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INTELLIGENT NON-ADHESIVE COATING FOR TEXTILES – SHOES A NEAT SOLUTION NANO4-PREMIUMTEXTILE , NANO4-TEXTILE , NANO4-SHOES can be applied on all kinds of fabrics - from finest silk to hardwearing cotton; on suits, jackets, shirts, trousers, ties, training suits, raincoats and even on most resistant Adventure Wear.

On outdoor materials NANO4-PREMIUMTEXTILE , NANO4-TEXTILE , NANO4SHOES is extremely water resistant and therefore Remain dry any longer. Oil, coffee and other frequent spots belong to the past, if materials were treated with NANO4-PREMIUMTEXTILE , NANO4-TEXTILE , NANO4-SHOES

NANO4-PREMIUMTEXTILE , NANO4-TEXTILE , NANO4-SHOES THE INVISIBLE FIBRE PROTECTION Whether you want to stay dry in the rain or be protected against spots by accidents of the daily life - there is always rely on NANO4-PREMIUMTEXTILE , NANO4TEXTILE , NANO4-SHOES This innovative fiber protection within the scope of nano-technology, protects your clothes against water, dirt and spots - lasting invisible itself! It affects in no way their appearance, breathability, color or grasp and is easy to clean.

MODE OF ACTION NANO4-PREMIUMTEXTILE , NANO4-TEXTILE , NANO4-SHOES encases every single fiber with an invisible non-adhesive coating. This protection has the effect that dry dirt won’t stick to the material any more. Damp dirt will not be absorbed any more from the fibers. Water, coffee, red wine or even gravy, simply bead up from the treated textiles. By simply dabbing with an absorbed cloth, the wet spots will disappear again from your textiles.

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SKIN-COMPATIBLE AND POLLUTION FREE With NANO4-PREMIUMTEXTILE , NANO4-TEXTILE , NANO4-SHOES coated fibers behave neutrally to your skin. It is free of solvents, water-based and pollution free. RANGE OF APPLICATION NANO4-PREMIUMTEXTILE , NANO4-TEXTILE , NANO4-SHOES is applicable on all home textiles like upholstery, curtains, mattresses, carpets, table cloths, and garden furniture. Wardrobe like shirts, blouses, Sakko's, Jeans, ties, anoraks and motor cycle clothing are protected effectively. Also car accessories, like pads, carpets, child seats and decks remain clean by the invisible protection for a long time. PROCESSING REFERENCE - APPLYING OF NANO4-PREMIUMTEXTILE , NANO4-TEXTILE , NANO4-SHOES To enable NANO4-PREMIUMTEXTILE , NANO4-TEXTILE , NANO4-SHOES the best adhesion on your textile fiber, the textiles should be cleaned thoroughly before the impregnation. Apply NANO4-PREMIUMTEXTILE , NANO4TEXTILE , NANO4-SHOES with a thin dispersing pump spray in a distance of approx. 15 cm to the textiles. Only spread as much as textiles need to become slightly damp. Carpets can be coated by industrial application alternatively also by means of foaming. A forming of puddles should be avoided at all kinds of applying techniques. To bring textiles in shape, eventually use an iron.

CONSUMPTION An optimal effect on textiles is achieved by a recommended amount of 25-100 ml / m² . On carpets, the afforded quantity of approx. 10 ml/m2 per mm of material’s thickness should be calculated. ADVICES IN HANDLING SPOTS AND SOILING Stains should be treated immediately. Pick up the stain with an absorbent cloth (kitchen role), without pressing it to the textile tissue. Attention - never rub . Proceed outwardly inwards, to avoid spreading the spot. With dried up, firm or softer impurities first remove the rough portions, before you treat the spot with a blunt knife or a spatula. Gently brushing off the coarse impurities has also proved successfully with dried up spots. Afterwards you dab the spot gently with a damp cloth or sponge, and take again the solved dirt, as described above, with an absorbent cloth. You should repeat this until the stain has disappeared completely.

NANO4LIFE HELLAS – ANDROUTSOU 3B – ALIMOS -174 55 ATHENS –GREECE Tel:0030 6944932317 Email:

CAUTION Before the cleaning or treatment of spots, please, read the care instruction of the manufacturer. If you remove a spot, test all stain remover (incl. water) on a hidden place of the textile, in order to guarantee that materials or colors will not be affected. It is advisable for wide or strong impurities to consult an expert. Never try to remove the spot with household cleaners (e.g. detergents). Hoover the carpets and upholsteries regularly, in order to avoid accumulations of dirt. These can cause a fading of colors and accelerate the wear out. When hoovering the upholstery you should use special brushes or nozzles for a more effective cleaning. It is recommended to allow to clean carpets and pieces of furniture regularly from the expert. Never clean velvet with water or liquid detergents. REMOVING OF DRIED UP STAINS FROM NANO4-PREMIUMTEXTILE , NANO4TEXTILE , NANO4-SHOES PROTECTED TEXTILES

These information s concerns the products Nano4-premium textile - Nano4-textile – Nano4-shoes

NANO4LIFE HELLAS – ANDROUTSOU 3B – ALIMOS -174 55 ATHENS –GREECE Tel:0030 6944932317 Email:


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