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HAIR LOSS ZIPPY E-BIKES Today’s Easy, Green Riders

JUNE 2011 | North Central NJ Edition |

Medical Doctor - Specialist in Age Management & Bio-Identical Hormones We specialize in age management medicine, which includes preventative medical treatments focused on maintaining and regaining optimal health, vitality and vigor. By improving your metabolic function and optimizing hormones like testosterone, HGH, progesterone, estrogen, DHEA and others, can give you a better opportunity for a healthy and vigorous life. Bio-Identical hormone optimization can have a significant and positive impact on your health. Bio-identical hormones are NEVER to be equated to synthetic ones, traditionally prescribed by physicians! The differences between the two are significant! Bio-identical hormones are made from living plants that are identical to the ones produced by our bodies, so they fit perfectly like a “lock and key”. On the other hand, synthetic ones come from various other sources including but are not limited to an impregnated mare’s urine (female horse) for use in synthetic estrogen, thus producing often unpleasant and possibly harmful side effects. We have the knowledge and expertise to maximize your potential for improvement.Traditional medical practices follow a “fix it when it breaks” or “diagnose and treat” approach. Our focus is on prevention, fostering a more dynamic life throughout middle age and beyond. Diminishing libido, waning energy, decreasing lean muscle, increasing muscle fat, along with other problems that affect our sexual, physical and mental health, can be linked to sub-optimal hormone levels. Both men and women rely on a critical balance of hormones, and low levels contribute to a steady decline in our performance and our appearance.

Questions to Ask Yourself: Do you tire more easily? Has the fire gone out of your sex life? Is it difficult to get and stay in shape? Are you eating the same and putting on weight? Are you having problems with memory? Have you lost some of your mental sharpness? Has your reaction time slowed? Problems with sleep, stress, anxiety? Are you suffering from hot flashes/night sweats? If you are feeling “burnt out,” starting to experience “quality of life issues” or are just going through the often talked about “mid-life crisis,” call us and ask about our comprehensive medical evaluation that may show you have a hormone deficiency.

Our practice of INDIVIDUALIZED MEDICINE optimizes your health and well being and prevents disease through: • Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Programs • Comprehensive Nutrition and Supplement Evaluation Programs for Weight Loss and Well Being • Metabolic Testing for Food and Environmental Sensitivities and Allergies / Detoxification Programs • Preventative Cardiac Disease Program • Appropriate Effective and Sustainable Fitness Programs For more information, to register for our programs and to learn about our next FREE EDUCATIONAL SEMINAR, log on to: Centrally Located and Convenient to Bergen, Passaic and Essex Counties 973-325-6400

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14 zIPPY E-BIKES Ditch the Car for a Fun and Easy Body-Friendly Ride by Brita Belli



A Guy’s Guide to Staying Vitally Healthy by Judith Fertig





Five Fun Ways to Keep Kids’ Minds Sharp This Summer by Janet Forgrieve




by Kathy Kane



A Conversation with Russell Simmons by Bill Van Arsdale


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June 2011




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North Central NJ Edition

appy Father’s Day to all dads and to any man that gives of himself to improve the lives of the next generation. As Russell Simmons says in our article, Really Rich: Balancing Wealth with Health, “The process of living in the cycle of giving is the thing that makes us happy.” So I wish happiness in great abundance to all the men in my life that give so much. This month, we feature Men’s Health and Wellness. We kick off with Just Take Five, a five-point prescription for staying healthy. I’m glad to see that happiness and social interaction is one of the factors that promote health. Another factor is simply giving back to the community. The Do Good Live Well Study, by United Healthcare, has shown that people who do volunteer work for two or more hours a week exhibit lower rates of depression and heart disease. So get active, have fun, and volunteer. To get active and help the environment at the same time, consider cycling instead of driving around town. Our Zippy E-Bikes feature discusses recumbent bikes, electric bikes, and cargo bikes. For personal advice, drop by one of Marty’s Reliable bicycle shops (Morristown, Randolph, or Hackettstown) and ask an expert. Three other local experts weigh in on health, wellness, and positive change. Billy McHugh, a certified personal trainer and president of Fitness Consulting Inc., gives us his top ten list of reasons why men should exercise. Barry Wolfson, director of the Hypnosis Counseling Center, discusses a new method for overcoming life’s challenges in The Tuning Effect: A New Technique to Achieve Balance. Kathy Kane, certified Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach® and an Amherst Writers and Artists affiliate, treats us to Part One of a three-part series on effecting positive change in our lives. And for dads and moms, we look at Five Fun Ways to Keep Kids’ Minds Sharp This Summer. School will be out before you know it, and many of you will have little ones to keep busy. We’ll help you incorporate more reading, cooking, art, science, and educational games into their summer vacation. Happy June, With love,

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Robert A. Wortzel, DMD

June 2011


newsbriefs Mother-Daughter Team Hosts “What Matters Most”


weekly Internet talk show hosted by a mother and daughter empowers listeners to make the kinds of gentle yet lasting change that will allow them to live the lives they’ve always dreamed of. “What Matters Most” is hosted by Maria and Kristen Plass of the Experience Nirvana Foundation, a nonprofit corporation based in New Jersey. This reflective, nonjudgmental, thought-provoking format focuses on ideals, morals, attitudes, and life-style choices. Each week, guests are interviewed about the things that matter most in life; the things that are most important but may have fallen to the wayside; life’s lessons learned; and the heart’s deepest desire. Centered on the idea of simplifying life, “What Matters Most” is dedicated to educating the community about holistic, metaphysical, and spiritual topics. Interviews delve deeply into guests’ beliefs and experiences, chronicling their quests to transform their lives as well as those of others. New shows air every Sunday at 12:00 a.m. at as a podcast for the entire week. An archive of podcasts from past shows is also available. For more information, call 908-996-7536, email Maria@ For those interested in becoming part of the show’s development team, volunteer opportunities are available.

Be The Medicine Presents “Journey to You” Class


anet StraightArrow, a teacher and healer for more than 25 years, presents Journey to You, an experiential class connecting individuals to their self, soul, spirit, and purpose, on Wednesday, June 8, and Saturday, June 25, at Janet StraightArrow Be the Medicine, 18 Bank St., Morristown. The cost is $275 for both days, $175 for one day. The class is for those who seek ways to live their lives freely and fully. StraightArrow will initiate participants to meet their spiritual selves, guides, and teachers and connect with the Spirit Lake and Spirit Twin for immediate healing and learning, making the mystical practical, immediate, and real. Suggested reading for those wishing to participate is Entering the Circle by Olga Kharitidi, M.D. For more information, call 973-647-2500, email Janet@ or visit See ads on pages 36, 44. 8

North Central NJ Edition

A New Regional Dating & Social Network for Like-Minded Singles


Natural Affinity ( is a new online meeting place for like-minded singles who share an interest in health and wellness, personal and spiritual growth, sustainable living, and the arts and culture. Participants can set up dates, create new friendships, join a variety of activity groups, and attend an event or dinner group—all with people in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware who share their interests. Throughout this tri-state area, there are tens of thousands of people who share similar interests, but they are geographically splintered into different groups. A Natural Affinity bridges that gap, allowing people to find each other online and come together in a comfortable and engaging environment for dating, friendship, and fun. A Natural Affinity offers an array of activity groups, much like a Meetup group, in which participants can join and attend existing activities, or create new groups based on their own interests. Its events calendar also enables people to create their own events, with A Natural Affinity sending out the invitations. For more information, visit

Braco Gazes for the New York Metropolitan Area


raco (pronounced Braht-zo) uses silent gaze to transform lives. Featured on ABC, NBC and Fox News, more than 200,000 people per year visit the “European Phenomenon,” seeking help from life’s difficulties, health problems, relationship issues, and more. Well-known in Europe for the past nine years, the gentle man from Croatia brings his gazing gift to New Jersey, June 8–10, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, 2 Harmon Plaza, Braco in Secaucus. Sessions will be held in the Main Ballroom each day at 11 a.m., noon, 1 p.m., 2:30 p.m., 3:30 p.m., 4:30 p.m., 5:30 p.m., 6:30 p.m., and 7:30 p.m. Each session lasts 35 minutes and costs $8 per session. Those who have visited him report a connection to a positive and transformative energy that betters their lives. Though Braco does not call himself a healer or promise a cure to anyone, many believe he is able to awaken a higher state of consciousness in people during group sessions, and many experience powerful healings and life transformations as a result. For more information and advance tickets, visit Participants must be at least 18 to attend, and pregnant women not past their first trimester. Tickets will also be sold at the door. See ad on page 7.

Open House at The Place to Turn To


n June 10, from 4 to 8 p.m., the Place to Turn To, at the Abbey, 355 Madison Ave., Suite 33, lower level, in Morristown, will hold an open house to introduce its programs. Led by the Reverend Hem Monk, a Methodist minister at Harmony Hall United Methodist Church in Stillwater, the Place to Turn To features workshops, group and individual sessions, and special retreats. People who attend the open house will receive a free session when they register for four sessions. “Many people have accomplished and acquired a great deal in their lives, but still feel that life is empty and meaningless,” according to Rev. Monk. “Life can seem black and white, down-to-earth, practical, and logical. We may believe we control our destiny, when, in fact, life is more about relinquishing control and living in the mystery of faith in the midst of everyday life.” Rev. Monk will also lead a special men’s workshop, “Men & Mystery—The Spiritual Kind,” at the Place to Turn To on July 16, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The workshop’s aim is to help men find meaning and purpose for their lives through spiritual direction, relaxation, and meditation. The workshop costs $250 and will include lunch. Book before July 1 and save $50. For information on the open house and workshop registration, call 973-993-1033 or email or visit


Call for your FREE In-Home Personal Training Session and we’ll show you how to:

• Lose weight the right way • Tone & strengthen your muscles • Boost your energy • Eliminate your aches and pains Degreed and Nationally Certified Trainers! Offering:

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addirectory Aesthetic Family Dentistry . . . . . . . . .23, 48 Be the Medicine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .36 Braco. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7 Cherrybrook . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20 Clear Your Clutter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .42 Crystal Healing Foundation, Lisa Bellini . . .31 Dr. Frigerio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Eastern School of Acupuncture . . . . . . . 31 Ellen Mooney . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Farm 2 Bistro . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Fitness Consulting, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Fresh Look on Life . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Gluten Free Gloriously . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Harlene Goldschmidt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 Healthy Aging . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 healingaia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Head to Toe Harmony . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Hypnosis Counseling Center . . . . . . . 5, 22 Julia’s Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy . . . . 26 Kane Creative Consulting . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Living Waters Wellness Center. . . . . . . . 25 Michelle Zanoni, Certified Feng Shui Practitioner. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39 Mind Body Spirit Enterprises . . . . . . . . . . . . .5 Mini Mac Farm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Natural Pathways Massage Therapy . . . . 32 Naturopathic Healing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Next Level Healing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Olive Organic Tanning . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Organic Garden Seed . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Personal Chef Ana Cecere . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Red Cross . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 Respira Salt Wellness Center . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Rossi Family Chiropractic . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 Salon Botanique . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Santhigram . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Sharon Sudol . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Shizuko Itsukaichi . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Smith Family Chiropractic . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Specialized Tutoring/Learning . . . . . . . . 31 Spice Island . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Sussex County Food Co-op . . . . . . . . . . 40 The Art of the Heart . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 The Cleansing Center. . . . . . . . . . . . . 3, 47 The Health Shoppe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 The Huna Healing Center . . . . . . . . . . . 23 The Mountain Lakes Organic Coop . . . . 39 The Way of the Rose Workshop . . . . . . . 16 TN Printing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 Wortzel Integrative Dentistry . . . . . . . . . . 7

natural awakenings

June 2011


newsbriefs Holistic Healing Arts Find a Home at the Room Above


cooperative formed to help people achieve balance, rejuvenation, and transformation through various healing arts as well as the exploration of one’s creativity has opened its doors—and heart—in Brookside. The Room Above LLC, 2 East Main Street (next door to the post office and above the Art Studio), offers sessions, workshops, and classes available by appointment, for adults and children.    Founded by Maureen Mahoney and Michelle Zanoni and joined by Gina Bruno, Kathy Kane, Ellen Mooney, and Susan Novick, the Room Above represents a dream culmination of years of study, multiple certifications, travel, and hands-on client experience. As people increasingly crave equilibrium, rejuvenation, and peace, the Room Above offers multiple thresholds for individuals to access these qualities and thrive. On Monday, June 20, the Room Above will hold a free event—Celebrate the Summer Solstice—to introduce its services over food and music in its intentionally designed and light-filled space. Those who are interested should email to receive an invitation; attendees will also receive a gift card for a free session of their choice in one of the following areas: drumming, feng shui, massage, Tibetan Singing Bowls, writing workshop, Healing Touch™, Reiki, intuitive healing, life coaching, yoga, qi gong, and more. According to Ellen Mooney, “Whether a client comes for shamanic energy healing with Gina, life coaching and writing with Kathy, the art of design and feng shui with Michelle, Raindrop Technique and Swedish massage with Susan, Healing Touch™ and Tibetan Singing Bowl experience with Maureen, or my own intuitive healing, the client-soul will be invited to connect with her heart deeply, authentically.” For more information, contact Maureen Mahoney, 973-543-6329, MMahon123@; Michelle Zanoni, 973-400-4669,; or Ellen Mooney, 973-618-6195, To attend the Summer Solstice event or be added to the mailing list, email


North Central NJ Edition

Summer Writing Workshops for Children and Adults


athy Kane, a certified Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach® and an Amherst Writers and Artists affiliate, will hold writing workshops this summer for both children and adults, beginning in July. Held at the Room Above, 2 East Main St., in Brookside, the daytime session for middleschool-aged children starts on Tuesday, July 12, from 10 a.m. to noon, and an evening session for adults starts on Wednesday, July 13, from 7 to 9:30 p.m. Each class runs for four weeks. Kane invites writers of all experience levels to “Come play on the page. Call upon your quirky, silly side to play with words, sounds, rhythms and maybe some rhymes.” As Kane notes, “Our writing muscle gets stronger through practice, and practice comes from playful experimenting and childlike wonder.” Both verbal and visual prompts will be used, and writers will read their works aloud while discovering how play allows the writer the chance to plumb the depths of his or her writing voice. Space is limited to between 8 and 10 writers. For more information, call Kathy Kane at 973-978-5282, email Kathy@ or visit See ad on page 16.

Mind Body Spirit Studio Opens in Fanwood

Spice Island Brings the Benefits of the Neem Tree to NJ

he Mind Body Spirit studio has expanded and moved its Pilates and GYROTONIC ® studio to a new location at 228 South Avenue in Fanwood. The new studio, directly across from the Fanwood train station, opens June 1 and offers classes and private instruction in Pilates Circuit Training, Reformer, Jump Board Reformer, Pilates Tower, Gyrotonic® on Pulley Tower and Gyrokinesis® Mat. The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM ®, created by former dancer and gymnast Juliu Horvath, is a movement methodology that works all 128 systems of the body through rhythmic three-dimensional movements, offering the same benefits as yoga, dance, gymnastics, swimming, and tai chi. Owner/director Shirley Wallitsch hopes to create an environment where students are inspired and empowered to reach their personal goals. “The focus of my studio in Fanwood is to guide my students toward whole body health— balancing the mind, body and spirit,” says Wallitsch, who is a certified Polestar Pilates studio and reformer instructor as well as a licensed Gyrotonic® teacher. Fo r m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n , v i s i t or call 908-8960498. See ad on page 4.

eem (Azadirachta indica), a tree in the mahogany family, is indigenous to Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, and some other neighboring lands. Because so many products made from neem are medicinal, its popularity has Neem Tree soared worldwide. The entire tree, from its roots to its leaves and even its bark, contains properties that have been found to be beneficial. Neem is used as an antifungal, anti-diabetic, antiviral, antibacterial, sedative, and blood purifier. The Health Shoppes in Morristown, Chester, and Montclair, among other area stores, carry the Spice Island line of Neem personal care products, including shampoo, hand wash, and face wash. Neem oil and leaves benefit the skin by alleviating dryness, acne, and eczema. Neem creams and moisturizing nourishments bring normality back to the skin. Wrinkles, dandruff, itchy skin, psoriasis, and flaking scalps are also remedied by this wonder herb, which is a potent anti-inflammatory. For wholesale inquiries call, 908-3465664. Available at The Health Shoppes. See ad on page 19.



Morris County Vegans...Unite!


earn about vegan, vegetarian, restricted diet, and other healthy eating alternatives at the new Morris County Vegans Meetup group, launched by organizer Beth Cofone. Simply go to Meetup. com, search for the Morris County Vegans Meetup group, and ask to join in order to receive information about upcoming activities. Monthly events will include guest lectures, cooking demos, and gatherings at local restaurants including the Loving Hut in Ledgewood and Veggie Heaven in Denville. On June 18, from 2 to 5 p.m., join Cofone at the Health Shoppe in Chester, 207 Route 206, as she hosts a free cooking demonstration. Attendees will learn how to prepare such dishes as Loaded Veggie Pasta Salad, Vegan Caesar Salad, a Mexican-themed tortilla, and spinach tofu lasagna. Along with the dishes made during class, a scrumptious vegan dessert will be served and those attending will receive free product giveaways. Meetup group members will also receive a free card entitling them to 10 percent off one purchase each month at the Health Shoppe. For more information on the group, visit or call the The Health Shoppe, Chester, at 908-879-7555 (

Fresh Look On Life Come in and meet a better you...

