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Portfolio Photographer Thanapong Jirawat


Beauty Shot 12” x 16”

Portrait Freshy RSU 8” x 10”

Portrait Merchant Jatujak Market 12� x 16�

Portrait of the music 12” x 16”

Fashion Set This set of fashion item/show is created because of my fond of the sketeboarding team team. The style is quite unique.

Vampire Concept

We fear what we don’t really know and sometimes it even makes us imagination a lot more and the imagination is never gone , but there’s nothing scarier than our imagination on fear.

still life photography

liquid photography



Erawan Waterfall 8� x 10

Black & white

THANAPONG JIRAWAT Date of Birth : April 12, 1992 Address

: 45/17 Ngamwongwan 4 Ngamwongwan RD, Nontaburi 11000

CURRENILY : Lecturer at Rngsit University ,Faculty of Arts and Design (Fine art photography) ACTIVIES

: 2012 exhibition of photographs Work in Progress 2012 , Faculty of Art and Design Rangsit University


Portfolio Thanapong Jirawat