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The how to for nanny interviews Most people are rather nervous when it comes to answering interviews. Hence I have jotted down a few points that will hopefully help you when answering a nanny interview. When you go for a nanny interview ask your potential employers questions about their family. Remember a good nanny takes interest in the employer’s family and wants to learn about their child rearing philosophies, daily routines, their children’s interests and the family’s nanny requirements. This sort of friendliness and attention demonstrates to the family that you are serious about your career as a nanny and that you desire to fit into their family. There are a few things that you have to take with you while attending a nanny interview: An organized, clear and easy-to-read CV free of spelling and grammatical errors. Make sure you bring a cleanly printed copy Your dynamic experience as a nanny should be communicated in your CV. What were your responsibilities? Were you required to go above and beyond standard nanny duties? Ensure that the contact details for your referees are current and accurate. If you have written references, bring copies of those as well. Bring your certificates and diplomas in a folder to show the parents. Dress neatly and conservatively for your nanny job interview. You should not be too dressed up as it’s impractical and not reflective of the job you are seeking, but nor should you dress as if you were going out to a club. Nice trousers (no jeans or trainers!) or a skirt and sweater are always reliable choices. Smile, have a firm handshake, and be open and friendly. After all, you are going to be looking after children Be open and honest, but be sure to share the positive aspects of your previous nanny jobs. All negatives or bad experiences are actually opportunities to learn and grow Speak clearly and slowly. Articulation is key. Most importantly, ask lots of questions about the family, the children’s interests, their daily routines and activities. If the children are present, be friendly, introduce yourself, and ask them about themselves. Connecting with the children should be your primary goal. Nanny agencies recommend that the first interview be only between the nanny and the parents. If the family thinks you are the right person for them, you will be called for a second interview. So do not inquire about salaries or accommodations in your first interview. It is more important to get to know the family with whom you are

interviewing. Remember, you are trying to determine whether they are the right fit for you as well. It is at the second interview that you get to meet the children and know the full scope of the nanny job that is being offered to you. If you have been selected past the second interview your probable employer will call you and the other final candidates separately for a trial day where they will guide you through your daily routine and see how you participate. If they are satisfied with your performance you have got the job! So all the best with the interviews and hope you succeed!

Interviewing for a Nanny Job: Here are some great tips  

Most people are rather nervous when it comes to answering interviews. Hence I have jotted down a few points that will hopefully help you whe...

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