• Reiki • Animal Reiki • Life Coaching • Hypnosis • Law of Attaction • Past Life Regression • Certifications and Workshops • Jin Shin Jyutsu (acupressure)

If you are looking for a “fresh look on life” or considering a complementary treatment to enhance your health and vitality, contact Cindy Nolte to see how she may be able to help! 31 Route 206 - Augusta, NJ Email:

Phone: 973-383-6847

natural awakenings

June 2011




Health QiGong Sessions

Act Now


he United States Health QiGong Association (USHQA) and Master Mei Jin Lu, School of Eastern Philosophy, are hosting a weekend seminar series featuring Master Lu, one of China’s most renowned QiGong masters. She was head coach for the 2009 Olympic ceremony QiGong performance in Tiananmen Square with two thousand people performing in unison. Tai Chi Fan classes will be held June 11 and 12, and the evenings of June 14 and 17. QiGong classes will be held June 18 and 19, June 25 and 26, and July 9 and 10. Classes will be held at the Ramada East Hanover and the St. Francis Center in Denville. Both beginners and advanced students are welcome. High school and college students are half price. For more information, call 973-8872255 or email

Help Stop Crop Contamination


n March 29, 2011, Sow True Seed joined 60 family farmers, seed businesses and organic agricultural organizations in a lawsuit led by the nonprofit Public Patent Foundation, challenging chemical giant Monsanto’s right to sue farmers for patent infringement, because they say it is Monsanto that is perpetrating the injury by infecting organic farms with genetically modified seed. Mounting research shows that once released into the environment, the engineered seed (a genetically modified organism, or GMO), contaminates and corrupts naturally reproducing seed for the same crop. For example, soon after Monsanto introduced genetically modified seed for canola, these famers report that organic canola became virtually extinct, as a result of cross-contamination. Organic corn, soybeans, cotton, sugar beets and alfalfa now face the same fate, as Monsanto continues to develop genetically modified seed for many other crops. “In the last decade [for example], it’s become nearly impossible to ensure that corn seed is free from contamination,” says Peter Waskiewicz, co-founder of Sow True Seed ( “Morally, it has become necessary to stand up and fight for keeping openpollinated seed safe and available,” says fellow co-founder, Carol Koury. Waskiewicz adds, “We recognize the basic right of all the Earth’s people to enjoy a safe, ethical and sovereign food production and distribution system.” For more information, visit Petition for GMO labeling at Ask the Department of Justice to step in at Join local groups that advocate for healthy, organic, locally grown and produced products.


Ban Planned for Gas-Fueled Vehicles by 2050


new report by the European Commission, an executive branch of the European Union, proposes to completely eliminate gasoline and diesel-fueled cars and trucks in favor of clean-running vehicles by 2050, in a bid to decrease traffic congestion and drastically reduce the continent’s carbon footprint. The commission also would like to enact a ban on the shortest air flights, requiring passengers to travel by other means of transportation, such as trains, for distances under 186 miles. Meanwhile, infrastructure will be updated to cater to more sustainable forms of transportation across the continent. EU Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas describes the plan as being composed of, “very radical, very ambitious targets.” Changing the way a continent moves doesn’t come cheap: “We are talking about the necessity of an investment of 1.5 trillion euros ($2.2 trillion),” as Kallas was quoted in The Independent, in the UK. “Curbing mobility is not an option; neither is business as usual. We can break the transport system’s dependence on oil without sacrificing its efficiency and compromising mobility. It can be a win-win.” Source: 12

North Central NJ Edition


Play Together, Stay Together


new study has confirmed an old adage: A family that plays together, stays together. According to researchers from Canada’s Concordia and Wilfrid Laurier universities, shared leisure is vital in the formation of bonds that can bridge generations. “Shared leisure time allows grandchildren and their grandparents to establish common interests that in turn enable them to develop strong intergenerational relationships,” explains Concordia professor Shannon Hebblethwaite. Grandparents often use get-togethers as opportunities to share family histories, personal experiences and life lessons and to teach, mentor and pass on values, traditions and family legacies. The study builds on previous research that found how healthy intergenerational connections help grandparents age better and exhibit more positive feelings about life. Family cohesiveness also tends to sharpen youngsters’ sense of empathy as adults.



oses of glucosamine that exceed the daily recommended amount of 1,500 milligrams counseled by most manufacturers of these supplements, or their prolonged intake, may cause injury to the pancreas and increase the risk of diabetes, according to a study by Université Laval’s Faculty of Pharmacy, in Canada. Glucosamine is commonly used for joint care.



study by researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health, in Boston, presented at the American Academy of Neurology’s 63rd annual meeting, confirms that eating berries can lower the risk of Parkinson’s disease. The study involved 49,281 men and 80,336 women that were monitored for 20 to 22 years. The researchers concluded that the women who consumed the most anthocyanins, a class of flavonoids found mostly in berries, had a lower risk of developing the disease than those whose diet contained fewer or different classes of flavonoids. For men, berry anthocyanins, as well as flavonoids found in apples and oranges and other rich dietary sources, made a significant difference in their freedom from the disease.




nyone who prefers diet sodas over regular soda pop for fear of high sugar levels might want to consider this: According to new research presented at the American Stroke Association’s International Stroke Conference 2011, people who drink diet sodas every day still have a much higher risk of vascular disease—61 percent higher—compared with those who drink no sodas at all. These are the findings of the large, multi-ethnic Northern Manhattan Study of 2,564 individuals that were monitored and analyzed in terms of the types and amount of sodas they drank for an average of 9.3 years, during which 559 vascular events occurred. “If our results are confirmed with future studies, then it would suggest that diet soda may not be the optimal substitute for sugar-sweetened beverages for protection against vascular outcomes,” says lead author Hannah Gardener, a doctor of science and epidemiologist at the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine.

273 Pleasant Grove Road, Long Valley, NJ Naturally Raised Beef, Pork, Chicken, Fresh Eggs, Local Honey, Grass Fed Organic Dairy Farm Tours by Appt. Only

Market Hours:

Wed.–Sun. 10:00–5:30 (973) 713-9770

Source: American Heart Association, 2011 natural awakenings

June 2011



an electic- or a small-engine assist. “For the cost of a gallon of gas,” Miner says, “one of our super-efficient, electrically assisted cycles can travel 1,200 miles.” Examples at and

Zippy E-Bikes Ditch the car for a Fun and Easy Body-Friendly Ride by Brita Belli


riving a vehicle to work, the store and the gym on congested roads does more than try our patience—those daily petroleumpowered trips are polluting the planet. The Clean Air Council reports that each gallon of gas we use on the road results in 20 more pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) mucking up the atmosphere we breathe. In fact, all motor vehicles combined are responsible for 31 percent of the total CO2 emissions currently contributing to global warming. Because most car trips are short— the National Household Travel Survey finds that half of all the trips we make are three miles or less, 72 percent of these in motor vehicles—they could be replaced with a more eco-friendly ride. With such a wide variety of snazzy new options available, from cargo bicycles to electric motorcycles, it’s never been easier to move on our best intentions. 14

North Central NJ Edition

RECUMBENT BICYCLES AND VELOMOBILES: Recumbent-style bicycles look unfamiliar because they are ergonomically designed with higher pedals and large, back-supporting seats that distribute a rider’s weight—allowing people of all shapes and sizes to lean back and pedal comfortably while maintaining safety and speed. These people-friendly cycles can be of typical bike length or longer, and some are trikes, with two back wheels. They also can be equipped with a pod-like cover for year-round riding. The covered, aerodynamic, three-wheeled versions are known as velomobiles, or bicycle cars. Rod Miner, president of Lightfoot Cycles, which specializes in recumbent bikes, side-by-side four-wheel tandems, adult trikes with cargo and pet carriers, and velomobiles, says that almost every model can be given added oomph with

ELECTRIC BIKES: These offer a zippy, eco-friendly way to run errands, combining pedal power with the assistance of a small electric motor that facilitates speeds of up to 20 miles per hour. They require no gas, license or registration, and often are allowed on roads where mopeds and scooters are offlimits. A good electric bike can travel 40 to 50 miles on a single charge. In another twist, the power of the motors in Kalkhoff brand bikes, known as pedelec bikes in Europe, increases the more you pedal. Examples at,, kabs, and (Liberty Electric Bikes). ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLES: Electric motorcycles provide the same thrill and speed as gas-powered versions, minus the noise and dirty emissions. These motorcycles are ready to race: The Mission R electric racing superbike is not only a sleek-looking machine, but can go from zero to fast in one gear. They also look nearly identical to a traditional ride, hosting a battery pack and motor in place of the powertrain. Because motorcycles are small and efficient, they don’t require heavy battery packs, and can be plugged into any home outlet to charge. Most will run for about two hours, or 40 to 50 miles on a charge. A federal incentive of a 10 percent tax credit helps with the purchase price, along with state incentives active in California, Colorado, Georgia and South Carolina and pending in many other states (update at ZeroMotorcycles. com/it/incentives). Examples at; RideMission. com (Mission Motors). For more

information see Popular Mechanics’ Electric Motorcycle Guide, ELECTRIC DIRT BIKES: Nature lovers may recoil at the idea of gas-powered dirt bikes or motocross bikes tearing around trails, but in designated spots, they can provide the thrill riders seek, minus the noxious exhaust and noisy, revving engines. In fact, Dirt Rider Magazine says of the all-electric Zero X dirt bike: “Utter silence... is the inevitable sound of the future of off-road motorcycle riding.” Its battery charger plugs in to any standard outlet, and all of the company’s lithium-ion power packs are recycled. While the battery-powered Zero can reach off-road speeds of up to 47 mph, the company Razor also designs scaled-down electric motocross bikes (and quads and scooters) for younger enthusiasts that are built for fun, with speeds of up to 14 mph for up to 10 miles on a single charge.

LONGTAIL AND CARGO BIKES: Longtail, or cargo, bikes are designed for carting everything from groceries to kids. An extended mount for the back tire gives riders extra space to use as a long, flat seat for kids to straddle, with space on either side for saddlebags (called panniers) or other bucketor basket-type attachments. It has a bit larger turning radius and two kickstands for keeping the bike upright when stationary. With a base price often upwards of $1,000, cargo-oriented riders may wish to opt to convert an existing bicycle into a longtail with a backend attachment like the Free Radical from Xtracycle, which can be bolted on to provide two deep compartments for hauling up to 200 pounds of carry-ons. Madsen bikes come equipped with a large, sturdy bucket that supplies a fun ride for young ones— or for packing beach gear or shopping bags. Examples at,, and

Examples at and ZeroMotor (search “Dirt”).

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Eliminate obstacles to your goals – one small step at a time Explore your creative spirit – one small question at a time As a Kaizen-Muse Creativity coach the biggest impact I have on clients is helping them recover, discover and show up at their creativity. We work on banishing blocks such as fear, feeling overwhelmed and procrastination-barriers that appear in all aspects of everyday life. The Kaizen-Muse Creativity coaching model is compassionate and gives permission to be imperfect. Ask yourself if you’re fully connected to your creative spirit, if you need help getting unstuck, a Sherpa for your journey. Then, contact me to set up a 30 minute complimentary session.

Kathy Kane Tel: 973.978.5282 Creativity Coach Fax: 973.889.1406

BALANCE BIKES: Pedal-less or “walking” balance bikes (also known as run bikes) are all the rage in kids’ bicycles today, and a quick perusal of YouTube videos of kids riding them shows why. Because little ones are able to use their feet to push off the ground, then lift their feet as the bike rolls forward, even tots as young as 2 or 3 can do some serious cruising. Not only can they go somewhat faster than they would with a hard-to-accelerate tricycle, they also learn how to balance themselves, facilitating a quicker transition to a larger bike without training wheels when the time comes. Examples at,,, and

The Way of the Rose Workshop Healing the Feminine Heart with Sandra Marie Humby NJ June 4th & NYC June 5th The Way of the Rose is a transformative programme for women developed by Sandra Marie which weaves together the history, sacred symbolism, geometry and the timeless Healing power of the Rose into classes which inspire and empower through sharing this wisdom and opportunity for direct experience of the energies. Price: $125 including your set of the 11 ‘The Way of the Rose’ Cards © Sponsored by Conscious Design Magazine & Design Harmony Feng Shui Contact: Renae Jensen • 908.797.5225 16

North Central NJ Edition

BIKE ACCESSORIES: Rock the Bike, a collaboration of inventors and advocates in Berkeley, California, wants to make bike riding a fun, communitycentered, mainstream activity with citizen advocates everywhere. Products offered by Rock the Bike are designed to make daily commuting and night riding easier, including cargo bikes designed for hauling heavy stuff; the Biker Bar, which allows several riders to produce clean energy from pedaling together (providing a steady 200 watts of power); Bike Blenders, which let riders pedal their way to tasty smoothies; and The Down Low Glow multi-colored neon lighting for bike frames that provides better nighttime visibility. Information at, Brita Belli, the editor of E – The Environmental Magazine, is a regular contributor to Natural Awakenings.


the essence of active right up until his passing a year ago at age 83.

A Simple Prescription

A Guy’s Guide to Staying Vitally Healthy by Judith Fertig


ncient prophets understood the wisdom of living by the adage, “Eat, drink and be merry,” and it still rings true today. Today’s health experts further add, “get moving” and “see your doctor at least once a year.” Adopting this short, easyto-do list of habits as a guiding principle can be key to a healthier and happier life, and add more years to accomplish your bucket list. The good news about male longevity is that much of it is under our control. Dr. Robert Butler, gerontologist, psychiatrist and author of The Longevity Prescription: The 8 Proven Keys to a Long, Healthy Life, received a Pulitzer Prize for his work on aging. A founding director of the Na-

tional Institute on Aging of the National Institutes of Health, he also started the nation’s first department of geriatrics, at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, in New York City. In his early 80s, Butler was still regularly walking around Central Park before putting in 60-hour weeks doing work he loved as head of International Longevity Center–USA (ilcusa. org). Butler maintained that genes account for only 25 percent of our individual health and said, “Our environment and personal behaviors account for the rest.” For him, it was simple things like welcome hugs and laughter that added pleasure and length to life. Of course, learning something new helps the brain stay active. Butler lived

So, what are men up against today? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (, the leading causes of death for men are heart disease; cancer (especially prostate); injuries; chronic lower respiratory diseases; stroke; diabetes; suicide; influenza and pneumonia; kidney disease; and Alzheimer’s disease. But men can take a preventive approach to these conditions. Here are five proactive, enjoyable ways that work: EAT. The simple everyday act of healthy eating can have long-term, holistic benefits for not only overall health and weight management, but for preventing prostate cancer. In 2010, nearly 218,000 men in the United States were diagnosed with prostate cancer, a largely curable challenge when caught in its early stages, according to the American Cancer Society. But why not eat well to prevent potential cancer cells from becoming a bigger problem? “All of us have microscopic cancers growing in our bodies all the time,” says Dr. William Li, founder and head of The Angiogenesis Foundation, in Cambridge, Massachusetts ( and the userfriendly Angiogenesis is the process our bodies use to grow blood vessels, he says, a natural process that sometimes gets hijacked by cancer cells. “A microscopic tumor can grow up to 16,000 times its original size in as little as two weeks,” explains Li, “but new, groundbreaking research from The Angiogenesis Foundation proposes that you can stop cancer before it begins to grow.” Li calls this new preventive approach “anti-angiogenesis.” “Many common foods contain cancer-starving molecules,” Li continues. “Anti-angiogenesis encourages that. By changing the way you eat, you can change your internal environment, thereby depriving cancer cells the opportunity to grow and multiply.” Li and his colleagues continue to monitor the results of other studies while

natural awakenings

June 2011


continuing their own research showing the positive effects of certain foods in slowing or preventing the growth and spread of cancer cells. One seminal study, published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute in 2002, established the link between eating cooked tomato products and a lowered risk of prostate cancer. “Cooked tomatoes… have more cancer-fighting properties than raw tomatoes,” advises Li. “Both contain the molecule lycopene, but heating the tomato changes its chemical structure and makes the benefits more readily available to the body. You should eat two to three [½ cup] servings of cooked tomatoes a week.” The Angiogenesis Foundation provides a base list of 40 natural foods that contain cancer-preventing properties. New foods are added as their benefits are proved in research. The newest additions for fighting prostate cancer— Emmental, Jarlsburg and gouda cheeses—are rich in vitamin K2.


Consuming fresh ginger drinks, green tea and herbal tea blends that include anti-angiogenic ginseng, lavender and licorice root work to hydrate the body and prevent disease, according to researchers at The Angiogenesis Foundation. A glass or two of red wine, which contains the cancer fighting, anti-inflammatory compound resveratrol, can be good for men. “My own advice to folks is about one drink a day,” counseled Butler. “The older you get, the heavier the impact of the alcohol. But in moderation, alcohol not only has a relaxing effect, it can elevate levels of good cholesterol. Maintaining good hydration by drinking water also helps kidneys filter impurities out of the body and keeps skin looking fresher. 18

North Central NJ Edition

Recommended Anti-Angiogenic Foods According to the researchers at The Angiogenesis Foundation, many easily eaten foods help starve commonly occurring microscopic cancer cells and keep them from becoming a problem. This list, starting with green tea, continues to grow over time as scientists verify the efficacy of various foods based on a body of research. Green tea Strawberries Blackberries Raspberries Blueberries Oranges Grapefruit Lemons Apples Pineapples Cherries Red grapes

Red wine Bok choy Kale Soybeans Ginseng Maitake or other Asian mushrooms Licorice Turmeric Nutmeg Artichokes Lavender

BE MERRY. The very things that

come with being social are good for everyone’s health. According to Butler, simple touching, such as holding hands with and hugging a loved one, works to lower blood pressure. Laughing with buddies helps keep blood vessels from restricting, and thus keeps the heart working more efficiently. Having an eye for beauty in our surrounding adds pleasure to life and helps keep us in a good mood. Engaging in close, loving and romantic relationships and staying in touch with lots of friends not only increases the quality of men’s lives, but also helps battle depression and heart disease, suggests Dr. Mehmet Oz, a professor of cardiac surgery at Columbia University and a founder of the Complementary Medicine Program at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. He frequently appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show before becoming host of The Dr. Oz Show. According to Oz, “The more sex you have—provided that it’s safe sex and with a mutually monogamous partner—the healthier you will be. Men who have sex once a month are at more than two times the risk of heart

Pumpkin Sea cucumber Tuna, halibut, flounder, salmon Parsley Garlic Tomato Olive oil Grape seed oil Dark chocolate Emmental, Jarlsburg, or Gouda cheese

disease and heart attack than men who have sex twice a week.” Complementing such healthy excitement, establishing a daily meditation practice also helps men stay calm, energetic, positive and more attuned to their own inner wisdom, says Donna Cardillo, a registered nurse who advises healthcare professionals in the Gannett Healthcare Group. “Studies have also shown that regular meditation can lower blood pressure, boost the immune system, improve the body’s response to stress, and even improve sleep patterns.” Another way to be and stay merry, suggests Cardillo, is to take part in some kind of volunteer work. “Volunteering has long been touted as a great way to give back and make a positive contribution to the world,” she remarks. “While all that is true, numerous studies, including the recent Do Good Live Well Study, by UnitedHealthcare, have shown that people who do volunteer work for two or more hours a week exhibit lower rates of depression and heart disease, live happier more fulfilled lives and have greater self-esteem and greater functionality, especially older adults.”

