can utilise this to purchase shares in Nano-Effect and get your franchise for free!! All we ask is that you work with the dedication and commitment that both YOU and your business deserve.

Nano-Effect • Internationally recognised business • Unique and Exclusive • 5 year licence • Company Share Issue • Rapid increase in Health & Safety awareness • Repeat service • High profit margins, producing excellent income • Based from home • Low overheads • Exclusive customer base • Head Office invoicing and credit control • Exclusive territory • Simple administration • Ongoing support and advice • Regular contact and information • Ability for growth and expansion • Ground level entry without competition • No royalties

How the Franchise Works We provide you with business cards and corporate clothing, so you look as professional as the service you provide. By way of local advertising and promotion you offer to provide a free sample for your customers. The samples are generally about 1 square foot in size and are applied simply and easily using the equipment we provided you with as part of your agreement. This takes about 10 minutes to do; it is clean, without odour and is immediately effective. The resultant change in “wet” slip resistance is so dramatic that most customers agree that it makes for a far safer floor (and an order usually follows). For the smaller business and domestic works (of up to about £500) you can carry out the service yourself using the equipment you have. For larger works this may be too laborious and time consuming, and so you request our industrial service. We then undertake to complete the works on your behalf. This has many benefits; mainly it removes any risk of you making mistakes, leading to subsequent non-payment or possible legal action. It also means that you receive payment without having to do anything! Of course this service has a cost and we charge 50% of the invoice value. (But remember we only get the same amount as yourself, yet we have travel, equipment and labour costs to bear) As an example; if you receive an order for a £5000 job, then we would take care of everything and pay you £2500. As the franchise business grows, we will require our longer and more experienced franchisees to take on the added responsibility of carrying out the industrial service on behalf of these newer franchisees, (in a similar role as that we provided to you). For this service you would receive 25% of the invoice value. (The industrial equipment would be leased)

Payment System For all works completed by yourself. 1. You email us the customer details, we send out the invoice directly to them for payment. or 2. If they pay on completion, you give them a receipt and send us a copy. 3. We raise the invoice and send out directly along with their guarantee. 4. You pay the money into our bank account. 5. On clearance of funds, we pay you 80% of the value.

For all works completed by us (industrial equipment) 1. You email us the customer details (order form), we raise and send out the invoice directly for payment. 2. On receipt of payment we issue their guarantee and statement of account. 3. We pay you 50% of the invoice value. With this system we can ensure that no other franchisee can operate in your territory without our knowledge. We replace any media product you use free of charge (except postage) against invoices we raise for your works. This system is there to protect you and your business.

Final Note All Floors Must Comply With Regulations, if not today then tomorrow. The problem will not go away- it can only be treated. Hopefully you will have already grasped the business concept and realised the size of the market, and you know that it must be addressed. You can see the full potential of the business. The only thing you haven’t seen is us, so to take advantage of this offer, you should contact Tim on 07766 801 640 or to arrange for a convenient meeting or to see a demonstration of our unique service.


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Nano Effect Introduction Brochure  

Everything you need to know about the number one solution for slippery floors.

Nano Effect Introduction Brochure  

Everything you need to know about the number one solution for slippery floors.