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3 ideas – defining them, how they came about? Why they are a good idea? Looking into ideas that interested me, I found that the most used, lifechanging ideas were what I had most questions about. These three lifechanging ideas I wanted to further understand were the inventions of Paper, Words, and the Wheel. I feel these are some of the most practical and most innovated and necessary concepts to mankind. In saying this I was even more interested to look further into the background of such simple everyday concepts, that in their simplicity are very complex as well.

1st Idea: Paper Who invented it? How it came about? The Egyptians were the first to invent paper. ‘Paper’ derived from the Egyptian term of papermaking called papyrus. The art of papermaking was first started sometime around 3500 BC. It was made from papyrus reeds. The stalks of this plant were cut into thin strips and soaked in water with some sugar content. It was then turned into pulp; this pulp was dried into sheets of papyrus. This method of papermaking is considered to be the first attempt of paper making, in this process, the word 'paper' itself, has been derived for papyrus. Paper was further invented by the Chinese as a used for writing. In which before paper was invented, the Chinese used bamboo or silk parchments to write on. These were heavy and impractical. The inventor of paper and the first person to standardize the production of paper is Tsai Lun. The Chinese deeply guarded the secret of paper making for centuries. In time however the paper making technique spread to the Arabs in the 8th century and Europe in the late 14th century. This then changed the courses of how we communicated and stored information forever. So paper, a contributed invention of the Egyptians and the Chinese, the concept of invention of the paper we now use was a long evolved idea and though process that consists of many contributors however when looking at the initial development of the idea of paper, it is fair to say that the Egyptians sprung its evolution.

Why it interested me? I have always thought nothing of paper it is just there taken for granted thrown away, yet when I thought of ideas used on a day to day basis paper was the first thing that came into my mind, it was such an interesting topic to look into as when I really thought about it its everywhere and so consumed in everything. It could be recycled, reused manipulated etc. I was intrigued by its impact on society that was over looked. Its, function/purpose: paper was invented with an initial intended use, this being used as a writing parchment. However in its simple form it really can be used for anything there are no boundaries to its use, no right or wrong way to use it. Paper has an intended use but can be freely used for anything. Just to suggest some other uses for paper, there is paper mache, paper folding (origami, art), cutting and molding paper, printing, using it to wipe stuff up (eg toilet paper, paper towels.) It is such a simple form that can be applied to anything really.

Is it a successful idea? Why is it successful? It is safe to say that paper is a successful idea, it isn’t over thought, it is easily accessible and fulfills many functions in a simple form. Its success is derived from its simple and easy qualities. It is convenient and is now a raw basic

material used today. You can measure its success behind the idea by its consumption. Being consumed by society on a regular basis proves its backing of being a good idea. Its impacted today? Today I feel paper is taken for granted. It’s so consumed and appeals to everyone, it has become a necessity without being acknowledged as one. But if we really think about it, what would we do without paper? We use it on a day-to-day basis; it has become such an every day material, which has little acknowledgement, yet we are so reliant on it in our daily functioning. Its something that has impacted us without us knowing. I believe there is not one household that does not have some form or amount of paper in their home.

2nd Idea: Words Who invented it? How it came about? There is no information on who exactly invented words, or communication, when I think about it, I think that communication has been discovered through habit and society, words just evolved from society’s way of communicating. Back throughout history everyone and everything communicated. Looking at animals they communicated through sound and action, if you believe in evolution than you believe that humans evolved from animals, the first Homo sapiens would of communicated through sounds also contributing of grunts etc that they would of formed into words. In my understanding words were invented as a process and way of understanding. Words are based on familiarity and repetition, when something is repeatedly named as ‘something’ and familiarly known as that ‘something’ it will get passed on and familiarized. It’s a process of invention in my understanding, words are not solely invented they are slowly produced and understood, even today there are always new words being created some may not be in the dictionary but so long as they are understood and used to communicate then they fulfill their function.

Why it interested me? I always found my self asking as a kid and sometimes to this day, why is a book called a ‘book’, why is a lamp called a ‘lamp’ who says that’s what its called why do we call the colour green ‘green’ its something I feel is unanswered and in that becomes intriguing. Someone came up with the idea of words and language; maybe it evolved from something deeper maybe communication is what needs to be looked into. Words are just a form of communication and I want to understand who invented this form of communication. However in doing so maybe I should look into how communication was discovered. Its, function/purpose: The function and purpose of words is, to communicate and be understood in getting a message across. Words have different purposes they can be used to label things, or put into sentences with other words to form other levels of communication. However all words have a function and that is to be understood. Is it a successful idea? Why is it successful? Words are successful as they are easily picked up and taught and familiar in our everyday functioning’s. They fulfill our basic needs of communication in an easier form. This is part of the reason as to why they are invented. Thinking back historically again, why did homo sapiens (cave men) begin to grunt as they desired to communicate more effectively, obviously hand gestures etc were not enough to help understand a message easily, words make things easier to interpret and understand that is why they are successful and the more commonly used form of communication. This is why studying graphic design and finding the best way to communicate a message visually can be a challenge. Its impacted today? Words have become our most successful way of communication. To truly understand their impact today, try imagining a world without words. It’s a scary thought.

3rd Idea: Wheels Who invented it? How it came about? The wheel is part of auto evolution; it is a circular object that is fixed below another object to help that specific object move. The wheel is not only used to move the objects but also in many other machines for various purposes. Researchers agreed that 3500 BC is the year when the wheel was invented. The first wheel for transportation its purpose being to move the Mesopotamian chariots. Going even further back into history, humans used logs to move large loads around. This sprouted the evolution of the wheel for the needed purpose of movement. “The Egyptians are credited with the first implementation of a

spoke of the wheel on their model year 2000 BC chariots. They narrowed it by carving both sides to shape, but it was the Greeks that first introduced the cross-bar, or H-type, wheel.” - Autoevolution, Tudor Raiciu, June 2009 Why it interested me? It has been around forever, I can’t imagine getting around without it. It is something that has enhanced to productiveness and managing time, it allows for quicker results and when use din transportation, allows for more time in our day to be utilized. Its, function/purpose: Obviously the wheels main assumed, and intended function is for transportation and movement. However its shape can really be used for everything. Look at a fan for example, it can be classified as a wheel having a round shape and spinning movement, also there are windmills and water wheels as well as Ferris wheels, there are even wheels in clocks that make the clock tick and turn. The wheels main function that being for movement, in having this function, it was obviously applied to transportation and in transportation itself the wheel has continued to grow, through bike to care/tyres, to roller blades etc.

Different types of wheels bellow:

Is it a successful idea? Why is it successful?

“Just imagine if someone ask you to carry an object of 200KG on your back or to walk for hundreds of miles on your foot without any rest, without any doubt, it is impossible. If there was no wheel, there were no cars, bikes, aircraft, cranes, bulldozers and many other machines and objects. The wheel is said as the most important and the greatest invention of all times. The most important aspect of a wheel is that it made invention of many other objects easy. It became very easy to move larger objects.” <> Its impacted today? Transportation today makes it easy to get from a to be in the quickest time possible. The wheel has provided convenience in today’s functioning’s, it helps transport us to get many things done in one day. The wheel has other uses however when applied to transportation it is proved most useful.

Imagine not being to transport yourself by car because the wheel wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t invented, imagine having to walk to work every morning taking twice as much time. The idea of having access to some form of wheels (whether a car, bike roller blades etc) is convenient today in being time effective.

natalie andreou 3 ideas that interest me  
natalie andreou 3 ideas that interest me  

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