MOVE. Butler promoted moderate exercise to help improve cardiovascular function, elevate mood and keep men fit

longer, and his conclusions are supported by studies by the University of Maryland Medical Center, Arizona State University, and the Erasmus M.C. University Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He found that, “One of the most frightening disabilities of old age, aside from dementia, is frailty.” His prescription? Maintain strong thigh muscles, which is what we use to get up out of a chair or bed, and do squats daily. Yoshiro Hatano, Ph.D., popularized the use of pedometers and the 10,000 Steps a Day program in Japan that also spread to this country. Wearing a small counter is a simple way to keep track of how many steps we take in a day. Such monitoring devices indicate how active or inactive we really are, which can be a bit of a surprise. Hatano and his researchers found that most people take 3,500 to 5,000 steps a day. Raising that to 10,000 steps a day will burn more calories, promote better heart function and keep weight under control.

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Judith Fertig is a freelance writer in Overland Park, KS; see AlfrescoFood

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Patient Education

Annual physicals are more important than regularly changing the oil in a car, yet men are more likely than women to skip a checkup visit to their doctor, according to a recent poll by Louis Harris and Associates. A growing trend among health centers addresses this concern, offering men a one-stop-shopping-style checkup and testing. Here’s how: Men who aren’t interested in spending a day windowshopping certainly aren’t into a day of appointments to check off a list of simple health screenings. So, special health programs—modeled after executive health screenings formerly accessible only at getaway destinations like the Mayo Clinic, in Rochester, Minnesota, or the Greenbrier Clinic, in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia— are popping up at local hospitals from coast to coast. As part of the men’s health program at Shawnee Mission Medical Center, serving the Kansas City area, for example, doctors emphasize “maintaining optimal performance” versus “let’s see what’s wrong with you.” Prior to an appointment, patients visit a lab location for tests, so that all of their results are ready when they visit the doctor. Then, on the day of their appointment, some additional screenings are performed, if necessary, so the time men spend with the doctor is used more effectively. This personalized, focused attention and all-at-once approach can provide straightforward strategic health planning—a map of diet, exercise and lifestyle targets to aim for in the coming year that can keep men here and healthy.

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The Top 10 Reasons Why Men Should Exercise by Bill McHugh, M.S., Certified Personal Trainer

1. Improve your game—Whether it’s golf, weekend-warrior basketball, soft-

ball, skiing, or another sport, exercise increases your flexibility, speed, strength, and endurance to perform any sport better. Lugging around fewer pounds will also help you to be quicker on your feet and improve movement. Getting in shape also helps reduce the likelihood of injury to keep you in the game longer and stronger.

2. Boost your immune system—Research is uncovering a link between

moderate, regular exercise and a strong immune system. Moderate exercise is linked to a temporary boost in the production of macrophages, the cells that attack bacteria. More-recent studies have shown that there are physiological changes in the immune system as a response to exercise. During moderate exercise, immune


North Central NJ Edition

cells circulate through the body more quickly and are better able to kill bacteria and viruses. This boost in immune system strength seems to have a cumulative effect with consistent exercise. Strengthening your immune system will ultimately keep you out of the doctor’s office, more productive at work, and healthier on the home front as well.

3. Decrease back pain—Less weight

around the midsection relieves stress from the lumbar spine, and working the abs for a stronger core will almost immediately decrease back pain. Adding stretching to a workout will even further decrease back pain and perhaps make back pain go away for good! When the body is subjected to stress such as a continuous workout, a peptide is produced in the pituitary gland and hypothalamus and is released into the central nervous system. This peptide is better known as an endorphin, a natural painkiller that promotes a sense of wellbeing.

4. Eliminate stress—When you are

under stress, the body releases stress hormones such as cortisol and norepinephrine. Excessive amounts of these hormones are linked to depression and hypertension, zap your energy, and decrease your immune system, which

can lead to other ailments. Exercise prevents an excessive buildup of these hormones; as a result, you feel better, think more clearly, and have a more positive attitude. Whether you start your day with a good, clear, positive attitude from exercise or blow off the day’s steam with an end-of-the-day stressbusting workout, exercise is the best way to reduce stress.

levels decrease with age, the good news is that men can boost these levels naturally with regular, consistent strengthtraining exercise. Research also tells us that getting enough sleep affects testosterone levels. If you don’t allow your body an average of seven to eight hours of sound sleep per night, your testosterone level may dip drastically!

5. Increase muscle—Metabolism is the process by which

10. Improve attitude—Most people know that exercise brings about physical improvements, but more and more research points to the significant mood-enhancing effects of exercise, even low-intensity exercise of only 10 minutes or more. And when you exercise, you naturally feel better about yourself. You’re happier with what you see in the mirror, your clothes fit more comfortably, and your sense of self-esteem is raised. Consistent exercise improves your mood, boosts your confidence, and helps you maintain a better attitude overall!

your body converts what you eat and drink into energy. For every year past age 20, you can lose up to a pound of muscle per year. For every pound of muscle you add to your body, you burn an extra 50 to 100 calories a day at rest. In addition to looking more “cut and ripped,” adding lean tissue increases metabolism, helping you burn fat more effectively.

6. Lower blood pressure—Daily exercise helps regulate blood pressure. When you enhance your cardiovascular endurance, your heart becomes stronger and more efficient at pumping blood through your arteries. A stronger heart can pump blood with less effort. If your heart can work less to pump, the force on your arteries decreases, lowering your blood pressure and thereby decreasing the risk of stroke and heart attack. Check your blood pressure regularly while on an exercise program and under the guidance of your physician. With proper exercise, some people may be able to decrease the dosage of their blood pressure medication—and even reach a point where they don’t need any medication at all. 7. Lower cholesterol—Exercising increases high-density lipoprotein (HDL), the “good” cholesterol. This cholesterol acts like the garbage truck in the bloodstream, removing the “bad” low-density lipoprotein (LDL) artery-clogging kind of cholesterol from the blood to the liver. Just thirty minutes of cardiovascular exercise a few times per week helps lowers cholesterol by helping you lose or maintain weight. Being overweight tends to increase the amount of LDL in your blood; high LDL levels are linked to heart disease. 8. Increase youthfulness— During exercise, certain hormones and enzymatic activity are released, and protein is built. When exercise is combined with good nutrition, people feel fewer muscle aches and pains, enjoy a boost in energy, have increased strength and enhanced speed, and can react more quickly, all which leads to a more youthful feeling. Exercise also improves cognitive performance. A study reported on Web MD found that Alzheimer’s patients who were in poor physical condition experienced up to four times more brain shrinkage than those who were physically fit.

Bill McHugh, a certified personal trainer with a Master’s degree in Exercise Science, is the owner and president of Fitness Consulting Inc., which provides in-home personal training, nutritional counseling, massage therapy, and corporate wellness programs. He has been providing professional health and fitness services to New Jersey residents for more than fifteen years. Contact him at or visit See ad on page 9.

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9. Boost testosterone levels—Testosterone is one of the

most critical hormones in the male body. It not only keeps your sex drive alive, but also boosts the development of your muscles, your overall energy levels, and even cognitive functions such as attentiveness and memory. While testosterone

Kathie Schwarz • Proprietor 267 Main Avenue, Stirling, NJ 07980 natural awakenings

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The Tuning Effect: A New Technique to Achieve Balance Want Peace & Harmony? We’ll help you get in tune

Life’s obstacles and challenges push our minds and bodies out of tune. Bring yourself back with The Tuning Effect self-technique.

Recently featured on Oprah! The Tuning Effect is available exclusively at the Hypnosis Counseling Center.

The Tuning Effect is easy to learn, easy to master, and provides dramatic results you can achieve on your own. Designed to bring you back to your emotional center, The Tuning Effect allows you to return to your natural balanced state in which challenges and obstacles can be met and overcome. When you’re out of tune, you may cope by smoking, drinking, or overeating, which only further complicate your life and sense of emotional and physical wellbeing. But in tune, you feel better…so you live better.

Call: 554 Bloomfield Ave, L-2, Bloomfield, NJ



28 Mine Street Flemington NJ

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34 Bridge Street Frenchtown, NJ


or people trying to lose weight, quit smoking, achieve happiness, or raise self-esteem, there’s a new technique to effectively manage and overcome these life challenges. The Tuning Effect uses the power of one’s mind to effect balance and lasting positive change. Barry Wolfson, director of the Hypnosis Counseling Center, with offices in Bloomfield, Flemington, and Frenchtown, recently announced that the center is the first in the region to begin instructing clients in the Tuning Effect technique. The Tuning Effect brings attention, eye movement, and breathing together to produce a strongly felt sense of mental confidence and security. Like learning how to ride a bicycle, skip rope, or type, this practice coordinates attention, vision, and action without the need of complex mental processing. The Tuning Effect was developed by Mel Bucholtz, director of the Stillness Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Bucholtz, an internationally recognized trainer of healthcare practitioners, was personally trained by Milton Erickson, the foremost practitioner of clinical hypnosis in the 20th century. “Under normal conditions, our bodies function like well-running machines,” explains Wolfson. “However, we lose control because of all the elements we encounter in our lives. Life’s obstacles and challenges push our minds and bodies out of tune.” The Tuning Effect is designed to bring people back to their emotional center, allowing them to return to their natural balanced state in which challenges and

obstacles can be met and overcome. The chief goal of the Tuning Effect is to bring clients back to the state in which they function best. Wolfson adds, “Over time, due to extreme circumstances and stress, we get ourselves out of alignment. People respond in a variety of ways when they are out of balance and may turn to smoking, drinking, or overeating to cope. All of these are harmful and counter-productive to a healthy lifestyle. Tuning Effect reestablishes one’s natural balanced state that is more centered, in control, and in a heightened state of awareness.” The greatest benefit of Tuning Effect is that it is easily mastered and doesn’t require ongoing sessions. Most clients learn the technique in just two individual half-hour sessions, eliminating the need for ongoing therapy. It is also presented in group settings. “We are always exploring new ways to help our clients achieve their goals,” says Wolfson. “What is particularly appealing about Tuning Effect is that it is relatively easy to learn, and once mastered in two sessions, our clients can evoke this state themselves. We have introduced the method to several current clients, and the initial results have been extremely positive. They love the fact that, once trained, they have the freedom to practice this technique on their own.” The Hypnosis Counseling Center has more than 25 years of experience in helping clients to attain their goals and successfully change their lives for the better. The center provides group counseling sessions for smoking cessation, weight loss and stress management, among other things, at more than 30 adult schools, while specially designed programs are currently offered in corporate settings. For more information about the Hypnosis Counseling Center, contact Barry Wolfson at 908-996-3311 or visit See ads on pages 5 and 22.

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by Judith Fertig

While common hair loss is not life threatening, it’s a condition that merits our attention, because it may diminish a man’s or a woman’s self-esteem and negatively affect how he or she faces the world.


North Central NJ Edition


air experts estimate that people normally have a maximum of about 100,000 individual hairs on their head. Approximately 90 percent are usually in a growth phase while the other 10 percent “rest.” After growing for two to three months, the hair will fall out and the growth cycle of the follicle, or hair root, starts again. An average person naturally sheds about 100 hairs a day. Under certain conditions, however, the normal cycling can be interrupted. The resting, or telogen, phase could last longer, with more hair falling out and less new hair growing. Some hair loss may be associated with mind-body response to surgery, new medications, thyroid issues, trauma or a highly restrictive crash diet. Hair loss might be the effect of inherited male pattern baldness or thinning that may accompany aging. In other instances, the cause may be poor nutrition, as attested to by American Academy of Dermatology research.

Start with Nutrition

“The first step in diagnosing a probable cause of hair loss is to check nutrition,” says Dr. William Rassman, an awardwinning pioneer in hair restoration, founder of the New Hair Institute, in Los Angeles, editor of

and co-author of the book, Hair Loss and Replacement for Dummies. Other experts agree that including certain key nutrients in our diet can help prevent, and even reverse, some hair loss. “The same foods that are good for your body and overall health are good for your hair, including foods that are high in protein and low in carbohydrates, with a reduced fat content,” says Dr. Michael Reed, a dermatologist with New York University’s (NYU) Langone Medical Center, in New York City (

The first step in diagnosing a probable cause of hair loss is to check nutrition Key Nutrition Tips

Generally, a diet that supports both scalp and hair health is rich in protein; vitamins A, B complex and C; minerals like iron and zinc; and omega-3 fatty acids. Vitamin A: Found in green leafy vegetables like Swiss chard and spinach, as well as in carrots, it helps the scalp produce sebum, hair’s natural conditioner. Vitamin B12: “The requirement for vitamin B12 is very low,” says vegan Registered Dietitian Reed Mangels, “but it is needed for cell division and blood formation.” Foods such as organic eggs, cage-free poultry and grass-fed red meat are good sources; vegetarian and vegan sources include nutritional yeast (dried yellow flakes or powder, with a cheese-like flavor), vitamin B12-fortified soy or rice milk, and similarly fortified breakfast cereal. Iron: Samantha Heller, a registered dietitian and nutritionist at the NYU Medical Center, warns women that the potential deficiency of iron that often occurs during their reproductive years can lead to anemia, a reduction of red blood cells that is often an undiagnosed cause of hair loss. Foods like broccoli and brewer’s yeast help boost iron levels.

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Although eating healthier is always beneficial, that alone may not prevent or stop genetic, hormonal or age-related types of hair loss Omega-3 fatty acids: “Omega-3 fatty acids are important for total body and skin health, and that includes your scalp,” says Heller, author of Get Smart: Samantha Heller’s Nutrition Prescription for Boosting Brain Power and Optimizing Total Body Health. “Many Americans are not getting enough of these in their diets.” These essential fatty acids are widely found in flaxseed, hemp milk and seeds, walnuts, soy, canola oil and fish. Protein: Protein helps the body build many kinds of cells, including hair. Lentils and kidney beans provide a healthy amount of protein, plus iron and biotin, which especially help hair and nails stay strong and healthy, says Andrea Giancoli, a registered dietitian and spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association. Zinc: A zinc deficiency can lead to shedding more hair than usual, notes Dawn Jackson Blatner, a Chicagobased registered dietitian. Zinc is found in all kinds of beans, beef, whole grains and walnuts. “Although eating healthier is always beneficial, that alone may not prevent or stop genetic, hormonal or age-related types of hair loss,” counsels Rassman. His practice has confirmed that more often, genetics are behind male pattern hair loss, which can sometimes start in the teenage years. If nutrition has been ruled out as the pivotal cause, visiting a hair loss specialist is suggested to see what else can be done. Judith Fertig is a freelance writer in Overland Park, KS; see AlfrescoFood


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School’s Out Five Fun Ways to Keep Kids’ Minds Sharp This Summer by Janet Forgrieve

Every year, kids across the country close their schoolbooks and adjust their inner clocks to the more unstructured hours of summer. They’re ready to let the good times roll.

Personal Chef Services Wellness Enterprises, llc


et, studies going back decades have documented a resulting “summer slide” among kids who don’t engage their minds as much as school demands during their joyful break, according to Patricia Froehlich, youth services consultant for the Colorado State Library. To combat this, parents can find ways to strike a balance between learning and fun, grabbing opportunities to teach when and where they can. These parents find that the more this learning feels like schoolwork, the faster you lose them. But keeping it fun can not only keep kids from falling behind, it also may give them a leg up when they head back to class in the fall. The key is in “just hiding the learning in the fun,” counsels Christy Wright, activities director of Big Horn K-12 summer school, in Wyoming. Here are some ways to keep kids’ minds active when they’re out of school.


Summer community reading programs provide age-appropriate options for kids of every grade and help those who aren’t naturally adept readers to find topics that will make them want to pick up a book, advises Froehlich. Lisa Parry’s inspiration for her own family reading program came on Mother’s Day, when her children asked if they could get out the beads and make their mom some jewelry. They decided that each time her first-grader, Grace, finished reading a book aloud, she got to put another bead on a string that hung on the wall. Grace watched her accomplishments grow, while her parents saw her reading improve.

“Healthy and Healing Meals for Busy People” • Experience nourishment from the heart. All foods are prepared with love. • Active families save 10 hours each  week and enjoy healthier meals. • Working closely with Nutritionist and  Chiropractors on special diets. • Will do the food shopping and cook  healthy meals for you. • Great sources for organic produce. • Cooking Classes, Dinner Parties,  and Meal Planning also available. • Specialize in Gluten Free Raw foods  and Macrobiotic foods.

