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Immigration visa process If a person interested to live in the United States, permanently they must have a visa, usually two types of visas called Immigration and non-immigrant visas. Non immigrant for temporary purposes and immigrant visa for a long time perhaps. A lot of foreigners are trying to get a green card to live permanently in the United States, but this immigrant visa process is much harder to get without proper documentation process. However, the US immigration department also grants in a limited numerical number of visas only. Employment based visas also require a sponsor from the company in the form of I140. Family members can get a sponsorship from the family members with proper documents.

The immigration visa may take a long time as well. Analytics tell a lot of buttons are not approved due to the documentation process. The main reason is a lot of foreigners applying themselves instead of approaching an expert immigration lawyer. The US citizen or Company's sponsorship is must approve any Immigration Visa. First the US citizen gives sponsorship to the foreigner in the form of sponsor filing petition. Usually US citizen sponsor, for their relatives such as spouse, children, parents, brother and sister. Some rare conditions without family members sponsorship, they can file a petition as a widow or parents of too young babies or battered spouse under VAWA.

Those applicants consider as a special category. Meanwhile, permanent residency holder or green card holder (foreigner) also sponsors their immediate relatives. Spouse and minor children (under 21 years, unmarried children) are considered as immediate relatives. The rest of the document process is same for both US citizen and green card holder. Form I-130 is a petition for alien relatives. The foreigner and US citizen must show the legal relationship between foreigner and US citizens. If spouse staying in the out of the USA, they will get a K3 visa and their dependents can get K4 visa. The marriage registration certificate and birth certificates are too important during the visa process. The USCIS highly recommended that take NY Immigration attorney to increase a chance of Visa approval from the immigration department.

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Immigration visa process