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Comenius Visit to Varna, Bulgaria

20th – 25th March 2013 Ms. Stef and Ms. Claudine – Year 3

The flight was long.

Malta To Vienna To Sofia To Varna

Although Finu had a long trip, it was very interesting because he met some interesting people on the way!

Some footballers from the Maltese National Team!

The next day Finu visited the Bulgarian school - Peyo Yavorov school.

The children welcomed us with some traditional bread.

Finu also went for a tour around the school.

In the school hall the children put up a show. The teachers from all the countries sat around a big table.

There wascostumes. a band Children wearing traditional

There were some cheerleaders‌

Finu visited some classrooms and met some Bulgarian children. They also gave him some cards and good luck charms.

Finu is having a good time with the children in class

Good luck charms

The school also has a swimming pool where Finu went for a swim and met some friends.

Some other interesting things which Finu saw in Bulgaria‌

A Cathedral • A Museum with a lot of gold items

A Cathedral

He saw the remains of a Church

Finu ate a lot of healthy food such as salads!

Finu also met teachers from different countries.

He also went for a swim in the Black Sea.

Snow for the first time!!

After 5 days in Bulgaria Finu’s adventure was over, and he started his journey back to Malta! Varna To Athens To Malta

Finu's visit to bulgaria  

The third Smile Comenius meeting took place in Bulgaria. This is a summary of our the visit.

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