Personal Chef Ana Cecere


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Families that spend time camping and hiking can capitalize on the abundant natural learning opportunities that such activities foster, aided by books on the local flora and fauna. When traveling to another part of the country or the world for outdoor adventures, do some homework together first about what you’re likely to see when you get there. Indoor science lessons, cleverly disguised as games or toys, may be just as valuable, not only for teaching scientific concepts, but also in fostering skills kids will need when they head back to the classroom. Kelly Pascal Gould relates how Jackson, her elementary school-age son, naturally gravitates toward experiments and creative projects. One spring, she stocked up on chemistry sets and science kits. Several of them worked to engage the budding inventor, who needed to increase his attention span. Wright notes that many students that participate in her summer school program are referred to her because they have trouble concentrating in regular classes. She’s learned that projects that teach them about science, nature and how things work tend to keep them focused on the task at hand, and also begin to ingrain in them ways to better concentrate in the future.


During Wright’s summer school program, kids come in early to play Dance Dance Revolution or Guitar Hero; she encourages kids to play these and other games on consoles like Xbox, PlayStation and Wii. Games that engage the body, while demanding mental concentration, not only help kids learn new skills, they may also improve their ability to be able to focus when they need to sit still for lessons later, she says. “[Games that entail] cross-lateral movement, which means doing something crossover, like jumping rope or playing ball, are good, too, because they’re using one side of the body that engages the other side of the brain, so both body and mind are moving,” explains Wright. “It helps kids comprehend, and then settle down and learn.” More traditional games provide another type of learning experience, especially when kids make up rules they invent and agree upon as they go along.



Preparing meals is another forum for engaging kids’ minds during the summer. To enjoy the fruits of their culinary labors, youngsters must first master reading, measuring

and following directions—lessons that are much easier to swallow when they are followed by a tasty dish they’ve made themselves, notes Wright. Parry’s daughter Grace loves to help in the kitchen, and children generally enjoy the tangible sense of accomplishment when they put a meal they’ve helped create on the table. “She’s old enough now where she can measure and scoop,” Parry says. “It’s fun for both of us.”


Gould set up a place at home where Jackson can go and create to his heart’s content. The art room has just about anything a child needs to create his own works of art, she says. Jackson also recently learned to embroider; quite an accomplishment, given the complete focus such an art demands. Susan Aust’s tween, Tucker, is into art of a different kind, having developed a love of all things theatrical and voraciously reading books about famous actors and actresses, she says. The Austs started a weekly home family film festival, where they all watch a movie together and afterwards, “We talk about the actors’ lives and work.” Janet Forgrieve is a regular contributor to, from which this article was adapted.

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A Three-Part Journey of Positive Change:

Explore, Focus,


What shapes our lives are the questions we ask, refuse to ask, or never think to ask. —Sam Keen by Kathy Kane


t many points in life, we find ourselves facing change. Change can erupt from external forces or from a vague internal disquiet. It might come as an old dream lingering on the fringes of memory or buried so deep that it is only a faint tapping behind the ear. It may be a small tweak or shift in thinking, or our willingness to be reinvented. Whether it’s a small change or a BIG one, it becomes clear that we are in transition: “The old jeans just don’t fit anymore.” The first part of the journey of positive change is about exploration. It is a time for soft focus, keeping our antennae up. It’s a time to keep ourselves open to all that is around us and pay close attention to what energizes us, noticing how we feel things in our bodies. Here are some tips to help you explore, the first phase in the journey of positive change. • Ask small questions without expecting immediate answers. Robert Maurer, Ph.D., recommends this technique in his book One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way. Big life-changing questions elicit fear and shut down the creative process, but the brain just loves small questions: “What am I noticing today that sparks my interest?” “If I could do anything, what would it be?” Such questions engage the brain and stimulate playfulness. The answers that emerge will provoke more questions. As we remain open to the questions and answers, new ideas open up. • Be aware of synchronicities or meaningful coincidences. Ask the small questions frequently, and pay attention to what bubbles to the surface. You will find that people show up. Newspaper or magazine articles begin to coincide with what has been on your mind. Opportunities present themselves. Don’t discount these “coincidences.” Just observe and stay open during this phase of your journey. • Keep a journal. In her book The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron prescribes morning pages: three pages of handwritten stream-of-consciousness jottings first thing in the morning. For those who find this a lot to do, try for just an occasional page

or paragraph in which you ask your questions, record your observations, and daydream on the page. It’s a powerful exercise. • Expose yourself to new things. Go to a lecture that catches your eye. Wander through the sections of a bookstore or library you don’t normally go to. Take a class, walk a new route, or drive a different way home. Remember what delighted you as a child. Be ruthless about keeping out of your rut. Sit back and enjoy this leg of your journey of positive change. Feel the delight of discovery and possibility. Next month, we’ll shift gears and narrow the focus to see what destination emerges. Then, in the third and final part of this series, we will GO! Kathy Kane is a certified KaizenMuse Creativity Coach® and an Amherst Writers and Artists affiliate. Connect with her at Kathy@ See ad on page 16.

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REAllY RIch:

You present many lessons on how to move toward higher consciousness, while simultaneously allowing for financial success. How can we use our creativity to apply ourselves to something we really believe in without worrying about accolades or financial reward?

Balancing Wealth with Health A Conversation with Russell Simmons by Bill Van Arsdale


While you have achieved extraordinary financial success, instead of becoming completely swept up in ego and material things, you have evolved from being the “Godfather of Rap” into a guru. What set you on the path to writing Super Rich? As we grow, we experience proofs that what our parents, preachers, prophets and scriptures told us as a child is true: The process of living in the cycle of giving is the thing that makes us happy. We also learn that the outside

Courtesy of Gerald Janssen

ussell Simmons is a rare combination of self-made multimillionaire and spiritual guru. Co-founder of Def Jam records, the Phat Farm fashion label and several other business and philanthropic ventures, Simmons has just released his second bestselling book, Super Rich: A Guide to Having It All. His idea of “having it all” is not what one might imagine.

world separates us from the God inside of us, and if we take that Godlikeness and exude it, spreading it out, then the world gives it back to us. These truths are right in front of us, but we are not taught them enough, or else we forget to remember them. So, the purpose of this book is simply to help us remember.

wise father that knows his own child. It is a

~William Shakespeare


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In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna says you have control of the action alone, and never the fruit. The work we do is our prayer. Going to work every day is God’s work. Finding an entrepreneurial business or another endeavor that you are proud of and inspired to use to give—that’s God’s work. You have to be creative, which means that you have to look inside enough to come up with something that the world needs. You can’t see the whole if you reside on the outside, where others move you around; the inside is where you make your own choices. Success and prosperity are fringe benefits. Super Rich means a state of needing nothing, of operating from a state of Christ consciousness, or Nirvana, or Samadhi. If we can operate from that, then the cycle of giving speeds up. We become a much greater servant because we are good givers, and good givers are great receivers. That is the core premise.

Don’t the pursuits of wealth and enlightenment pull us in opposite directions? Spiritually, we know what’s right, and that is what I am really trying to get people to engage in, this process of prayer, of looking at the inside instead of the outside for answers. I want them to become what is in their heart and do what they think makes good sense. Can we heal ourselves from the inside out and, in so doing, create a world where we are contributing something good? As human beings, are we going to lift the collective consciousness to the

Specialized Tutoring/Learning Assessments point where we are aware of and actively moving forward to heal the Earth?

What do you think that people can incorporate into their daily routine in order to lead more fulfilling lives? Meditation is vital if you want to see the world in real time and be awake enough to make good choices, live calmly, stay healthy and maintain the clarity needed to focus on the task in front of you. You can only realize a state of higher consciousness with a still mind. When you routinely walk around exuding inner happiness, you become what I call very sticky and attractive. Good givers of good will and hard work and service become very successful. The road to enlightenment is paved with rich results. As you give, as you become more enlightened, you become more empowered. Things fall in your lap. Yet, as you become more attractive and sticky, things you thought you wanted become less valuable, until they mean nothing.

Many are rightly alarmed at how humans are degrading our planet. What actions must we take now to pass along a livable world to our grandchildren? The first thing we have to do is stop eating animals, including sea creatures. This is a great cause of many environmental ills currently destroying the planet. We could turn it around if more people would become vegetarians. When individuals take control of their own lives through their meditation and prayer, they will come to all types of decisions that are helpful to this planet and all life. That’s what we want for everyone. Bill Van Arsdale is a freelance writer living in Naples, FL.

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Shelley Tzorfas, tutor for  more than 20 years, has  successfully helped children  learn and helped parents  navigate the educational  system.      She holds an MFA   from Rutgers and studied   education at NYU and  Hunter College. She is   a member of the Int’l  Dyslexia Association • 908-391-2650 •

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astern School of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine The Eastern School of Acupuncture is accepting applications for our Acupuncture and Traditional Herbal Medicine programs. Community Education and Continuing Education programs are also available. Please call or check our website for current events. Our student clinic offers affordable acupuncture treatments available to the public. Established in 1997, the professional diploma in Acupuncture program of the Eastern School of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine is Accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ACAOM). 427 Bloomfield Ave • Montclair, NJ 07042 • 973-746-8717 natural awakenings

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Feeling Better Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Natural Pathways Massage Therapy, LLC

For over 25 years Dr. Harlene Goldschmidt, clinical psychologist, has helped adults, couples, teens, children and their families. Dr. Goldschmidt has 2 post-doctoral certificates, and is a faculty member at the Center for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis of NJ. Dr. Goldschmidt supervises psychologists for licensure. She is also the Director of the Wellness program for the NJ Dance Theatre Ensemble.

Beth Campbell, NCTMB, CMT Swedish u Deep Tissue u Stretching u Pre & Peri Natal Cancer & Mastectomy Massage u Disabled u Hospice u Home Visits


• Psychotherapy with Adults, Couples, Teens • Dream Discovery Groups & Individual Consultation • Supervision for Mental Health Professionals

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Harlene Goldschmidt, Ph.D. Psychologist

2 Office Locations: Rossi Family Chiropractic • Dr. Fred Rossi, DC • 1107 Valley Rd., Stirling, NJ 07980 Dr. Cathy Ostroff, DC • 248 Colombia Tnpk., Florham Park, NJ 07932

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2 W. Northfield Road, Suite 210-A Livingston, NJ 07039 973.533.9600 • u 201-704-5749

“Who is Looking for an Answer to Awful Headaches and Migraines?” Dear Friend, Every day, people come to see me looking for an answer to those agonizing headaches they’ve endured for years. Many have been to several doctors, tried several drugs, and have had very expensive tests. My patient, Roseann, had migraine headaches since first grade. She’d been to generalists, specialists, had CAT scans, MRI’s, and been on some powerful medications . . . all of which didn’t help. She suffered for 20 years. Another patient, Aggie, just went three weeks without a migraine for the first time in years (she hadn’t gone longer than a few days without one). All that suffering, when the answer was just removing nerve pressure in their spines. Their cases are not unusual at all. “This month I’m reaching out to people with headaches.” It bothers me that many have been told there is no answer for them, when perhaps there is. No doctor can guarantee a cure; however, chiropractic care has been shown to help countless people. And, it’s not just migraines and headaches. I’m blessed to help people with chronic pain, neck pain, shoulder/arm pain, whiplash from car accidents, backaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, numbness in limbs, athletic injuries, just to name a few. I often see people who’ve come to me as a “last resort.” As a chiropractor, I do things differently. I’m not going to give you medications to cover up symptoms because my job is to get to the root cause of the health problems. You need to know that I don’t “cure” anyone. Your body is designed to always strive to heal itself. Sometimes, nerve interference gets in the way of that inborn striving towards health. What I do is remove nerve pressure, and allow the body to heal itself. I’m not a miracle worker; your body is the real miracle. Although all people respond differently to care, most people who see a chiropractor are satisfied. Thanks, and God Bless. Fred Rossi, D.C. Bring in this article by June 30th and I’ll give you a new patient exam for $67 with x-rays, paraspinal thermal imaging . . . the whole thing ($260 value). Further care is very affordable and you’ll be happy to know that we have family plans. You can call me, or Maya, at ROSSI FAMILY CHIROPRACTIC. We can help you.

P.S. If another member of your family or a good friend wants to come in with you for this exam, we’ll do that second exam for $27.

1107 Valley Road, Suite 4 32

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TURN YOUR PASSION INTO A BUSINESS... own a Natural Awakenings magazine! As a Natural Awakenings publisher, you can enjoy learning about healthy and joyous living while working from your home and earn a good income doing something you love! Your magazine will help thousands of readers to make positive changes in their lives, while promoting local practitioners and providers of natural, earth-friendly lifestyles. You will be creating a healthier community while building your own financial security. No publishing experience is necessary. You’ll work for yourself but not by yourself. We offer a complete training and support system that allows you to successfully publish your own magazine. Be part of a dynamic franchised publishing network that is helping to transform the way we live and care for ourselves. Now available in Spanish as well. To determine if owning a Natural Awakenings is right for you and your target community, call us for a free consultation at 239-530-1377.

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savethedate Tree Whispering®: Holistic Partnership with Trees, Plants & Nature June 3: 8 pm-10 pm, June 4: 9 am5:30 pm, June 5: 8:30 am-Noon $300 plus accommodations Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY. Register & Directions: Tune up abilities to sense, feel, ask, listen and love Green Beings by coming from their point of view. Journey into trees’ inner dimensions– experience BEING the tree. Intuitively receive Nature’s messages. In mindful, sacred, practical ways, learn how to do common chores–like transplanting–in a cooperative partnership. Use touch and permission-based, holistic energy-healing methods. Graduate as Tree Ambassador®. Discover an idea whose time has come:

savethedate savethedate event listings are designed for significant, exclusive, future, or multi-date events that require planning or reservations. Total word count cannot exceed 125 words. Websites are accepted. Cost per listing is $30. Email Listings to by the 10th of the month prior to listing month.


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calendarofevents WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1 Lunch & Learn—Noon–1 p.m. Topic: Chanting & Toning for Well-being. $10. Register at 908-8793937. The Art of the Heart, 15 Perry St, Chester.

FRIDAY, JUNE 3 Wild & Scenic Film Festival—5:30–9 p.m. Ages 8 and up; 100-person limit. Join Schiff and Base Camp Adventure Outfitters for a night of environmental and adventure films that illustrate the earth’s beauty, the challenges facing our planet, and the work communities are doing to protect the environment. Hike or take a hay wagon to Woodbadge Lodge, enjoy light refreshments and raffle prizes as you watch two hours of environmentally conscious films. Rain or shine. $20; $17 four or more. Visit SchiffNaturePreserve. org to purchase tickets. Schiff Nature Preserve, 339 Pleasant Valley Rd., Mendham. 973-543-6004. Finding the Guru Within: The Practical Applications of Yoga Theory and Practice—7–9 p.m. with Reverend Jaganath Carrera, Spiritual Guide for the Yoga Life Society. Lotus Yoga, 7 North Willow, Suite 3, Montclair. Visit for directions. Preregistration is not necessary. Fee: $15 per person.

SATURDAY, JUNE 4 Shape Up for Summer with ChiWalking and Qigong—9 a.m.–Noon. Tone and strengthen core muscles while reducing aches and pains. Athletes and beginners welcome. $45. Held at the Elila Center, 430 Springfield Ave., Berkeley Heights. 908-591-8256. Reiki ~ Deciphering the Sacred Healing Code— 10 a.m. –2 p.m. 9:30 a.m. sign in. Presented by Dr. Suhail S. Jarroush, PhD, IRMST. This four-hour seminar is a must for every Reiki practitioner, Master and Teacher. Dr. Jarroush will demystify the power of healing energy and reveal how the Sacred Spirals of Reiki energy, within the circular bound-

savethedate Fireworks in the Rockies! July 2-9 Inexpensive hiking, yoga, Reiki retreat in Winter Park, Colorado. Accommodations, all classes, trips to Rocky Mountain National Park, Devil’s Thumb, Hot Springs, Byers Peak included, plus some meals and all local transportation. Email or call 973551-2506. Web: Some proceeds to benefit National Sports Center for the Disabled, Winter Park’s favorite charity and highly acclaimed international program.

Registration deadline: June 12.

aries of physical creation, can create a harmonious healing pattern. $90. Prepaid registration required. Email or call 973-6869100. Held at Aquarian Sun Healing and Learning Center, 1574 Rt. 23 N., Butler. The Way of the Rose Workshop ~ “Healing the Feminine Heart”—10 a.m.–4 p.m. Facilitated by UK’s Sandra Marie Humby. The Way of the Rose is an ancient sacred pathway of personal healing, authentic empowerment and the full embodiment of the heart/womb-centered wisdom and consciousness of the Divine Feminine essence. $125. Women only. Held in Hope. More info and to register, call 908-797-5225 or email Renae@DesignHarmony. com. Animals Readings and Reiki Healings with Barbara Goodfriend—11 a.m.–5 p.m. Bring your pet or a photo of your pet. For more information on cost and to set up a time for a reading and/or healing for your pet, call 908-879-3937. The Art of the Heart, 15 Perry St, Chester. MELT your LEGS—Noon–1:30 p.m. This workshop is ideal for runners, avid walkers and hikers. Bring water and a yoga mat. Wear comfortable workout clothing. Six Degrees of Wellness, 25 Bloomfield Avenue, Denville. Fee: $30 –Advanced Registration Required. Register online: For more info, visit Wild & Scenic Film Festival—5:30–9 p.m. Ages 8 and up; 100-person limit. Join Schiff and Base Camp Adventure Outfitters for a night of environmental and adventure films that illustrate the Earth’s beauty, the challenges facing our planet, and the work communities are doing to protect the environment. Hike or take a hay wagon to Woodbadge Lodge, enjoy light refreshments and raffle prizes as you watch two hours of environmentally conscious films. Rain or shine. $20; $17 four or more. Visit to purchase tickets. Schiff Nature Preserve, 339 Pleasant Valley Rd., Mendham. 973-543-6004.

