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INTELLIGENT FOR GLOSSY SURFACES FINISHING THROUGH NANO4LIFE PRODUCTS This coating was planned so that surfaces receive less contact from dirt particles. Through the hydrophobic and oleophobe effect, dirt particles such as greasy and oily substances, lime, and environmentally harmful materials have less of a hold on the substrata or can be removed easily from the coating, i.e. without abrasive means

The coating is extremely resilient due to the inorganic network. A formula adapted Individually to the different substrata allows the optimized protective function to develop effectively.

NANO4LIFE for glossy surfaces is a dirt-repelling coating formula for applying to ceramic-glass-plastic-metal and general for all the glossy surfaces. NANO4LIFE for glossy surfaces is dissolved in ethanol and ready to use. It contains a bi-functional compound: the silicon functional groups contained within enter into a permanent chemical bond with the oxides and hydroxyl and carboxyl functions of all the glossy substratum surface. The other functional group leads to the formation of an extremely low surface energy on the glossy substratum surface. These coatings distinguish themselves by equally good hydrophobic and oleo phobic properties. The special advantage of NANO4LIFE for glossy surfaces is that besides the chemical reaction with the surface on which the Si-O2 bond is formed, afterwards a cross networking is achieved in which two and three dimensional networks are formed. ADVANTAGES OF NANO4LIFE for glossy surfaces:  The appearance of the substratum is not affected  Tremendous friction resistance NANO4LIFE HELLAS – ANDROUTSOU 3B – ALIMOS -174 55 ATHENS –GREECE Tel:0030 6944932317 Email:

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Powerful hydrophobic and oleo phobic properties Easy to apply Short drying period. Can be stored Directly after application. No additional power or UV light needed. High-pressure/steam cleaner proof High efficiency through economical use Tolerant of high temperatures (up to 450° C peak temperature) Completely frost proof

PRODUCT– INFORMATIONS - NANO4LIFE for glossy surfaces NANO4LIFE for glossy surfaces is ready to use and can be applied directly to the surface, where a few nm thin chemical and mechanical resistant layers are formed. Due to its formula, NANO4LIFE for glossy surfaces is suitable for non-absorbent silicate surfaces. Therefore, it can be used advantageously as a dirt-repelling, UVproof coating for ceramic or glass surfaces, no matter whether insulated glass, ESG, VSG, or mirrored glass. Areas suitable for use are sanitary ware, glass facades, canopies, winter gardens, solar panels, mirrors, automobile glass, shower partitions, and glass panels. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE NANO4LIFE for glossy surfaces IS READY TO USE. Spraying with a spraying device is recommended as the method application. The best results are achieved with an HVLP nozzle. This produces very fine drops. Spraying devices: The number of nozzles depends on the dimensions of the substratum. They should be arranged in such a way that the substratum is covered in its entire width by the spray. After application, the substratum should be re-polished with a cloth dampened in NANO4LIFE for glossy surfaces Other polishing techniques or blowing off with air or water has also brought very good Results. Other application techniques: Besides spraying, other techniques such as dipping, brushing on, or applying with soft paper or linen are also possible. As a rule, however, these applications are associated with a higher consumption. If any smearing should occur, it should be repolished with a cloth dampened in NANO4LIFE for glossy surfaces. Hardening Times: A few minutes after application, NANO4LIFE for glossy surfaces has stabilized enough to be transported and therefore can be stored immediately. The complete hardening is achieved after 24 hours (ambient temperature 20° C). For lower temperatures, a lengthening of the hardening time is possible.

NANO4LIFE HELLAS – ANDROUTSOU 3B – ALIMOS -174 55 ATHENS –GREECE Tel:0030 6944932317 Email:

Storage temperature: From -5° C to +30° Consumption: The consumption is dependent on the application technique and it is aproxx. 10 ml/m2. Therefore, one liter can seal an area of up to 100 m2. These information s concerns the products Nano4-glass ceramic Nano4-bathcare Nano4-chrome metal Nano4-yacht Nano4-ship inox Nano4-rims Nano4-car glass Nano4-carprotect Nano4-plastic Nano4-toiletbowl

NANO4LIFE HELLAS – ANDROUTSOU 3B – ALIMOS -174 55 ATHENS –GREECE Tel:0030 6944932317 Email:


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