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How to get F1 Visa, F1 visa Process Common steps during Student visa process The US federal Government always welcome to the knowledge seekers and student who wants to study in the United States. Given steps are common steps during Study visa process.

Every student must attend the school admission test. Every registered School and University conducts a test to allow a foreigner to study in their organization. If the applicant qualifies in the test, the foreigner can get a I-2o from the Institution. The I-20 is a basic qualification to get a student visa. If a student gets I-20, it's valid for four months (120 days). Within this time, the foreigner can apply a study visa and obtain a Student visa. The Immigration department can allow a foreigner 30 days before of the University starting time. Usually the F-1 visa and M-1 Visa are common student visas. F-1 visa specially allocated to the academic students and M-1 Visa allocated to the non-academic or vocational study training in the United States. If the foreigner study more than 18 hours a week, it considers as an academic study. Usually private organizations only send the I-20, Government organizations are sponsoring for higher educational professionals only, but not for the public schools. Foreigner children are not eligible to study in the elementary schools. Although a visa for secondary schools and higher education in the Government schools are valid for one year only. Most of the other visa holders such as A, E, G, H-4, J2 and L-2 visa holders are applied to the public secondary schools.

If the applicant studying for just 90 days, the Visa Waiver Program allows a foreigner to study in the United States without any visa, but this feature applicable for participating in the VWP program country only. No age limit anyone can get a student visa. The common process to apply a Study visa: First go to the US consulate website and select the visa type. Second step: Fill the Non-immigrant visa electronic application form DS-160 without any mistakes. It's easy and any NYC Immigration lawyer can submit the application form with proper documents include I-20. The webpage confirms with a PDF format printable document, it has ten digits barcode number. Keep the document in safe that document must submit at the US consulate during the interview process. Third step: Submit visa fees through online NEFT or bank transaction. If you have paid the visa fees, you have reserved for a visa interview process. Register in the profile and schedule the appointment date. Usually the applicant has two schedules called embassy schedule and appointment at a visa application center.

The applicant should have a valid passport, receipt of a bank payment, I-20 and DS-160 confirmation webpage printout. Some circumstances the visa application center ask the (institution payment) and staying expenses with return flight ticket. The passport should valid for six months beyond of study time, the applicant should have proper photograph dimensions and fingerprints as well. If you have successfully completed the interview process, you will get a study visa shortly with I-797 acknowledgement mail.

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How to get F1 Visa | F1 Visa Process  

The US federal Government always welcome to the knowledge seekers and student who wants to study in the United States. Given steps are commo...

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