SUNDAY, JUNE 5 The Way of the Rose Workshop ~ “Healing the Feminine Heart”—10 a.m.–4 p.m. Facilitated by UK’s Sandra Marie Humby. The Way of the Rose is an ancient sacred pathway of personal healing, authentic empowerment and the full embodiment of the heart/womb-centered wisdom and consciousness of the Divine Feminine essence. $125. Women only. Held at Quest Bookstore, NY. More info and to register, call 908 797-5225 or email Renae@ Animals Readings and Reiki Healings with Barbara Goodfriend—11 a.m.–5 p.m. Bring your pet or a photo of your pet. For more information on cost and to set up a time for a reading and/or healing for your pet, call 908-879-3937. The Art of the Heart, 15 Perry St, Chester. Pet Massage and/or Reiki—Noon–4 p.m. Susan L. Wilson, Reiki Master, will be offering massage and/or Reiki for your pets. 15 minutes $20. By appt.

only at 908-232-0006. Cherrybrook Pet Supplies, 704 North Ave., Garwood. Healing Hands IV with Christina Lynn Whited—2–4 p.m. Explore the outer range of the aura and how to assess and heal those areas. Open to all who have taken Healing Hands before. Circle of Intention, High Bridge. $25. Must register at 908638-9066. Learn to Meditate with Peter Kurczynski—5–6:30 p.m. New students $54 for 4 weeks. Studio Yoga Madison, 2 Green Village Rd., downtown Madison. 973-9665311. Reiki I—9:30 a.m.–5 p.m. Empower your healing journey with a unique blend of traditional & modern skills to have Reiki in your daily life and at your fingertips. $250. Miriam’s Well Healing LLC, 26 W Park Place, 2nd fl, Morristown. MiriamsWellHealing. com;

TUESDAY, JUNE 7 Stop Smoking with Hypnosis—6:30–7:30 p.m. Through hypnosis, smoking cessation is easily achieved in a one-hour session. Eliminate the craving for tobacco while minimizing discomfort. $49. Jefferson Curves, 5 Bowling Green Pkwy., Lake Hopatcong. 908-996-3311; 973-663-4433. Lose Weight with Hypnosis—7:30–8:30 p.m. Through hypnosis, weight loss is easily and painlessly attained. Shed unwanted pounds and keep them off in a safe, effective program. $49. Jefferson Curves, 5 Bowling Green Pkwy., Lake Hopatcong. 908-996-3311; 973-663-4433.

Monthly “Law of Attraction” Meeting—7:30-9:00 p.m. The monthly “Law of Attraction” meeting is intended to foster support for individuals who are incorporating this law into their life. $15 per attendee. Class size is limited. You must preregister by calling 973-383-6847 or emailing Cindy@ Fresh Look on Life, 31 Rte. 206, Augusta.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 8 Journey to You: Direct Connection to Soul, Self and Life Purpose—10 a.m.–4 p.m. You will have a direct experience of learning a practice that offers immediate, profound healing and learning in all areas of your life and working with others. Second day determined by group. Janet StraightArrow, 973-647-2500. $275. Be The Medicine, 18 Bank St, Morristown, NJ 07960. 3 Day Event: Braco Gazing Sessions— 11 a.m.–7:30 p.m. Also 6/9 & 6/10. Braco’s silent gaze brings a new possibility of transformation, healing and awakening for humanity. Crowne Plaza Hotel Secaucus, 2 Harmon Plaza. Info: Reiki Circle—8–9 p.m. Intro to Reiki, guided meditation and some Reiki to get you through the week. Unique and welcoming office. $10 suggested donation. Miriam’s Well Healing LLC, 26 W Park Place, 2nd floor, Morristown. MiriamsWellHealing. com.

ThURSDAY, JUNE 9 Hawaiian Tarot Card Readings—10 a.m.–8 p.m. Readings using Hawaiian Mana Cards. $25. Appt.

only. Huna Healing Center. HunaHealingCenter. com. 973-224-6773. Western Astrology and the Prophecies of 2012 with Alexander Mallon—7 –9:30 p.m. Looking through the lens of spirit, science and traditions around the world we will explore and understand perspectives on these times. Discussion follows. $37 Be The Medicine, 18 Bank St, Morristown, NJ 973-647-2500. Raising Super Healthy Children—7–8:30 p.m. Karen Ranzi, author of Creating Healthy Children: Through Attachment Parenting and Raw Foods, will discuss how you can avoid medicating your child for illnesses such as asthma, ear infections, chronic allergies and learning problems. $25. Space is limited; must register at or 908-6650333. Respira Salt Wellness Center, 472 Springfield Ave., Berkeley Heights.

FRIDAY, JUNE 10 Weekend Yoga Workshop ~ Ashtanga Vinyasa with Kino MacGregor— 6 p.m. thru Sunday, June 12. $60 per session; full weekend $300. Held at Asana House & Ashtanga Yoga, 127 Valley Rd., Montclair. 973-744-1500. Hypnotherapy Certification with Robert Burns—7–9 p.m. thru Sunday, June 12. Become a certified hypnotherapist in one intense weekend of training. This course will include two certificates: hypnotherapist certification and basic NLP certification. Must preregister by June 1. Huna Healing Center. 973-224-6773.

When you provide a hot meal to a disaster victim, or give blood to someone you will never meet, train in first aid, or help a member of our military, you join the American Red Cross. Your support makes the difference. Because of you, the Red Cross can respond to nearly 200 neighborhood emergencies every day. Click, text or call to join today!

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1-800-RED CROSS | Text REDCROSS to 90999 to give $10

Text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation to the Red Cross. Charges will appear on your wireless bill, or be deducted from your prepaid balance. Msg & Data rates may apply. Reply STOP to 90999 to STOP. Reply HELP to 90999 for HELP. Full terms and privacy policy:

natural awakenings

June 2011


SATURDAY, JUNE 11 Getting Unstuck ~ Moving Forward—10:30 a.m.–3 p.m. Join Janet StraightArrow as she leads you through processes to untie the fears, rules and blocks that keep you from living your best life. New perspectives, tools and courage will go home with you, so you can live your best life now. $125. Held at Be The Medicine, 18 Bank St, Morristown. 973-647-2500. Tai Chi Fan Class—10 a.m.–6 p.m. (also on June 12) Master Lu is one of China’s most sought-after Qigong masters. She was head coach for the 2009 Olympic ceremony Qigong performance in Tiananmen Square. Ramada, East Hanover; $125–$199. For more information, email or call 973-887-2255.

SUNDAY, JUNE 12 “Power Connection” Training Workshop in Intuitive Energy Healing with Dr. Robert Kandarjian—12:30–6 p.m. This workshop offers hands-on experience to discover, or to expand, Intuitive Energy Healing abilities. Learn how to assess, balance and correct the human energy field (Aura), awaken to inner guidance and intuitive healing, deepen emotional and spiritual integration, ground and access Universal energy, combine and integrate clinical and intuitive skills, and coordinate client and healer intentionality. Limited to five participants. $325 ($300 for practitioners and previous trainees). Held at Six Degrees of Wellness, 25 Bloomfield Ave., Denville. For further info and registration, call 973-713-6811. Reiki I— 9:30 a.m.–5 p.m. Empower your healing journey with a unique blend of traditional & modern skills to have Reiki in your daily life and at your fingertips. $250. Miriam’s Well Healing LLC, 26 W Park Place, 2nd fl, Morristown.

moNDAY, JUNE 13 Stop Smoking with Hypnosis—6:30–7:30 p.m. Through hypnosis, smoking cessation is easily achieved in a one-hour session. Eliminate the craving for tobacco while minimizing discomfort. $55. Held at Bloomfield Hypnosis Counseling Center, 554 Bloomfield Ave., Ste L2, Bloomfield. 908-996-3311. Reiki Healing Circle—7–8:30 p.m. Experience restoration, relaxation, and balance as you enjoy Reiki in the salt room; includes guided meditation, intro to Reiki, chair treatments, and a few minutes of salt therapy. $20. Class limited, must register at or 908-665-0333. Respira Salt Wellness Center, 472 Springfield Ave., Berkeley Heights. Lose Weight with Hypnosis—7:30–8:30 p.m. Through hypnosis, weight loss is easily and painlessly attained. Shed unwanted pounds and keep them off in a safe, effective program. $55. Held at Bloomfield Hypnosis Counseling Center, 554 Bloomfield Ave., Ste L2, Bloomfield. 908-996-3311.


e Medi


BE THE MEDICINE Living The Power of You!




Janet StraightArrow

973-647-2500 Retreats • Programs • Workshops • Private Sessions


North Central NJ Edition

Lose Weight and Breathe Easier—7–8 p.m. Marsha Abramson, Certified Health Counselor, will discuss how to lose weight without weighing your food, using a scale or dieting. Learn tips that are doable and can provide permanent value throughout your life. Includes a few minutes of salt therapy. $20. Space limited; must register at or 908-665-0333. Respira Salt Wellness Center, 472 Springfield Ave., Berkeley Heights. Group Healing—7:30–8:30 p.m. Experience the power of Etheric Healing in a group session. Ancient Healers are channeled Full Body to allow restoration of health and vitality to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Please read about Group Healing at before joining this circle. $42. Register at 732-927-1116 or healingaia Holistic Wellness, 13 E Main St., Mendham. Featured Story on Janet StraightArrow’s Journey—7–9 p.m. Sharing the archetype of the Teacher, Coach, Guide, Mentor and Storyteller. A conversation through the lens of these archetypes for all to discuss and appreciate our stories and live our highest potential. $18 includes beverage and discussion.; Rockaway. 973-985-7548.

FRIDAY, JUNE 17 Growing in Love: The Practical Applications of Yoga Theory and Practice— 8–9:30 p.m. with Reverend Jaganath Carrera, Spiritual Guide for the Yoga Life Society and author of the highly regarded Inside the Yoga Sutras.. Starseed Yoga and Wellness, 215 Glenridge Ave, Montclair. Visit StarSeedYoga. com for directions. Preregistration is not necessary. Fee: $15 per person.

SATURDAY, JUNE 18 Vegan Cooking with Beth Cofone—2–5 p.m. Learn to prepare vegan recipes. Along with tasting each dish, enjoy a vegan dessert and free product giveaways. Held at the Health Shoppe, 207 Rt. 206, Chester. For more info, call 908-879-7555. Eight Pieces of Brocade (Ba Duan Jin)—10 a.m.–6 p.m. (also on June 19) Master Lu is one of China’s most sought-after Qigong masters. She was head coach for the 2009 Olympic ceremony Qigong performance in Tiananmen Square. Ramada, East Hanover; $95–$125. For more information, email or call 973-887-2255.

SUNDAY, JUNE 19 HAPPY FATHER’S DAY MELT for Neck and Shoulder Pain—7:00–8:30 p.m. This workshop offers specific techniques that target & reduce common body pains. Bring water and a yoga mat. Wear comfortable workout clothing. Six Degrees of Wellness, 25 Bloomfield Avenue, Denville. Fee: $30 –Advanced Registration Required. Register online: For more info, visit

moNDAY, JUNE 20 Meditation in the Salt Room—7–8 p.m. Practice mindfulness-based stress reduction and other meditation techniques. Every class concludes with guided relaxation and a few minutes of salt therapy. $15. Class limited; must register at or 908665-0333. Respira Salt Wellness Center, 472 Springfield Ave., Berkeley Heights.

TUESDAY, JUNE 21 Spiritual Development: Class 1—7–8:30 p.m. This class will focus on psychic development exercises, meditation and readings. $20. There will be a total of

six classes, over time, which cover a variety of development techniques. Must preregister. Huna Healing Center. 973-224-6773. Emotional Release—7:30-8:30 p.m. Experience the healing power of essential oils and Etheric Healing in a group session. Learn energetic release techniques to use with the oils to clear emotional/ mental blockages and trauma. Your practice will be enhanced by a Group Healing. Please read about Emotional Release and Group Healing at healingaia. com before joining this circle. $52. Register at 732927-1116 or healingaia Holistic Wellness, 13 E Main St., Mendham.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22 Reiki Circle—8–9 p.m. Intro to Reiki, guided meditation and some Reiki to get you through the week. Unique and welcoming office. $10 suggested donation. Miriam’s Well Healing LLC, 26 W Park Place, 2nd floor, Morristown. MiriamsWellHealing. com.

ThURSDAY, JUNE 23 Speaking for Mother Mary with Christina Lynn Whited—7–9 p.m. Christina will channel messages of hope and peace from Mother Mary. Includes an attunement and guided meditation. Circle of Intention, High Bridge. $25. Must register at 908-638-9066. Meditation and Spiritual Teaching for Everyone—7 p.m.-9:30 p.m. Explore deeper ways to live and heal in these changing times. New meditation tools and practices introduced each session. Class open to all who are ready to awaken to themselves in profound ways. Positive, supportive community. Questions and discussion appreciated. $35 Janet StraightArrow RSVP 973-647-2500 Be The Medicine, 18 Bank St, Morristown, NJ.

FRIDAY, JUNE 24 Spirit Gallery with Trish Woods—7 p.m. Each person will receive messages from loved ones. $65. Register at 908-879-3937. The Art of the Heart, 15 Perry St, Chester. Summer Solstice Celebration—7–9 p.m. A lighthearted ritual to celebrate the turning of the “wheel of the year” as you honor the Sun. Includes drumming, dancing, and a possible “fairy hunt.” Register at 908-500-7183. First Unitarian Society of Plainfield.

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SATURDAY, JUNE 25 Reiki II: Mental, Emotional & Long Distance with Andrea Grace—9:30 a.m.–3 p.m. and Tuesday, June 28, from 7–9:30 p.m. Further your Reiki practice. Includes certification. Attunement ceremony on Tuesday evening. $250. The Elila Center. 430 Springfield Ave, Berkeley Heights. 908-591-8256. Journey to You: Direct Connection to Soul, Self and Life Purpose—10 a.m.–4 p.m. June 26 also. You will have a direct experience of learning a practice that offers immediate, profound healing and learning in all areas of your life and working with others. Janet StraightArrow, 973-647-2500 $275. Be The Medicine, 18 Bank St, Morristown, NJ 07960. Joint/Tendons Strengthening (Yi Jin Jing)—10 a.m.–6 p.m. (Also on June 26) Master Lu is one of China’s most sought-after Qigong masters. She was head coach for the 2009 Olympic ceremony Qigong performance in Tiananmen Square. Ramada, East Hanover; $95–$125. For more information, email or call 973-887-2255.

SUNDAY, JUNE 26 Women’s Wellness Circle with Kim Ruggierio, Certified Wellness Coach—1–3 p.m. Topic: Hormone Imbalance, Perimenopause and Menopause: Education and Empowerment for Women of all Ages. $30. Prepaid registration required. Email or call 973-686-9100. Held at Aquarian Sun Healing and Learning Center, 1574 Rt. 23 N., Butler.

moNDAY, JUNE 27 Reiki Healing Circle—7–8:30 p.m. Experience restoration, relaxation, and balance as you enjoy Reiki in the salt room; includes guided meditation, intro to Reiki, chair treatments, and a few minutes of salt therapy. $20. Class limited, must register at or 908-665-0333. Respira Salt Wellness Center, 472 Springfield Ave., Berkeley Heights.

Exercise should be regarded as tribute to the heart.

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June 2011


ongoingevents Kindly call to confirm date, location, time.

sunday Morris County Striders Running Club~Sunday Runs—8:30 a.m. (9 a.m. in winter). All abilities welcome. 400 Morris Ave., Rockaway. Dues May to May: $15 individual, $20 family. Distances vary from 3 to 13+ miles. Info: Steve A. 908-813-0935 or BadKnees@ Morristown Group Bike Ride—8:30 a.m. Sundays. Medium to fast pace; 16–18 mph. Loantaka Way Parking lot of Loantaka Park. 30-50 miles depending on the time of year. More info: 973-538-7773. Summit Unitarian Worship Service—9 a.m. The Unitarian Church, 4 Waldron Ave., Summit. 908-273-3245. Morristown Unitarian Fellowship—Worship services at 9–10 a.m. and 11 a.m.–noon. Children and Youth Religious Education. 21 Normandy Heights Rd., Morristown. 973-540-1177, ext. 201.

Join us on Facebook and we’ll directly alert you to upcoming happenings and events.

Hackettstown Group Bike Ride—9:30 a.m. Sundays. Medium pace; 14–17 mph. Marty’s of Hackettstown. 30 miles. Miles and miles of countryside waiting for you. More info 908-852-1650 or email TC at Fresh Freedom Call Ministry—9:30 a.m.–3 p.m. Lunch is served at 1 p.m. Fresh Freedom Call is an outreach to those living on city streets. This nonprofit organization serves more than 75 people each week at Fresh Anointing International Church, 23-25 Washington St (corner of James St.), Newark. Monetary donations, food drives and fundraising are always needed. All donations are used for the sole purpose and benefit of the homeless community. To learn more about Fresh Freedom Call, visit or call 973-713-2145. Preschool Yoga Class—10:15–11 a.m. Sundays. More info at 201-213-1294. Pediatric Therapy & Yoga of Morris, LLC, 14 Elm St. Morristown. Restorative Yoga—10:30–11:30 a.m. Mondays. Gibbons Holistic Chiropractic & Wellness Centre, 601 Jefferson Rd., Suite 102, Parsippany. 973887-0860. Summit Unitarian Church Worship Service—10:45 a.m. The Unitarian Church, 4 Waldron Ave., Summit. 908-273-3245. Center for Spiritual Living ~ Morristown—11 a.m. Sunday Celebration and Youth Program, followed by refreshments at noon in Friendship Hall. 331 Mt. Kemble Ave., Morristown. 973-539-3114. Unity of Sussex County—11 a.m. Sunday Celebration and Youth Program, followed by fellowship in Wakeman Hall. 25 Mudcut Rd, Lafayette. 973-3836277. Girl’s Yoga Integrated—11:15 a.m.–12:15 p.m. Sundays. More info at 201-213-1294. Pediatric Therapy & Yoga of Morris, LLC, 14 Elm St. Morristown.

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HaiR loSS ZiPPy e-biKeS Today’s easy, green Riders

JUNE 2011 | North Central NJ Edition |

Chatham Drum Circle & Sacred Circle of Sound—3 p.m. Third Sundays. Friends (Quaker) Meeting House, Southern Blvd., Chatham Twp. Donations welcome. No calls Sunday: 973-6579696 or 212-475-1090. African Drumming Classes with Chuck Wood— 4–5 p.m. Sundays. Bring your own drum. No exp. required. $20. Awakening Point, 484 Schooley’s Mountain Rd., Hackettstown. For more info and to register, contact or 908852-9642. AA Meeting (O-B-ST)—8 p.m. Sundays. Going through the12 Steps together you may write, make amends, pray and meditate, share what you have written, and/or take action as outlined by the steps. Open to those struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction. Free. Cranford United Methodist Church, 201 Lincoln Ave., Cranford.

monday Morris County Career Network—9–11 a.m. Second and fourth Mondays. Provides a supportive environment to practice your pitch, exchange business ideas and discuss new ways of finding employment, creating opportunity or preparing a successful proposal. Hosted at the St. Peter’s Morristown Parish Hall, 70 Maple Ave., Morristown. Parking is provided by Assumption Church at their lower lot behind 95 Maple Ave. MOMS Club of Flanders Area—10 a.m. First Mondays. Connect with other stay-at-home moms and their children. Nonprofit support group for families in Flanders, Roxbury Twp., and Chester. Email or visit Restorative Yoga—10:30–11:30 a.m. Gibbons Holistic Chiropractic & Wellness Centre, 601 Jefferson Rd., Suite 102, Parsippany. 973-887-0860. Beginner Yoga Adult Class—Noon–1 p.m. Mondays. Drop-in $25; 4 sessions $75; 8 sessions $130; New Student promotion 3 sessions $45. Pediatric Therapy & Yoga of Morris, LLC, 14 Elm St., Morristown. 201-213-1294. Noontime Energy Enhancing Blasts with Sal Canzonieri—Noon–1 p.m. Mondays. Lunchtime energy healing to get yourself charged up for the week. $15. Register at 908-879-3937. The Art of the Heart, 15 Perry St, Chester. Twilight Nia Class—6:15 pm. Mondays. Healthe-Motion, 1 W. Main St, 2nd Fl., Denville. Martial Arts of Zen—6:30–8 p.m. Develop focus, concentration, breath control, power, spontaneity and Zen actualization while improving fitness and learning practical, reality-based personal protection. Classes led by Jeff Eisenberg, 6th degree Black Belt. Zen Center, 393 Crescent Ave, Wyckoff. 201-8919100. Monday Night Book Group—7 p.m. Free. 506 Main St., Boonton. More info: 973-334-3655 or Meditation in the Salt Room—7–8 p.m. Second Mondays. Practice mindfulness-based stress reduction and other meditation techniques. Every class concludes with guided relaxation and a few minutes of salt therapy. $15. Class limited, must register or 908-665-0333. Respira Salt Wellness Center, 472 Springfield Ave., Berkeley Heights. Chakra Yoga with Chant and Tibetan Yoga—7– 8:15 p.m. Mondays. Westfield Yoga, 231 Elmer St., Westfield. Call 908-232-1355 for details. Reiki Healing Circle—7–8:30 p.m. Second and Fourth Mondays. Experience restoration, relaxation, and balance as you enjoy Reiki in the salt room; includes guided meditation, intro to Reiki, 38

North Central NJ Edition

chair treatments, and a few minutes of salt therapy. $20. Class limited; register at Info@RespiraSalt. com or 908-665-0333. Respira Salt Wellness Center, 472 Springfield Ave., Berkeley Heights. Respiras\ Psychic Development Class—7–9 p.m. First and Third Mondays. Includes psychic development exercises, metaphysical discussions and psychic “readings.” $10. Held at 8B Main St., Netcong. Space limited. Call 908-852-4635 to register. Men’s Open Circle—7–9:30 p.m. Fourth Mondays. Join with other men to tap into your power and gain support bringing your unique gifts to the world. Hosted by The ManKind Project, NJ. Donations accepted. Health-e-Motion, Denville. FitnessInDenvilleNJ .com. Contact Christine at 973-627-0287. A Course in Miracles—7:30 p.m. Study group for the course in spiritual psychotherapy. Unity of Montclair, 84 Orange Rd., Montclair. Connie at 973-239-8402 for details. Psychic Readings with Sue—7:30–9 p.m. Mondays. Call 908-879-3937 to schedule an appt. Held at The Art of the Heart at 15 Perry St., Chester. Connecting with Loved Ones in Spirit—7:30–9 p.m. Mondays (except Fourth Monday). Three Psychic/Mediums bring messages from your loved ones. $100 individuals or $50 each for two to five people. Bring digital recorder. By appt. only in Netcong. Call Garry at 908 852-4635. Garry@Hyp4Life. com. Law of Attraction Meeting—7:30–9 p.m. Mondays. This meeting is intended to foster support for individuals who are incorporating this law into their life. Attendance limited; must register at 973-383-6847 or Fresh Look on Life, 31 Rt. 206, Suite 3, Augusta. Yogalates—10 a.m. Yoga for You. Olde Lafayette Village, Bldg. J. Call 973-919-4250 or email

tuesday Healing Tuesdays for Health Care Providers— Second week of each month. Receive $20 off any facial or massage service, 20% off any salon service and $10 off any waxing service. Excludes facial waxing. Discounts cannot be included with any other offer. Salon Botanique, 149 South St., Morristown. 973-889-9200. Morris County Striders Running Club ~ Tuesday Night Track Workouts—Check website for time. Currently at Mountain Lakes High School track. See and click Activities. Dues May to May: $15 individual, $20 family. Pete at

Sparta Ambulance Bldg, 14 Sparta Ave., 973-7291900. Changing Lifestyles Integrative Medicine— Noon–12:45 p.m. Tuesdays. Yoga. $10. Gagnon Cardiovascular Institute, at Morristown Memorial Hospital, 100 Madison Ave., Morristown. 973-9716301. Breathe Out Your Baggage—Noon–2:30 p.m. Facilitated By Kathy Smyly Miller. Second Tuesdays. Experience a gentle yet powerful breathing technique that helps to relieve stress by releasing stored emotions. $75 or sign up with a friend or partner for $125. Preregistration required. More info, contact Kathy at 908-647-1856. Held at Rest Stop Rejuvenate, 21 Maple Ave., Rockaway. Call 862-209-1439 or visit Nia—4:30 p.m. Nia offers light cardio, strength and flexibility movement blending dance, healing and martial arts. $10. Held at Integrated Medicine Center “Changing Lifestyles” in the Gagnon Cardiovascular Institute at Morristown Memorial Hospital. 973-971-6301. Awareness through Movement Classes with Diane Bates—4:30–5:15 p.m. Tuesdays. Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner. Ease pain, improve posture, prevent injury, increase energy, and reduce stress. $15 class, everyone welcome. Offered at 24 Elm St., Room 1, Morristown. Call 973-534-8122 or email for more info. Cross Bike Rides—5:30 p.m. On trails, some pavement. +/- 2 hrs at a moderate pace. All welcome. Bring lights. Meet at Van Dessel Sports, 55 Market St., Morristown. More info at Edwin@ Girl’s Yoga Class—5:30–6:30 p.m. Tuesdays. Pediatric Therapy & Yoga of Morris, LLC, 14 Elm St., Morristown. 201-213-1294. Qi Gong—5:45–6:30 p.m. Cultivate energy through controlled breathing and stretching exercises designed to calm mind and body. Instructor, Ameurfina H. Nazario, MS. Mind Body Center, 2nd floor, Pediatric Rec. Rm., 95 Mt. Kemble Ave., Morristown. 973-971-4575.

assistance with all forms of addictive behavior. Free. Roxbury Twp. Library. 201-774-8323. SmartRox@ Mt. Olive Green Drinks—6:30–8:30 p.m. Third Tuesdays at the Metro Grille, Rt. 206, Flanders. Contact Corey Meiringer at Greenergardenstate@ or 973-580-8878. Tuesday Evening Meditation—6:45-7:30 p.m. Tuesdays. Each week there will be discussion about a type of meditation, followed by the practice. Unity of Sussex County, 25 Mudcut Rd., Lafayette. 973383-6277. Vinyasa Flow Yoga—7 p.m. Joyful Yoga for Body and Spirit. $45 for 5 classes/$90 for 11. Sparta Fit for Life Physical Therapy, 104 Main St., Sparta NJ 973-729-1222.

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White Oak Yoga—5:45–7 p.m. Mixed level. Taught by Elizabeth Bell. Sparta Ambulance Bldg, 14 Sparta Ave., 973-729-1900. Hackettstown MTB Ride—6–8 p.m. Tuesdays. 15mile intermediate mountain bike ride. Leaves from Marty’s of Hackettstown and goes through Stephens State Park and Deer Park, Allamuchy. Bring lights. Meditation Based on Jon Kabat-Zinn—6:30–7:15 p.m. Tuesdays. Changing Lifestyles, Gagnon Cardiovascular Institute at Morristown Memorial Hospital, 100 Madison Ave., Morristown. 973-9716301.

White Oak Yoga—9:30–10:45 a.m. Mixed level. $10 or $50 for six classes. Taught by Elizabeth Bell. Sparta Ambulance Bldg, 14 Sparta Ave., 973-7291900.

Weekly Guided Meditation—6:30–7:30 p.m. Tuesdays. Enrich your existing meditation practice, or ease into the beginning of your practice with guided journeys. $20. Register at 732-927-1116 or Healingaia Holistic Wellness, 13 E. Main St., Mendham.

White Oak Yoga—11 a.m.–Noon. Gentle Yoga. $10 or $50 for six classes. Taught by Elizabeth Bell.

SMART Recovery—6:30–8 p.m. Tuesdays. Secular, science-based recovery group for support and

natural awakenings

June 2011


Reiki Circle for Everyone—7–8 p.m. First Tuesdays. Learn more about this modality or brush up on your skills. $15 suggested donation. Mindful Energy Work at the Center for Natural Healing, Kings Plaza, Upper Level, 430 Springfield Ave., Ste. 209, Berkeley Heights. 908-963 7911. Info@ Tuesday Evening Meditation—7–8 p.m. Beginners and advanced are welcome to join a weekly guided meditation at the Aquarian Sun Healing and Learning Center, 1574 Rt. 23 N., Butler. $10. Call 973-686-9100 or email before 4 p.m. Tuesday to reserve a spot. Debtors Anonymous Meeting—7–8:30 p.m. Tuesdays. 12-step meeting for those dealing with debt, overspending and under-earning. Downstairs Main Bldg. at Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church, 1 East Oak St. 877-717-3328 or

The Gathering—7:30–9:30 p.m. First and Third Tuesdays. Worship Service with Christina Lynn Whited. Offering of $10-$20 requested. Call 908638-9066 to register. Circle of Intention, 76 Main St., High Bridge. Present Moment Circle with Joe Wardy—8:30–9:30 p.m. Tuesdays. Explore a chief way of finding moments of space through breath meditation, as well as exploring the present moment teachings of Eckhardt Tolle, Pema Chodron, Charlotte Joko Beck, Jon Kabat Zinn, Deepak Chopra and the Buddha. $10 includes beverage and light snack. Held at Rest Stop Rejuvenate, 21 Maple Ave., Rockaway. 862-2091439.


The Spirit Gathering Church—7:15 p.m. Tuesdays. A night of prayer, energy healing, discussion, meditation and mediumship. Facilitated by Rev. Susan C. Nigra, CHt. All welcome. Held in the rear of Yoga West, 86 Main St., Succasunna. Donations accepted. 973-691-9244 or 973-876-2449. Office@

Wall Street Wednesdays—Lawyers, Bankers & Financial Advisors. Second week of each month. Receive $20 off any facial or massage service, 20% off any salon service and $10 off any waxing service. Excludes facial waxing. Discounts cannot be included with any other offer. Salon Botanique, 149 South St., Morristown. 973-889-9200.

The Morris Music Men Quartet—7:30 p.m. Tuesdays. Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, 300 Shunpike Rd., Chatham. Sing and socialize. Newcomers always welcome. 877-808-8697.

Parent-Child Group—9–11 a.m. Parents, caregivers, and their children. Emerson Lily Free School, 55 Lackawanna Dr., Stanhope. Kelly Coyle DiNorcia.

North American Butterfly Association—7:30 p.m. First Tuesdays. Frelinghuysen Arboretum Education Center, 53 East Hanover Ave., Morristown. 973-326-7600.

Women Within Meditation—9:30 a.m. Wednesdays. Experience a guided meditation and discuss a chosen topic geared toward opening up your mind and soul to a higher consciousness of joy and peace. $35 annually/$15 for each meditation. Millington.

A Course in Miracles—7:30 p.m. Study group for the course in spiritual psychotherapy. Garwood. Betsy Zipkin 732-4690234. Mendham Borough Historical Society—7:30 p.m. Fourth Tuesdays. Phoenix House, Mendham. Peggy Oswald at 973-543-7538 or Meditation and Healing Group—7:30 p.m. Second and Fourth Tuesdays. Sponsored by the Metaphysical Center of NJ, in Towaco. Free. No exp. necessary. Contact Peggy Tierney for directions and info at 973-299-0172. Book Study Group—7:30–9 p.m. Held at Unity of Sussex County, 25 Mudcut Rd., Lafayette. More info: 973-383-6277.

Chakra Yoga with Chant and Tibetan Yoga— 9:30–10:45 a.m. Wednesdays. Westfield Yoga, 231 Elmer St., Westfield. Call 908-232-1355 for details. Kundalini Yoga—10 a.m. Wednesdays. A blend of asanas, movement, breathing techniques, meditation, chanting, music and dancing. $15. Upper Montclair. 908-884-4984. Kripalu Mixed Level Yoga with Stacy Ackerman—10–11:15 a.m. Wednesdays. First class free for new students. Beginners welcome. St. Peters Episcopal Church (Parish House), South and Miller, Mor-

ristown. Please contact Stacy prior to your first class at 973-895-9165 or Vinyasa Yoga with Katarina (Kat) Baresic—11 a.m. Wednesdays. Mixed Level (Beginner/Intermediate). Move through sun salutations in order to create heat in the body, focus on alignment and holding poses longer to further build strength, stamina, balance and flexibility. Prerequisites: no major injuries and ability to perform basic standing poses with confidence. Not suitable for pregnant women. Yoga West Holistic Center, 86 Main St., Succasunna. 973-584-6664. Healing Meditations with Rev. Frankie—Noon. Center for Spiritual Living, 331 Mt. Kemble Ave., Morristown. Free. 973-539-3333. Powerful You! Denville Chapter—Noon–2 p.m. Third Wednesdays. Women develop balance, connections, tools and insights to help grow your business. Held at Denville Pizzeria, 20 Diamond Spring Rd. More info email SuzanneBini@ Zumba—4:30–5:30 p.m. Wednesdays. Changing Lifestyles, Gagnon Cardiovascular Institute at Morristown Memorial Hospital, 100 Madison Ave., Morristown. 973-971-6301. Chi Kung (Qigong) for Women—5:30–6:30 p.m. meets every week in Verona to practice gentle, relaxing, and healing movement. All ages and levels welcome. Info and directions at 973-857-9536. Beginner Yoga Adult Class—6:15–7:15 p.m. Wednesdays. Drop-ins $20; 4 sessions $65; 8 sessions $120. Pediatric Therapy & Yoga of Morris, LLC, 14 Elm St., Morristown. 201-213-1294. Guided Meditation & Chanting—6–7 p.m. Westfield Yoga Studio, 231 Elmer St., Westfield. $14 per class or $72 for 6. Preregister at 908-232-1355. Morris County Striders~Wednesday Night Runs—6:15 p.m. St. Catherine of Sienna Church, 10 N. Pocono Rd., Mountain Lakes. Contact Steve: 908-813-0935 or Distances range from 4 to 8 miles. MorrisCountyStriders. com. Morris County Striders~Wednesday Night Runs—6:30 p.m. You do need to be on the security list to run with us in Picatinny, so contact Steve: 908813-0935 or These runs take place every week regardless of weather. Afterward we eat at a local restaurant.

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North Central NJ Edition

Adult Yoga Class—6:30–7:30 p.m. Wednesdays. Drop-in $25. 4 sessions $75; 8 sessions $130.00; New Student 3 sessions $45. Pediatric Therapy & Yoga of Morris, LLC, 14 Elm St., Morristown. 201-213-1294. Yoga for Cyclists—6:30–7:30 p.m. Taught by local yoga instructor Kate Faschan. Yoga mats necessary and available for an additional $15. Held at Marty’s of Hackettstown, 160 Main St. Limited to 20 people; sign up now by calling 908-852-1650. Woman Rising: Domestic Violence Support Group—6:30–8 p.m. Every other Wednesday. Call to confirm dates. Donation. Must RSVP. The Healing Zone, 127 Valley Rd, Montclair. 973-746-3334. A Course in Miracles—7–8:30 p.m. Study group for the course in spiritual psychotherapy. Fanwood. Peter Ferraro, 908-3228181. Be the Medicine Counsel Circle ~ Community Building and Visioning—7–9 p.m. Second Wednesdays. Create a supportive community to work together to co-create a new future for yourself and the community at large. Kathy Smyly Miller, David Beck, D.C., Janet StraightArrow 18 Bank St., Suite 300, Morristown. 973-647-2500. Women’s Healing Circle—7–9 p.m. First Wednesdays. Support, share, bond and attain deep peace through guided meditation. Led by Lindsey Sass. Preregister at 973-714-0765. $30. The Healing Center, 142 Main St., Bloomingdale. Introduction to Soto Zen Practice—7:15 p.m. Hands-on instruction and explanation for seated and walking meditation. Dharma Talk and discussion. By donation. Rev. Shofu Keegan, Empty Hand Zen Group, 22 Lackawanna Plaza, Montclair. 908-6728782. A Course in Miracles Study Group—7:15–9 p.m. Westfield Yoga Studio, 231 Elmer St., Westfield. $10. Call in advance 908-232-1355. Sierra Club General Meeting—7:30 p.m. Loantaka Group. Second Wednesdays. Library of the Chathams, 214 Main St, Chatham. Directions: Health & Wellness Professional Network ~Wellness Seminars—7:30–8:30 p.m. Maplewood Memorial Library. Co-sponsored by HWPN and the Maplewood Library. Info Ilona Hress at International Folk Dancing—7:30–11 p.m. Wednesdays. Learn dances and music from over 100 countries with ten instructors. First hour dedicated to beginners and new dances. Refreshments served. Mountain Lakes Community Church, 48 Briarcliff Rd., Mountain Lakes. $5. 973-627-4386 or 973-5397020 or 973-635-4913. AA Meeting (O-B-ST)—8 p.m. Wednesdays. Going through the12 steps together you may write, make amends, pray and meditate, share what you have written, and/or take action as outlined by the steps. Open to those struggling with alcoholism or drug

addiction. Free. Cranford United Methodist Church, 201 Lincoln Ave., Cranford. Reiki Circle—8–9 p.m. Wednesdays. Gentle intro to Reiki, guided meditation and Reiki sample. Questions welcome. $10 suggested donation. Miriam’s Well Healing at Wellness on the Green, 26 W. Park Pl., 2nd Fl., Morristown. 917202-0475.

thursday Teacher Thursdays—Tailored to Teachers. Second week of each month. Receive $20 off any facial or massage service, 20% off any salon service and $10 off any waxing service. Excludes facial waxing. Discounts cannot be included with any other offer. Salon Botanique, 149 South St., Morristown. 973-889-9200. Bible Study at Heavenly Temptations—8:15 a.m. Thursdays. Reading the Acts of the Apostles. Conversation about how the earliest disciples’ struggles to follow Jesus can be very similar to your own. Free. 712 Main St., Boonton. More info 973-3343655 or Morning Chi Kung (Qigong)—8:30–9:15 a.m. All welcome. Movement is simple and adjustable to your needs. The WAE Center at Temple B’nai Shalom, 300 Pleasant Valley Way, W. Orange. 973-857-9536. Women Within Meditation—9:30 a.m. Thursdays. Experience a guided meditation and discuss a chosen topic geared toward opening up your mind and soul to a higher consciousness of joy and peace. $15 or $35 annually. Women’s Beginner Road Ride—9:30–10:30 a.m. Thursdays. All levels welcome. No one gets dropped. Loantaka Park, Morristown. More info, email Amy at Be the Medicine - Refresh, Renew and Reclaim You—10 a.m.–Noon. Second and Fourth Thursdays. Experience deep meditation, teachings and tools to live your life. $35. Must register at 973-647-2500. Janet StraightArrow, 18 Bank St., Suite 300, Morristown. Talk & Tour with Tyrone—10 a.m.–12 noon. Whole Foods Market, 235 Prospect Ave. West Orange. Call 973-669-3196.

$40. Held at Morristown Medical Ctr., Healthy Lifestyles, Gagnon Cardiovascular Inst. Level C. 973-971-6301. Changing Lifestyles Integrative Medicine—4:15–5 p.m. Thursdays.Yoga. $10. Gagnon Cardiovascular Institute, at Morristown Memorial Hospital, 100 Madison Ave., Morristown. 973-971-6301. White Oak Yoga—4:15–5:15 p.m. Gentle Yoga. Taught by Elizabeth Bell. Sparta Ambulance Bldg, 14 Sparta Ave., 973-729-1900. Yoga for Special Needs—5–5:45 p.m. Thursdays. Pediatric Therapy & Yoga of Morris, LLC, 14 Elm St., Morristown. 201-213-1294. Personalized Fitness Consultations—5–8 p.m. Thursdays. Learn how to lose weight and tone safely and effectively, and what to buy to set up your inhome exercise program. By appt. $20. Ryan Chiropractic, 961 Rt. 10 E., Randolph. 973-252-6040. Special Needs Yoga—5:15–6 p.m. Thursdays. Pediatric Therapy & Yoga of Morris, LLC, 14 Elm St., Morristown. 201-213-1294. Nia with Kim Lane—5:30 p.m. Thursdays. Dance class blends yoga, martial arts and healing arts. All levels welcome. No dance experience necessary. Purple Om, 3118 Rt. 10 W., Denville. Meditative Art Class with Alicia DiGiovanni—5:30–7:30 p.m. Thursdays. Guided visualization to access your intuition and invoke your creativity, followed by artistic expressions in any art medium that calls to you. Residents $125; onresidents $135. All materials included, or bring your own. Sign up online at or call 908-464-0550. Berkeley Heights Community Center, 29 Park Ave., Berkeley Heights. White Oak Yoga—5:45–7 p.m. Mixed level. Taught by Elizabeth Bell. Sparta Ambulance Bldg, 14 Sparta Ave., 973-729-1900. Adult Summer Yoga—6:15-7:30 p.m. Thursdays in June. This “all levels” yoga series will focus on

A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.

Beginner Yoga Adult Class—11 a.m.–Noon. Thursdays. Drop-ins $20; 4 sessions $65; 8 session $120. Pediatric Therapy & Yoga of Morris, LLC, 14 Elm St., Morristown. 201-213-1294.

~Roald Dahl

Healthy Food Prep Classes with Phyllis Deering— Noon. Third Thursdays. Come each month and learn about delicious and healthy food preparation. $25; 4 for $75. Contact Marnie at Mountain Lakes Organic Co-op, LLC, 10 Vale Dr, Mountain Lakes. 973-3354469. The Joy of Mindful Eating—4–6 p.m. Thursdays in June. Revolutionize your relationship with food, learn to cope with cravings, cultivate mindfulness and enjoyment in eating. Bring writing materials.

natural awakenings

June 2011


alignment, flow and creativity followed by a restorative pose to unwind the body and mind for bed. Dress comfortably and bring your own mat. Advance registration and monthly payment required; call 973-228-8776. No refunds for missed classes. $40 for series. Essex County Environmental Center, 621-B Eagle Rock Ave., Roseland.

Women’s Interest Group—7:30–9:15 p.m. every other Thursday. Call to confirm date. Speak with women about health, marital, family and personal issues affecting life quality. Celebrate, change negatives to positives, be nurtured, feel joy. The Riverview Marriage & Family Counseling Center, 43 Powhatatan Way, Mt. Olive. 908-850-5778.

Reiki Share—6:30–9 p.m. Fourth Thursdays. Experience Reiki’s healing touch by giving or receiving. All welcome. Free. Aquarian Sun, 1574 Rt. 23 N, Suite C, Butler. 973-686-9100.

TrumpNetwork Presentation—8 p.m. Thursdays. Timing is the key to success. Held at Jersey Chiropractic and Wellness Center, 35 West Main St., Suite 202, Denville. RSVP 908 461-0141. Office: 973 625-7800.

The Sussex County Chapter of Holistic Moms—7 pm. Second Thursdays. Meetings feature guest speakers, “Mom’s Nights Out,” and play dates. A national nonprofit organization connecting mothers who are passionate about holistic health and green living. Free. Held at Holy Counselor Lutheran Church, 68 Sand Hill Rd., Sussex. 973-347-1246. A Sacred Light Circle of Intentional Prayer, Meditation and Healing—7–9 p.m. First and Third Thursdays. Intentional prayer, meditation and healing alignment for yourself, others, or humanity. This is a nondenominational gathering that honors all faiths and beliefs. All are welcome. Love offerings are welcome. For more info, contact Rev. Patricia Santoro at 973-366-8765 or Held at Rest Stop Rejuvenate, 21 Maple Ave., Rockaway. Poetry Well Gathering—7–9 p.m. Second & Last Thursdays. Open to all who have a desire to share original work or your favorite poems. Suggested donation $5; includes tea/coffee and a light snack. Rest Stop Rejuvenate, 21 Maple Ave, Rockaway. 862-209-1439. Apprentice To You - Be the Medicine—7:15–9:30 p.m. First and Third Thursdays. Tools from around the world are taught to awaken you to live purposefully and freely and to integrate into your job, family and life. Some weekend trainings. 18 Bank St., Suite 300, Morristown. 973-647-2500. Janet StraightArrow. Taking Control of Your Own Health and Wealth—7:30 p.m. Thursdays. Discover the difference between opportunity and success. Free. All welcome. RSVP 908-461-0141 or 35 W. Main St., Denville. The Morris County (West) Chapter of Holistic Moms Network—7:30 p.m. First Thursdays. Held at Zion Lutheran Church, Fields Hall, 11 Schooley’s Mtn. Rd., Long Valley. or email Chapter Leaders at A Course in Miracles—7:30 p.m. Study group for the course in spiritual psychotherapy. Summit. Betsy Zipkin. 732-469-0234. Beginner African Drumming Classes with Chuck Wood—7:30–8:30 p.m. Thursdays. $20. No exp. necessary. Bring your own drum. The Breathing Room Center, 735 Rt. 94, Newton. Register at 908-852-6172. Health and Wellness Professional Network Scotch Plains Meeting—7:30–9 p.m. First Thursdays. Bring business cards and brochures and network with your wellness community. Jewish Community Center of Central New Jersey, 1391 Martine Ave. Topics and info: A Course in Miracles—7:30–9 p.m. Study group for the course in spiritual psychotherapy. Unity of Sussex County, 25 Mudcut Rd, Lafayette. 973-383-6277.

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North Central NJ Edition

friday Student Fridays—All students welcome. Second week of each month. Receive $20 off any facial or massage service, 20% off any salon service and $10 off any waxing service. Excludes facial waxing. Discounts cannot be included with any other offer. Salon Botanique, 149 South St., Morristown. 973-889-9200. Adult Summer Yoga—9:30–10:45 a.m. Fridays in June. This “all levels” yoga series will focus on alignment, flow and stability followed by a restorative pose to unwind the body and mind for bed. Explore some cooling practices to keep you calm. Dress comfortably and bring your own mat. Advance registration at 973-228-8776. Monthly payment is required; $40 for the series. No refunds for missed classes. Essex County Environmental Center, 621-B Eagle Rock Ave., Roseland. Healing Chi Kung (Qigong) Meditation—9:30–11 a.m. Great practice if you want to invest in preventive medicine, self-healing, and/or energy work. Standing and sitted meditation practiced, Chi Kung principals and theory taught. Blu Lotus, 20 Church St., Montclair. Call before attending first class. 973-857-9536. Changing Lifestyles Integrative Medicine—10:00–10:45 a.m. Fridays. Beginner’s Zumba. $10. Gagnon Cardiovascular Institute, at Morristown Memorial Hospital, 100 Madison Ave., Morristown. 973-971-6301. Overeaters Anonymous Meeting—10:30 a.m.–Noon. 12-step group to support those losing weight or wishing to maintain long-term weight loss. Free. Notre Dame Roman Catholic Church, 75 Ridgedale Ave., Cedar Knolls. Call before attending to confirm with Angie: 973-794-3443. Changing Lifestyles Integrative Medicine Yoga—Noon–12:45 p.m. Fridays. $10. Gagnon Cardiovascular Institute, at Morristown Memorial Hospital, 100 Madison Ave., Morristown. 973-971-6301. Meditation—Noon–1 p.m. First and Third Fridays. Practice mindfulness based stress reduction and other meditation techniques; conclude with guided relaxation and a few minutes of salt therapy to rejuvenate mind, body and soul. $15. Space limited. Register at or at 908347-5209. Respira Salt Wellness Ctr., 472 Springfield Ave., Berkeley Heights. Debtors Anonymous Meeting—5:30–6:30 p.m. 12-step meeting for those dealing with debt, overspending and under-earning. Downstairs Main Bldg. at Redeemer Church, 37 Newton Sparta Rd., Newton. 877-717-3328. Messages from the Other Side—7–9 p.m. Third Fridays. Held at Eleven on Main Café, 11 Main St., High Bridge. Must register at 908-638-8888 or $10 includes coffee or tea. Sponsored by Circle of Intention. Women’s Healing Circle—7–9 p.m. Third Fridays. Empowers women with a history of female contributions from ancient times to the present. Includes ceremonial practices of shamans, discussion of animal totems and more. RSVP. Healing Zone, 127 Valley Rd, Montclair. 973-746-3334. Reiki Share—7–9 p.m. Fridays. Join with other Reiki practitioners and experience working on others. Suggested donation $10-$15. Divine Inspirations Bookstore, 217 Franklin Ave., Nutley. 973-562-5844. Chanting & Drumming Circle—7:15–9 p.m. Fridays. Bring your drum or call to reserve one of ours. $5 donation. Refreshments available. Westfield Yoga, 231 Elmer St., Westfield. 908-232-1355. AA Meeting—7:30 p.m. St. Peter’s Episcopal Church. 70 Maple Ave., Morristown. 973-538-0555.

Evening of Prayer and Healing—7:30-9:30 p.m. Third Fridays. Join the Universal Healing family to heal all life on this planet and in this solar system, galaxy and universe. Bring finger foods to share. Growing Consciousness, 54 Canfield Rd., Morristown. Free. 973-292-5090. A Course in Miracles—8 p.m. Every other Friday. Study group for the course in spiritual psychotherapy for those looking to heal themselves of misperceptions causing the body to appear ill and the mind to be frightened, alone or not at peace. Contact June at 973-366-4455. The Minstrel—8 p.m. Fridays. A concert series run by the Folk Project. Second Friday of the month open stage/audition night. Coffee, teas, and baked goods served. No alcohol or tobacco on the premises. Admission $7. All tickets sold at the door. Info and directions at 973-335-9489. Morristown Unitarian Fellowship, 21 Normandy Heights Rd., Morristown. Al-Anon Meeting—8–9:30 p.m. Center for Practical Spirituality – Religious Science, 331 Mt. Kemble Ave., Morristown. 973-539-3114.

saturday Eco-Chic Saturdays—Professionals in eco-friendly industries. Second week of each month. Receive $20 off any facial or massage service, 20% off any salon service and $10 off any waxing service. Excludes facial waxing. Discounts cannot be included with any other offer. Salon Botanique, 149 South St., Morristown. 973-889-9200. Coffee House—Second Saturdays. Call for time. Performances by one or more musical groups, or open mic performances by singers, poets, and comedians. Modest entrance fee. Summit Unitarian Church, 4 Waldron Ave., Summit. 908 273 3245. Adult Yoga—7:45 a.m. Saturdays. Drop-in $25; 4 sessions $75; 8 sessions $130.00; New Student 3 sessions $45. Pediatric Therapy & Yoga of Morris, LLC, 14 Elm St., Morristown. TheWholeChildNJ. Saturday Morning Road Ride—8 a.m. Saturdays. Pleasant 20-mile ride from Marty’s in Morristown. Some rolling hills, but no huge climbs. Usually 16 or 17 mph. At the end of the ride, stop at the Swiss Chalet Bakery. 973-538-7773. White Oak Yoga—8–9 a.m. Mixed level. Taught by Elizabeth Bell. Sparta Ambulance Bldg, 14 Sparta Ave., 973-729-1900. “Men Who Care” Men’s Meeting—8:30–10 a.m. First Saturdays. 331 Mt. Kemble Ave., Morristown. 973-539-3114. Books & Bagels—9:30–10:30 a.m. Saturday. Friends of the Randolph Library is sponsoring this event each week. Come meet your neighbors and share your list of favorite books. No registration required. Teens and adults only. Randolph Township Library, Quiet Study Rm., 28 Calais Rd. 973-895-3556. Overeaters Anonymous Meeting—10:15 a.m.12:15 p.m. Weekly gathering of the free support

group that helps people lose weight and keep it off. Downstairs meeting room, Parsippany Library. 973-335 1717. Restorative Yoga—10:30 a.m.—Noon. Saturdays. Community House, Madison. Contact Anitateresap@ for schedule and details. Nia—11 a.m. Saturdays. Nia offers light cardio, strength and flexibility movement blending dance, healing and martial arts. Yoga West, 86 Main St., Succasunna. 973-584-6664. Integrated Yoga for Girls—11:15 a.m.–12:15 p.m. Saturdays. Pediatric Therapy & Yoga of Morris, LLC, 14 Elm St., Morristown. 201-213-1294. GoddessBody Fitness for Women—11 a.m.–Noon. Saturdays. World dance movements celebrating the feminine body and spirit. Afro-Brazilian Cultural Center of NJ, 356 Bloomfield Ave., Montclair. Start anytime. No dance exp. required. Call TaRessa Stovall: 609-304-3481. Psychic Saturday—Noon–3 p.m. First Saturday. Psychic/Tarot Readings. $20/15 mins. $45/30 mins. Cassette tape of reading. SoulJourney, 194 Main St, Butler. 973-838-6564. Integrated Yoga for Boys—1:15–2 p.m. Saturdays. Pediatric Therapy & Yoga of Morris, LLC, 14 Elm St., Morristown. 201-213-1294. Swingin’ Tern—8 p.m. 7:30 p.m. Beginners’ Workshop. First and Third Saturdays. Contra and square dancing to live music in East Hanover. Beginners are welcome at the dance and are encouraged to come to the beginners’ workshop. Come alone or with a partner. $10 adults/$5 students with ID. The First Presbyterian Church, 14 Hanover Rd., East Hanover. 973-551-4441. Drum Circle—8–10 p.m. Last Saturdays. Free mini workshop prior to the circle at 7:30 p.m. $10 includes light snack and beverage. Facilitated by Mark Wood. Rest Stop Rejuvenate, 21 Maple Ave, Rockaway. 862-209-1439. RestStopRejuvenate. com. Open Mic hosted by Chris Fonden & Joe Fischetti—8–11 p.m. Third Saturdays. Gratitude donation. Musicians, singers, poets, and comedians welcome to jam. All welcome to come, relax and enjoy. Rest Stop Rejuvenate, 21 Maple Ave, Rockaway. 862209-1439.

extended events New Hope Pet Rescue, Inc—Rescue group looking to rehome dogs and cats. NewHopePetRescue@ Randolph Animal Pound—Adopt your new best friend. Sussex Tpk. and Morris Tpk. in Randolph. 973-989-7090. Pet Adoption—Noah’s Ark, 1915 Rt. 46 W., Ledgewood. 973-347-0378. Angel Paws Pet Adoption—Adopt or sponsor a cat. Inman Ave & West St., Colonia. 732-340-1199.

Summer Special for Students at Studio Yoga— College and High School students with school ID are welcome to attend unlimited weekly classes through Labor Day for $135. Studio Yoga Madison, 2 Green Village Rd. 973-966-5311. Staff@StudioYogaNJ. com. Lunch & Learn—Noon–1 p.m. Different day each week and different topic. $10. Register at 908-8793937. The Art of the Heart, 15 Perry St, Chester.

It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment.

~Ansel Adams

classified To place a Classified Listing: Email listing to Publisher@ Must be received by the 10th of month prior to publication. $1.00 per word; must be pre-paid. BUSINESS oppoRTUNITIES CURRENTLY PUBLISHING NATURAL AWAKENINGS MAGAZINES – For sale in Birmingham, AL; Cincinnati, OH; Lexington, KY; Manhattan, NY; North Central, FL; Tulsa, OK; Southwest VA and Volusia/Flagler, FL. Call for details 239-530-1377. EXPERT ADVICE ON LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS. Only $99 for a reading. Call 973-625-3944 and leave voicemail. FENG SHUI WEB BUSINESS FOR SALE. Established drop ship business sells fine art prints for feng shui online. No inventory required, can be run from home. E-mail info@ FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITY – The Organic Mattress Store is franchising and looking for a franchisee for North Jersey. FDD and item 19 disclosed at discovery day. Zee will have all of North Jersey. Call Dennis Hornick. 1-484-851-3636. MALE SINGERS WANTED. Morris Music Men, an award winning a cappella chorus of Morris County, invite male singers to visit a rehearsal. Repertoire includes old standards and contemporary music. Rehearsals are every Tuesday evening at 7:30 p.m. at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, 300 Shunpike Road, Chatham. For more information call 1-877-808-8697 or log on to MANASQUAN SUMMER RENTAL, NATURALLY! Open floor plan with 2 BRs, 1BA, LR with Gas FP, DR, & fenced-in-yard on country lane. 6 mins to beach. Smoke-free, only natural cleaning products used. $8500 Season (732)615-8966 PROFESSIONAL VOCAL LESSONS WITH ANNA – 201-294-8450

natural awakenings

June 2011


communityresourceguide ACUPUNCTURE Alexander (Al) Krych L. Ac (908) 303-2941 33 Plymouth St., Suite 107, Montclair, NJ 07042

Acupuncture and Asian Bodywork Therapy. NJ/PA Board Licensed. Nationally Certified. Treatment of pain, discomfort, stress and wellness issues. Individualized, compassionate care. Sunday hours available. Major credit cards accepted. Schedule an appointment today.


Gary C. Stewart DC 43 Newark-Pompton Tpke. Riverdale NJ 07457 973-835-5773 •

God centered, Family oriented, Innate healing, Natural Wellness. Infants to seniors. For over 25 years, Dr. Stewart has been helping people become whole and healthy, expressing all the life and vitality their Creator intended.


Ann Ochs Colon Hydrotherapist I-ACT Certified, Advanced Level Certified National Board for Colon Therapy Body Ecology Diet Certified 26 Elm Street, Morristown 973-998-6550 •

Ann Ochs has more than eight years experience as a colon hydrotherapist. She holds an advanced certification from the International Association of Colon Therapists (I-ACT), is certified by the National Board for Colon Hydrotherapy, and is a certified body ecologist. Living Waters offers the Angel of Water®, an advanced colon hydrotherapy system, designed to offer the ultimate in privacy and dignity. The Center is under the medical direction of Kristine Profeta-Gedroic, MD, FAAFP. Call today for an appointment. See ad on page 25.


North Central NJ Edition


A PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE CLINIC Colon Hydrotherapy Heavy Metal & Chemical Detoxification IV Vitamin Therapy 90 Millburn Avenue, Millburn 973-313-0028 •

The Cleansing Center in Millburn, provides colonics in a medical environment by a registered nurse and under the direction of a physician. Additional services include: IV Vitamins, Heavy Metal & Chemical Detoxification with Mega Dose IV Vitamins and Chelation and Detox massage. To schedule a free consultation, call 973313-0028. Visit for more information. See ad on pages 3, 47.


Janet StraightArrow, Medical Intuitive, Shaman 18 Bank St, Morristown, NJ 07960 and by Skype and Phone 973-647-2500 •

Experience Profound Healing, Learning and Solutions. Janet’s 43 years of research and practice in mind-body-spirit medicine, including intense study with renowned healers from around the world, brings a full tool bag and expertise to each transformational session and class. Medical Intuitive, Energy Healer, Reiki Master, Shaman, Mentor to Healers, Spiritual Guide, Integrative Healer and Coach, Soul Retrievals, Training, Ceremonies. See ad on p. 36.

Christina Lynn Whited

Spiritual Transformational Consultant • 908-638-9066

Are you feeling stuck or blocked? Unseen energy from past lives may be having a profound impact upon your present circumstances. Change your life for the better in ONE HOUR! Experience Soul Path Clearance, Unconscious Scripts Release, Energy Healing, Past Life Therapy, and Crystal Bowl Sound Healing for pain, chronic conditions, and overall wellness.


Cindy Nolte 31 Route 206, Augusta, NJ 07822 973-383-6847 •

Fresh Look on Life is designed to empower others to take a “fresh look” at their lives. Whether you are a busy professional in need of stress management, struggling with a health issue, want to change a habit, or develop a new understanding of yourself and the world around you, this might be just what you were looking for. Cindy Nolte holds certifications as a Reiki Master/Teacher, Animal Reiki Master/Teacher, Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner (Acupressure), Hypnotist, Past Life Regression Hypnotist, and in the Life Transformation Method. See ad on page 11.


Hilary D. Bilkis, MS, CST CranioSacral Therapy • SomatoEmotional Release Work • Visceral Mobility Energy Healing Office located in: The Abbey 355 Madison Ave. • Morristown, NJ 07960 973-479-2229 •

During a hands-on bodywork session, Hilary uniquely blends CranioSacral therapy with other healing modalities to alleviate chronic pain, headaches, stress and accumulated tension from the client’s body. The client benefits from the treatments on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Using her intuitive abilities, Hilary facilitates and encourages the body’s self-healing process by removing restrictions in the connective tissue, removing energy blockages and stored emotion, and clearing soul programming. All of which may be affecting the clients health, ability to feel peaceful, centered and empowered in their lives. Take the first step on your healing journey and call today for an appointment.

Aquarian Sun Healing & Learning Center

1574 Rt. 23 N, Suite C, Butler, NJ 07405 973-686-9100 •

Under the direction of Dr. Suhail S. Jarroush, PhD, DCH., Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Ancient Healing Arts, and Ms. Suzanne Bini, RSMT, Reiki Seichim Master Teacher, the staff of the Aquarian Sun Healing and Learning Center, a place of peace and knowledge, will help you heal your body, engage the power of your mind, feed your soul, release your stress, relieve your pains, eliminate your anxieties, purge your fears and gain control of your life without relying solely on prescribed medicine or over-the-counter drugs. Call us now. You are not alone in this struggle. We can help you. Visit our website for more information on our specialized combinations of ancient and modern healing techniques, workshops and self-awareness classes.


Lisa Bellini Spiritual Intuitive & Channel • Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Pyramid Technique Indigo Children & Adult Consultant 171 West Main St., Suite 3 Rockaway, N.J. 07866 908-963-2628 •

The Foundation is dedicated to guiding children to their highest purpose through education and healing techniques. As source of the Crystal Pyramid Technique, Lisa facilitates self-healing to remove blockages, energize the body, balance emotions and spirit to encourage divine inspiration of personal growth. See ad on page 31.


Holistic Healing and Teaching Center Etheric Healing In-Person & Remote Group & Pet Healing - Medical Intuition Guardian Angel Readings - Aromatherapy Spiritual Development Classes & Counseling Holistic Massage - Raindrop Technique 13 E Main St - Mendham, NJ 07945 732-927-1116 -

Our mission is to guide each individual in uncovering and healing the root of emotional and physical diseases by offering healing and guidance that assists on all levels—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Beyond healing services, we teach techniques to integrate healing, transformation and connection to one’s Higher Self, empowering each individual with the tools needed to achieve Holistic Wellness in everyday life. See ad on pg 16.


Lory Sison-Coppola Reiki Master, Past Life Regressionist, Huna, Crystal Children Advocate, Readings 171 West Main St., Suite 3 Rockaway, N.J. 07866 973-224-6773

The Center offers different modalities that will raise your Spiritual Awareness, heighten your vibrations. We are dedicated to understanding and providing for those with specific needs. Classes, Certifications, Healing sessions, readings and counseling are offered. See ad on page 23.



Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Counselor, Digestive Health Expert Be Balanced. Rockaway, NJ • 201-787-4950

Want more energy? Hooked on sugar, carbs, or caffeine? Struggling with digestive concerns like acid reflux or IBS? Looking for balance? Learn easy, healthy recipes customized for YOU, master meal planning, and shed pounds. Experience stress reduction in a motivational, supportive, and guiltfree environment. Christine offers nutrition counseling and gentle movement private sessions, group programs, and classes. Certified by the American Association for Drugless Practitioners.


Improving Your Life Through Hypnotherapy Garry Gewant, MA Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist 908 852-4635 •

Incorporating traditional hypnotherapy along with other holistic and metaphysical modalities is Garry’s forte. Using traditional hypnosis for Smoking Cessation, Weight Control, Stress Management, Elimination of Fears, Improving Sports, Artistic, and Academic Performance, Anger Management, Hypnosis for Children, etc. he expands the therapy to include his Psychic/Medium abilities, Reiki Healing, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and offers Metaphysical Counseling for a truly client driven therapeutic experience. He was also trained in Past Life Regression Therapy by Dr. Brian Weiss, author of Many Lives, Many Masters.


28 Mine St., Flemington 554 Bloomfield Ave, Bloomfield 908-996-3311 .

Hypnosis Counseling Center of New Jersey is a full-service counseling center, using both traditional counseling methods and the art of hypnotherapy in private and group settings. We regularly hold adult education seminars, work with hospitals, fitness centers, and individuals who want to better their lives. We specialize in weight loss, stress, smoking, confidence building, phobias, insomnia, test taking, sports improvement and public speaking. The State of New Jersey and Fortune 500 Corporation alike employ our programs. See ads on pages 5, 22.

Celebrate the Freedom of Living Simply Natural Awakenings’ July edition sparkles with ways to slow down and get happy this summer. For more information about advertising and how you can participate, call


natural awakenings

June 2011


Integrative Dental Therapy Wortzel Integrative Dental Care Mountainside, NJ 908-654-5151 •

At Wortzel Integrative Dental Care we focus on your mouth/body connection. As you improve your oral health, you improve your overall health and well-being. We invite you to balance your oral health through an individualized plan to integrate the health of your teeth, gums, bite and smile. The goal of Integrative Dental Care is to enhance the quality of your life. We are conveniently located in Mountainside, New Jersey. Please call us to learn what Wortzel Integrative Dental care can do for you. See ad on page 7.

MASSAGE hearts and hands, llc

Paulette LaConte Registered Nurse, Massage Therapist, Healing Touch Practitioner, Push Therapist 23 Church Street, Denville 201 400 8913 •

When Fluff is Not Enough! Experience the therapeutic benefit of Push Therapy for chronic muscle pain, or have a customized Massage - Swedish, Pregnancy, LaStone or Lomi Lomi. All Massages can include lotion blended with Therapeutic Oils based on your needs. Classes for Infant Massage, Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster are available.


20 First Avenue, Denville 973-627-5440 •

Your one source for all your natural and organic needs! Natural deli, certified organic produce, knowledgeable vitamin staff, and complete grocery and dairy selection. Open seven days a week.

Aunt Alberta’s Remedy Homeopathic Pain Relief Cream 973-715-9097

Aunt Alberta’s natural home remedy for pain relief was her legacy to me. My dream is to share this natural homeopathic pain relief cream with you. Try Aunt Alberta’s Remedy to ease joint and muscular aches & pains from sciatica, neuralgia, gout, fibromyalgia, arthritis and more. Call today to receive your free sample for only $1.75 shipping and handling.

Nutrition/Education/ Holistic Healing Dian’s Wellness Simplified

Morristown, NJ 973-267-4816 •

Nutritionist Dian Freeman and Staff, Morristown, offer: personalized diet & supplement protocols; classes, including interpreting symptoms, understanding blood tests, natural m e d i c i n e c h e s t , e m e rg e n c y preparedness; a nutritional prep course for Certified Nutritional Counselor (CNC) designation; Ondamed biofeedback; crystal healing; channeling; personalized Bach flower formulas. Addressing biological & energetic healing.

LESLIE KAREN LOBELL, M.A., L.P.C Bloomingdale: The Healing Center Upper Montclair: Montclair Counseling Center 908-577-0053•

Do you suffer from anxiety or stress? Do you want to lose weight, stop smoking, gain self-confidence or change a habit? Do you need support and guidance through a life or career transition? Are you ready to achieve your goals, pursue your dreams, and actualize your potential? You CAN create the Life You Desire... I can help you MAKE IT HAPPEN! Using proven techniques such as Holistic Psychotherapy, Hypnosis, Stress Reduction, Reiki and Dream Interpretation, I help teens & adults create happier, healthier, more peaceful and fulfilling lives. Allow me to assist you!

SALT THERAPY Respira Salt Wellness Center

472 Springfield Avenue • Berkeley Heights 908-665-0333 •

We p r o v i d e a n a t u r a l , drug-free treatment for asthma, allergies, a host of respiratory problems, and eczema. Children and adults receive the natural benefits of salt air in a negative ion environment. Sea salt promotes healing and boosts your immune system. Relax, heal, enjoy. Your first session is free! See ad on page 4.

SOUND THERAPY The Davis Center

Nancy Puckett-Dunn 19 State Rt 10 E., Ste 25 Succasunna, NJ 07876 862 251 4637 •

The world’s premier sound therapy center, offering sound-based therapy—The Davis M odel of Sound Intervention®. All ages, all disabilities/wellness issues. Start with The Diagnostic Evaluation for Therapy Protocol (DETP®). Therapies: AIT, Tomatis®, BioAcoustics™, and more. Change the energy of the body by repatterning the energy frequencies (sound) of the body. We make change with learning, development and wellness challenges!

REIKI Miriam’s Well Healing LLC

Claire M. Schwartz BA, Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Counselor 26 W Park Pl , Morristown, NJ 07960 917-202-0475

Rediscover your True Self ~ Reiki Empowers Change! Weekly Circles; Private Sessions; Learn Reiki to have Self-Care at your fingertips. Healing Transformational Workshops. Ministerial Services. Insight - Compassion - Integrity.

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live. ~Jim Rohn


North Central NJ Edition

NEVER BE WITHOUT TEETH, INCLUDING IMPLANTS Patients travel from around the country to Denville, in search of the perfect smile. Denville is famous for its medical community. So, it’s no surprise that a perfect smile is a must have item in this friendly town. Hand crafting those smiles is the life work of Dr. Steiner and Dr. Fine. Our office’s reputation has spread so far that we now treat patients from around the world; often doing more smile makeovers in a single month that some dentists do in a lifetime. We also offer an amazing alternative for those living with missing teeth. This dramatic advancement in the field of dental implantology now makes it possible for many patients to switch from dentures to permanent implant supported teeth in only a few hours. This new approach can be used to replace a single missing tooth or an entire mouth. Patients leave the office after just one appointment with a beautiful and strong smile. Discomfort is so minimal that most patients eat a light meal that evening. Upon entering our front door you will immediately know that this is no ordinary dental office, because that’s what most people say upon seeing it for the first time. Among our practice’s notable patients are actresses, actors, astronauts, models and TV personalities. However most of the doctor’s patients are everyday people who just want to look their best. Drs. Steiner, Fine and Kwiatkowski have focused their practice on those areas about which they are highly passionate. (After all you wouldn’t ask your family doctor to do heart surgery.) Those areas are Cosmetic Dentistry. Trained at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for advanced dental studies, they have devoted over fifty combined years to perfecting their skills and have placed over 23,000 cosmetic restorations. Our main focus is on cosmetic and full mouth reconstruction cases. This includes Implant Dentistry and Neuromuscular Orthodontics, which can avoid unecessary removal of teeth. Many people do not realize that dental problems may be the cause of headaches, shoulder, back and neck pain, noisy jaw joints and pains in the TMJ. Drs. Steiner, Fine and Kwiatkowski pride themselves in having Morris County’s premier head, neck and jaw pain relief center. Our office also offers a “limited warranty” that provides free repair or replacement of restorative dental work, when a patient’s regular hygiene visits are maintained. This kind of security could only be offered by truly World Class Dentists. This is why our motto is: “Experienced professionals make the difference.”

AESTHETIC FAMILY DENTISTRY, PA 35 West Main Street, Suite 208, Denville, NJ 07834


Alan B. Steiner, DMD • Derek Fine, DMD • Jenni Kwiatkowski, DDS

Natural Awakenings  
Natural Awakenings  

June 2011 North Central NJ